Keir Starmer – 2020 Comments on Joe Biden’s Election as US President

The comments made by Keir Starmer, the Leader of the Opposition, on 7 November 2020.

Congratulations to Joe Biden on his election as President of the United States of America.

He ran a campaign on the values that we in the United Kingdom share – decency, integrity, compassion and strength.

And I want to congratulate Kamala Harris on being elected Vice-President, the first woman of colour to take that role.

Their victory is one for hope and unity over dishonesty and division. Millions of Americans of all backgrounds and ages have come together to vote for a better, more optimistic future.

This is also an important moment for the world.

It is a chance to reassert America’s place as a force for good on the world stage. A nation that will work with Britain and other allies to defeat this pandemic and fight climate change.

Joe Biden and the Democrats have always shared Labour’s values and the links between our two parties remain strong.

I am looking forward to building on this and forging an even stronger relationship between the UK and the USA.