Closed Parliamentary Petitions (F-Q)

Below is a list of all the closed petitions on the House of Commons petitions page. The full text of the petition can be obtained by typing the petition title into this site’s search function (a future update will automatically link to the relevant petition page on this web-site).

Petition Title:

Facilitate a further Scottish Independence referendum
Facilitate crew changes for seafarers during the Covid 19 pandemic
Fair and Equal voting rights for young people across the UK
Fake Claim Campaign: End The Harassment Of People With Invisible Disabilities
Family court proceedings to be public
Fast-track access to benefits for terminally ill as soon as diagnosed
Fast-track rollout of Covid vaccine in 5-11s post MHRA approval
Fern’s Law: Compulsory to scan & check microchips to reunite stolen dogs, cats.
Fight of Our Lives: Reform mental health support for veterans
Finally give existing military Veterans a Veterans ID card
Financial support for Outdoor Residential Centres during closure
Financial support for owner-directors and review CBIL repayment scheme
Financial support for the UK film industry employees, freelancers, contractors
Financial Support for travellers from Spain who must quarantine for 14-days
Financially support all companies manufacturing or producing biodegradeable PPE
Financially support healthcare workers who are sacked for refusing vaccination
Fine businesses who put staff at risk by not enforcing face coverings
Fine cat owners if their cats foul on private property
Fine people not attending Covid vaccination appointments without good reason
Fine social media platforms for allowing harmful content
Fine those who fail to attend their NHS appointments
Fine those who fail to attend their NHS appointments
FIONA’S LAW – Women should be allowed a yearly Cervical screening
Fixed time limit for processing all EU Settlement Scheme applications
Fixed-rate low-interest government backed loan up to £20,000 for every UK adult
Florists should be classed as essential
For all Leather/Hide/Fur products to state which animal it is sourced from
For carbon neutrality end the use of gas for heat by domestic properties by 2050
For deaf people to be given a reduced TV Licence Fee
For hair and beauty services not to be allowed on tv/film sets
For self employed new mums to not be discriminated against in the 80% gov help
For the british government to financially help British nationals stuck abroad
For the Government to legislate to abolish the Benefits Cap.
For the rest of the academic year, only let Year 11 and 13 to return to school
For the sake of wildlife & forests ban the release of balloons and sky lanterns.
Force all electric car chargers to accept credit cards
Force councils to repair potholes faster & get claims for damages paid quicker
Force Newspapers to print their retractions on same page as the original story
Force Universities to close commencing National Lockdown on November 5th 2020
Forever Free Parking for NHS and Care Workers
Forgive student debt of all key workers after Pandemic crisis.
Form a National Unity government, to tackle the ongoing Climate Emergency.
Form an emergency cross-party Government to handle the climate emergency
Form Cross Party Emergency Government to deal with Covid 19 then GE with PR
Formally ban the use of Portsmouth Defence.
Formally ban the use of the “Gay Panic Defence”
Formally re-establish the UK civil defence organisations and infrastructure
Formally recognise Stand-up comedy as an art form and ensure it receives funding
Fraud case court conviction fines to be paid directly to the police
Free 30 hours childcare to start from the child’s 3rd birthday not a term after
Free access to LFT tests for families visiting loved ones in Care Homes
Free British Citizenship applications for foreign NHS staffs and their families
Free childcare for 2 year olds, for all parents in higher education
Free criminal record check, to check trade workers that work in domestic homes.
Free driving/theory tests for cancellations and refunds for learners/ADIs/PDIs
Free eye and dental care for people who suffer with epilepsy
Free flu jabs available for people with epilepsy
Free flu vaccine for teachers, teaching assistants and early years educators
Free Laser Eye Surgery for curable eyesight conditions NHS
Free leaseholders trapped in new build properties by post-Grenfell EWS1 form
Free meals for Key Workers children and pay back from march till now
Free NHS Prescriptions for 18 Year Olds and over in Full Time education
Free prescriptions for all asthma sufferers
Free prescriptions for all carers, emergency personnel, NHS workers and police
Free prescriptions for anyone with a heart condition
Free Prescriptions for diagnosed Mental Health Conditions
Free prescriptions for endometriosis, fibromyalgia, PCOS & chronic pain syndrome
Free prescriptions for mental health conditions
Free prescriptions for people with mental health issues
Free prescriptions for Rheumatoid Arthritis patients
Free prescriptions for those with a long term and/or chronic condition.
Free prescriptions for transplant patients
Free school meal vouchers to cover the school holidays
Free school meals for children of key workers who still need to attend school
Free test to release scheme for EU/international students with family abroad.
Free transport for post 16 to any further education establishment
Freeze business rates for the financial year ending 2022
Freeze funding to the World Health Organization amid the coronavirus crisis
Freeze interest paid to the student loan company (SLC) whilst on maternity
Freeze student loan payments and interest accrual for Covid-19
Frontline pharmacy staff given same protective wear as hospital frontline.
Full embargo of Russian imports in lieu of active military support in Ukraine
Full pay for employees forced to isolate because of Covid 19
Full review of benefits available for people with Chronic & Hidden Disabilities
Fully enact Seni’s Law
Fully fund schools for Covid-19 costs and provide relief for loss of income
Fully fund sign language lessons for parents of deaf children in early years.
Fully implement the scraping of Immigration Health Surcharge for NHS staff
Fully re-open the Office for National Insurance Immediately
Fully support the World Health Organisation’s global fight against Covid-19.
Fund ‘Morpeth Diversion’; a fast alignment around the Morpeth Curve on the ECML
Fund & provide services to allow the vulnerable to shield & re-open the economy
Fund £500 bonus for Early Years Practitioners in England as key workers
Fund £500 holiday vouchers for all UK adults to aid recovery after COVID
Fund 1 free eye test for everyone once lockdown is over
Fund 1 free round of IVF on the NHS for same sex couples
Fund 1:1 support for children with ECHPs all year not just term time
Fund 3 rounds of IVF for all couples who cannot conceive naturally
Fund 50% of a shops average profits for all shops affected by Lockdown.
Fund a “National Railcard” for all rail travellers
Fund a £400 bonus for every teacher required to mark externally-set exams
Fund a £500 bonus for social care workers in England
Fund a 24-hour NHS mental health helpline and treatment
Fund a Breeding Dog Register and Welfare Inspectors
Fund a campaign to raise awareness about bile duct cancer
Fund a campaign to show that people come in all shapes and sizes!
Fund a Covid-19 antibody test for all vaccinated CEV people
Fund a dedicated hotline for reporting harassment and provide advice
Fund a Government anti-flytipping advertising campaign
Fund a home flu vaccination scheme for autistic children and adults
Fund a Lunar colony.
Fund a male suicide prevention campaign
Fund a manned spaceflight programme
Fund a memorial monument of all the people that have died from COVID 19
Fund a mental health text messaging service
Fund a monument to celebrate Brexit
Fund a national anti-littering campaign.
Fund a national awareness campaign about the COVID vaccines
Fund a national awareness campaign for mental health in schools
Fund a national awareness campaign for NMOSD
Fund a national celebration day for the end of lockdown and social distancing
Fund a national database and app for the location of all defibrillators
Fund a national ferry service to Europe from the UK
Fund a national forest in remembrance of lives lost to the covid 19 virus.
Fund a national initiative for alternative fuel powered school buses
Fund a national memorial in memory of all lives lost to open water
Fund a national public awareness campaign about knife crime
Fund a national screening programme to detect ovarian cancer
Fund a national screening programme to identify gynaecological abnormalities
Fund a nationwide programme of tunnel building under main roads
Fund a nationwide suicide prevention billboard campaign
Fund a new hospital for Crystal Peaks area Sheffield
Fund a NHS Workers Railcard, giving all NHS Employees a 30-50% Rail discount
Fund a one-off payment of £1,000 to all teachers
Fund a pay rise for NHS workers by raising the tax on alcohol.
Fund a pay rise for public service workers. Claps don’t pay bills. Pounds do.
Fund a PC laptop for remote learning for every child/student
Fund a programme of mass testing and public education to reduce risk of strokes
Fund a public awareness campaign on brain aneurysms
Fund a public awareness campaign on epilepsy
Fund a public awareness campaign that cycling on the pavement is illegal
Fund a public health campaign on cardiopulmonary resuscitation
Fund a research by an independent organisation about clinical use of vitamin C
Fund a second Dartford bridge to ease congestion in the area
Fund a second General Hospital including an A&E department in Cornwall
Fund a seed pack for everyone in the UK so they can be self sufficient.
Fund a universal income by taxing environmentally damaging products
Fund a vaccination programme for wild rabbits against Myxomatosis
Fund a vaccination programme for wild rabbits against Myxomatosis
Fund a vaccination programme for wild rabbits against Myxomatosis
Fund a Vitamin D awareness campaign with free tests and supplements for all
Fund A38 Menheniot Junction Improvements
Fund access to free period products for homeless people
Fund access to Kaftrio for CF patients in England in line with other UK nations
Fund additional mental health support for those bereaved during the pandemic
Fund additional mental health support services for university students
Fund additional scans for pregnant women on the NHS
Fund additional specialist school capacity for children with disabilities & SEN
Fund additional support for victims of COVID19 racism and anti-racism programmes
Fund adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) screening for children at birth.
Fund after care for all NHS staff following coronavirus.
Fund air filters and reintroduce measures to protect children and school staff
Fund all care needs for dementia sufferers, including care home costs
Fund all medical degrees to support future doctors and nurses
Fund all medical treatment for armed forces personnel
Fund all senior schools to provide private changing rooms
Fund an above inflation, respectful pay rise to all public sector workers.
Fund an additional 2 years of education for those affected by Covid 19
Fund an additional year of study for university students
Fund an annual campaign to celebrate and remember frontline and NHS workers
Fund an anti-racism in sport campaign and increase sentences
Fund an awareness campaign to normalise breastfeeding
Fund an early scan between 6th and 8th-week to the normal pregnancy checks.
Fund an Esports program for schools similar to the US and Canada
Fund an increase in GP surgeries to ensure access
Fund an increase to the school meal allowance in line with inflation
Fund an NHS app for period tracking and sexual health advice for women.
Fund an NHS mental health texting service
Fund an NHS programme to allow women with Endometriosis to freeze their eggs
Fund and implement independent psychoanalytical testing for all police
Fund and offer a COVID-19 tracking wristband as alternative to hotel quarantine
Fund and provide safety clothing for the supermarket staff on the frontline
Fund and require all railway crossings to have CCTV cameras
Fund and require defibrillators in all public places
Fund and require guards on all passenger trains
Fund and require installation of defibrillators in all business premises
Fund and require the insulation of all social housing by 2025
Fund and roll out the Voluntary Right to Buy Scheme nationally
Fund annual cancer reviews for anyone with a family history of cancer
Fund annual cervical screening from age 16 or when first sexually active
Fund annual cervical screening from the age of 18
Fund Annual CT Scans to patients who have had or are living with cancer
Fund annual health checks for all adults
Fund anti-bullying campaigns and training to support LGBT pupils in education
Fund appropriate support for children with Speech & Communication Disorders.
Fund at least one round of IVF regardless of partner’s children
Fund attachment aware and trauma informed training for elected politicians
Fund autism awareness training for employers and staff
Fund Autistic Support Services for Adults in every city
Fund Ayurveda treatment on the NHS as a complementary and alternative medicine
Fund baby boxes so babies can be given up safely
Fund Band 6 pay for newly qualified Paramedics
Fund Band 6 pay for Newly Qualified Paramedics, backdated for Covid-19
Fund band 6 pay for newly-qualified nurses
Fund basic funerals/cremations for Covid-19 Victims
Fund better mental health care for personality disorder in England.
Fund better mental health support for children with ASD
Fund better postnatal services
Fund better support for women experiencing pregnancy loss and miscarriage
Fund biennial full body MRI scans for all NHS patients to screen for cancer
Fund blood tests for all women going through the menopause
Fund breast reductions on medical grounds for all women on the NHS
Fund broadband for all households with school-age children from September.
Fund bubble barriers in the Thames to stop plastic from reaching the ocean
Fund bursaries and extend eligibility for student loans for courses in therapy
Fund canal towpaths improvmennts for a network of traffic free cycle routes.
Fund Cancer Drugs Fund immunotherapy drugs to extend NICE’s 2 year limit
Fund cancer immunotherapy treatments beyond 2 years and for rechallenge
Fund car seat safety education for new parents
Fund cervical screening at 20 as opposed to 25
Fund checks for premature placenta calcification for pregnant women
Fund clean up of our seas from nuclear waste and ensure proper disposal
Fund clinical trials of vitamin D (calcifediol) use in treatment of Covid-19
Fund college transport
Fund corrosive testing kits for police forces to help tackle acid attacks
Fund costs of replacement consumables for Community Public Access Defibrillators
Fund Council Refuges for victims of domestic violence due to CoViD-19 lockdown.
Fund council tax for our all our NHS workers
Fund councils to provide more accessible and secure cycle lanes
Fund counselling for all adolescent victims of sexual abuse
Fund counselling for all people who are going through pregnancy loss
Fund Covid LFT kits to be sold to the public at cost price
Fund covid test for all health care workers who returning from abroad to UK!
Fund creation of a new central hospital for East Kent in the City of Canterbury
Fund D-Dimer blood clot tests for use in covid-19 vaccination centres
Fund data for students during Covid-19
Fund dedicated dementia wards in all hospitals
Fund defibrillators and emergency first aid training for all schools
Fund discounted public transport for under 18s travelling to school
Fund driving theory resits caused by coronavirus restrictions.
Fund early cervical screenings for women who have not had the HPV vaccination
Fund epipen points for anaphylaxis sufferers in public spaces
Fund ESOL courses for Ukrainians arriving to UK
Fund evacuation of Afghans, with UK relocation offers, trapped in Afghanistan
Fund Evusheld the preventative COVID19 antibody for immunocompromised
Fund expansion of A21 to dual carriageway
Fund extending the free period product scheme to include University Students.
Fund extension of 16-17 Railcard to 18 year olds in full-time education
Fund extension of NHS LSF bursary for paramedic students with a first degree
Fund extension of NHS LSF bursary for students taking a 2nd degree
Fund extension of NHSBSA LSF Training Grant to international students
Fund extra security and higher fencing on bridges for public safety
Fund extra support for those who wish to breast feed & those with feeding trauma
Fund fertility awareness courses on the NHS as a method of birth control
Fund Fibreoptic internet cable for every house in England
Fund fitness classes and review treatment of cancer patients in recovery
Fund Flash Glucose Monitoring Systems on the NHS for Type 2 Diabetics
Fund for all MA and MSc Courses in England
Fund free A-level and GCSE resists to make them accessible to all students.
Fund free access to bedside TVs and newspapers in hospitals during Covid-19
Fund free access to period products
Fund free access to the 1921 census in all public libraries
Fund free air travel to the UK for Ukrainian refugees
Fund free anti-depressants through the NHS
Fund free autism & disability training for all public sector/transport workers
Fund free autism assessments for all adults
Fund free boarding school places for young people unable to live at home
Fund free books for children who have lost access to libraries due to the Corona
Fund free broadband and heating bills during school closures
Fund free broadband for vulnerable households during social distancing.
Fund free bus travel for those earning under £15,000 pa
Fund free bus travel for women and children after sunset
Fund free chicken pox vaccinations for all children
Fund free childcare for all from 3 months to school age
Fund free childcare for all pre-school pupils
Fund free childcare for key workers
Fund free childcare for working parents with children over 9 months
Fund free childcare from 1 year old
Fund free Covid tests for carers, NHS staff and their families after travelling
Fund free Covid-19 tests for overseas relatives of terminally ill people
Fund free CPR lessons for everyone
Fund free dental care for all ages
Fund free dental care for cancer patients in receipt of PIP or ESA
Fund free dental care for university students
Fund free drink spiking test kits for all bars
Fund free epipens for all anaphylaxis sufferers on the NHS
Fund free fall alarms for people who suffer from epilepsy or seizures
Fund free female sanitary products, such as sanitary towels and tampons
Fund free feminine hygiene products
Fund free feminine hygiene products for those aged under 25
Fund free fertility health checks on demand on the NHS
Fund free first aid training for new parents
Fund free grieving and stress counselling services for care workers
Fund free hotel quarantine and testing for all UK arrivals
Fund free HRT on the NHS for women experiencing the menopause
Fund free inhalers on the NHS for all Asthmatics
Fund free IVF for women with Endometriosis and are in a same sex relationship
Fund free meals for NHS frontline workers while on shift
Fund free meals for NHS staff whilst on duty during the COVID19 Pandemic
Fund free meals for vulnerable children in early years settings
Fund free mental health courses for in-community volunteers
Fund free Mental Health First Aider training for 1 adult in every school
Fund free mental health treatment for key workers and NHS staff
Fund free neurodivergence screening for all children
Fund free NHS assessments for learning difficulties for adults
Fund free NHS parking permits for student nurses and midwives
Fund free NHS testing for adults for Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dyspraxia
Fund free or discounted menstrual products
Fund free paediatric first aid and life support classes during pregnancy
Fund free panic alarms for children aged 11-15 years old
Fund free Parking and NHS Hospitals For Staff and Patients
Fund free parking at all hospitals for staff and visitors
Fund free parking at hospitals for all healthcare students on placements
Fund free parking for all NHS workers
Fund free PCR Home Covid tests for key workers entering the UK
Fund free PCR tests for vulnerable people & their families they reside with
Fund Free Period Products – it is not a LUXURY.
Fund Free Photo ID for Voting Purposes
Fund free prescriptions for two years for anyone who has had Covid-19
Fund free public transport for all children in England under the age of 18
Fund Free Public Transport for all front line staff during COVID19 pandemic
Fund free public transport for all key workers during the Covid-19 quarantine
Fund free public transport for all military veterans
Fund free public transport for all social care workers
Fund free public transport for all students to any state school
Fund free public transport for children
Fund free public transport for NHS and social care workers
Fund free public transport for students to and from education
Fund free public transport for work-related travel by emergency services workers
Fund free public transport free for 18 and under
Fund Free Public Travel for Heath and Social care staff
Fund free rape alarms for all
Fund free recycling for the hospitality and catering industry.
Fund free residential care for dementia sufferers
Fund free resits to allow 2020 A-Level/GCSE students to retake all exams once
Fund free same-day PCR testing for people with vulnerable relatives
Fund free sanitary products for endometriosis sufferers
Fund free school meals for all children
Fund free school meals for all students year-round
Fund free school meals for all students!
Fund free school meals for Year 3 and 4 pupils until 2024
Fund free school meals over school holidays until April 2021
Fund free school transport for all under 18s
Fund free self-defence classes for women in the UK
Fund free solar panels for all homes
Fund free travel and reduce rate parking for NHS staff.
Fund free travel on the Mersey Gateway for people working in Runcorn & Widnes
Fund free travel to school, college, university, etc. for all students
Fund free Travel, Parking, Hotel & Childcare during COVID-19 for NHS staff
Fund free tuition and full maintenance bursaries for all student nurses
Fund free TV access for hospital patients during Covid-19 outbreak
Fund free TV access for NHS hospital patients
Fund free TV for all patients in NHS hospitals.
Fund free TV licences for the over 70 year old.
Fund free TV licences for the over 75s
Fund free TV licences for the Severely Sight Impaired and the Blind
Fund free wifi for university students forced into online learning
Fund fruit trees for public parks and green spaces
Fund full refunds of Annual Train Season Tickets during COVID-19
Fund full sick pay for employees that are off work due to COVID
Fund fully trained lactation consultants on maternity wards
Fund further research and development into the production of synthetic fuels
Fund gender neutral public toilets in public spaces
Fund global climate change mitigation and give displaced people refugee status
Fund GPs to offer annual testicular cancer checks
Fund grants for installation of solar panels and battery storage for households
Fund grants for IT equipment for HGV/PCV operators to conduct remote training
Fund graves for babies regardless of gestational age
Fund greater provision of emergency dental care
Fund green apprenticeships
Fund guaranteed housing for armed forces veterans
Fund hospitals to provide 24 hour access to a sonographer
Fund hotel accommodation for key workers during Covid19.
Fund Immunotherapy for Cervical Cancer patients under the NHS
Fund improved aftercare services for people living with neurological diseases
Fund improved benefits and living conditions for asylum seekers
Fund improved care and support for children with disabilities and their families
Fund improved conditions and counselling for male inmates
Fund improved diagnostic pathways and support for neurodivergent children
Fund improved local facilities for walking football
Fund improved mental health aftercare for veterans
Fund improved mental health support prior to release for female inmates
Fund improved neurodiversity diagnosis, identification and support in schools
Fund improved online education by schools and colleges due to Covid-19
Fund improved support for people with communication and swallowing needs
Fund improved treatment and awareness of Functional Neurological Disorders
Fund Increase in medical school places in Universities from 2020
Fund increase in police officers in line with population
Fund increase in police stations across England and Wales
Fund increase in recycling bins in all city and town centres
Fund increased access to IVF for same-sex couples
Fund increased access to pain control for chronic patients
Fund increased death in service benefits for NHS staff who die during Covid-19
Fund increased enforcement of road traffic offences by cyclists
Fund increased housing provision for homeless people
Fund increased pay and mental health support for midwives
Fund increased pay for lower band nurses and care assistants
Fund increased pay for Research Scientists at universities
Fund Increased Pay Rise for Teachers
Fund increased police numbers in England and Wales
Fund increased provision for disabled people in parks
Fund increased research into and public awareness of rarer cancers
Fund increased research into mitochondrial disease
Fund increased sick pay for community carers during Covid-19 outbreak
Fund increased social services support & emergency accommodation during Covid19
Fund increased support for Avoidance Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID)
Fund increased support for children with additional needs in mainstream schools
Fund increased support for people with eating disorders
Fund increased support the homeless
Fund independent mental health advocates for all informal mental health patients
Fund initiatives to recycle PPE waste
Fund IVF for everyone in the UK as many times as they wish.
Fund IVF for same sex couples
Fund Kuvan (sapropterin) on the NHS for people with PKU
Fund Kuvan (sapropterin) on the NHS for people with PKU
Fund laser hair removal free on the NHS for women with polycystic ovaries (PCOS)
Fund legal aid and exempt all legal costs for those on low income or benefits
Fund legal aid for all families at inquests for deaths following police contact
Fund legal representation for Windrush compensation scheme claimants
Fund liposuction for Lipoedema sufferers on the NHS
Fund local arts places for children
Fund local authorities to increase the Disabled Facilities Grant
Fund local authorities to provide CCTV in parks and open spaces
Fund local authorities to refurbish skate parks
Fund local authority provision of baby and toddler centres in every community
Fund local councils to install more street lighting across the UK
Fund means-tested broadband for low income households
Fund measures to improve street safety
Fund mental health units in all hospitals in England
Fund mental health walk-in centres for every district
Fund minimum of 10 support centres across England for homeless youth
Fund more advertising for helplines for children and domestic violence victims
Fund more free public toilets for every area
Fund more frequent baby scans for pregnant women
Fund more help and refuge beds for men suffering from domestic abuse
Fund more hospitals. Employ more nurses.
Fund more research and awareness for polycystic ovary syndrome
Fund more research for childhood cancers.
Fund more research into diagnosis and treatment of women’s health conditions
Fund more research into medical benefits of cannabis
Fund more school places for children with SEN
Fund more secure motorcycle parking and better road maintenance
Fund more specialised NHS aftercare for new mothers
Fund more suitable care homes for the physically disabled
Fund more support and awareness for pelvic floor prolapses in women
Fund more support for expectant parents who have suffered with baby loss
Fund more support for mental health.
Fund more support for parents who have lost a child through an unexplained death
Fund more training for healthcare professionals to recognise allergies in babies
Fund newborn screening for spinal muscular atrophy immediately
Fund NHS scheme for women with Endometriosis to freeze their eggs
Fund NHS testing for adults with Dyslexia
Fund NHS to increase eligibility for the NHS Low Income Scheme (LIS)
Fund OPTUNE brain cancer treatment for NHS patients
Fund organic food production to reduce cost
Fund organisations that provide support & therapy for children/adults with SEN
Fund paid leave for people with high risk conditions during COVID19
Fund paid leave for those who live with extremely vulnerable persons
Fund paid parental leave for all employed parents of school aged children
Fund paid placements for all student teachers
Fund paid placements for all veterinary nurses
Fund paid quarantine leave for key workers and those unable to work from home
Fund paid time off work for parents who have to home school
Fund parental leave for self-employed parents equivalent to that for employees
Fund pay rise for Police Officers
Fund pay rise for police officers in line with inflation, plus 1%
Fund payments to energy customers to cover price rises by taxing oil companies
Fund pension supplement for WW2 veterans to cover all living costs
Fund planting of female trees in urban areas to counteract high pollen levels
Fund plastic recycling processing plants and ban export of plastic waste
Fund prescriptions for gluten-free food for all under 16s with coeliac disease
Fund preventative mental health sessions in schools and workplaces
Fund private rooms for those who have suffered baby loss
Fund provision of internet and communication devices to over 70s during outbreak
Fund public awareness campaigns on life-saving techniques
Fund re-opening of Community Hospital Beds for local vulnerable sick people.
Fund recruitment of additional NHS counsellors to support public mental health
Fund reduced peak rail fares
Fund refunds for people who were unable to travel in Tier 4
Fund regular breast screenings from age 18
Fund regular in-school dental health check-ups for children
Fund regular Vitamin D and Pth testing for Chronic Kidney Disease patients
Fund reopening the London kings cross service to Cleethorpes via Lincoln central
Fund research and awareness campaign on Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Fund research and awareness campaign to help Adenomyosis patients
Fund research and NHS treatment for R-CPD
Fund research for a cure/treatment for abdominal migraines and CVS
Fund research for childhood cancers with the worst survival rates
Fund research into additional Covid-19 prevention measures
Fund research into antibody response to Covid-19 vaccine for immune suppressed
Fund research into any effects of COVID vaccines on the menstrual cycle
Fund research into any relationship between microclots and long Covid and ME
Fund research into better understanding and treating Restless Legs Syndrome.
Fund research into cannabis and review restrictions on production, sale and use
Fund research into centchroman as a potential contraceptive
Fund research into Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)
Fund research into improving the safety of contraceptive options
Fund research into making COVID home testing kits more environmentally friendly
Fund research into MCAS to ensure formal recognition and diagnosis by the NHS
Fund research into metabolism testing for brain tumour patients
Fund research into stem cell treatments for diseases like ASL, MS, etc.
Fund research into the causes of stillbirth
Fund research into the mental health benefits of spray tanning
Fund research into Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW)
Fund research into Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW)
Fund research on making Covid-19 home testing kits more environmentally friendly
Fund research to find and protect northern white rhinos
Fund research, treatment and awareness of Functional Neurological Disorder
Fund reversal of female sterilisation on the NHS where there are complications
Fund routine bowel screening from the age of 50
Fund routine breast screening from age 30
Fund routine breast screenings from age 40
Fund routine cardiovascular screening on the NHS for people aged 30 and over
Fund routine early testing for pregnant women for Group B Strep
Fund routine early testing of pregnant women for Group B Strep
Fund routine prostate cancer screening tests for all men over 50
Fund routine prostate cancer screening tests for men from the age of 50
Fund routine scans for women to detect Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)
Fund routine testing for Group B Streptococcus during late pregnancy
Fund safety improvements to the M66 motorway
Fund school uniform
Fund schools for the maintenance of machinery used for face shields.
Fund schools to provide GCSE textbooks free for all!
Fund schools to support pupils with SPD
Fund screening and public awareness for heart conditions for all young people
Fund self-defence classes for women and girls to help them protect themselves
Fund self-defence training for NHS staff
Fund sick pay for foster carers during Covid-19
Fund specialist hospitals for care of chronically ill during covid-19
Fund specialist pathways for diagnosis and support for people with ASD
Fund specialist provision for SEND children in all schools
Fund Spinraza for all SMA patients on the NHS
Fund study of Allied Health Professional University courses
Fund support and research for children suffering with UBE2A Deficiency Syndrome
Fund support for lower-league professional and semi-professional football clubs
Fund support schemes for survivors of Child Sex Abuse
Fund surgery for lipoedema on the NHS
Fund testing for cervical cell changes, regardless negative HPV result
Fund testing for ovarian cancer every 3 years
Fund the BBC from general taxation and end the TV Licence.
Fund the BBC from general taxation rather than a licence fee
Fund the building of communal fallout shelters across the country
Fund the construction of a sea wall surrounding the whole of Great Britain
Fund the construction of segregated cycle paths alongside all A roads
Fund the creation of a Coronovirus Remembrance Forest
Fund the creation of a new hospital between Shrewsbury and Telford
Fund the creation of cottage hospitals to free up acute NHS beds.
Fund the drug bevacizumab (Avastin) on the NHS to treat colorectal cancer
Fund the installation of defibrillators in all educational settings
Fund the NHS to cover cost of one cycle of IVF per applicant as a minimum
Fund the NHS to make DBT therapy available to anyone who needs it
Fund the NHS to provide a registered psychiatrist at all GP surgeries
Fund the NHS to provide free diastasis recti surgery (abdominoplasty)
Fund the NHS to provide increased reimbursement for community nurse mileage
Fund the planting of wildflowers along all public green spaces
Fund the procurement of additional medical capacity from the private sector
Fund the provision of more allotment sites
Fund the provision of more ergonomic furniture in schools
Fund the provision of STI kits through the post in England
Fund the use of environmentally friendly PPE in hospitals and care settings
Fund training and resources for GPs for Binge Eating Disorder
Fund training facilities for jobs you can’t train in college for
Fund training for care providers on working with disabled young people
Fund training on helping women with endometriosis for NHS staff
Fund treatment for Plagiocephaly And Brachycephaly.
Fund treatment for RCPD on the NHS
Fund trials for the Shingles vaccine on under 50s
Fund tuition fees for midwives and nurses
Fund Universities to offer scholarships for every degree programme
Fund universities to provide a laptop to all students whose tuition is online
Fund upgrades to National Bridleway Network : Get Horses Off Roads : Save Lives
Fund urgent counselling support to NHS staff involved in COVID crisis.
Fund Vertebral Body Tethering (VBT) on the NHS for people with scoliosis
Fund Vitamin D Public Health Campaign – Raise awareness to BAME & at risk groups
Fund Vitamin D tests and free/subsidised supplements for BAME communities
Fund vouchers for high streets, hospitality & the arts to every adult & child
Fund weekly veg and fruit boxes for all families and individuals on low income
Fund well-being support for families for separation, divorce and death
Fund widespread Covid-19 T cell testing, including for those offered vaccination
Fund work-based learning providers on same basis as colleges
Funded and sustainable mental health support networks for BAME communities.
Funding for ventilation in all school/college/uni classrooms
Further Extensions Of Visas For Temporary Residents and Visitors
Gas safety certificate legally required for all gas households
GCSE Science should be optional, not compulsory.
Generically Rebrand the Turing Scheme
Get British businesses ready for COVID19 recovery through Corporation Tax relief
Get HMRC to refund the Self-Employed their Jan 2020 1st Tax Payment on Account
Get rid of Ofsted
Get rid of the cap on statutory redundancy pay
Get rid of the required practicals in the 2020-2021 Science GCSE exams
Get rid of the theory test for learner drivers.
Get the UK’s carbon emissions to net-zero by 2040.
Ghost’s Law – Kittens must be vaccinated and checked by vet before they’re sold
Give £14k pay rise to all NHS workers pursuant to the Brexit bus’s £350m figure
Give 16 year olds an I.D card Instead of using a birth certificate/passport.
Give 16-18 year olds an ID card showing date of birth.
Give 2022/2023 GCSE students a choice between exams or teacher assessed grades
Give 5 year Visa extension for non-British NHS workers.
Give a 10% pay increase to all NHS staff back dated to March 2020
Give a bonus to ALL the hard working key workers during this pandemic
Give a bonus to troops involved in the evacuation effort in Afghanistan
Give a one-off £500 grant to every student starting university or college
Give a referendum for the public to vote if National Insurance can be increased
Give all 2021 A-level students grades based on their GCSE results
Give all businesses a grant matching any loans under the Bounce Back Scheme
Give all children born in the UK after 1 Jan 1983 rights to British citizenship
Give all children the option of blended/online learning in the future
Give all existing Year 13 students the choice to be fully vaccinated for uni.
Give all IPP prisoners a release date
Give all key workers a £10,000 tax break (in addition to the existing allowance)
Give all key workers a 100% tax and Nat. Ins. holiday through COVID-19 crisis
Give all key workers a tax break for 2021
Give all Kinship Carers statutory parental leave.
Give all NHS staff a minimum 15% backdated pay rise – including junior doctors.
Give all Nurses and lower paid NHS Staff a tax free bonus of £5000
Give all on Carer’s Allowance (or Clement) a work allowance on Universal Credit
Give all primary and secondary school children free travel to & from school
Give All Schools Protective Equipment to help protect staff from the Coronavirus
Give all teachers a free COVID test at the end of Autumn term
Give all teaching assistants a payrise after their sacrifice during Covid19.
Give all UK citizens access to their pension pots immediately tax free.
Give all working fathers the right to Paternity Leave and Shared Parental Leave
Give an honorarium of £1000 to all NHS staff.
Give Asylum Seekers right to work 4 weeks after arrival in UK
Give babies of 2020 the chance of free nursery hours
Give breastfeeding mothers to a right to defer/be excused from jury duty
Give British Basketball appropriate funding
Give British Business Bank the ability to lend and open small business accounts
Give British Citizens living abroad increases to State pensions as in the UK
Give business with prolonged closure due to Covid-19 additional grant funding
Give businesses the right to opt out of Business Improvement Districts (BIDs)
Give children a choice to go to school
Give children a voice in family court
Give children and parents automatic rights to equal contact after separation
Give civilians the right to carry non-lethal self-defence weapons.
Give Class 2 drivers a Class 1 licence without needing to take the test
Give Commonwealth members of British Armed Services right to remain indefinitely
Give consent to any request for a Scottish Independence Referendum
Give constituents a power to recall local councillors
Give consumers a statutory right to opt out of receiving paper correspondence
Give councils power to allocate parking spaces to named disabled residents
Give courts the power to require a defendant to appear for sentencing
Give Covid ICU NHS staff 10% bonus + raise all NHS basic pay under £25k by 10%.
Give current yr 11 & 13 students the option to repeat the year to improve grades
Give current yr 11s a choice whether to finish school with their predictions.
Give domestic violence victims the right to anonymity in court reports.
Give drivers who passed the B+E car and trailer test a C1 category HGV licence
Give elderly and vulnerable adults legal rights to have hospital visitors
Give employees a right to full pay during sick leave
Give employees a statutory right to time off for assisted conception inc. IVF
Give employees the right to choose who accompanies them to disciplinary meetings
Give essential and key workers a tax break/refund.
Give EU nationals physical proof of UK status
Give everyone with a car driving licence entitlements to drive C1 and D1 vehicle
Give extra points in Points Based Immigration, if anyone has studied in the UK.
Give family and friends a right to compassionate leave for attending a funeral
Give financial help to agency and zero hour workers during COVID-19 outbreak.
Give financial support to childcare establishments staying open during Covid-19
Give foreign Doctors & Nurses ILR in UK after a year of starting Job
Give foreign nationals who served in the Armed Forces rights to remain in the UK
Give free bus passes to ALL in England at age 60
Give further financial support to the Events and Hospitality industry
Give government workers a fair pay rise
Give Grandparents a Legal right to see their Grandchildren
Give grandparents the legal right to see their Grandchildren
Give HE Traffic Officers powers to issue fines and use blue lights
Give HGV Drivers a 6 month exemption from CPC through Covid-19 Crisis
Give holiday caravan/lodge owners the same statutory protection as mobile homes.
Give homeowners rights to compensation if nearby development affects house value
Give job candidates a legal entitlement to constructive feedback after interview
Give leaseholders more legal protection and consumer rights
Give legal rights to be accompanied by family/friends in court
Give local authorities powers to designate zones where face masks must be worn
Give local people the power to call a referendum on their Chief Constables
Give local residents right to object to HMO licence applications.
Give nearly expired Covid vaccines to countries with a shortage, don’t bin them!
Give new fathers a right to six weeks paid paternity leave
Give NHS Covid heroes a minimum 5% pay rise
Give NHS staff a one off bonus for their help with Covid 19
Give NHS staff a pay rise in line with MPs pay increase.
Give NHS workers a higher tax free income threshold
Give nightclubs a focus date or month on when to reopen their doors
Give non-British citizens who are NHS workers automatic citizenship
Give nurses a 5% pay rise and then 1% above inflation for the next 10 years
Give Pakistan and Bangladesh 2 weeks before adding to the Red List
Give parents a right to paid leave to care for vulnerable or disabled children
Give parents automatic rights to equal contact with children after separation
Give parents legal rights to half of the ashes of a deceased child
Give parents of SEN children who cannot attend school the right to be furloughed
Give parents rights to 26-weeks paid leave to give children palliative care
Give parents rights to be furloughed under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
Give parents the right to see their child unless there is a valid reason
Give parents the right to withdraw their child from relationship study lessons.
Give people living in poverty protected status under the Equality Act 2014
Give people on family visas Indefinite Leave to Remain after 2 years
Give people on the autistic spectrum the opportunity to join the armed forces
Give people the right to make a phone call before arrest
Give people with ILR the right to vote in all elections.
Give people with ILR the right to vote in Elections
Give police the power to confiscate a passport after a fatal motor collision
Give pre-settled EU students access to home fees
Give pregnant women unable to work from home rights to be suspended on full pay
Give prisoners the right to attend family funerals during the pandemic
Give protection to renters during Corvid-19 Crisis. Ban evictions for one year.
Give recent graduates the option to bubble with their families during Covid-19
Give registry offices powers to demand medical evidence and order DNA testing.
Give religious institutions legal rights to broadcast calls to prayer
Give residents rights to council tax refunds where they do not receive a service
Give residents with FLR (FP) status access to home fees for health degrees
Give right to vote and stand as MPs to Nepali citizens living in the UK
Give school students free public transport to school
Give schoolchildren 5 flexible days off school each year
Give schools a supply of Covid testkits
Give single parents the right to stay at home due to Covid-19
Give solar panels on residential properties legally protected rights to light
Give state pensioners a choice whether to be paid four-weekly or monthly
Give Students the Choice Between predicted Grades or Teacher Assessed Grades
Give students the choice to either learn from home or have face-to-face teaching
Give students the option to take exams or receive assessed grades for 2020/21
Give students their predicted grades for exam results
Give students who got A-level results in 2020 options for alternative grades
Give temporary right to work for people subject to visa delays during COVID-19
Give tenants the right to end short term tenancies if pests present
Give tenants the right to terminate short term tenancies if repairs not made
Give the British Nationals (Overseas) of Hong Kong full British citizenship.
Give the clinically extremely vulnerable a right to be furloughed
Give the Environment Agency the funds and freedom to protect English rivers
Give the NHS more funding for mental health support
Give the RCVS powers to set fees for veterinary services
Give the reigning monarch more power in British politics.
Give the Scottish Government devolved powers over drug misuse
Give the UK a Bank Holiday on Monday July 12th if England win Euro 2020
Give the UK Supreme Court the power to judicially review primary legislation.
Give TV Licensing money to our NHS
Give U.K. pensioners living abroad increases with parity as those in the U.K.
Give UK Citizens’ Family Equal Immigration Rights to that of EU Citizens’ Family
Give UK nurseries emergency funding if they have to close down amid COVID-19
Give Ukrainian students with Tier4 visa (no work allowed) the permission to work
Give undocumented migrants the right to work and open a UK bank account.
Give unmarried long-term co-habiting couples an automatic right to inherit
Give unpaid carers the same benefits as those on other allowance based benefits
Give women a legal right to have two birthing partners at births
Given the current situation suspend all Business Rates now to all business.
Go up not out and reuse existing buildings – ban all building on green space
Government action to get the waiting list for diep reconstruction moving
Government backing for the Swansea Tidal Lagoon Power Generation
Government funded £250 Travel Voucher for everyone in 2021
Government funding for the Air Ambulances
Government funding required for an autism training support scheme
Government give priority for Covid-19 vaccination to people with a BMI of 35-40
Government grant to Retrofit Euro 5 Diesel Cars
Government measured on delivery of manifesto and commitments to Parliament
Government please fund free-of-charge Broadband for all over-75s.
Government should deploy cameras to fine vehicles exceeding legal noise limits.
Government should help small businesses by paying rent in full or part
Government subsidise this year’s university tuition fees
Government to allow the assessment of asylum seekers at the border in Calais.
Government to assist households with winter energy bills during Covid Pandemic
Government to cover funeral costs for healthcare workers who die from covid19
Government to create crisis loan scheme for individuals
Government to declare a new annual bank holiday to celebrate essential workers
Government to establish ‘Treasury North’ in Teesside, Darlington and Hartlepool
Government to establish an authoritative independent fact-checking organisation
Government to fully fund both Adult and Children Hospices
Government to fund mental health assistance dogs for armed forces veterans
Government to fund parallel running of mass production for all Covid-19 trials.
Government to fund repatriation for those who die on holiday
Government to Give More Power to SFO to Investigate All Financial Institutions
Government to Give More Power to SFO to Investigate Insurance Companies
Government to legally require sprinklers in all new build & refurbished schools
Government to legislate to make all stations and all trains step free
Government to match the £500 bonus to all care staff
Government to offer economic assistance to the events industry during COVID-19
Government to offer economic assistance to the Leisure industry during COVID-19
Government to pay rent or mortgage of all UK citizens during Covid-19 outbreak
Government to produce and implement a strategy for eradicating Covid-19
Government to provide 5 day notice of changes to COVID19 restrictions
Government to publish a Covid-19 Winter 2020/21 Action Plan
Government to step in with a financial support package for Special Guardians
Government to waive all forms of taxation due to Coronavirus
Grade GCSEs and A-levels on coursework, with no exams, from 2021 onwards
Grandparents have legal rights to see grandchildren.
Grant 100% relief on business rates for retail, hospitality & leisure until 2024
Grant a ‘Covid 19 Remembrance’ Bank Holiday in 2022
Grant a six month extension to MOT certificates as under the first lockdown.
Grant additional Category C licence entitlement to current Category D holders
Grant all key workers indefinite leave to remain
Grant all overseas NHS staff and their family’s indefinite leave to remain (ILR)
Grant all prisoners the right to vote in general elections
Grant all Ukrainians living in the UK for 5 years Indefinite Leave to Remain
Grant amnesty for all asylum seekers waiting for more than 3 years
Grant an amnesty for undocumented migrants after 10 years
Grant an extra bank holiday in England on Magna Carta Day, 15th June.
Grant an urgent Amnesty to Undocumented Migrants living in the UK
Grant British citizenship to all people in the UK during the Pandemic.
Grant Canadians born before 1977 the right to dual citizenship.
Grant cats the same status under the Road Traffic Act 1988 as dogs
Grant citizenship to asylum seekers living in the UK for more than 7 years
Grant English and Welsh Pagans the same marriage rights as Scottish Pagans
Grant everyone who has been in the UK more than 10 years British Citizenship
Grant family visa status to Ukrainian seasonal workers
Grant food and drink wholesalers bespoke financial support
Grant for the disabled people, to assist with social isolation.
Grant full citizenship to British citizens by descent, and their children
Grant full diplomatic status to the ambassador to the UK from the EU
Grant full exemptions from quarantine for seafarers and oil & gas workers
Grant full UK citizenship rights to Commonwealth Armed Forces Veterans
Grant HGV and Bus licenses upon passing a car driving test.
Grant Home Fee status for all who are in the UK under the BNO visa.
Grant immediate extensions of family visas for essential COVID-19 workers.
Grant Indefinite Leave to Remain after 5 years residence in UK
Grant Indefinite Leave to Remain to British citizens’ long-term partners/spouses
Grant Legal Guardians rights to paid parental leave
Grant more Parliamentary time to debate petitions which reach 100,000 signatures
Grant non-EU citizens the right to vote in local elections
Grant Payment To Parents Helping Kids During Home Learning
Grant permanent residency to survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery
Grant pre-settled status to all those who applied before 30 June 2021.
Grant PSV holders automatic Class 2 entitlement for free
Grant rights to reside to all Afghans in the UK
Grant Skilled Worker visas to all non-UK healthcare staff
Grant UK citizenship to Commonwealth & Nepalese Armed Forces veterans
Grant Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war full rights to live and work in the UK
Grant Ukrainians, who have over-stayed their visas, leave to remain
Grant University Home Fee Status to Holders of British National Overseas Visas
Grant work permits to asylum seekers who are trained doctors
Grant wraparound and holiday care providers urgent financial support
Grants for New businesses trading from 1st April 2020
Greater regulation of online gambling including stake limits
Grey squirrels should be protected by the government
Guarantee automatic right to stay for EU citizens
Guarantee timely, locally accessible Covid-19 tests for all symptomatic children
Habitat Protection – Public inquiry and reform of protections
Halt all plans to build new roads & use money to repay coronavirus debt.
Halt the reopening of schools until the NEU’s 5 tests are met
Halt Trident renewal and spend the funds on fighting the coronavirus.
Halt work on HS2 and Stonehenge Tunnel until Coronavirus over
Halve fuel duty and remove VAT on fuel prices.
Hand washing facilities should be made compulsory in all public places
Harsher penalties for hate crimes & participating in far-right hate groups
Harsher sentencing for assaults’ on police, emergency workers & prison officers.
Have a complete lock down to control the spread of the virus
Have a fresh Independent Inquiry into MP’s Salaries, Expenses and Standards.
Have a full independent review into adult social care provision in the community
Have a mandatory two-week gap between exchange and completion of house sales
Have a person in all education institutions responsible for dealing with racism
Have a referendum to propose a new electoral system based on proportionality.
Have a requirement that all learner drivers spend time as a vulnerable road user
Have a UK national vote on the use of vaccine passports
Have an enquiry into the English conveyancing system.
Have counsellors and psychotherapists properly regulated.
Have schools reopen after February half term, in England, as promised.
Have the UK Government recognise the Armenian Genocide
Having one type of motorcycle licence in the UK like there is in the USA.
Haydn’s Law – All children 16 and under to wear a helmet when riding a bicycle
Heavy tax and public awareness on all ‘Not Yet Recycled’ plastics
Help Asylum Seekers in UK
during the Covid-19 Outbreak.
Help end fuel poverty – make it illegal to charge more for prepaid energy
Help for working parents with <5yo who can’t work remotely as caring for them
Help fund local hospices!
Help independent businesses creating regeneration in struggling High Streets.
Help international healthcare professionals to join the NHS
Help out of school and extra-curricular club providers bounce back from Covid-19
Help performance venues recover by removing VAT on ticket sales.
Help protect our environment by permanently banning unnecessary travel to work
Help Save British Ice Hockey to fund them thorough hard times due to Covid 19
Help the homeless by funding a shelter and at least one healthy meal per day
Help the people of Afghanistan.
Help the Rohingya refugees by pressuring Bangledeshi Government
Help Turkey with the wildfires
Help Ukrainian refugees and create a safe path for them to get to the UK
Help volunteers in the UK to join the Ukraine International Legion
HGV driver road offences to be dealt with by fines & courses not penalty points
Highway Code Rules 163 and 215 to be made law. Pass horses wide and slow.
HM Government to outline a plan to Save Future Travel
HMG implement the Home Affairs Select Committee report on Youth Violence in full
Hold a 2-minute silence each year to the lives lost, from the Coronavirus.
Hold a binding referendum on the future of the TV licence.
Hold a confidence/no confidence referendum on the government every 2.5 years
Hold a full and independent inquiry into the cladding and fire safety scandal
Hold a general election in 2021
Hold a general election in December 2021
Hold a judge-led inquiry into the UK’s operations in Afghanistan 2001 to 2021
Hold a national 1 minute silence for those who have died of Covid-19 on 23/3/21
Hold a national referendum on legalising and decriminalising cannabis.
Hold a new Royal Commission on the Police and Criminal Justice System
Hold a public competition to choose an official national anthem for England
Hold a public inquiry into “partygate” and how it has been investigated
Hold a public inquiry into antisemitism in UK politics
Hold a public inquiry into child sexual exploitation in Bradford, West Yorkshire
Hold a public inquiry into controlling Bovine TB
Hold a public inquiry into Government contracts granted during Covid-19
Hold a public inquiry into mental health services in England
Hold a public inquiry into Russian interference in UK politics
Hold a public inquiry into spending on test and trace
Hold a public inquiry into the 2016 EU membership referendum
Hold a Public Inquiry into the handling of the Covid-19 crisis
Hold a public inquiry into the use of DNACPR orders during the Covid-19 outbreak
Hold a public inquiry into treatment of care home residents during the pandemic
Hold a public inquiry into unfair business practices during the pandemic
Hold a public inquiry into visa arrangements for Ukrainian refugees
Hold a public referendum on whether MPs should be able to hold second jobs
Hold a public vote on any future lockdown plans after the road map completion
Hold a public vote on any Government bailouts to individual companies
Hold a public vote on HS2 project as it is being paid for by the public
Hold a referendum as to whether the UK should become a republic
Hold a referendum for devolution in the North of England
Hold a referendum in Greater Manchester on removing the position of Mayor
Hold a referendum in London on abolishing the position of Mayor
Hold a referendum in London on removing the role of Mayor of London
Hold a referendum in Wales on returning devolved powers to the UK Government
Hold a referendum on a federal system for the UK & greater devolution in England
Hold a Referendum on Abolishing the House Of Lords.
Hold a referendum on any changes to or repeal of the Human Rights Act
Hold a referendum on creating a Devolved Parliament for Northern England
Hold a referendum on creating a mayor for the Western Gateway region
Hold a referendum on democratic elections for members of the House of Lords
Hold a referendum on England becoming independent from the UK
Hold a referendum on English independence
Hold a referendum on English independence from the UK
Hold a referendum on establishing a federal system of devolution and government
Hold a referendum on establishing an English devolved parliament
Hold a referendum on independence for the North of England
Hold a referendum on introducing proportional representation to elect MPs
Hold a referendum on introducing the Mixed Member Proportional voting system
Hold a referendum on making Cornwall a constituent nation of the UK
Hold a referendum on re-joining the EU on previous terms
Hold a referendum on rejoining the European Union
Hold a referendum on replacing FPTP with proportional representation
Hold a referendum on returning devolved powers to the UK Government
Hold a referendum on sending deadly weapons to Ukraine
Hold a referendum on the abolition of the House of Lords
Hold a referendum on the abolition of the Monarchy
Hold a referendum on the continuation of devolution in Scotland
Hold a referendum on the mandatory Foreign Aid target
Hold a referendum on the monarchy
Hold a referendum on the monarchy when the current monarch’s reign ends
Hold a referendum on the post-2020 UK-EU relationship with option to rejoin EU
Hold a referendum on the UK meeting net zero much earlier than 2050.
Hold a referendum on the UK’s membership of the World Health Organisation
Hold a referendum on UK membership of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP)
Hold a referendum on using the Additional Member System for General Elections
Hold a referendum on using the Additional Member System for General Elections
Hold a referendum on whether capital punishment should be restored
Hold a referendum on whether to keep the 2050 net zero target
Hold a referendum on whether to reinstate the death penalty
Hold a referendum regarding the future funding of the BBC
Hold a referendum to decide if the UK should commit to Carbon Neutrality by 2030
Hold a referendum to reinstate capital punishment for child murder
Hold a referendum to scrap the UK’s policy of Net Zero CO2 by 2050
Hold a royal commission into the state of the NHS at the start of Covid19 crisis
Hold a second referendum on using Alternative Vote (AV) for general elections
Hold an immediate general election
Hold an inquiry into contracts providing relief food packages
Hold an inquiry into Downing St event on 13 November 2020
Hold an inquiry into fuel prices and introduce increased regulation
Hold an inquiry into how the police handle historic sexual abuse cases.
Hold an Inquiry into Quarantine Hotels
Hold an inquiry into Russian interference in UK democracy
Hold an inquiry into the implementation of Serenity Integrated Mentoring
Hold an inquiry on potential Russian interference in the EU referendum
Hold an official Falklands 40 commemoration event
Hold an urgent inquiry into the energy crisis, and remove VAT on fuel
Hold an urgent review into gynaecological cancer misdiagnosis and late diagnosis
Hold COBR meetings to address the climate emergency
Hold on a referendum on an Independent North of England
Hold referendum on any privatisation of public service broadcasters
Hold Welsh referendum to return power to the UK government.
Hold Welsh referendum to return power to the UK government.
Home fee status for EU students in UK after August 2021
Home Office to offer one year visa extensions without applications being made.
Home quarantine for families with under 5s arriving from red list countries
Honour Free School Meal vouchers for all children Reception – Year 2
Honour the UK-EU Withdrawal Agreement
House or accommodate all former service and emergency service homeless personnel
I wish for school to not be on Fridays.
I would like a public holiday on the 12th of July 2027.
I would like the UK to re-introduce the imperial weights and measure system.
Identify and reward all key workers due to Covid-19
Identify and sanction any Pakistani individuals involved in money laundering
If an MP resigns, or loses the Whip, then this should trigger a by-election
Immediate 25% pay rise to all healthcare professionals,fire fighters and police.
Immediate ban on the use of diesel cars and make all public transport free
Immediate no fault divorce: Remove 2 year separation period for no fault divorce
Immediately allow MPs to virtually participate in all Parliamentary proceedings
Immediately convene a panel of educational experts to plan for schools returning
Immediately end all animal agriculture subsidies in the UK
Immediately engage in constructive communication with Climate Protesters
Immediately fund local services to prevent mental health pandemic
Immediately Issue Pet Travel Waivers for UK citizens in Ukraine
Immediately offer to host a Ukrainian government in exile
Immediately provide Covid-19 vaccines to Nepal
Immediately provide funding for electric buses to save bus manufacturing
Immediately publish guidance on care home worker vaccination exemption
Immediately Restart Refugee Resettlement Programmes
Immediately suspend all UK aid to Uganda
Implement a Covid Windfall tax on companies which profited from the Covid Crisis
Implement a Covid-19 contact tracing app now.
Implement a Deposit Return Scheme for glass and plastic in 2021
Implement a policy whereby pensioners receive free dental treatment
Implement a two week school lockdown before 24 December to save Christmas
Implement a Universal Basic Income for All UK Citizens From Now On
Implement a windfall tax on UK billionaires to fund effort to fight Covid-19
Implement all of the recommendations of the Problem Drug Use in Scotland report
Implement an Animal Bill of Rights protecting all species of animals
Implement an unconditional Universal Basic Income to over 16s in UK
Implement arrangements to enable English households to sponsor Ukraine refugees
Implement Basic Life Support (BLS) as part of Secondary National Curriculum
Implement BEIS Select Committee recommendation on Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme
Implement emergency legislation to allow volunteering in key businesses
Implement full 6-week lockdown including closure of shops and businesses
Implement immediate actions to stop the cost of living catastrophe
Implement in full the recommendations made by the UK Committee on Climate Change
Implement legislative reform of our policing system to tackle racism
Implement mandatory registration for all social care workers in England
Implement online voting for general elections and referendums in the UK
Implement Quarantine Hotels for all UK arrivals from overseas.
Implement recommendations from previous reports into racial inequality in the UK
Implement recommendations in the PHE review of impact of Covid-19 on BAME people
Implement reforms to deal with illegal immigration
Implement regular competency assessments of Ministers to inform training plans
Implement restrictions on how many items people can buy in supermarkets
Implement sanctions against the Nigerian Government and officials
Implement select committee recommendations on cladding to protect leaseholders
Implement semi regular referendums regarding public confidence in the Government
Implement Single Transferable Vote (STV) in future General Elections
Implement support for university students during Covid-19
Implement Takaful model to allow Muslims to attend University
Implement teaching of eating disorders into science curriculum for key stage 3+
Implement the proposed ban on new petrol and diesel car sales from 2030
Implement the recommendations of the ISC Russia report
Implement Tier 3 visa scheme which is currently suspended
Implement UK lockdown for preventing spread of COVID19
Implement unconscious bias training in the national school curriculum
Implement Universal Basic Income to give home & food security through Covid-19
Implement Universal Basic Income to provide for every citizen.
Impose a 100% tax on alcohol and gambling advertising to fund support services
Impose a 4-week lockdown to combat Omicron
Impose a 50p surcharge on clothes hangers
Impose a blanket ban on deep sea mining
Impose a cap on cost of social care
Impose a corporation tax surcharge on companies that produce single-use plastics
Impose a fit and proper persons test for social care companies
Impose a legal timescale, and increase funding, for social services assessments
Impose a levy on all plastic production in the UK
Impose a Robin Hood tax on banker bonuses as part of the Covid economic recovery
Impose a tax on the racing industry, to fund the care of all ex-race horses
Impose additional 20% duty tax on all goods imported from or made in Russia
Impose additional requirements on local authorities regarding Traveller sites
Impose an age restriction on fizzy drinks of 6 and above
Impose an income tax holiday for UK tax payers during the Coronavirus crisis.
Impose high import tariffs on goods not certified as sustainably sourced
Impose legal limits on non-essential flying for everyone
Impose mandatory 10-year custodial sentences for all child sexual abuse offences
Impose new restrictions on the placement mobile speed cameras
Impose penalties on councils who fail to provide EHCPs on time
Impose requirements on schools to shorten the length of the school day to 4hours
Impose restrictions on export to EU of lipids
Impose restrictions on television advertisements for charities
Impose restrictions on which police can use tasers and in what circumstances
Impose sanctions on Brazil due to unabated destruction of the Amazon
Impose sanctions on China for their treatment of practitioners of Falun Gong
Impose sanctions on China for their treatment of practitioners of Falun Gong
Impose sanctions on China over its treatment of Uyghur Muslims
Impose sanctions on countries involved in the illegal tiger trade
Impose sanctions on Israel if it annexes settlements in the West Bank.
Impose sanctions on Myanmar due to the military coup.
Impose sanctions on Qatar in light of human rights concerns
Impose sanctions on the Philippines over Anti-Terror Law
Impose sanctions on the US until it bans general firearm ownership for public
Impose stricter requirements on reallocation of road space by local authorities
Impose term limits on Members of Parliament
Impose trade sanctions on countries which have introduced anti-LGBT legislation
Improve awareness of mental health conditions and support for sufferers
Improve care, support and treatment for children with rare diseases
Improve clarity on UK-wide vs England only announcements from central government
Improve Covid-19 Mitigation Measures in Schools
Improve GCSE structure: More focus on coursework rather than the final exams
Improve Maternal Mortality Rates and Health Care for Black Women in the U.K.
Improve mental health services for young people (children and adolescents)
Improve postgraduate degree loans by covering full tuition and maintenance
Improve support for students with dyslexia and other learning difficulties
Improve the minimum soundproofing requirements for residences
Improve the regulations on modern headlamps to prevent unnecessary dazzling
In Brexit talks negotiate for continued EU single market membership for the UK
In response to the ongoing Covid 19 crisis, form a Government of National Unity
Incentivise companies to get more people working from home
Incentivise NHS staff during the COVID19 outbreak by making wages untaxable
Incentivise prisoner rehabilitation through various ‘days-back’ programmes
Include ‘I am not represented’ on all ballot papers.
Include ‘Jewish’ as an ethnicity option in the census
Include ‘North African’ as an ethnic group in the 2021 census
Include a BSL interpreter with all televised COVID-19 briefings.
Include Alevi status in the 2021 census
Include all Care Groups in SSP Refund Scheme Retrospectively from March 2020
Include animal charities in emergency funding due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Include Asexuals in the Equality Act 2010
Include bicycle proficiency in UK school physical education curriculum.
Include Cabin Crew as frontline staff and prioritise for Covid 19 vaccine
Include Carers Allowance in the £650 cost of living payment
Include Covid 19 Testers in the frontline worker priority group for vaccination
Include CPR in the PE National Curriculum
Include current third year nursing students in the £5,000 nursing grant
Include daily living costs for care homes in the adult social care cost cap
Include Dry Slope (artificial slope) Skiing & Snowboarding in GCSE PE
Include Endometriosis and PCOS to the Secondary National Curriculum
Include financial education in the national curriculum for primary schools
Include funding for more school gardens in the 2020-21 school building programme
Include gardening in the National Curriculum
Include Gyms and leisure centres in new Omicron Hospitality and Leisure Grant
Include Hospitality as an option on the Temporary Work – Seasonal Worker visa
Include infertility and the effects in the national curriculum
Include information on all MPs’ additional incomes in Parliamentary broadcasts.
Include Latin American/ Hispanic to list of ethnic groups for use by Government
Include Latinx/Hispanic as an ethnic group in the 2021 census
Include LGBT+ history and LGBT+ history month in National Curriculum
Include migraine on the list of medical exemptions for free prescriptions.
Include military personal with 5 years service in criteria for Platinum Jubilee
Include negative tests in any domestic vaccine passport scheme
Include nightshades as identified ingredients on food allergens list
Include non-payment of Maintenance to CMS or financial support as economic abuse
Include older women in the UK International Development Strategy
Include parenting skills in the national curriculum
Include parents & single people as protected characteristics.
Include people with high Covid-19 antibody levels in Covid-19 passport schemes
Include Polish as a language option in the national curriculum
Include public transport workers in priority groups for covid 19 vaccination
Include Punjabi as an ethnicity option on Government documents
Include self-employed in statutory sick pay during Coronavirus
Include service charge & tips in income paid by Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme
Include sexual assault mitigation in the curriculum, save women from violence
Include siblings and cousins in reunion rules for pre- and settled status
Include Sickle Cell Anemia in the List of Illnesses Eligible for a MedEx Card
Include single-jabbed individuals in quarantine exemption plans.
Include Social Care within the National Health Service
Include Solar PV and battery storage in the Greener Homes Grant
Include the harmful environmental impact of plastic waste on the curriculum
Include the impact of fast fashion on the curriculum
Include the UK’s Volunteer Police officers in Schedule 7 of the Coronavirus Bill
Include uni lecturers/students in the priority groups for covid vaccinations
Include university Art courses in those allowed to remain open
Include unpaid carers in the key workers category
Include vehicle battery and charger manufacture in vehicle emissions reporting
Include veterans who served in Northern Ireland in the Overseas Operations Bill
Include wholesale businesses in the COVID 19 Business Rates Relief
Include Windrush generations in British Nationality Act Remedial Order
Inclusion of a Mental Wellbeing & Emotional Wealth Standalone GCSE in schools
Incorporate the rainbow into the NHS logo
Incorporate wildlife tunnels in the HS2 plans to mitigate ecological damage
Increase £30,000 redundancy pay tax free threshold to £60,000 or fully tax free.
Increase 999 service funding and set response time targets
Increase adoptees’ right to revoke own adoption
Increase Air Passenger Duty and introduce taxes for aviation fuel
Increase all harassment sentence limits (sexual and non)
Increase all means-tested benefits by £20 a week
Increase ALL unemployed benefits by an extra £20 a week due to Covid-19.
Increase ALL Unemployed Benefits, by the extra £20 weekly Covid-19 uplift relief
Increase and distribute the funding for the Loneliness Strategy for local need.
Increase and extend child benefit to tackle coronavirus hunger
Increase Asylum Allowance due to the impact of the Coronavirus crisis
Increase awareness and investment for Peritoneal Cancer research.
Increase awareness of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis in UK schools
Increase benefits in line with current levels of inflation
Increase blood test threshold for driving with cannabis in the body
Increase Carer’s Allowance to equal 35 hours at the National Living Wage
Increase Carer’s Allowance to equal 35hrs at National Minimum Wage
Increase Carers Allowance to equal 35hrs at National Minimum Wage
Increase Child Tax Credit payments during Covid-19
Increase compensation for small businesses & self-employed affected by COVID
Increase Contributions Based ESA and include health care costs
Increase Corporation Tax and tackle tax avoidance to fund economic recovery
Increase corporation tax to fund the furlough scheme
Increase crash test requirements for testing of child car seats
Increase curriculum content about water safety as part of swimming lessons
Increase daily rates for low-ranked Army Reserve soldiers
Increase dedicated funding for childhood cancer research
Increase dedicated funding for police to tackle Pet Abduction
Increase Defence spending to 3%
Increase diversity of the history curriculum
Increase donations of and funding for COVID 19 vaccines to developing countries
Increase driving licences categories for those who passed before 01/01/2001
Increase duty free wine limit from EU to UK from 18 litres to 36
Increase earnings limit for single parent entitlement to Carer’s Allowance
Increase efforts to reclaim covid-19 payments lost to fraud
Increase employment rights and protections for carers
Increase entitlements to rest breaks at work
Increase Environment Agency funding for environmental protection
Increase ESA/PIP in line with Universal Credit Coronavirus increase
Increase exemptions on cash gifts from inheritance tax during Covid-19
Increase fees for European residence documents to match those for ILR
Increase financial aid to Afghanistan
Increase financial support for childcare costs for student nurses and midwives
Increase financial support for UK zoos this winter (September until Easter)
Increase fines and introduce community service for breaking Covid restrictions
Increase fines for breaking Covid-19 regulations to £1000 for first offence
Increase fixed penalty fines for littering
Increase flat rate (per mileage) for vehicle expenses for self-employed people
Increase flat rate of Child Maintenance to £21.15 p/w
Increase food and drink prices for MPs in House of Commons catering venues
Increase food and drink prices in House of Commons catering venues
Increase foreign aid to Sri Lanka during its economic crisis
Increase free childcare for working parents with children under school age
Increase funding available for Women’s Health Services
Increase funding for ‘under cover’ outdoor sports facilities during wet weather
Increase funding for 30 hours free childcare to help nurseries survive
Increase funding for aftercare support for people with eating disorders
Increase funding for Black, Asian and minority skin tone NHS prosthetics
Increase Funding for Borderline Personality Disorder Treatment on the NHS
Increase funding for care for people with Spinal Cord Injury
Increase funding for charities established to prevent Female Genital Mutilation
Increase funding for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
Increase funding for children’s palliative care centres in England
Increase funding for children’s social care from to £15 billion
Increase funding for coastal defence and compensate owners for lost properties
Increase funding for crisis and acute mental health services
Increase funding for crisis and acute mental health services
Increase funding for dementia and Alzheimers
Increase funding for drug and alcohol treatment services
Increase funding for eating disorder treatment and specialist hospitals
Increase funding for eating disorder treatment in the community and inpatient
Increase funding for existing and new youth clubs
Increase funding for flood defences for East Anglia
Increase funding for Herpes (HSV) education, testing and research
Increase funding for local authorities to assess and support Autistic children
Increase funding for mental health care for those at risk of homelessness
Increase funding for mental health crisis patient aftercare
Increase funding for mental health support for all Emergency services
Increase funding for mental health support in schools
Increase funding for more Environmental Wardens and litter/waste initiatives
Increase funding for NHS Adult Mental Health Services
Increase funding for NHS mental health services
Increase funding for NHS transgender services
Increase funding for NHS transgender services
Increase funding for NHS transgender services
Increase funding for NHS Transgender Services.
Increase funding for public transport to make it cheaper than private transport
Increase funding for radiotherapy equipment for the NHS
Increase funding for research into Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
Increase funding for research into Endometriosis and PCOS.
Increase funding for researching and developing cancer treatments and cures
Increase funding for school meals so schools can invest in healthier foods
Increase funding for schools so that pupils can catch up after COVID.
Increase funding for schools to support children with disabilities and SEN
Increase funding for Special Education Needs schools
Increase funding for Sure Start children’s centres
Increase funding for teacher training & equipment to support left-handed pupils
Increase funding for those children with SEN when school resumes
Increase funding for training and recruiting doctors with menopause expertise
Increase funding for treating borderline learning or personality disorders
Increase funding for treatment of chronic back pain and sciatica.
Increase funding for treatment of Raise awareness on gastroparesis on the NHS
Increase funding for treatment of women with chronic gynaecological conditions
Increase funding for urgent research into devastating motor neurone disease
Increase funding so road infrastructure in towns and cities is fit for purpose
Increase funding to early years settings which support children with SEN
Increase funding to ensure all adults in England have access to an NHS dentist
Increase funding to ensure all adults in England have access to an NHS dentist
Increase funding to ensure all children in England have access to an NHS dentist
Increase funding to house and support the homeless
Increase funding to identify new treatments and cures for migraines
Increase funding to improve NHS and ambulance services
Increase funding to local authorities to protect the provision of school nurses.
Increase funding to make Covid-19 vaccines available to developing countries
Increase funding to protect children vulnerable to abuse in their homes
Increase funding to provide support and research into Tourettes Syndrome
Increase funding to pupil referral units to meet SEND needs
Increase funding to reduce the backlog of elective surgeries
Increase funding to research treatment and medication for Long Covid sufferers
Increase funding to research/medical institutions to find a cure for tinnitus
Increase Funding to Support ARFID Sufferers
Increase funding to support retired Military animals
Increase funding to the NHS to recruit enough staff, fund beds and equipment
Increase Funds for Non-Animal Research for Cancer
Increase Gift Aid for all charities to 50% for the 2020/21 tax year
Increase government funding for the provision of social housing.
Increase grants for postgraduate study in social work
Increase in Asylum Cash Support for Children with Autism during COVID-19
Increase inclusion for and of disabled people in society
Increase income tax for those above the basic rate to fund increased NHS pay
Increase income tax/NI to give NHS staff a larger pay increase
Increase information about the vaccination status of people who die from COVID
Increase investment in Pancreatic Cancer research
Increase investment in UK-based vaccine research and production
Increase Land Access Rights in England to equal The Land Reform (Scotland) Act
Increase legal penalties for those convicted of online racial abuse
Increase legal protection for lodgers (people with live-in landlords)
Increase Local Authority funding for libraries and children’s centres.
Increase local authority funding to pay for increase in pay for social workers
Increase long-term funding for NHS services for homeless people
Increase Maternity/Shared Parental pay in line with National Living Wage
Increase maximum prison sentences further for animal cruelty in the UK
Increase maximum sentences for voyeurism crimes involving a minor
Increase Mileage allowance from 45p per mile to 75p per mile
Increase min wage for HGV drivers to £15/£17.50ph plus further £1ph for ADR
Increase minimum & maximum sentences for crimes against the elderly & vulnerable
Increase minimum and maximum sentences for all crimes against children
Increase minimum and maximum sentences for all sexual offences
Increase minimum and maximum sentences for child sexual offences
Increase minimum and maximum sentences for child sexual offences
Increase minimum and maximum sentences for domestic violence offences
Increase minimum and maximum sentences for drink/drug driving, plus lifetime ban
Increase minimum and maximum sentences for pet theft
Increase minimum and maximum sentences for sex offences
Increase Minimum Sentence for Assaulting Emergency Workers to Two Years Prison
Increase minimum wage for key workers and ban zero hours contracts
Increase minimum wage for licensed security workers to £15 an hour
Increase minimum wage for social care staff to £10.72
Increase minimum wage for under 18s to at least 80% of National Living Wage
Increase mobility scooter maximum speed limit on roads to 15mph
Increase National Insurance by 5 pence to Increase Salaries for all NHS Workers
Increase national speed limit on the motorway to 100mph.
Increase NHS and Social Care staff pay by 25%
Increase NHS dental care funding to improve availability for child and adults
Increase NHS paediatric funding to support children affected by pandemic
Increase NHS pay by increasing higher rates of income tax.
Increase NHS Police Fire & Ambulance Staff personal allowance to £35k for 12mths
Increase NHS Staff pay by 10%
Increase Number of Guests Permitted at Weddings, according to Venue Capacity
Increase nurses’ salaries by 30%
Increase our minimum wages by at least 12.2% in April 2022
Increase paternity leave from 2 weeks to 12 weeks with increased statutory pay
Increase paternity leave to at least 4 weeks fully paid leave
Increase pay for all NHS staff by 15%
Increase pay for all NHS workers by 5%
Increase pay for NHS healthcare workers and recognise their work
Increase pay for NHS Mental Health Workers
Increase penalties for animal cruelty and set minimum sentences
Increase penalties for criminals convicted for dog fighting.
Increase penalties for dog attacks on other dogs or people
Increase penalties for dog theft and illegal puppy farming
Increase penalties for dog theft to match those for kidnapping
Increase penalties for driving while holding or using a mobile phone
Increase penalties for illegal evictions
Increase penalties for illegal off-road driving
Increase penalties for racist and religious hate crimes
Increase penalties for the owners of dangerously out of control dogs
Increase penalties, enforcement and education to tackle littering & fly tipping
Increase penalty for driving whilst using a phone to a driving ban for all
Increase Personal Allowance for Income Tax to at least £13,966.75
Increase protections for new home owners against snags and defects
Increase punishments and sentences for perpetrators of domestic violences
Increase punishments for illegal dumping of sewage in UK waters
Increase regulation of animal sales
Increase regulation of covid-19 testing by private companies.
Increase regulation of homeopathic treatments and practitioners
Increase requirements and support for renewable energy for domestic property
Increase research funding for devastating disease Multiple System Atrophy (MSA)
Increase research funding into the use of Ivermectin as a treatment for Covid-19
Increase resources to tackle tax evasion and avoidance to help fund UK services
Increase rights to protect property such as racing pigeons from wild birds
Increase road tax when more than two vehicles are registered to the same address
Increase salaries for Prison Officers & Police for the sheer work put in
Increase salary for school teachers.
Increase school transport provision for students from lower income households
Increase SEN inclusion fund so SEN children can access 30 hours free childcare
Increase sentences for abuse, neglect and murder of a child
Increase sentences for all animal cruelty offences
Increase sentences for all hate crimes
Increase sentences for crimes relating to bodily harm of another individual
Increase sentences for death by dangerous driving cases & lifetime driving bans
Increase sentences for domestic violence offences
Increase sentences for human and child trafficking
Increase sentences for one punch assaults that kill to equal those for murder
Increase sentences for racially aggravated offences
Increase sentences relating to knife crime
Increase SMP by 4 weeks at 90% pay when a baby is born before 37 weeks
Increase speed limit of mobility scooters and allow passengers
Increase staffing to reduce waiting times for visas
Increase stamp duty on all second home and buy-to-let purchases
Increase State pensions to £380 a week, and lower retirement age to 60
Increase State Pensions to £400 a week and fund free adult social care for all
Increase State Pensions to £400 a week and fund free adult social care for all
Increase statutory maternity pay for working mothers to 6 months at 90%
Increase Statutory Maternity Pay in line a 40 hours week on minimum wage
Increase statutory maternity pay in line with cost of living crisis
Increase statutory maternity pay to 80% to match the current furlough scheme
Increase statutory protections for protected trees and listed parks
Increase Statutory Redundancy for those under the age of 22.
Increase Statutory Sick Pay
Increase Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)
Increase Statutory Sick Pay from £96.35 to £233.10/week
Increase Statutory Sick Pay to £330 per week during COVID-19
Increase student maintenance loans for 2020/2021 due to Covid-19
Increase student maintenance loans in line with increased living costs
Increase student maintenance loans in line with RPI inflation year-on-year
Increase subsidies for growing fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, etc
Increase support for children’s mental health during and after COVID-19
Increase support for India in the Covid Crisis
Increase Support For Men’s Mental Health
Increase support for nuclear power to reduce reliance on fossil fuels
Increase support for the English Language Teaching sector
Increase support to new parents during lockdown
Increase tax on fireworks to increase prices and fund related initiatives
Increase tax on private flights
Increase tax threshold for NHS/care/teachers & home schooling self-employed
Increase Taxes on Animal Products and Fund Vegan Groups and Animal Charities
Increase taxes on high earners to fund emergency Budget measures
Increase TfL emergency funding to help protect bus routes in London
Increase the ‘list price’ of cars and motorhomes at which a premium tax applies
Increase the £450k Lifetime ISA (LISA) house price cap in London
Increase the 15.5mph speed limit for electric bikes in the UK to 20mph
Increase the 20% self-employed grant for those who cannot return to work
Increase the age at which a couple can legally get married to 21
Increase the age for a UK dependent visa to 21
Increase the age of dependant children on parents Ancestry Visa from 18 to 21.
Increase the allowable earnings for claiming Carer’s Allowance to £170 a week
Increase the allowance for carers of higher rate disability benefit claimants
Increase the amount of content on sexism in the PSHE national curriculum.
Increase the amount of maternity and paternity paid leave
Increase the amount of paid paternity leave fathers receive to 2 months.
Increase the amount of Paternity leave from 2 weeks to a few months
Increase the apprenticeship minimum wage to match that of a normal employee.
Increase the basic State Pension to align with the new State Pension
Increase the basic state pensions by £500 a year as an emergency measure
Increase the benefit cap in line with increases to state benefits
Increase the budget for the UK Space Agency to £5 billion by 2024
Increase the Category B driving license weight limit from 3,500kg to 3,650kg
Increase the character limit for petitions on UK Government & Parliament website
Increase the child benefit to £200 pounds monthly per child.
Increase the Covid-19 trading curfew from 10pm to 1am in December
Increase the defence budget and our standing army strength to 100,000
Increase the Disabled Facilities Grant to £60,000.
Increase the DWP Christmas bonus for benefit claimants in line with inflation
Increase the existing SMP & SPP support
Increase the funding available to schools to support SEND pupils.
Increase the Help to Buy ISA & Lifetime ISA max property price to £600,000
Increase the HMRC Mileage Rate from 45p/mile to 60p/mile
Increase the income tax personal allowance to £19305
Increase the income threshold for people repaying student loans under Plan 1
Increase the legal age of adulthood for vulnerable & looked after persons
Increase the legal noise level of motorcycles
Increase the legal requirement to keep a child in a rearfacing car seat to age 3
Increase the length of the Business Interruption Payment on CBILS.
Increase the level of Additional Restrictions Grants for eligible businesses
Increase the Lifetime ISA property value cap – for multiple buyers and inflation
Increase the limit on how much fuel can be claimed at 0.45p from 10k to 20k
Increase the maximum bounce back loan from £50,000 to £100,000
Increase the maximum monthly deposit in Help to Buy ISAs to £400
Increase the maximum property value for the lifetime ISA
Increase the minimum legal allocation of protected PPA time to 20%
Increase the minimum sentence for stealing a motor vehicle to five years
Increase the minimum usable cage area per laying hen from 600cm² to 1,693cm²
Increase the minimum wage for care workers
Increase the minimum wage for HGV drivers
Increase the minimum wage to £10.00 an hour
Increase the motorway speed limit from 70mph to 80mph
Increase the National Living Wage for classroom assistants & teaching assistants
Increase the National Living Wage to £9.21 an hour
Increase the National Living Wage to match the London Living Wage
Increase the national speed limit for Vans with a GVW up to 3.5 Tonnes.
Increase the national speed limit to 80mph
Increase the number of Afghan refugees the UK will welcome
Increase the number of Bank Holidays/Public Holidays
Increase the pay of all healthcare and hospital staff by 3 times the current pay
Increase the pension and benefits for the clinically vulnerable people.
Increase the personal tax allowance of people made redundant to £50k
Increase the personal tax allowance of single working parents.
Increase the PiCG (Plug in Car Grant) grant on electric vehicles
Increase the price cap for the Help to Buy ISA scheme outside of London
Increase the rate of minimum wage for 16 year olds from £4.35 to at least £6.00
Increase the rateable valuable limit for business grants in the leisure industry
Increase the Savings Limit for Means Tested State Benefits
Increase the sentence for child sexual abuse to 25 years
Increase the sentence for Racist Hate Crime from 6 months to minimum 5 years
Increase the single person Council Tax discount to 50%
Increase the speed HGVs over 3.5 tonnes are limited to from 56 to 60mph
Increase the stamp duty threshold for first time buyers to £350,000
Increase the state pension
Increase the state pension by £5,000 a year
Increase the State pension for all retired Armed Forces Veterans
Increase the state pension to £19,760 a year (£380 a week)
Increase the success criteria for all future referendums to 60% of the vote
Increase the tax-free approved Mileage Allowance Payment rate and review yearly
Increase the tax-free approved Mileage Allowance Payment rate and review yearly.
Increase the TV licence in line with inflation and maintain BBC funding
Increase the value of the property you can buy with a Lifetime ISA to £550k
Increase the weekly Employment Support Allowance.
Increase the work from home expense flat rates for self-employed people
Increase UC by £20/week for disabled claimants with limited capability to work.
Increase UK aid for Yemen from for 2021 up to £300 million
Increase UK contribution to SDG 6: Ensure access to water and sanitation for all
Increase UK defence budget
Increase UK green energy investment in geothermal sources
Increase unemployment benefits to match furlough scheme backdated to March 2020
Increase uniform tax reliefs, especially for healthcare staff
Increase vaccination priority for moderate risk (clinically vulnerable) people
Increase VAT tax on products that utilize or contain plastic.
Increase VAT threshold from £85,000 to £200,000 for restaurant sector
Increase VAT threshold to £1m turnover or £85k profit to help small businesses.
Increased funding for treatment of long covid and other chronic conditions
Increased funding/support to Children and Young People’s mental health services.
Indefinite Leave to Remain for NHS Staff
Independence Referendum for Liverpool City Region.
Independent body to adjudicate on compliance with the Ministerial Code
Independent CCTV monitoring in English abattoirs
Independent public inquiry into Government Covid-19 contracts
Independent review of the NHS dental contract
Independent scrutiny of alleged breaches of the Ministerial Code by the PM
India to be added to red list for travel
Inform pregnant women of the risk of Placenta Accreta after a caesarean section
Initiate a refugee program for persecuted health workers in Myanmar
Innocent until proven guilty, Release All in Remand awaiting trials
Inquiry into Debendox and birth defects, and fund compensation
Inquiry into energy companies customer service and Ombudsman’s remit.
Inquiry into how social media enforce rules & handle complaints equally & fairly
Inquiry into the DVLA’s performance during the Covid-19 pandemic
Inquiry into the effectiveness of the conveyancing process
Inquiry into the role of institutional discrimination in the Grenfell Tower fire
Inquiry into treatment of those with mental disorders by justice system
Install additional safety measures on the Orwell Bridge in Suffolk
Install higher barriers or fencing along the Dartford Bridge
Install in-cell telephones in all prison cells
Instruct all local Councils to suspend all live planning applications submitted.
International Students should be granted 4 year Post Study work visa.
Introduce ‘Skye’s Law’: Require all sex offenders to stay on register for life
Introduce 1p tax on garments to tackle unethical fast fashion practice.
Introduce 24hr independent CCTV monitoring in English abattoirs
Introduce 3 point penalty on driving licence for litter thrown from any vehicle
Introduce 50p MUP for alcohol in England with a 20p levy towards treatment
Introduce a ‘litter tax’ on all single-use packaging
Introduce a ‘one off’ bank holiday after covid-19 pandemic to boost morale.
Introduce a ‘soft maximum income’; a 95% tax on income over £250,000 per year
Introduce a ‘Vaccination Passport’ for international travel
Introduce a ‘mental health day’ as a valid reason to be absent from school
Introduce a ‘Transparency Law’ requiring social workers to wear body cameras
Introduce a “France style” repair and longevity label on electronic products.
Introduce a “direct democracy” framework
Introduce A “Safe-haven law” for unwanted babies under 3 weeks old
Introduce a ~5% SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY tax to all workers and corporations
Introduce a 12-hour weekly working limit for under 18s in full-time education
Introduce a 24hr a day Covid-19 vaccination programme to speed up rollout
Introduce a 30% ‘Middle rate’ of income tax for those earning £50,271 – £80,000.
Introduce a 6 month deadline to settle Windrush Compensation Scheme claims
Introduce a Balanced Budget Law
Introduce a ban on import and sale of products made using Russian oil.
Introduce a ban on sales of new petrol and diesel cars by 2025 in the UK
Introduce a ban on the most polluting fibres in fashion by 2025
Introduce a brewers support fund for small breweries
Introduce a cap for annual rent increases
Introduce a carbon tax
Introduce a cat licence to pay to clean fouling in public areas
Introduce a certificate of medical exemption from the wearing of face coverings
Introduce a Climate Change subject to the National School Curriculum
Introduce a compulsory 10% levy on Greyhound Racing profit from bookmakers.
Introduce a Covid safety rating inspection for all public places
Introduce a deposit payment scheme for cigarette butts
Introduce a dog licence
Introduce a fast-track divorce procedure for victims of domestic abuse
Introduce a Finance Scheme to encourage more people into HGV Driving
Introduce a Fireworks Permission Scheme
Introduce a flat tax system rate for over £20,000 annual income
Introduce a form of proportional representation for all UK elections
Introduce a Government photo ID card for age verification purposes
Introduce a help to buy scheme for non first-time buyers
Introduce a higher maximum prison sentence for Racial Abuse
Introduce a Kannada language GCSE
Introduce a law making it illegal to breed any dogs without a licence
Introduce a law to set requirement for a minimum size cage for small pets.
Introduce a legal maximum temperature for indoor workplaces
Introduce a legal minimum and maximum working temperature for bus driver cabs.
Introduce a legal minimum requirement for hamster cages.
Introduce a legal right for employees to work remotely
Introduce a levy on single-use disposable plastic
Introduce a licensing scheme for the sale of all knives and bladed articles.
Introduce a licensing scheme to control the purchase and ownership of animals
Introduce a Life Assurance Scheme for families of health and social care workers
Introduce a mandatory Hate Crimes Awareness Course for Hate Crime Offenders
Introduce a mandatory Sex Education GCSE
Introduce a minimum of 3 hours of mandatory PE in schools per week.
Introduce a minimum sentence for carrying a knife, equal to carrying a firearm.
Introduce a minimum sentence of 10 years for animal abusers
Introduce a minimum starting wage of £40000 for all Nurses.
Introduce a minimum Wage (fee) for Gig-Economy Workers
Introduce a national fishing line recycling scheme
Introduce a national Hate Crime Register for use by employers
Introduce a National Pet Exchange Register
Introduce a National Reforestation Scheme
Introduce a national standardised job application format.
Introduce a new Employers’ Employment Incentive to employ out of work jobseekers
Introduce a new import tax on all Russian made goods.
Introduce a new offence of causing serious injury by careless driving
Introduce a new offence of using Covid-19/Coronavirus for the purpose of fraud
Introduce a new top rate of income tax for highest earners
Introduce a new UK bank holiday to mark the day we went into lockdown
Introduce a One-Off Postgraduate Study Grant
Introduce a Pet Removal/Protection Order for victims of Domestic Abuse
Introduce a Politics GCSE
Introduce a Product Redundancy Tax.
Introduce a regulator and ombudsman for the courier industry
Introduce a regulator for private landlords and caps for rent
Introduce a regulator for private landlords and caps for rent
Introduce a reoccurring 2 week national lockdown every two months
Introduce a Shop Out to Help Out Scheme for independent retailers
Introduce a stamp duty holiday for properties under £650k during the pandemic
Introduce a statutory bereavement policy into primary and secondary schools.
Introduce a statutory Mental Health Policy to all schools in England
Introduce a statutory regulator for IR35 assessments
Introduce a stay on eviction proceedings for tenants over Christmas
Introduce a Tax on unhealthy food to subsidise healthy meals for school children
Introduce a tax relief for commuting to and from a single place of work
Introduce a Telugu GCSE
Introduce a time limit on the execution of a will
Introduce a two-week timetabling system for all pupils in Year 10 and above
Introduce a Universal Basic Income in the next Budget
Introduce a voluntary National Insurance top-up to fund the NHS
Introduce a whole curriculum approach to ending sexism and misogyny in schools
Introduce a windfall tax on pharmaceutical companies’ Covid-19 related profits
Introduce a Winter fuel payment for all parents home-schooling during lockdown.
Introduce additional bank holiday payments for state pensions
Introduce age restrictions for the sale of barbecues and matches
Introduce Albanian language as a GCSE and A Level
Introduce an ‘Luxury Polluter’ tax on high CO2 output luxury cars.
Introduce an “Ecological Damage Tax” on Astroturf Lawns / Artificial Grass
Introduce an additional tax on products containing palm oil
Introduce an annual bank holiday to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee
Introduce an emergency Universal Basic Income during the COVID-19 outbreak
Introduce an independent body to oversee complaints about TV licence enforcement
Introduce an Independent Regulator for Football in England by December 2021
Introduce an independent regulator of the Child Maintenance Service
Introduce an independent regulator to oversee English football
Introduce an official Safety Rating system for Nightlife Venues
Introduce an optional philosophy GCSE into the current Key Stage 4 curriculum
Introduce AU PAIR VISAS to allow Au Pairs from Europe easy entry to the UK
Introduce background checks and statutory regulation of company directors
Introduce Black History Independence Day
Introduce bursaries & paid placements for all Primary School Teacher Trainees
Introduce cash rewards for Olympic medal winners and their coaches
Introduce character education to the curriculum under PSHE
Introduce charges on carbon emissions to tackle climate crisis and air pollution
Introduce Charter for Social Housing and strengthen tenants’ rights
Introduce closed season in grey squirrel cull, so that babies aren’t left to die
Introduce Compensation for seasonal workers due to Covid-19
Introduce Compulsory Voting for UK general elections
Introduce Covid-19 testing in primary schools in England for all staff & pupils.
Introduce Dog Licensing and Registration
Introduce double green lines for in front of on-street EV charge points
Introduce Drug Consumption Rooms to prevent drug-related deaths in the UK
Introduce education about the pay gap in the National Curriculum
Introduce end-of-life payments for people who die before receiving state pension
Introduce fact checking as a compulsory part of the education curriculum
Introduce financial measures to support SMEs during Coronavirus outbreak
Introduce financial support for online education and lifetime learning
Introduce fines for non-emergency 999 calls
Introduce Fines for people wasting NHS time during the Corona virus Outbreak
Introduce fines for unnecessarily visiting an NHS GP or hospital
Introduce first aid training to the national educational curriculum
Introduce flexible state pensions for people who want to retire early.
Introduce Gender and Race equity for GCSE English Literature set texts
Introduce grants for home battery storage systems
Introduce heavy fixed penalties starting at £1000 minimum for littering
Introduce Human and Child Rights (covering the UNCRC) to the primary curriculum
Introduce Human Trafficking awareness into the National Curriculum
Introduce Human Trafficking into the secondary school curriculum
Introduce independent body to enforce the ministerial code on ministers.
Introduce inspections & safety ratings for beauty, nails and aesthetic services
Introduce laws like the German Strafgesetzbuch section 86a to ban Nazi symbols
Introduce laws that require all businesses to respond to every job application
Introduce legislation to create mechanism for the voters to dissolve Parliament
Introduce legislation to make Bereavement leave a statutory right at work
Introduce Legislation to Prevent Convicted Sex Offenders Serving As MP
Introduce levy on textile garments to fund recycling and end-of-life research
Introduce licences and 10-year mandatory sentences carrying an offensive weapon
Introduce licences that are required to set up social media accounts
Introduce licensing and inspections for breeding non-domestic birds
Introduce licensing of horse owners and make current code of practice statutory
Introduce limits on per customer purchases in all supermarkets
Introduce lower rates of income tax for pension income
Introduce mandatory carbon footprint ratings for all goods and services
Introduce Mandatory Ethnicity Pay Gap Reporting
Introduce Mandatory Ethnicity Reporting for UK companies
Introduce mandatory fortification of certain foods with Vitamin D3.
Introduce mandatory Identity Cards
Introduce mandatory licensing and regulation of animal rescue centres
Introduce mandatory life sentence for possession of a knife
Introduce mandatory Military service period of 2 years for those aged 18-26
Introduce mandatory registration & licensing of anyone who breeds/sells animals
Introduce mandatory registration of white goods to improve product recalls
Introduce mandatory training/regulations for private users of jet skis
Introduce mandatory trigger warnings on fiction books
Introduce Mass Rapid Testing to Birmingham
Introduce meaningful punishments for being found in contempt of Parliament
Introduce measures to encourage smaller families
Introduce measures to tackle false information on social media
Introduce minimum 10-year sentences for one punch assaults
Introduce minimum five year sentences for killing a pet
Introduce minimum fixed term sentencing for convicted murders of 25yrs to life.
Introduce minimum sentences for attacks on emergency workers.
Introduce more measures to reduce scam texts and calls
Introduce MPs to represent the interests of British citizens living abroad.
Introduce national limits on horse breeding
Introduce neonatal leave and pay entitlement immediately
Introduce new broadcasting requirements for weight loss programming
Introduce new metal detector requirements for city centre venues
Introduce new regulatory and financial measures to the Building Safety Bill
Introduce new requirements for breeders and sellers of cats and dogs
Introduce new requirements for cyclists/e-scooters: visible ID, licences, etc
Introduce new requirements for dog ownership
Introduce new requirements for pets, owners and breeders
Introduce new requirements for pubs/bars/clubs to prevent Sexual Harassment
Introduce new rules for party political campaign material
Introduce new safeguards and requirements for production and sale of cat food
Introduce Nutrition as an additional compulsory subject from KS1 – KS4.
Introduce Paid Miscarriage Leave
Introduce prison cell visits for students – help reduce knife crime.
Introduce Public Transport and Logistics Industry Grant For Covid-19
Introduce rapid Covid-19 testing for weddings to permit close contact of guests
Introduce reforms to better support victims of sexual assault and domestic abuse
Introduce regulation and an ombudsman for epidemiological modelling
Introduce routine scoliosis screening in primary and secondary schools
Introduce sanctions against Israel
Introduce sanctions against Israel for occupation of the West Bank
Introduce specific Cyber Security requirements for businesses that hold our data
Introduce statutory licensing & regulation of builders and construction workers
Introduce statutory licensing and regulation of builders
Introduce Statutory licensing and regulation of Builders/Construction workers
Introduce statutory paid bereavement leave for loss of family or close friends
Introduce statutory rates of pay and allowances for HGV drivers
Introduce statutory regulation of all providers of distance learning
Introduce statutory regulation of rent increases for commercial properties
Introduce statutory regulation of the media.
Introduce Stricter Laws to act as a Deterrent to Purposeful Virus Spreaders
Introduce stricter restrictions on the sale and ownership of crossbows
Introduce subsidies for childcare costs based on parents’ income
Introduce super visa category for parents of British citizens.
Introduce tax savings for gym membership salary sacrifice schemes
Introduce testing, tax and vehicle registration/MOT requirements for cyclists
Introduce the Alternative Vote electoral system in general elections
Introduce the topic of Body Dysmorphic Disorder into the national curriculum.
Introduce VAT on meat products and stop subsiding animal agriculture
Introduce visitation rights for siblings when families have been separated
Introduce Visitation Rights/Contact Orders for Siblings.
Introduce Voter ID in every UK constituency for all Local & General Elections
Introduce vouchers for beauty to help the beauty industry recover
Introduce weekly Covid-19 testing for school staff and students in England
Introduce Witness Personal Statements in line with Victim Personal Statements
Introduction of a National Database of DNA of all Citizens from birth upward.
Invest in coal, oil, gas and nuclear to help achieve energy independence
Invest in new night trains & regional Eurostar services for the North of the UK
Invest urgently in the NHS cancer workforce in the autumn Spending Review
Investigate how to improve recruitment and retention in the social care sector
Investigate massive delays and inconsistencies within the Passport Office
Investigate NHS Supply Chain performance providing PPE to frontline staff.
Investigate performance of private covid-19 travel test providers
Investigate press coverage of Covid-19 outbreak as part of any public inquiry
Investigate reports of unidentified low frequency noises
Investigate the evidence, production & publication of the Sewell Report
Investigation into Legal Expenses Insurance sold by Building Societies and Banks
Issue a secondary grant payment for SBRR recipients and rate-paying businesses
Issue a US-style Covid-19 payment to support individuals and stimulate economy
Issue birth and death certificates for babies who are lost before 24 weeks
Issue Emergency funding for the Food And Pub industry due to NYE food expenses
Issue emergency measures so all Driving Test Candidates must have ADI sign off.
Issue formal apology to Indian Government for the massacre at Jallianwala Bagh
Issue grants to landlords for lost rental income due to Covid-19
Issue NHS Staff Long Service Medals for 20yrs service the same as the Ambulance
Issue urgent guidance and voucher scheme to save baby & toddler activity sector
Join the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance and commit to its end date for fossil fuels
Join the Joint European Procurement Initiative.
June 21st National Holiday, Every Year.
Justice for children incorrectly labelled “educationally subnormal” in 1960s/70s
Justice for Daniel Morgan: Finish the Leveson Inquiry
Kara’s law – Increase sentences for drink driving offences
Keep ‘After School Activities’ & Youth Work, open for children in lockdown
Keep 30 hours free childcare if parents lose their job due to Covid
Keep all indoor fitness facilities open in all tiers, including tier 4
Keep all lockdown restrictions for longer than March 8th
Keep all nurseries and early years settings open during lockdown
Keep all schools and colleges open in England
Keep all widespread species of amphibian and reptile in S5 & 8 of the WCA 1981
Keep Bookshops open as an essential business
Keep Care Leavers Digitally Connected
Keep cinemas open in all tiers
Keep COVID secure Health Clubs open
Keep Covid tests free for all NHS staff members
Keep Covid Tests Free for Everyone
Keep electronic proceedings for non-molestation orders after Covid-19 pandemic
Keep estate agents closed in tier 4 and lockdowns
Keep face covering mandatory in indoor public settings beyond 19th July 2021
Keep face coverings compulsory in hospitals
Keep face masks mandatory for public transport after the lifting of restrictions
Keep GMT permenantly in the UK (ie: not to forward clocks for Summer Time).
Keep gyms and leisure facilities open during any lockdown
Keep gyms open during Tier 4 lockdown
Keep libraries open as essential services.
Keep mandatory face coverings in supermarkets and on public transport
Keep May 30th as a Bank Holiday
Keep metric measurements and do not reintroduce imperial measurements
Keep MOT tests as a yearly requirement
Keep music schools open through COVID19 restrictions
Keep providing free LFTs to school aged children
Keep requirement to wear a face covering in shops & supermarkets after July 19th
Keep sanctions until Russia has fully compensated Ukraine
Keep schools closed in the UK until an effective Cov-19 vaccine is available.
Keep schools closed until Covid 19 is no longer a threat
Keep schools closed until May
Keep schools open – Give us our right to full time education back
Keep schools open for children of key workers during weekends due to COVID-19
Keep schools open if there are further restrictions due to the Omicron variant
Keep schools open in Tier 4 areas
Keep swimming pools open during all stages of lockdown
Keep tax-free sales at airports and the VAT Retail Export Scheme
Keep the £20 a week UC increase for 1 more year
Keep the £20pw Universal Credit lifeline and extend to those on legacy benefits
Keep the BBC License Fee and save the BBC.
Keep the beauty industry open
Keep the Electoral Commission independent. Strengthen it, don’t weaken it!
Keep The Fracking Ban
Keep the hard shoulder on Smart Motorways for emergency use only
Keep the lockdown and restrictions in place
Keep the puppy import age at 15 weeks
Keep the UK’s membership of the EU Convention on Human Rights
Keep vaping shops open in total COVID-19 lockdown to stop ex-smokers relapsing
Keep virtual parliament options for MPs who are shielding or isolating
Kristian Johnson’s Law. Life sentences for Death by Careless & Dangerous Driving
Kristian Johnsons Law. Life sentences for Death by Careless & Dangerous Driving.
Label meat with information as to whether the animal was stunned at slaughter.
Landowners to be strictly liable in criminal law for illegal deaths of raptors
Lateral Flow Test (LFT) made compulsory in Secondary Schools for all.
Launch a judge-led public inquiry into the Covid-19 pandemic
Launch a judge-led public inquiry into the standards of military accommodation
Launch a national campaign promoting the Countryside Code
Launch a national public awareness campaign about knife crime
Launch a public information campaign on the climate and ecological emergency.
Launch a public inquiry into the planned Category C prison at Full Sutton
Launch an inquiry into media reporting of recent ‘fuel shortages’
Launch an online system for people to report self-isolation for Covid-19
Launch new public inquiry into legality of the invasion of Iraq in 2003
Law for GP surgeries to give the same annual leave & sick leave for all staff
Leave Reception class in schools open during a COVID England wide lockdown
Leave the 1951 Refugee Convention and 1967 Protocol & revoke the Immigration Act
Leave the 1951 Refugee Convention and 1967 Protocol & revoke the Immigration Act
Legal aid should only be available to UK residents
Legal default of equal shared care for children upon separation.
Legal requirement for farms to give cows grass to graze for 6 months of the year
Legal requirement for mobile speed camera vans to make their presence known
Legal requirement that all job adverts include rate of pay/salary
Legal requirement that online retailers show the country of manufacture.
Legal right to 2 week review of patients with suspected heart failure (HF)
Legal rights for ancient trees
Legalise alcohol consumption at seats for English football matches
Legalise All Drugs
Legalise all E-Scooter usage where bicycles can be used
Legalise and fund research on use of psilocybin mushrooms for medical purposes
Legalise and incentivise uptake of personal electric vehicles
Legalise and license sale of pepper spray
Legalise and regulate the use of privately owned eScooters before Spring 2021.
Legalise assisted dying for terminally ill, mentally competent adults
Legalise bowhunting in the United Kingdom.
Legalise Cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes
Legalise cannabis for recreational and medicinal use
Legalise cannabis in the UK
Legalise civilians carrying a firearm for self-defence and sport
Legalise conjugal visits in England
Legalise cropping and docking
Legalise drinking alcohol in the stands at football matches
Legalise e-scooters on public roads with licence, insurance and roadworthiness
Legalise growing cannabis plants in a person’s home for personal use
Legalise Kava Kava (Piper Methysticum) in the United Kingdom.
Legalise medical and recreational cannabis in the UK
Legalise Natural Organic Reduction
Legalise production and use of psilocybin and LSD for medicinal purposes
Legalise tandem mobility scooters in the UK
Legalise the Sale of oral snuff/Snus
Legalise the use of LSD and Psilocybin for Medical and Recreational Use
Legalise the use of psilocybin mushroom species for medicinal purposes
Legalise Wild Camping
Legalise, Regulate and Tax all Recreational Drugs
Legalize cannabis for recreational and medical use
Legalize Personal Light Electric vehicles (PLEVs) such as e-scooters, EUC, etc.
Legalize the use of e-scooters where bikes can be used.
Legalize the use of non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray for self-defense.
Legally ban the consumption of alcohol in the workplace
Legally Protect the titles ‘Psychotherapist’ and ‘Counsellor’ for Safeguarding
Legally recognise Emotional Support Animals (ESA’s)
Legally recognise Emotional Support Animals (ESAs)
Legally recognise Emotional Support Animals(specifically dogs) for Mental Health
Legally recognise genders such as Non-binary, Genderqueer and Intersex
Legally Require All Meat Packaging to Show Slaughter Images
Legislate for a 60% threshold as the success criteria for all future referendums
Legislate for a minimum hourly rate of £9.51 per hour for carers
Legislate for social media bans for online hate, abuse or trolling offences
Legislate for the deportation of non-UK citizens convicted of domestic abuse
Legislate for the postponed London mayoral election to be held immediately.
Legislate for the provision of reparations to communities affected by slavery
Legislate in the Agriculture Bill to protect the UK’s Food & Farming Sector.
Legislate on the use of Vegan labelling
Legislate that employers must allow non-essential employees to work from home
Legislate that the National Health Service cannot be part of any trade deal.
Legislate to BAN leasehold houses & set ground rents of new-build flats to ZERO
Legislate to ban vehicles parking on pavements
Legislate to enable Councillors to be disqualified or suspended for poor conduct
Legislate to keep all UK prisons and policing in the public sector
Legislate to limit interest rates for personal loans
Legislate to limit interest rates on lending during Covid-19 outbreak
Legislate to prevent misinformation about the Ukraine conflict on social media
Legislate to prohibit transactions in cryptocurrencies in the UK
Legislate to reduce the number of MPs and Lords, their salaries and expenses
Legislate to require results of all reviews and consultations to be published
Legislate to restrict aircraft from running their engines while on hold
Legislate to stop companies from refusing service based on lawful speech
Lessen student finance requirements for foreign students who reside in the UK
Let 14 Year Olds Drive Motorized Quadbikes Under 500kg.
Let airlines allow pets in the airplane’s cabin to and from the UK
Let airlines allow pets in the airplane’s cabin to and from the UK
Let airlines allow pets under 10kg in the airplane’s cabin to and from the UK.
Let all airlines allow pets in the airplanes’ cabin to and from the UK.
Let international music students earn money by performing during their studies.
Let non-NHS social care workers paid under £35k pa join the NHS pension scheme
Let Our Children Learn About Peace through the educational curriculum
Let people apply for a postal vote online
Let people on Carer’s Allowance transfer their tax allowance to their partner
Let people with expired theory passes due to COVID sit first resit for free
Let Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants open with no curfews For Christmas & New Year
Let tattooists back to work now
Let the whole UK elect the London Mayor; a position of growing national interest
Let there be a referendum for Welsh independence
Let Us Dance – Support nightclubs, dance music events and festivals
Liaise with Pakistan to return HMS Arrow and convert her into a Falklands museum
Licence religious slaughter to match animals killed to defined religious needs
License hunting in the UK with Compound bows and Cross bows
Life jackets must be worn if in sea on inflatable, boat, kayak etc
Life sentence for drivers who do not stop after killing a person on the road
Lifetime bans on attending football matches for racist or violent offences
Lift all COVID 19 related lockdown restrictions on small businesses
Lift ban on import of rescue animals from Romania, Ukraine, Belarus and Poland
Lift ban on self-employment for international students on a Student visa
Lift COVID measures on 11 July for the Euro finals
Lift Covid regulations for Christmas Day
Lift HGV parking ban in Kent so drivers can have their legally required breaks.
Lift local lockdowns and Covid-19 restrictions in England
Lift restrictions on all social gatherings such as proms, graduations, weddings
Lift sanctions against Afghanistan to reduce barriers to humanitarian aid
Lift social distancing in schools and nurseries for the sake of mental health
Lift the Ban on evictions during Covid for Anti-Social Behaivour
Lift the ban on recruiting Type 1 diabetics to the Armed Forces
Lift the cap on university places for 2021/22 due to impact of COVID-19
Lift the restrictions against people going on ocean cruises
Limit any future eat out to help out schemes to small businesses
Limit cigarette pack size & limit sales to one per customer and increase taxes
Limit compulsory DNA sample taking and offer an incentive to test voluntarily
Limit details of non-molestation orders being shared with perpetrators
Limit National Insurance increases to high earners
Limit of 25% of attendance to prioritise safety of staff and pupils in education
Limit parking fines to no more than £10 per hour or similar
Limit political donations to equivalent of average UK yearly salary
Limit political journalists at UK Gov Covid 19 Press Briefings
Limit Postal Votes
Limit public sector spending on external consultants
Limit secondary schools days to 5.5 hours
Limit share of the media that can be held by individuals or companies
Limit the Covid-19 booster programme to alleviate global vaccine inequality
Limit the Impact of Climate Change with air mileage allowance
Limit the Sale and Use of Fireworks to Organisers of Licensed Displays Only
Limit travel during lockdown by county or a mile radius
Limit UK Magistrates’ Courts in High Covid Areas to Remand Cases Only
Limit Universal Credit & Working Tax Credit increases to those affected by virus
Limit when welfare assessments under the Children Act 1989 can be conducted
Limit yearly council tax increases to level of inflation
Link Help to Buy maximum prices to local average property prices
Link pay rises for the emergency services + public sector to same % as MPs
Link Public Sector Pay Rises by % to what the IPSA decide as MP’s Pay Rises
Link public sector pay to inflation
List ‘Class’ as a Protected Characteristic in the UK’s Equality Act (2010).
List all UK security personnel as “Key Workers” during the current crisis.
List which country components come from for products which are ‘made in the UK’
Livestream Cabinet meetings
Lobby to negotiate equal visa rights for U.K. citizens with property in EU area
Local authorities to put zebra crossings & no parking signs outside all schools
Lock NHS pay rises to increases in pay for MPs, backdated to 2015
Lockdown areas with high Covid-19 rates
Lockdown breaches by Government officials must be treated as Gross Misconduct
Lockdown food shops to stop spreading viruses
Longer sentences for child sex offenders, sex offenders and rapists
Loosen requirements for British citizens to return their pets home from China.
Loosen restrictions on visits to vulnerable patients in local lockdown areas
Louie’s Campaign – Fund an annual national suicide awareness campaign
Low or interest free loans for leaseholders affected by cladding regs and EWS1.
Lower alcohol tax for pubs and all hospitality sectors due to COVID-19
Lower citizenship fees for all those who were born in the UK
Lower citizenship fees for children under 18
Lower Council tax and VAT
Lower family court fees
Lower fuel duty tax based on the mixture of renewable matter in it
Lower Grade Boundaries for A-Level October Exams
Lower grade boundaries of 2021 GCSE and A-Level students.
Lower income tax for members of the Armed Forces.
Lower income tax for people who earn under £20,000 per annum
Lower or abolish the minimum income requirement for UK Family Visas
Lower tax for draw downs on those with private pensions to 5%.
Lower the Abortion Limit to 12 Weeks
Lower the age a stillborn baby can legally be registered, to 16 weeks old.
Lower the age of Bowel Cancer screening to 30
Lower the age that breast screening services are offered
Lower the age you are offered a cervical screening (smear test) from 25 to 16
Lower the age you can access private pensions to 53
Lower the basic rate income tax from 20% to 7.5%
Lower the cost of British Citizenship applications to £372.
Lower the fee for naturalisation as a British citizen
Lower the legal abortion limit from 24 weeks to 22 weeks
Lower the legal age of criminal responsibility to 7
Lower the legal age to start driving from 17 to 15
Lower the minimum age to buy lottery tickets back to 16
Lower the minimum driving age to 16 for children of disabled adults
Lower the national speed limit for country lanes to 40mph
Lower the price of the £210 COVID Home Test Kits for travellers entering the UK
Lower the standard rate of income tax due to cost of living increases
Lower the State Pension age to 60
Lower the state pension age to 65
Lower the voting age for all elections from 18 to 16
Lower the voting age to 16 for all elections and referendums in England.
Lower tuition fees to a minimum £5,000 for University students during covid-19.
Lower university tuition fees for students until online teaching ends
Lower VAT to 5% on UK hotels and holidays after we leave the EU
Luke’s Law: Ban ‘free bets’ and emails that entice gamblers to place ‘free bets’
Maintain elections during the Coronavirus crisis vía postal voting
Maintain home fee status and access to Student Finance for EU students.
Maintain the requirement for Top 14 Allergen listing
Maintain travel corridors for countries with lower COVID rates than the UK’s
Make ‘None of the Above’ appear an option to select on all ballot papers
Make ‘outing’ someone’s sexuality and/or gender identity a criminal offence.
Make ‘parenting’ a protected characteristic under equality law
Make ‘stolen valour’ – false claims about military service – a criminal offence
Make ‘can be recycled’ labelling clearer on all products
Make ‘Environmental Education’ a compulsory separate subject in all schools.
Make ‘Mental Health Studies’ a separate subject in the National Curriculum
Make “doxing” a specific criminal offence with a min. 10-year custodial sentence
Make “Flying Ant Day” an official Bank Holiday in the UK.
Make “Owain Glyndŵr Day” on September 16th a public holiday in Wales
Make 2022 GCSE Courses half coursework and half exam
Make 23rd April a Bank Holiday in England to celebrate St. George’s day.
Make 26th & 27th July 2021 a one off Double Bank Holiday – Christmas in July!
Make 30 hours per week preschool education available to all four year olds
Make 5% deposit mortgage guarantee scheme available only to first-time buyers
Make a fair, individual Appeals Process against Centre Assessed Grades
Make a Fairer System for Creating A level and GCSE Results
Make a Law that farmers fence of rights of way through fields containing cattle.
Make a law that traffic light sensors should recognise the presence of bicycles.
Make a public support of Russian aggression in Ukraine a criminal offence
Make abuse and assault of retail workers a specific criminal offence
Make access to food a legal right – no one in the UK should go hungry
Make additional funding available for care of dementia patients
Make advocacy support a statutory right for all veterans
Make advocacy support available to all veterans
Make Ageism a Hate Crime
Make alcohol imports for personal use duty and tax free for UK residents
Make All Animal Hunting Illegal
Make all animal hunting illegal for everyone
Make all Armed Forces Service Pensions (including Lump Sum) Tax exempt
Make all Asthma medications exempt from prescription charges on the NHS
Make all convicted criminals serve their full sentence
Make all costs for Fire Prevention and Cladding safety works exempt from VAT
Make all DVLA documents fully gender inclusive
Make all Electric Bikes liable for insurance from the day of purchase ,
Make all Electric Vehicle Charging Points accept contactless payment.
Make ALL forms of Domestic Abuse a compulsory PSHE topic in secondary schools
Make all forms of LGBT Conversion Therapy Practices illegal in 2021
Make all funeral-related costs VAT zero-rated or exempt.
Make all garden fires illegal
Make all noise nuisances between 23:00 and 07:00 a criminal offence
Make all parcel delivery businesses equip drivers with cameras
Make all prescriptions for mental health medication free
Make all registered sex offenders ineligible for legal aid
Make all repeat prescriptions free
Make all restraining orders permanent
Make all retail except from supermarkets and pharmacies click and collect only
Make all services for children VAT-free
Make all sleeping medication prescription only
Make All Social Media Content From Government and Ministers Accessible
Make All Trespassing a Criminal Offence to Help Protect Properties.
Make all under-car neon lights legal
Make all vehicle registration paperless to help reduce the backlog
Make allotment space a legal requirement for new major housing developments.
Make altering property borders without consent a specific criminal offence
Make Anti-Racism training mandatory in all UK workplaces
Make any bailouts for UK airlines conditional on reducing emissions
Make any contact tracing app promulgated by the Government open source
Make any sexual contact with an animal a criminal offence
Make anyone lawfully resident in the UK for five years eligible for ILR
Make applying for UK Citizenship free for under 18 year olds
Make appointments of special advisers subject to parliamentary approval
Make ASD and ADHD prescriptions free for adults.
Make ASD and ADHD screening available to all children of nursery age
Make Asexuality a Protected Characteristic under the Equality Act 2010
Make asthma prescriptions free for those in need.
Make August 1st of each year a bank holiday – the ‘Abolition of Slavery Day’
Make backseat airbags a legal requirement in new cars.
Make bars and clubs in the UK legally provide drink covers.
Make beavers a protected species to protect them
Make being non-binary a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010
Make bikes and bicycle accessories zero-rated for VAT
Make Bioptic Lenses acceptable for achieving the eyesight standard for driving.
Make black history a compulsory part of the national curriculum for all ages
Make bottom trawling illegal in UK waters
Make breach of any court order a criminal offence
Make breaching Child Arrangement Orders a criminal offence enforceable by police
Make Britain rape-free by 2050
Make British Sign Language (BSL) a compulsory subject in the national curriculum
Make British Sign Language a compulsory subject in the national curriculum
Make British Sign Language a language option in the national curriculum
Make bullying a criminal offence
Make bullying a specific criminal offence
Make bullying a specific criminal offence
Make Business Rates for the UK Manufacturing Industry free for 2020
Make Calorie Labelled Menus An Optional choice
Make cannabis legal for recreational use for ages 21+
Make carbon monoxide and smoke alarms vat exempt.
Make care leaver bursaries for higher education available to ages 25+
Make Carers Allowance equivalent to a fair wage & allow multiple claims
Make cars with high emissions have red number plates.
Make cat owners responsible for their cats fouling on private property
Make cat theft a specific illegal offence.
Make causing nuisance noise a criminal offence
Make CCTV compulsory in all taxis including school transport taxis
Make CCTV mandatory in all taxis and minicabs to deter sexual assaults
Make CCTV on school buses carrying children with disabilities mandatory.
Make Cervical Screening available to everyone from the age of 21
Make children exempt from coronavirus “rule of six”
Make children under 5 exempt from the rule of six
Make Chinese New Year, Diwali, EID public holidays
Make chronic kidney disease testing available for all new-borns.
Make commercial dog walking a licensed and regulated profession
Make companies legally responsible for accepting and recycling their old goods
Make Companies who make furloughed employees redundant pay them a retraining fee
Make computer gaming a compulsory school subject
Make Computer Science, Programming and AI mandatory in the national curriculum
Make confiscation of property by parents or guardians illegal (within reason)
Make consent to school administered vaccinations opt out rather than opt in
Make Contempt of Parliament a Criminal Offence
Make convicted murdered ineligible for compassionate release
Make convicted sex offenders and child abusers ineligible for early release
Make corporation tax on large multinationals 50% of UK share of global profits
Make COVID passport a legal requirement for indoor venues
Make COVID testing mandatory for students when moving into shared residences
Make Covid vaccinations a requirement for Personal Assistants
Make Covid-19 antibody tests available for everyone
Make Covid-19 booster vaccines available to all low immunity groups
Make covid-19 booster vaccines available to vulnerable 6 months after 2nd dose
Make Covid-19 PCR tests available at a fixed cost and use income to fund the NHS
Make Covid-19 test kits available to all care homes, for the residents and staff
Make Covid-19 testing available for all healthcare professionals
Make Covid-19 tests available regularly for shielding families
Make COVID-19 tests available to all members of households with a positive case
Make COVID-19 tests during quarantine free or optional
Make Covid-19 tests for travel optional or free for EU citizens living in the UK
Make Covid-19 tests freely available to all international travellers at airports
Make covid-19 vaccination a requirement for all elected representatives
Make Covid-19 vaccination available to all outpatients needing surgery
Make Covid-19 vaccination passports a requirement for all crowded events/venues
Make COVID-19 vaccine a requirement for workers who work in other people’s homes
Make Covid19 Non Compliance Fines min £10,000 & use to fund NHS/Key Worker PPE
Make COVID19 testing available to all key-workers dealing with the public
Make COVID19 testing available to teaching staff caring for pupils.
Make Covid19 tests available to everyone who is eligible for a free Flu vaccine
Make Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning compulsory education in KS3 or KS4
Make cyberbullying a specific criminal offence
Make cycle lane use mandatory for bicycles where safe cycle lanes are provided
Make dashcams a legal requirement in all new cars
Make defibrillators a legal requirement in resturants.
Make digital NHS Covid Passes available to all under 16s
Make displaying a “face covering exempt” sign mandatory, for the rightly exempt
Make disregard for learners’ safety an aggravating factor in driving offences
Make DNA paternity testing mandatory prior to registration on birth certificate
Make dog on dog attacks a specific criminal offence
Make dog theft a specific criminal offence
Make Domestic & Sexual Abuse Policies Mandatory at Higher Education Institutions
Make domestic abuse workplace policies mandatory in England and Wales
Make drink spiking a specific, notifiable criminal offence
Make drinking water facilities mandatory in service stations and town centres
Make driving safely around horses a mandatory part of the driving test
Make driving theory tests available to take online
Make drugs testing mandatory for all MPs
Make e-skateboards legal to use on roads, pavements & cycle paths
Make ear piercing illegal under a certain age
Make Ecocide a criminal offence in the UK
Make Economics an Ebacc subject for GCSE alongside History and Geography.
Make Eid a national holiday for all citizens.
Make Eid a public holiday
Make electric scooters legal to reduce our carbon footprint / cut emissions
Make emergency personnel immune from civil suits
Make Emotional and Psychological Abuse of Children a Specific criminal Offence
Make employer-funded gym membership tax free for employees and employers
Make employers give a minimum number of hours to staff on Zero-hours contracts
Make employers give at least 2 weeks notice to staff made to return to workplace
Make employers pay full sick pay for people with chronic illnesses
Make employers provide full sick pay for 6 months
Make employers that require Covid-19 vaccination liable for vaccine damages
Make empty properties that are up for sale exempt from council tax
Make euthanasia legal in the UK for people dying of terminal illnesses
Make Euthanasia legal in the UK for people who are terminally ill
Make every 29 February a “leap year day” Bank Holiday
Make every employer’s Parental Leave policy publicly visible.
Make every waterway public up to the high water mark, including fishing rights.
Make face coverings mandatory in all public areas.
Make face masks compulsory for secondary pupils and school staff in classrooms
Make face masks mandatory in all outdoor settings in highest Covid-19 rate areas
Make face-coverings mandatory for all children in public places
Make face-masks mandatory in all public spaces – indoors and out
Make failing to report drink driving with child passengers an offence
Make failing to stop or report misconduct by other police officers an offence
Make failure to reduce institutional racism as defined by Macpherson a crime
Make false reports of Covid-19 breaches a specific criminal offence
Make fast food outlets ineligible for Eat Out To Help Out scheme
Make feeding horses/ponies and livestock a specific criminal offence
Make female hormone health a compulsory part of the curriculum starting age 10
Make female sterilisation available on demand to all women aged 16 and over
Make FFP3 masks available to all staff working with SARS-CoV2
Make fines for breaching Covid regulations relative to income
Make fines proportionate to income
Make Fire Safety a defined Material Consideration for Planning Applications
Make fireworks illegal to buy, with the exception of public displays.
Make fireworks quieter: Review and reduce the decibel limit on fireworks
Make flexible working requests available to all with presumption of approval
Make flexischooling for 1 day a week a parental right for the next academic year
Make free fast-track citizenship available to non-UK keyworkers
Make free flu vaccinations available to everyone for Autumn/Winter 2020/21
Make free prescriptions available to people who suffer from IBD.
Make Free School Meals (FSM) fairer and accessible to ALL low income families
Make free school meals vouchers available as soon as schools close in lockdowns
Make frontline NHS health workers top priority for Covid-19 vaccination
Make full sick pay for carers a licensing requirement for care homes.
Make garden bonfires before 5pm illegal
Make gazumping illegal in England
Make GCSE Citizenship mandatory in Secondary Schools
Make General Elections bank holidays
Make glue traps illegal within the UK
Make Government and Politics compulsory at Secondary School including for GCSE
Make Graduate Visa Count Towards Settlement
Make Graduate visa extendable and count towards permanent residency
Make grants or additional loans available to university students due to Covid-19
Make guy fawkes day (November 5th) a public holiday
Make Halloween a bank holiday.
Make hand carwashes essential business during lockdown
Make hardcore pornography completely illegal
Make hazard pay mandatory for key workers in the midst of COVID 19.
Make Health Education a compulsory separate subject in all schools.
Make Healthy Start Vouchers available to use on ONLINE supermarket shopping
Make heat pump installations mandatory on all new buildings.
Make Hedgehogs a Protected Species
Make helmets compulsory for those using electric scooters
Make hidden disability awareness mandatory in the workplace
Make High Blood Pressure tablets and High cholesterol tablets free on the NHS
Make higher rate income tax only payable by individuals over 35 years of age.
Make Holocaust denial in the United Kingdom illegal.
Make Home Economics mandatory in the National Curriculum.
Make Home Help Services for the Elderly Exempt from VAT
Make home purchases legally binding once an offer is accepted
Make home sellers liable for costs incurred by buyers if they pull out
Make house buying the same legal process in England and Wales as is in Scotland
Make house buying the same legal process in England and Wales as is in Scotland
Make household bonfires illegal
Make identity theft a specific criminal offence
Make Indefinite Leave to Remain available to anyone resident in UK for 10 years
Make inquests private so only family can attend
Make International Women’s Day 8th March a public holiday in the UK.
Make Internet sellers list goods’ country of origin.
Make Irlen syndrome eye test and lenses for under 16s available on NHS
Make is so that deed polls can be completed online
Make it a criminal offence for MPs to mislead the public
Make it a criminal offence to Block a Driveway by Parking Across it.
Make it a criminal offence to consume cat or dog meat in the UK
Make it a criminal offence to feed bread to ducks
Make it a criminal offence to leave animals in hot cars
Make it a criminal offence to use an e-scooter in a public park
Make it a fineable offence for dog owners not to carry bags for collecting foul
Make it a legal duty to report when a dog attacks or kills a cat
Make it a legal requirement for ALL cyclists to wear a helmet.
Make it a legal requirement for all drivers to carry their licence when driving
Make it a legal requirement for cyclists to complete a cycling proficiency test
Make it a legal requirement for cyclists to use cycle paths where available
Make it a legal requirement for cyclists to wear a helmet
Make it a legal requirement for dog owners to do basic dog training
Make it a legal requirement for drivers to give priority to recovery vehicles
Make it a legal requirement for drivers to stop & report collisions with cats
Make it a legal requirement for employers to offer prayer breaks
Make it a legal requirement for former employers to provide a reference
Make it a legal requirement for Hospital Trusts to implement HSIB recommendation
Make it a legal requirement for Hospitality front of house to have a DBS check
Make it a legal requirement for nightclubs to search guests with x-ray scanners
Make it a legal requirement for nightclubs to thoroughly search guests on entry
Make it a legal requirement for people with HD to notify their children
Make it a legal requirement for restaurants to add carbohydrate content to menus
Make it a legal requirement for SIA licence holders to wear a stab vest on duty
Make it a legal requirement for taxi drivers to wear face masks.
Make it a legal requirement that all medical professionals must report incidents
Make it a legal requirement that dads are automatically on a birth certificate
Make it a legal requirement to keep medical services proportionate to population
Make it a legal requirement to list an expected salary on job advertisements.
Make it a legal requirement to microchip pet cats
Make it a legal requirement to rear-face until minimum aged 4
Make it a legal requirement to state allergens on pet food
Make it a requirement for a general election to be held when a PM leaves office
Make it a requirement for MPs to participate in all votes
Make it a requirement for MPs to participate in all votes
Make it a requirement that electrically powered vehicles make a noise.
Make it a requirement to label processed meats as a Group 1 carcinogen
Make it a requirement to report hitting a cat whilst driving
Make it a specific criminal offence for a dog to attack another dog
Make it a specific criminal offence for social workers to lie
Make it a specific criminal offence to assault a highway workers
Make it a specific criminal offence to leave a child under 4 years old alone
Make it a specific criminal offence to lie to the emergency services
Make it a specific criminal offence to supply drugs to children under 16
Make it a specific offence for garden waste to be discarded on property.
Make it a specific offence to desecrate national flags, symbols and monuments
Make it a specific offence to expose a child to any amount of Class A drug
Make it a specific offence to lie about your age to engage in sexual activities
Make it against the law to tie a dog up in public.
Make it an offence for Councillors to breach the Nolan Principles of Public Life
Make it an offence for cyclists not to use a cycle path when one is available
Make it an offence for media outlets to publish unfounded or false statements
Make it an offence for media to publish statements that could cause public panic
Make it an offence for pedestrians to cross a road not at a designated crossing
Make it an offence for retailers to ask customers to remove their face covering
Make it an offence for shops to sell items to persons not wearing face coverings
Make it an offence not to phone 999 if someone needs emergency assistance
Make it an offence not to return a dog to their rightful owner
Make it an offence to create & distribute fakenews for political/financial gain
Make it an offence to encourage others to ignore Covid19 restrictions
Make it an offence to hit a cat and drive off
Make it an offence to intentionally view pornographic material in a public place
Make it an offence with mandatory custodial sentence not to stop car for police
Make it compulsory for all ages to wear cycle helmets
Make it compulsory for all dogs to be on leads on public land
Make it compulsory for all leisure centres to carry out checks under Sarah’s law
Make it compulsory for all new buildings to have solar panels
Make it compulsory for all religions practiced in the UK to be taught in schools
Make it compulsory for buses and coaches to have working air conditioning
Make it compulsory for councils to scan deceased animals found on road side
Make it compulsory for face coverings to be worn in the Palace of Westminster
Make it compulsory for food manufacturers to list all Legumes as an allergen.
Make it compulsory for food products to have environmental impact traffic lights
Make it compulsory for schools and workplaces to have recycling bins
Make it compulsory to have a pregnancy test before having an IUD/“coil” fitted
Make it compulsory to put lights on when driving on motorways when it is raining
Make it compulsory to submit ID on social
media to help end online abuse.
Make it compulsory to teach about Female Genital Mutilation in primary schools
Make it compulsory to wear a face covering in enclosed public spaces
Make it easier for children of migrants to access higher education funding
Make it easier for people to build low impact housing
Make it easier for those self-isolating to sign a Will
Make it easier to become a deputy for a person with severe learning disabilities
Make it easier to end parental responsibility of absent parents
Make it easier to end parental responsibility of abusive or neglectful parents
Make it easier to register the birth and death of a baby
Make it easier to vary or revoke Tree Preservation Orders
Make it free to train as a nurse.
Make it illegal for a lone police officer to arrest an unaccompanied woman
Make it illegal for boats to discharge waste into rivers
Make it illegal for businesses to challenge those not wearing face coverings
Make it illegal for companies to be able to cold call.
Make it illegal for companies to have different dress codes for men and women
Make it illegal for employers to discriminate on the basis of appearance
Make it illegal for employers to dismiss staff for certified sick leave
Make it illegal for employers to have different dress codes for men and women
Make it illegal for energy providers to charge more per unit for pre-paid energy
Make it illegal for fireworks to be set off on days other than Nov 5 and Dec 31
Make it illegal for individuals to pay to receive a Covid-19 vaccine
Make it illegal for investors to offer a term sheet without proof of funds.
Make it illegal for MPs over the drink drive limit to participate in Parliament
Make it illegal for over 18s to engage in sexual activity with under 18s
Make it illegal for parents to smack children
Make it illegal for people over 18 to have sexual relations with under 18s
Make it illegal for people to Smoke/Vape in a queue during the Covid19 outbreak.
Make it illegal for private cctv cameras to encroach on private property/gardens
Make it illegal for railway workers to go on strike
Make it illegal for someone to dress in Blackface
Make it illegal for under 18s to buy or own a mobile phone
Make it illegal for water companies to dump sewage into rivers and seas
Make it illegal to advertise weight loss clubs and fad diets in schools
Make it illegal to allow pets to roam freely outdoors
Make it illegal to breed, import, sell or provide beagles for animal testing
Make it illegal to chain or tether a dog
Make it illegal to disclose personal information from an inquest without consent
Make it illegal to discriminate against someone based on their expressed opinion
Make it illegal to display publicly after death a body without their permission
Make it illegal to flee after hitting a cat.
Make it illegal to force employees to use annual leave to cover self isolation
Make it illegal to import, sell or release sky lanterns
Make it illegal to manufacture or sell products using non-recyclable plastic
Make it illegal to park in front of a private driveway and block access
Make it illegal to pierce the body of babies or children under the age of 11
Make it illegal to post photos of under 16s online
Make it illegal to protest close to hospitals
Make it illegal to publish personal details from an inquest without consent
Make it illegal to refuse to employ or dismiss a person based on their tattoos
Make it illegal to refuse to employ or dismiss a person based on their tattoos
Make it illegal to require guarantors for tenants in receipt of housing benefit
Make it illegal to sell a drone without including a copy of the Drone Code
Make it illegal to sell dogs without a licence
Make it illegal to sell products above the RRP
Make it illegal to sell Radar keys to non-disabled people
Make it illegal to sell rope to under 25s
Make it Illegal to slaughter healthy horses and ponies in slaughter houses
Make it illegal to smoke or vape at a venue serving outdoor food and/or drink
Make it illegal to strip search under 18s without their choice of adult present
Make it illegal to use a disabled parking space without a Blue Badge
Make it illegal to video or take photos of a disabled person without permission
Make it law for all new builds to include green energy solutions.
Make it law for all Taxi/Cab/Uber vehicles to have internal cameras fitted
Make it law for dating and chat sites to require proof of age
Make it law for EHCP assessments to be automatically available.
Make it law for hotels to provide accomodation for Severely Disabled People.
Make it law that all electric vehicles be retrofitted with white noise to alert
Make it law that all local councils should have annual road checks in their area
Make it law that ANY refunds from now on must be INSTANT.
Make it law that costs incurred due to protest is to be borne by the organiser/s
Make it law that you have to get permission to leave home to get essentials only
Make it Law to Label Non-Religiously Slaughtered Meat Products.
Make it Law to Label Non-Religiously Slaughtered Meat Products.
Make it legal for 16 and 17 year olds to be tattooed with parental consent.
Make it legal requirement to close shops on bank holidays INCLUDING BOXING DAY
Make it legal to carry non-lethal self defence weapons
Make it legal to carry self defence products such as pepper spray in the UK.
Make it legal to smoke in pubs after 9pm
Make it Mandatory for Adverts to have trigger warnings where Appropriate.
Make it mandatory for all clubs to provide drug tests for drinks
Make it mandatory for all dogs to be on leads on public rights of way.
Make it mandatory for all retailers to show how much VAT consumers have spent.
Make it mandatory for all teaching staff to be first aid trained.
Make it mandatory for bookmakers to put up screens to protect staff members.
Make it mandatory for companies to report all direct and indirect emissions
Make it mandatory for every building to be accessible for wheelchairs
Make it mandatory for local councils in England to have a weapons amnesty bin.
Make it mandatory for local councils in England to have a weapons bin
Make it mandatory for MPs to publish their annual personal tax returns
Make it mandatory for parents to wear face masks when on school grounds
Make it mandatory for Police & CPS to provide counselling to ALL victims of CSA
Make it mandatory for Police & CPS to provide counselling to ALL victims of CSA
Make it mandatory for Police & CPS to provide counselling to ALL victims of CSA
Make it mandatory for Police & CPS to provide counselling to ALL victims of CSA
Make it mandatory for Police & CPS to provide counselling to ALL victims of CSA
Make it mandatory for restaurants to donate left-overs to local food banks.
Make it mandatory for social services workers to wear a body camera
Make it mandatory for taxi drivers to wear a mask when taking children to school
Make it Mandatory for Teachers to have Video Calls with pupils
Make it Mandatory for the UK to recycle it’s own waste in the UK
Make it mandatory for UK companies to disclose their single-use plastic usage
Make it mandatory that all education/work places have gender neutral toilets
Make it mandatory to have a defibrillator at every grassroots/county sports club
Make it mandatory to label products as Vegan or Non-Vegan
Make it mandatory to register your Last Will & Testament
Make it mandatory to wear a face mask in public during Covid-19 Pandemic
Make it the law for schools to inform parents/carers of after school detention
Make it the law that employers have to pay employees when on Jury Service.
Make it unlawful for shops to refuse cash payments.
Make it unlawful to require titular gender/marital status (Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms)
Make January 31 a national Bank Holiday – Independence Day
Make June 14 2022 a Bank Holiday
Make June 22nd (or the day after Nightclubs reopen) a bank holiday
Make June 23 a Bank Holiday!
Make June 23rd a bank holiday to celebrate UK Independence Day
Make June 25th. 2021 an “Australian Christmas” bank holiday.
Make keeping birds in cages illegal
Make knighthoods subject to public votes
Make landlords provide references from previous tenants.
Make lateral flow test results a mandatory requirement for entry to venues
Make law/part of MOT – high viz vests + first aid kit in a Vehicle in the U.K.
Make learning about child abuse part of the national curriculum
Make learning the countries of the world in school part of the curriculum
Make leaving dogs unattended outside shops illegal
Make legal aid available to all parents in family court cases
Make legal aid available to all parents seeking access to children
Make legal aid available to all victims of domestic abuse/coercive control
Make LFTs free for people who need to see clinically vulnerable friends & family
Make LGBT conversion therapy illegal in the UK
Make LGBTQIA+ History mandatory in the primary/secondary national curriculum
Make live feeding of all animals a specific criminal offence
Make loans for private mental health services available to university students
Make local authorities responsible for providing lorry parking
Make long covid an occupational illness
Make lying (demonstrable untruths) in the House of Commons a Criminal offence.
Make lying in Parliament a criminal offence
Make Lying In Public Office A Specific Criminal Offence
Make lying in public office a specific criminal offence
Make lying in the House of Commons a criminal offence
Make Male Genital Mutilation (Circumcision) an offence unless medically required
Make managed quarantine free for UK nationals
Make manufacturers use recyclable packaging by law
Make March 23rd an annual National COVID Memorial day from 2022
Make marriage voidable if a husband hasn’t disclosed existing pregnancy or child
Make masks mandatory for primary school students and teachers.
Make maths gcse optional
Make Media Studies a compulsory subject in UK schools (from an early age).
Make Mental Health and Well-being a mandatory subject for GCSE students
Make mental health and wellbeing checks compulsory in all levels of education
Make mental health awareness part of the national curriculum at all levels
Make mental health crisis support available through 999
Make mental health first aiders a legal requirement in the workplace.
Make mental health training mandatory in all workplaces
Make mental health treatment VAT exempt
Make mental safety equal at work with physical safety
Make MHRA Yellow Card reporting mandatory for all medical professionals
Make microchips proof of animal ownership
Make minimum wages for 17 and 18 year old school leavers equal
Make Misogyny a Hate Crime
Make misogyny a hate crime.
Make misogyny and sexism a hate crime
Make mobile operators register all numbers with the TPS automatically
Make Monday 21st November 2022 A Bank Holiday as England KO at 1pm in the FIFAWC
Make motor vehicle users’ insurers liable for accidents with cyclists
Make mountain hares a protected species in the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981
Make Narcissistic abuse a specific criminal offence
Make new Public transport manufactured after 2030 electric.
Make NHS bonus covid payments of £500 exempt from UC calculation
Make NHS Covid Pass available to 5-11 year olds following positive PCR test
Make nieces and nephews “closely inherited” for RNRB purposes
Make nit nurses mandatory in schools
Make noise nuisance a criminal offence so police can take action
Make Noise Nuisance and light pollution a Criminal Offence
Make non-binary a legally recognised gender identity
Make non-binary a legally recognised gender identity in the UK
Make non-payment of child maintenance a criminal offence
Make non-payment of child maintenance a criminal offence
Make nurseries exempt from business rates to support the childcare sector
Make nutrition, health and wellbeing part of the national curriculum.
Make obstruction of an occupied disabled space a specific road traffic offence
Make OFCOM open more frequencies for local radio in light of excess syndication
Make one dose of COVID-19 vaccine a requirement for people to attend school
Make online abuse of disabled people a specific criminal offence
Make online pornography illegal and require all pornographic content be removed
Make over 80s take a yearly driving test to help reduce the risk of accident
Make overage provision on selling land illegal
Make P.E. optional for Secondary Schools on return in September.
Make painkillers only available over the counter
Make parent alienation a criminal offence
Make parental alienation a criminal offence
Make parental alienation a criminal offence
Make parents at risk eligible for family visas to join their children in the UK
Make parking at work permanently free for all NHS workers
Make parking for all NHS staff free all of the time.
Make parking free for NHS staff in all NHS sites
Make parking in a disabled bay on private land without a Blue Badge illegal.
Make parking on pavements a criminal offence, and fund preventative measures
Make parking on pavements illegal
Make Paternity Leave equal to Mat. leave to give new parents more family time.
Make patients with CVID, PIDS and CF to NHS eligible for Medex certificates
Make patterned domestic violence a specific criminal offence with no time limits
Make pay rises in line with inflation a condition of all Government contracts
Make pension income exempt from income tax
Make people on disability benefits eligible for the £650 one off payment.
Make people who enter the UK illegally ineligible for legal aid
Make people who recently recovered from Covid-19 exempt from self-isolation
Make people with hyperthyroidism eligible for free prescriptions.
Make pet theft crime a specific offence with custodial sentences.
Make Pharmacy staff a priority for covid vaccination
Make phone numbers compulsory on dog tags instead of addresses and names
Make piercing children’s ears under the age of 5 illegal
Make planning breaches a criminal offence
Make playing football or other games to the annoyance of a resident an offence
Make politics a compulsory subject from years 7 – 9
Make politics lessons mandatory in schools
Make polyamorous marriages legal
Make polyamorous marriages legal in England and Wales
Make possessing “date rape” drugs an offence with a mandatory 10-year sentence
Make possession of child sex dolls illegal
Make Post Study Work Visa Count Towards Settlement
Make posting fake negative reviews a criminal offence
Make pre-9pm taxis a tax-free business expenses so staff can get home safely
Make precautionary allergen labelling compulsory and more specific.
Make Pregnancy NIPT Tests available on the NHS
Make prescriptions free for everyone with Cystic Fibrosis
Make prison staff top priority as key workers to recieve the covid 19 vaccine
Make private parking penalties unenforceable through the court system.
Make proof of a lateral flow or PCR test sufficient enough to enter mass venues.
Make property offers legally binding like in Scotland
Make protection of hedgerows a condition of ELM and BPS subsidies
Make provisions for telemedicine for early abortions permanent in England
Make provisions under law to allow stand up e-scooters to be treat as cycles.
Make psychology a mandatory subject in the secondary school curriculum
Make Psychology/Wellbeing classes a part of the national curriculum for all ages
Make public transport free like it is in Luxembourg
Make racist abuse a specific criminal offence
Make Rain Water Harvesting systems mandatory in all multi-occupancy new builds
Make random drug/alcohol testing mandatory for Members of Parliament
Make recommended size cages law for small animals to stop inadequate housing
Make recreational alcohol use illegal
Make recycling a legal obligation
Make regenerative farming methods mandatory
Make regular Covid-19 testing available to all fire fighters
Make relaxed rules for outdoor hospitality and making traffic orders permanent
Make releasing helium balloons and sky lanterns a specific littering offence
Make Remembrance Day a public holiday
Make remote working, where possible, a statutory employment right
Make repairing or replacing a damaged boundary fence a legal requirement
Make repatriation flights free to UK families
Make resale of Tobacco Related Products a licenced activity
Make restaurants state how they source their meat and how it was slaughtered.
Make revenge porn a sexual offence
Make reversing cameras compulsory for all commercial vans and lorries.
Make reversing cameras mandatory on all HGVs.
Make road tax a flat rate of £200 per annum for all non-commercial vehicles
Make rooftop solar installations mandatory for all new homes valued over £400000
Make safe cycle lanes all over England.
Make safe isolation equipment Zero-rated for VAT
Make sales of all clothing and shoes for under 16s VAT free
Make sanitary products freely available to all women
Make sanitary products more easily available for women and girls around the UK
Make sanitary products VAT-free
Make school uniform optional for students in secondary schools.
Make school uniform VAT exempt
Make school uniform VAT exempt
Make Schooling Expenses, paid by Parents, Income Tax Deductible
Make schools allow GCSE students to take study leave before & during their exams
Make secondary schools start later (around 10 am)
Make self-defence lessons mandatory in schools
Make self-employed people eligible for statutory adoption pay
Make self-employed people eligible for statutory adoption pay
Make SEND training mandatory for all teaching staff
Make sending unsolicited explicit photos a specific sexual offence
Make sending unsolicited nudes a specific criminal offence
Make Service In Armed Forces An Automatic Route To Full British Citizenship.
Make service providers of telecoms responsible for financial loss through fraud
Make sexual harassment a specific criminal offence
Make sexual harassment a specific criminal offence
Make showing proof of age a legal requirement for accessing online pornography
Make Skilled Workers eligible for permanent residence after 3 years
Make slander a criminal offence
Make smacking children illegal
Make Smoking Illegal In All Public Places
Make social media content inadmissible in family courts
Make socio-economic status a protected characteristic
Make spiking by injection a specific criminal offence
Make spiking with needles a specific offence with a minimum 5-year sentence
Make spitting in the street illegal
Make spitting on someone carry a 4 year minimum sentence.
Make St David’s day a bank holiday in Wales
Make St George’s Day a national holiday in England
Make St. Andrews, St. David’s, St. Patrick’s and St. George’s bank holidays.
Make stirring up hatred based on disability a criminal offence
Make stirring up hatred based on disability a specific criminal offence
Make stockpiling PPE law in case of future pandemics.
Make Strangles a Notifiable Disease
Make strangulation a specific criminal offence
Make student finance available for second degrees in paramedic science
Make student finance available to everyone with leave to remain in the UK
Make student loans available for commercial pilot training
Make students on UK Ancestry visas eligible for home fees at university
Make Subtitles/ Captions a legal requirement for online training & education
Make Subtitling Programs a Legal Requirement When Broadcasting or Streaming
Make sunbed shops have to advertise the health risks of sunbeds like cigarettes.
Make support to get back into work available to all parents
Make sure the report into ‘partygate’ is published in full with the evidence
Make taxation a compulsory part of the National Curriculum
Make teaching of age-appropriate sex education compulsory from Year 6
Make telephone and text messaging cold calling illegal
Make temperature checks mandatory in all shops.
Make the £20 per week uplift to Universal Credit permanent.
Make the 2021 second payment on account optional for self-employed taxpayers.
Make the 24th December 2020 a Bank Holiday
Make the 6 Nations a culturally protected event.
Make the A-Level adjustment algorithm available for public inspection.
Make the burning of religious texts a specific offence
Make the Cambodian genocide required teaching in the secondary curriculum
Make the Care Quality Commission responsible for oversight of managed quarantine
Make the catering at the Glasgow 2021 UN Climate Change Conference plant-based
Make the Church and State completely independent of one another
Make the companion bus pass scheme a national statutory requirement.
Make the consumption of alcohol illegal in government or parliamentary buildings
Make the consumption of dog and cat meat illegal
Make the Covid Pass available to all fully vaccinated, including 12-15 year olds
Make the COVID-19 vaccine available to all students on placement in the pandemic
Make the day after Remembrance Sunday a Public Holiday
Make the day of Diwali a public holiday
Make the death penalty an option where intent to kill can be proven
Make the discarding of syringes in a public place a specific criminal offence
Make the Eat Out To Help Out scheme an annual event
Make the education of sexual consent, assault & rape compulsory in junior school
Make the English GCSE exam open book.
Make the first Monday of October a Bank Holiday to mark National Curry Week
Make the G7 Summit in June virtual only
Make the history curriculum for secondary schools more inclusive of BAME history
Make the House of Lords more representative of younger people
Make the legal age for social media users to 18+
Make the legal age to buy/use vapes 16 years old
Make the licensing and monitoring of Animal rescues, compulsory.
Make the Life in the UK test questions more relevant to actual life in the UK.
Make The Masters and The Open golf tournaments Category A free-to-air
Make the minimum penalty for all sexual offences imprisonment.
Make the minimum penalty for rape 20 years with no early release
Make the minimum wage equal for all
Make the minimum wage equal for all ages and increase to at least £10
Make the Ministerial Code and Nolan Principles legally enforceable for MPs
Make the Monday after Mothering Sunday 2021 an extra bank holiday.
Make the Motorcycle and moped training Module 1 a training course, not a test
Make the national curriculum more inclusive of LGBT+ content
Make the national curriculum more inclusive of LGBTQIA+ topics
Make the national insurance rate 12% universal on money earned.
Make the neutering/spaying of pet cats a legal requirement.
Make the NHS anniversary a public holiday, starting with Monday 5th July 2021
Make the NHS Learning Support Fund accessible to student nursing associates
Make the NHS Track and Trace App Mandatory for everyone with mobile phones
Make the payment of ransom demands illegal in ransomware cyber attacks
Make the PE and Sport Premium for schools permanent
Make the period of Ramadan a school holiday
Make the private slaughter and consumption of cats and dogs illegal
Make the prorogation of Parliament non justiciable by any court in the land.
Make the provision of pools and sports centres a statutory function of councils.
Make the Queens Platinum Jubilee a permanent Bank Holiday
Make the removal of coarse fish illegal from rivers and waterways
Make the sale and ownership of gin traps illegal within the UK
Make the sex offenders list become public records for viewing
Make the sex offenders register public to all in the uk
Make the shooting of a trespassing dog on land a specific criminal offence
Make the spaying and neutering of pet cats a legal requirement
Make the spaying/neutering of domestic cats compulsory.
Make the spaying/neutering of domesticated cats compulsory.
Make the spreading of misinformation about a civil or health crisis an offence
Make the teaching of Black history compulsory in primary and secondary schools.
Make the temporary increases to Universal Credit permanent
Make the theft of lifesaving equipment an aggravated offence.
Make the title Mx a mandatory standardised option on public service forms
Make the Universal Declaration of Human Rights inviolable in UK law
Make the use of free-running snares illegal for trapping wildlife
Make the use of free-running snares illegal for trapping wildlife
Make the use of masks on public transport voluntary and not mandatory
Make the valuation of DC pensions equivalent to DB pensions
Make the wearing of Cycle Helmets for children under 16 Law
Make the wearing of face masks mandatory for all shop staff.
Make the wearing of face masks mandatory in Retail and Workplace settings
Make those aged 65+ eligible to a mobility element for disability benefits
Make those who have paid class 1 NI for 5 years eligible for ILR
Make titles ‘Dr’, ‘Ms’, ‘Mr’ and ‘Mx’ the only options on official documents
Make tool theft a specific criminal offence with tougher penalties
Make Track and Trace mandatory for all take away food service and supermarkets.
Make trespass on British farms a criminal offence. Protect British farmers!
Make trigger warnings of traumatic births and infant loss on TV shows mandatory
Make Turing scheme placements available for current academic year
Make UK employers state on job ads that it’s eligible for Tier 2 sponsorship
Make UK-US trade-deal transparent to Parliament and the public without secrecy
Make Ukraine War denial a criminal offence
Make under 18s eligible for two Blue Badges so both parents can have one
Make Universal Credit accessible for Students that lost their jobs due to COVID
Make university fees free
Make university students in England exempt from prescription charges
Make unreasonable parent alienation a criminal offence.
Make unsolicited postal marketing illegal.
Make use of a Slingshot or Catapult illegal
Make use of the EU Ventilator scheme for increased Corona Virus demand
Make using “Z” to show support for the invasion of Ukraine a criminal offence
Make vaccination against COVID-19 a condition of deployment for police officers
Make vaccination against Covid-19 a requirement for staff in education settings
Make vaccination freely available at airports to UK arrivals
Make vaccinations a mandatory condition for enrollment to UK schools.
Make Vapes only available on prescription
Make VAT on Second Hand Clothing 0 Rated.
Make VAT on Second Hand clothing zero rated
Make verified ID a requirement for dating apps and sites
Make verified ID a requirement for opening a social media account.
Make verified ID a requirement for opening a social media account.
Make veterinary practices exempt from the IR35 regulations.
Make videocalling while driving a specific criminal offence
Make videoing a sexual act, for any purpose, without consent a voyeurism offence
Make virginity testing illegal
Make virginity testing illegal
Make voter registration for general elections automatic
Make voting in future referendums compulsory
Make wearing a face covering in indoor shops mandatory
Make wearing a face covering mandatory in indoor spaces and busy public areas
Make wearing a mask on public transport and in shops compulsory
Make wearing face masks mandatory in secondary schools and colleges.
Make wearing high visibility clothing mandatory for all vulnerable road users
Make weddings affordable by legalising outdoor & marquee wedding ceremonies
Make weekly COVID 19 tests for available for all Food retail workers
Make whistleblowing & responding to it a legal obligation for all NHS staff
Make Whistleblowing Training compulsory in all public services
Make Winter Fuel Payments means tested
Make working from home a legal right for disabled workers
Make working from home a legal right for disabled workers
Make working from home a legal right to help cut co2 emissions.
Make workplace bullying illegal
Make zero hour contracts illegal
Make zero hour work contracts completely illegal for any employer to offer.
Makes changes to the Healthy Start Vouchers
Making the UK education curriculum more inclusive of BAME history
Mandate a deposit from buyers on an accepted property offer
Mandate a minimum 25% women in the Construction industry by 2026
Mandate an 80% reduction in rent and council tax for social housing
Mandate and fund Independent Sexual Violence Advisor at universities
Mandate automatic restrictions on offenders to protect victims of violent crime
Mandate mental health and disability training for all police officers
Mandate rating of accessibility for commercial establishments.
Mandate regular anti-racist training for all teachers
Mandate standard fuel be ethanol-free & allow lower VAT for fuel with ethanol
Mandatory 50 year sentence for child sex abuse, rape, murder, terrorism & kidnap
Mandatory 6pm curfew for people on the sex offenders register
Mandatory animal breeding license cards and qualifications in the UK.
Mandatory Animal Care course to be taken prior to all domestic pet purchases
Mandatory anti-racism and microaggression training for teachers
Mandatory Autism awareness training for mainstream schools
Mandatory biannual reapplication for all firearm licences
Mandatory bleed control kits and training for establishments serving alcohol.
Mandatory Braille labels on all items sold in supermarkets
Mandatory by-election for MPs who resign from their party or lose the whip
Mandatory closure of retail etc on New Years Day to celebrate the ending of 2020
Mandatory community service for litter droppers.
Mandatory COVID tests at airports/ports for departing and arriving travellers
Mandatory custodial sentence and compensation for child neglect
Mandatory drug testing for everyone working on the parliamentary estate
Mandatory drug tests for all MPs, Lords & their staff
Mandatory education and guidance on ethnic hair
Mandatory family support worker in schools with 25%+ pupils on free school meals
Mandatory for all nursery staff to be trained in Paediatric First Aid
Mandatory for children aged 11 and above to wear face masks whilst at school.
Mandatory Hazard Pay for all workers on the front line in the COVID-19 pandemic
Mandatory jail sentence for assaulting (eg. spitting/coughing) emergency worker
Mandatory jail term & loss of licence for criminal damage while driving
Mandatory life sentence for abuse of a child
Mandatory Life Sentence For Child Sex Offences
Mandatory life sentence for child sexual abuse
Mandatory life sentence for involvement in trafficking women & children for sex
Mandatory life sentences for child sexual abuse
Mandatory lifetime driving ban for driving while unfit due to drugs or alcohol
Mandatory pregnancy warnings on all alcohol containers
Mandatory printing of car registration numbers on all Drive Thru packaging.
Mandatory prison sentence for desecration of war memorials
Mandatory QR codes on hazardous goods that link to material safety data sheets
Mandatory random drug tests every 6 months for all MPs, Lords & Special Advisors
Mandatory registering of ALL breeding dogs subject to satisfactory assessments
Mandatory registration, proficiency testing and use of lights for cyclists
Mandatory reporting by health professionals of drivers with health conditions.
Mandatory screening for Elbow and Hip Dysplasia for susceptible breeding dogs
Mandatory self-defence classes as part of school curriculum
Mandatory SEN and hidden disability training for NHS, care and emergency workers
Mandatory sexual harassment training for school staff
Mandatory testing for all 3 Emergency Services for COVID-19
Mandatory testing for hereditary conditions for breeding dogs
Mandatory three-year custodial sentences for possession of an offensive weapon
Mandatory training for authorities on abuse by people with personality disorders
Mandatory training on eating disorders in all schools and care settings
Mandatory training on mental health in all workplaces
Mandatory whole life sentences for convicted murderers
Mark Allen’s Law – we want throwline stations around all bodies of open water
Martial Arts Schools should be recognised as essential education.
Match NHS Funding per head of population with the highest funded in Europe
Match Scotland’s “Plan 1” student loan repayment threshold of £25k
Maternity leave at full pay for 1 year for women that are 26 weeks into the job.
Meal vouchers to be given to SEN children waiting for a school placement.
Members of Parliament should have to declare their carbon emissions
Min. 10-year sanctions on Russia if chemical/biological weapons used in Ukraine
Mini’s law – Protect the public and animals from hunting activities
Minimum 10-year sentence for knife possession and 20 years for use of a knife
Minimum 15 yr sentences and driving bans for Death By Dangerous Driving
Minimum 2 year prison sentence for attacks on emergency workers
Minimum 5 year jail term for Police misconduct in public office.
Minimum 5-year sentence for assaulting a police officer
Minimum 5-year sentence for knife possession and 10-years for use of a knife
Minimum 6 months in prison for assaulting any member of the emergency services.
Minimum 8-year custodial sentence for all violent crime and sexual offences
Minimum age 16 for all social media apps and platforms
Minimum sentences and mandatory licensing for carrying a knife
Minimum Two Years sentence for Failure to Stop after an accident
Minimum wage for carers to be put up to £15
Modify arrangements for Home Education of children with an EHCP
Monitor employment rates for all neurodivergent conditions
Monthly grants for all businesses & sole-traders/freelancers
Moratorium and review of “Smart Motorways” and associated works
More financial support for Hair & Beauty sector
More funding & legal changes to improve, preserve and protect salmon & sea trout
More funding for NHS CBT to make it more accessible and reduce waiting lists
More funding for NHS children’s orthodontics services to reduce waiting times
More Funding For SEN Children To Access Appropriate School Provisions
More funding to ensure the safety of patients in the mental health system
More Funding to staff for a 24/7 running A&E service at Weston General Hospital
More help for carers: stop deducting carers allowance from Universal Credit
More mental health funding and support for Northern Ireland
More support for small independent travel businesses to help through COVID 19
Move all bank holidays to a time after Coronavirus Lockdown
Move all Monday bank holidays to a Friday
Move Christmas to 25th February 2021
Move deadline of secondary school application to end of November.
Move Hungary to the travel green list
Move Lancashire and South Yorkshire into Tier 2 Lockdown
Move Leeds to tier 2 for Christmas
Move May Bank Holiday(s) to June or July after Lockdown restrictions are lifted.
Move Parliament and associated activities of Parliament to Manchester.
Move Parliament to Birmingham
Move start of BST forward to the last Sunday in February
Move Suffolk into tier one
Move the August Bank Holiday from 31st August to 14th August for VJ Day.
Move the capital of the UK.
Move the Stage 4 opening a week earlier from 21 June
Move the State Pension age back to 60 for both men & women
Move the state pension age back to 60 for men and women
Move VAT collection back to the point of import
MPs resigning or leaving their political party should trigger a by election.
MPs to be tested, vaccinated and wear a mask in order to attend Parliament
MPs to wear facemasks in debating chamber unless they are speaking
Nala’s Law – New legislation to safeguard the breeding and sale of domestic pets
Name a Railway Station after Sir Winston Churchill for VE Day
National bank holiday for Slavery Abolition
National education recovery plan
National holiday of remembrance of those who died during the virus covid-19
National Service for NHS.
National services to be public owned reverse privatisation and fund HM Treasury
Nationalise all bus services in England
Nationalise all Public Transport and make it free to all to help climate change
Nationalise Energy Companies
Nationalise higher education
Nationalise phone and internet communications and make free for the public good
Nationalise Royal Mail again!
Nationalise the water industry and make water free to all UK households
Nationalise water companies
Nationally require 10% of new build homes to be accessible to disabled people
Nationwide sweep and trace COVID testing, every individual and every household.
Negotiate a military & economic alliance with Taiwan (Republic of China)
Negotiate a pathway for British citizens and residents to return to China
Negotiate a visa-free permit for European travel for athletes
Negotiate a working holiday visa agreement with France
Negotiate an extension to EU Banking Rules to protect UK citizens living in EU
Negotiate and agree with the EU to ease access of UK Musicians to tour Europe.
Negotiate continued access to the Erasmus programme for UK teachers and pupils
Negotiate for Associate EU Citizenship for those who wish to keep EU rights
Negotiate for UK to remain part of the European Medicines Agency after 31 Dec
Negotiate full membership of the future Erasmus+ education and youth programme
Negotiate more favorable post-transition travel rules for U.K. citizens
Negotiate re-entry to the Single Market
Negotiate reciprocal Youth Mobility Visas with European countries
Negotiate the release and return of British Muslims detained in India
Negotiate with the EU six months visa-free travel for tourism
Negotiate with the EU to allow the use of UK issued pet passports as previously
New “UK Person” status for nationals of countries that prohibit dual nationality
New Bank Holiday last Monday of October to celebrate multi-cultural Britain
New build properties should be built with eco-friendly facilities.
New guidance for Local Authorities on disabled children and their families
New law to assess criminal responsibility for children with developmental issues
new mother of babies up to 3 years visit one other household in a support bubble
New parents on Statutory Maternity to receive 80% of their wage.
New planning regulations on all new houses – climate conscious energy supply.
New public holiday 2nd to 5th July 2021 to celebrate a postponed Christmas 2020
NHS Dental nurses to be entitled to an NHS pension
NHS Dental Nurses to be entitled to an NHS pension.
NHS staff should be awarded a service medal for working through covid-19.
No amendments to GCSE’s should be made for the current Year 9’s and Year 10’s
No capital gains tax on money used for social care fees
No Extensions to the Brexit Transition Period
No extensions to the Brexit transition period
No further public sector pay freeze, no attack on the pension triple lock
No hotel quarantine for UK citizens, permanent residents and their families
No ID no vote. No to postal votes.
No more charter flight deportations to Jamaica and other Commonwealth countries
No new lockdowns longer than 3 weeks without a referendum
No prosecution for parents that remove child from school during a pandemic.
No public funds or tax breaks for schools with faith or gender admissions policy
No public sector pay freezes for the next 5 years
No quarantine in the UK if you present a COVID-19 PCR test or you are vaccinated
No reduction of the protections provided by the Human Rights Act
No to any National Insurance increase to ‘fund’ social care
No vaccine passport to attend English football matches and other sporting venues
Non Essential’ shops should be allowed to stay open during the current lockdown
Not to raise National Insurance, Income Tax or VAT this Parliament
Nullify non-disclosure agreements/gagging orders for NHS staff for covid-19
Occupation to be made a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010.
Off-rolling of pupils should be done through Ofsted or other independent body
Offer 0% Emergency Loans to Stranded Citizens for flights and accommodation
Offer 15hrs free childcare for multiples under 3 years
Offer 2nd Covid-19 vaccination to all 12-17 year olds
Offer 80% financial support to persons in the ‘Construction Industry Scheme’
Offer a British Farming Grant to Farmers who cannot get the Small Business Grant
Offer a grant for 1yr of tertiary education for all children currently at school
Offer all students the full maintenance loan no matter what their parents earn.
Offer all Uyghur Muslims asylum in the UK
Offer an additional year of SFE funding for students impacted by the pandemic
Offer asylum in the UK to all South Africans at risk due to current unrest
Offer asylum to Afghan citizens who worked with UK forces
Offer asylum to all Afghans who have worked for UK organisations
Offer asylum to all Sikhs and Hindus in Afghanistan
Offer breast screenings for cancer to women from the age of 30
Offer Cat D licence holders (Bus & Coach) a free entitlement to Cat C LGV
Offer citizenship to key workers that already have a settled status
Offer Citizenship to the people of Hong Kong.
Offer Covid-19 vaccines to 15 year olds at the same time as 16 and 17 year olds
Offer eligible families free school meal vouchers instead of a school meal
Offer EU musicians a free 90 day visa to work in the UK
Offer fast track asylum to any Ukrainians displaced due to the invasion
Offer financial support for out of work Seafarers during the COVID-19 pandemic
Offer free cervical screening test once a year to women age 25 to 60
Offer further financial support for Travel Agents and Travel Industry as a whole
Offer GCSE and A level students the option to sit their exams at a later date
Offer grants for accommodation owners to install EV charging facilities.
Offer Group B streptococcus (GBS) test to all pregnant women
Offer households £350 per month for six months to house the British homeless
Offer Indefinite Leave to Remain to all NHS and social care workers
Offer more support to the arts (particularly Theatres and Music) amidst COVID-19
Offer non-invasive saliva covid tests for children instead of nasal swabs
Offer parents free school uniform grants again.
Offer scans to all women after labour to check for retained placenta
Offer second boosters to every person over 50 or clinically vulnerable
Offer student finance in monthly instalments
Offer student visas and funding for higher education to students fleeing Ukraine
Offer the 2nd dose of a COVID vaccine to all 16 and 17 year olds
Offer the covid-19 vaccine to all CEV over 12s
Offer the Covid-19 vaccine to under 18s
Offer the smear test to over-16s
Offer transport to the UK and healthcare to wounded Ukrainians
Offer ultrasound scans to women as soon as they have a positive pregnancy test
Offer weekly Covid-19 testing to all school staff
Offer weekly voluntary COVID-19 tests for secondary pupils and staff
Omit the NHS from any future trade deal with the US
On-line vendors to show the country of manufacture for items sold in the UK.
Once priority groups in the UK are vaccinated redirect Covid-19 vaccines abroad
One days isolation every year to remember those we have lost
One-off additional £150 Universal Credit payment for Winter 2020
One-off Grant To Be Paid To Anyone Who Has Not Benefited From A Covid-19 Scheme
Ongoing 100% business rate relief for all Early Years settings in England
Online internet platforms and email providers to be liable for scamming losses.
Online retailers to state countries of manufacture and origin on all products.
Only allow the sale of Gas Appliances to “Gas Safe” registered engineers
Only allow the use of Fireworks in residential areas by the public on 5 November
Only award Government contracts after a full, transparent tender process
Only fund renewable energy projects manufactured in the UK
Only issue Department for Education announcements during working hours
Only let students who can’t work at home to attend school.
Only open Early Years settings for key workers, vulnerable or SEN children
Only release details of an individual when found guilty of a criminal offence
Only require TV licences to view BBC television content
Open a National Museum dedicated to British BAME history
Open a Public Inquiry into Covid-19 Vaccine Safety
Open all zoos from 8th March 2021
Open Art Galleries and Museums in Tier 4
Open barber shops and class barbers as key workers
Open book exams for GCSE and A-level students sitting exams in 2021
Open Covid-19 test sites nationwide specifically for children/parents/teachers
Open England to Europe COVID 19 vaccinated without quarantine
Open gyms first as we come out of lockdown & fund a Work Out to Help Out scheme
Open more ferry ports to passenger travel
Open motorsport back up to spectators now, with social distancing rules.
Open pet grooming services. Help pets.
Open primary schools for all children in England
Open schools during the summer holidays
Open the Afghan citizens’ resettlement scheme
Open up the business water supply sector in the UK to competition
Open zoos up alongside outside sports and activities
Opt-out of the UN/ECE Regulation 79
Order an official probe into potential Russian interference in the EU referendum
Order an official probe into potential Russian interference in the EU referendum
Organise an international environmental conference on restoring the Aral Sea
Organise and fund a 6-week ‘Summer of Fun’ for children and young people
Outlaw discrimination against those who do not get a Covid-19 vaccination
Outlaw discrimination on the basis of vaccination status
Outlaw Smartphones for all under 16’s.
Outlaw the use of ECT
Outlawing of plastic wrapping/plastic-based bags for fruit/veg/bread in shops
Over 60s should retake their theory and practical driving test every ten years
Overhaul current, flawed EPCs so that they are fair, accurate & relevant.
Overturn the decision to allow the use of neonicotinoid pesticides
Overturn the decision to allow the use of neonicotinoid pesticides
Owen’s Law’ – Change the law around allergy labelling in UK restaurants
Paid Overtime to be untaxed.
Paint a Rainbow on the Door of 10 Downing Street.
Parental rights should be lost if you don’t contact your child for a year.
Parents should not have to pay child maintenance if access to a child is denied
Parking permits/badges for parent and child parking spaces
Parliament to have a vote on government review of protected species status.
Parliament to protect housing benefit payments during Coronavirus.
Part year NI contributions should be combined to make a full year.
Parties to have an automatic right to record all Employment tribunal hearings
Pass a law for no referendums on the constitution for at least 30 years
Pass a law requiring the daily No 10 press briefing be streamed/broadcast live
Pass a law to require workplaces to give women 1 day menstrual leave a month
Pass an Indoor Clean Air Act
Pass emergency legislation to block challenges to implementation of Rwanda plan
Pass into law a windfall tax for all businesses that profit from coronavirus.
Pass law to ensure no unsaleable goods are destroyed but donated to good causes.
Pass legislation banning the name of terror suspects to be mentioned in media.
Pass legislation to require fuel companies to reduce pump prices within 24 hours
Pay £2000 to each household in the UK for support with coping with COVID19
Pay 100% of pay for all workers unable to work due to Covid-19 restrictions
Pay 15% bonus to public facing NHS staff
Pay 80% wages to parents caring for high risk children.
Pay a £10,000 Covid-19 ‘Thank you’ bonus to all health and social care workers
Pay a £2,500 bonus to all NHS employees.
Pay a fuel allowance to all low income households during the current lockdown
Pay a one off sum of £5,000 to every events company in the UK
Pay all breaks for NHS employees
Pay all NHS Staff at least the Real Living Wage!
Pay all Universal Credit Payments for December, before Christmas
Pay bonus to all key workers
Pay Carer’s Allowance in addition to any other benefits or state pension
Pay Carers an allowance equivalent to a fulltime job at the National Living wage
Pay Covid-19 allowance to NHS doctors and nurses equal to 30% of salary
Pay Directors Covid financial aid calculated via individual sources of dividends
Pay extra £2500/mth to NHS staff in Corona Virus wards or with Covid19 patients.
Pay for every 2020 graduate to gain a postgraduate qualification free of charge.
Pay frontline staff a benefit who had COVID-19 due to their work and recovered
Pay international students weekly wage equal to 20 hrs to meet monthly expenses
Pay Key Workers 2 weeks full pay if they have to isolate.
Pay keyworkers 80% of wages if they or their family are ill or self-isolate
Pay long-term supply teachers and support staff during mandatory closures.
Pay mentors on the 2022 Government Help to Grow Management Scheme
Pay musicians for lost income from contracted guaranteed fees due to Covid-19
Pay NHS Agency Nurses, Doctors and Healthcare staff a wage if they self isolate
Pay NHS nurses & newly qualified teachers a starting salary of £35k.
Pay NHS staff a one-off bonus that recognises their efforts to combat covid.
Pay parents that have to take time off due to school covid closures
Pay people to get vaccinated, including retrospective payments
Pay rise for NHS and care staff
Pay salary for all who lose their jobs during this pandemic.
Pay self employed workers a wage due to lack of earnings caused by COVID-19.
Pay self-employed for self-isolating due to corona virus
Pay self-employed workers 80% of gross income during Covid-19
Pay self-employed workers 80% of trading profit regardless of other income/jobs
Pay Slavery Reparations to all Caribbean & African Descendants
Pay the funeral costs of COVID—19 infected health and social care professionals
Pay those who had job offers retracted 80% of the wage they would have earned.
Pay Universal Credit from Day One
Pay university tuition fee direct to students, who will then pay the university
Pay women on maternity leave their normal pay when they undertake a KIT day.
Pay workers for the extra hour when the clock goes back in October.
Payrise for Paramedics/Technicians
People in chronic pain should be able to access swimming pools during Covid 19
People on Contribution based should be helped the same as income related benefit
Percentage opt out clause for taxpayers regarding animal agriculture subsidies.
Permanent Basic Income for Healthcare workers.
Permanently Abolish Mandatory Foreign Aid target and spend our money at home
Permanently abolish NHS pension abatement rules
Permanently change the examination system – no final exams but a final grade.
Permanently exempt the VAT on PPE
Permanently increase Business Rates relief to 100% for all Charity Retail Shops
Permanently limit the foreign aid budget to no more than 0.1% of national income
Permanently reduce the Lifetime ISA (LISA) withdrawal penalty from 25% to 20%.
Permission to enter places of Worship in England U.K.
Permit any international travel for anyone testing negative for Covid-19
Permit congregational singing in all places of worship
Permit larger weddings based on guests testing negative for COVID-19
Permit leisure flying and allow flight schools to reopen.
Permit more than one instance of exercise per day
Permit remote learning surrounding relaxed Covid rule periods.
Permit the use of NHS Covid-19 lateral flow tests for international travel
Permit weddings of 5 people (registrar/couple/2 witnesses) during COVID19
Personal Independence Payment to have online accounts like Universal Credit
Personal safety alarms should be zero-rated goods, subject to 0% rate of VAT
Petition to ban the sale of all non-biodegradable face wipes
Petition to increase the 25kmh limit on electric bikes in the UK.
Phase out the usage of gill nets within UK waters
Philippines to come off the red list.
Physical proof of Pre/Settled status for EU nationals in UK
Place a 80% Import duty on Chinese goods
Place a complete ban on the sale and use of disposable BBQ’s in the UK
Place a trade embargo on products grown on cleared Amazon rainforest land.
Place automatic bail conditions on persons who commit offences against children
Place Defibrillators and handheld Face pumps into all schools.
Place large environmental taxes on the use of private jets
Place sanctions on the Sri Lankan Government
Place sex offenders who were convicted before 1997 on the sex offenders register
Place supermarket alcohol
Sales under the same restrictions as public houses.
Place the strictest possible sanctions on Russia until it withdraws from Ukraine
Place the UAE on the UK Travel Corridor list
Plan to phase out animal experiments
Plant one native tree for each UK resident to commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee.
Please allow veterinarians to use emergency lights when attending emergencies
Please deliver basic food and other provisions to each person in UK during CV
Please do not extend evictions ban
Please give the NHS Covid Heroes a bigger pay rise.
Pledge any necessary military support to defend Ukraine
Points on driving license for leaving gates open on farms by drivers
Posthumous marriages – To show compassion to surviving partners
Postpone May Bank Holidays until Autumn when holidays and sports will be back on
Postpone plans to create unitary councils in Cumbria
Postpone the deadline for the Pre-Settled Status to October 31 2021
Prepare & deliver a strategy for developing and using Tidal energy in the UK
Prepare for COVID-19 Human Challenge Trials by Building a Challenge Study Center
Preserve diverse and mature woodlands in view of climate change.
Pressure all governments to assist migrants on Belarus/Poland border.
Pressure China to support the use of the Mongolian language in Southern Mongolia
Pressure Chinese & Korean governments to end slaughter of cats & dogs for meat
Pressure Israel to allow international inspection of its nuclear sites
Pressure Israel to release Palestinian prisoners who are vulnerable to COVID-19
Pressure Japan to abandon plans to discharge contaminated water into the sea
Pressure Saudi Arabian government to reform treatment of women
Pressure the Chinese government regarding the detention of Kazakhs in Xinjiang
Pressure the Chinese government to prevent sale of cats and dogs for meat
Pressure the Danish Government to Outlaw Fur Farming
Pressure the Indian Government to stop construction of Ram temple
Pressure the Indonesian government to put a stop to deforestation
Pressure the Turkish Government to stop bombing Iraqi Kurdistan
Pressure the US Government to address concerns on overcrowded border stations
Pressurise the UN to reconstruct the Yemeni state.
Prevent “mirror wills” being changed after one party has died
Prevent action against Personal Guarantors for Business guarantees during Covid
Prevent all Members of Parliament (MPs) from holding a second job.
Prevent any restrictions on those who refuse a Covid-19 vaccination
Prevent anyone who is not a qualified medical doctor using the title “Dr”
Prevent applying for Universal Credit automatically ending legacy benefits
Prevent baby loss as a result of an Incompetent Cervix by routine monitoring.
Prevent banks charging fees for card payments to small businesses
Prevent building on disused railways – safeguard them for the future
Prevent child sex offenders from having any contact with a child under 18
Prevent child sex offenders from serving parts of their sentence in open prisons
Prevent children in care being removed from homes without reasonable notice
Prevent companies making employees redundant or laying them off due to COVID-19
Prevent convicted child sex offenders from having contact with their children
Prevent costs of the Park owner Fitness criteria being passed on to residents
Prevent Council Tax bills being charged for individual bedroom lets
Prevent councils from suspending housing benefit payments during a review.
Prevent Covid vaccines for children until clinical trials have fully concluded
Prevent discrimination of tenants or potential tenants with pets
Prevent DVLA from giving/selling driver information to private parking companies
Prevent emergency workers who are victims of crime being named by the press
Prevent employees being dismissed for lawful communications made outside work
Prevent enforcement of school uniforms if temperatures exceed a certain level
Prevent exceptional hardship being used as a defence against driving bans
Prevent family courts and social services making decisions based on hearsay
Prevent family courts and social services making decisions based on hearsay
Prevent Functional Skill Qualification (FSQ)/ESOL exams taking place in 2021
Prevent Government Proposals relating to NI trouble related deaths
Prevent gyms closing due to a spike in Covid 19 cases
Prevent Housing Associations spending money on purposes other than housing
Prevent increases to bills including council tax and NHS charges this year
Prevent IPP imprisonment on recall unless found guilty of offences
Prevent IPP prisoners being imprisoned on recall unless found guilty of offences
Prevent landlords giving notice to tenants who are pregnant or have an infant
Prevent late terminations of pregnancies where a baby would have Down’s Syndrome
Prevent legal action against students for tuition/accommodation debts 2020/2021
Prevent local authorities imposing congestion charges outside 6am-7pm Mon-Fri
Prevent non-essential international travel for the rest of 2021
Prevent people with a history of abuse having unsupervised time with children
Prevent perpetrators accessing children conceived through rape or sexual assault
Prevent products not made from 95% apple juice being sold as cider
Prevent property management companies charging for documents essential for sales
Prevent schools from being able to discriminate against transgender pupils
Prevent schools from cancelling summer holidays due to coronavirus
Prevent schools from requiring uniform bought from specific shops
Prevent schools from serving processed foods for school meals
Prevent Social Housing landlords increasing rent this financial year
Prevent spread of Covid in schools with planned breaks through the school term.
Prevent the 2021 abolition of low consignment relief on items under £15
Prevent The Introduction Of Rent Control
Prevent the press from entering inquests without next of kin consent
Prevent the use of driving aids during driving tests.
Prevent the use of mobile devices by MPs whilst within the House of Commons.
Prevent under 18s using social media or dating sites/applications
Prevent unqualified practitioners from performing beauty and hair treatments
Prevent/deter the buying and reselling of goods/services at inflated prices.
Prioritise 18-25s & people at high risk get covid vaccination first
Prioritise all asthmatics for the Covid vaccine.
Prioritise and expedite movement of all live animals through UK customs
Prioritise antibody tests for all keyworkers and self employed
Prioritise BAME communities for the COVID-19 vaccine
Prioritise blind and partially sighted for Covid-19 vaccination
Prioritise brownfield development in law to protect our green belt and farmland
Prioritise cancelled driving test candidates for rebooking
Prioritise carers of vulnerable people to receive a Covid vaccine when available
Prioritise coronavirus testing for people with learning disabilities
Prioritise Couriers/Postal Workers for COVID vaccination
Prioritise Covid Vaccine for seafarers
Prioritise Covid-19 testing for relatives of residents in Care Homes.
Prioritise Covid-19 vaccinations for airport staff who deal with the public
Prioritise COVID-19 vaccines for first responders (police, fire, ambulance)
Prioritise Covid19 testing and PPE for NHS staff working with pregnant women
Prioritise early years practitioners to urgently receive Covid 19 vaccine.
Prioritise elected representatives and the royal family for Covid-19 vaccine
Prioritise front line workers aged 40+ for COVID-19 vaccination
Prioritise full association with EU scientific programmes post-transition
Prioritise funding for a new hospital for King’s Lynn & West Norfolk
Prioritise funeral workers for COVID vaccine.
Prioritise HGV and delivery drivers to get the vaccine
Prioritise hospitality and retail workers for Covid-19 vaccine
Prioritise immediate family of healthcare workers for Covid-19 vaccinate
Prioritise increased funding for research and treatment of HIV/AIDS
Prioritise Key Retail Workers, being offered the Covid Vaccine!
Prioritise key workers for theory/practical driving tests
Prioritise keyworkers being vaccinated against COVID-19 first for free
Prioritise one parent of young adults in care homes for Covid-19 vaccination.
Prioritise over-55 self-employed construction workers for Covid-19 vaccination
Prioritise park staff and park rangers for Covid vaccination
Prioritise people eligible for free flu vaccines for any Covid booster vaccine
Prioritise pregnant women and their birth partners for Covid-19 vaccination
Prioritise pregnant women in their third trimester for Covid-19 vaccination
Prioritise Pregnant Women to Receive the COVID-19 Vaccine
Prioritise professional drivers/public transport operators for vaccination
Prioritise providing excess vaccines to Commonwealth countries.
Prioritise refuse collectors for Covid-19 vaccination
Prioritise single parents (primary care giver) in the roll out of the vaccine
Prioritise special school staff in Covid 19 vaccinations.
Prioritise teachers for covid booster vaccinations
Prioritise teachers, school and childcare staff for Covid-19 vaccination
Prioritise telecoms and utilities engineers for the vaccination
Prioritise the extremely clinically vulnerable for COVID-19 vaccine
Prioritise university workers for COVID 19 vaccine
Prioritise vaccinations for people with a learning disability
Prioritise visa applications awaiting decision for more than 6 months
Prioritise women trying for a baby for Covid vaccines
Prioritise year 11 when schools reopen for next steps guidance and summer proms
Prioritise Years 10 and 12 when re-opening schools after the COVID-19 Lockdown
Prioritise Years 4 & 8 when re-opening of schools
Priority evacuation of families of Afghans who worked with British forces
Priority testing for students if their bubble has confirmed Covid Case
Prisoners Early Release due to new Covid-19 Strain
Privatise the BBC and make them self-funding
Privatise the DVSA
Process all asylum seekers off-shore using foreign aid budget
Produce a Farmland Protection Policy to regulate the loss of farmland to solar
Produce and enforce a zero-tolerance strategy to end racism on social media
Prohibit 5G technology in the UK
Prohibit any exams from taking place during the Covid-19 outbreak
Prohibit companies from delivering leaflets to houses until the lockdown ends.
Prohibit contracting private organisations for Covid-19 vaccination programme
Prohibit convicted sex offenders changing their name or using social media
Prohibit cyclists from cycling on roads with speed limits of over 40 mph
Prohibit disruptive, loud roadworks in residential areas after 6pm
Prohibit District Councils from applying to themselves for planning permission
Prohibit employers from requiring employees to have a Covid-19 vaccine
Prohibit employers from requiring staff to be vaccinated against Covid-19
Prohibit gambling unless individuals are registered members of a gambling shop
Prohibit mobile telephone service providers charging for EU roaming
Prohibit MPs from booing and jeering during parliamentary proceedings
Prohibit MPs from voting in parliament when under the influence of alcohol
Prohibit removal or destruction of any wildlife and habitat from private land
Prohibit repossessed assets from being sold for less than the finance owed
Prohibit restaurants and cafes from asking customers to sign “allergy waivers”
Prohibit road signs displaying information that is not about roads
Prohibit schools from breeding or hatching animals
Prohibit schools from having CCTV in toilets or changing rooms
Prohibit single-sex schools
Prohibit so-called VIP lanes or channels for Government procurement contracts.
Prohibit social media companies from removing content that isn’t spam or illegal
Prohibit the publication of addresses of defendants and convicted offenders
Prohibit the publication of names of defendants before conviction
Prohibit the publication of names of defendants prior to conviction
Prohibit the sale and possession of Nazi memorabilia
Prohibit the sale and use in the UK of palm oil and its derivatives in foods
Prohibit the sale of over the counter drugs to under 18s
Prohibit the unsolicited delivery of plastic bags
Prohibit the use of cameras to monitor the activity of staff
Prohibit the use of flashing lights by cyclists and runners on the road
Prohibit transactions in cryptocurrencies in the UK
Prohibit universities from increasing tuition fees during Covid-19
Promote a safe word children can say to indicate they are hurt or being abused
Promote organ donation with option to stop families overruling donor’s wishes
Promptly create an awareness campaign detailing effects of COVID19 on children.
Proof of Covid vaccination should be mandatory for all air travel from the UK
Properties that have had an offer excepted will have the STLD holiday honoured
Propose a summit between Russia, Ukraine, EU, US, UK to end the war in Ukraine
Propose and back a global WTO carbon tax at COP 27
Propose full world multilateral disarmament in five years at the United Nations
Propose the suspension of the US membership of the UN
Protect all monuments and statues from being taken down
Protect and restore Britain’s lost rainforests
Protect animal welfare standards in trade agreement with Australia
Protect animals! Ban the sales and use of toxic antifreeze
Protect benefits claimants from sanctions for missed appointments during COVID19
Protect Bumblebees and support increased bumblebee numbers
Protect Child Tax Credit renewal for Key Workers working extra hours covid19
Protect critically ill people from eviction by landlords
Protect employees from dismissal & disciplinary action for public communications
Protect employment and pay for parents of shielded children.
Protect employment of first-time fathers for 90 days.
Protect essential workers from contracting and spreading Covid-19.
Protect free NHS prescriptions for over 60s
Protect homeowners who use force against intruders from prosecution
Protect jobs & businesses by continuing in the Single Market & Customs Union.
Protect jobs and businesses in the travel and tourism industry during COVID-19
Protect Jones’ Hill Wood from being destroyed by HS2
Protect leaseholders from paying for cladding remedial works
Protect lodgers from eviction during Covid-19 outbreak
Protect minors from harmful diet pills and muscle-building supplements
Protect Northern Ireland veterans from prosecution
Protect our children’s heritage – increase funding for Natural England
Protect our wildlife – ban driven grouse shooting
Protect Retail Workers from Abuse, Threats and Violence.
Protect retail workers from abusive customers
Protect student choice: do not withdraw funding for BTEC qualifications
Protect tenants from eviction during the COVID pandemic
Protect the childcare element of Universal Credit from deductions
Protect the clinically vulnerable, including diabetics, during Covid-19
Protect the Environment – support carbon neutral energy alternatives
Protect the NHS and healthcare workers from legal action during COVID19
Protect the NHS, Press Pause on the White Paper for Health and Social care
Protect the Public Sector from the national debt created by COVID19.
Protect the Six Nations so it must be available live on free-to-air TV
Protect the title Nurse in UK law
Protect the title of Sonographer.
Protect the Title Veterinary Nurse
Protect the titles of Interpreters and Translators in law
Protect the UK Research & Innovation budget, and deliver 2.4% GNI target by 2027
Protect the UK’s dwindling hedgehog population before it’s too late.
Protect the UK’s countryside and coast from post-lockdown damage
Protect vulnerable people from predatory marriage
Provide ‘safe supply’ of drugs to people with addiction during COVID-19 shutdown
Provide £500 cash grant to fund children being home schooled
Provide 30 free hours childcare from a child’s 3rd Birthday, not the term after
Provide 5 days a week free childcare for ages 0-4 for all working parents
Provide 80% pay to all members of a household with a vulnerable person
Provide a “Refuse to Answer” option for race and ethnicity in the 2021 Census.
Provide a Covid-19 recovery package for prisoners and their families
Provide a financial package for students affected by the 2nd lockdown
Provide a grant equal to November 2019 revenues for businesses required to close
Provide a grant for newly self-employed as they have done in Northern Ireland.
Provide a loan facility for self employed workers and directors of companies
Provide a package of foods, cleaning products and toiletries to every prisoner
Provide a Pay increase of 7% to all our NHS workers fighting COVID19
Provide a rescue package for UK scientific research
Provide a Roadmap relating to the return of fans to stadiums
Provide a second set of grants and funding to businesses due to lockdown.
Provide accreditation for volunteers in Government-supported Covid-19 schemes
Provide additional funding and staff within HMRC to address its current crisis
Provide additional funding for collection of roadside rubbish in England
Provide additional funding for local authorities for youth clubs
Provide additional funding for redistributing surplus food
Provide additional funding for swimming pools due to the energy increases
Provide additional funding for the Open Dialogue method to mental health
Provide additional funding to improve diagnosis of Endometriosis
Provide additional funding to increase the number of Practical Driving Tests
Provide additional funding to schools for Y10-13 mental health support.
Provide additional support for School Leavers not going into Higher Education
Provide additional support to pubs, restaurants and all hospitality sectors.
Provide additional support to schools, colleges and youth clubs due to Covid-19
Provide additional support to the events industry during the COVID outbreak
Provide adequate PPE equipment for medical professionals working with COVID-19
Provide airport key workers with masks for personal protection
Provide all care-experienced children with a right to be assessed for an EHCP
Provide all nhs Staff with full pay, off sick, if they have coronavirus 19.
Provide all pensioners a survival pack containing essentials to last 30 days
Provide all small companies not entitled to existing support a grant of £25,000
Provide all special needs schools with a RT-LAMP covid test.
Provide all workers dealing with the public PPE to be protected from COVID-19
Provide alternative means for conducting weddings during Covid Pandemic
Provide an action plan & offer financial support exclusively for the motor trade
Provide an action plan for the music events industry
Provide an Emergency fund for Health & Social Care Providers due to COVID-19
Provide an energy grant to people with a disability or serious medical condition
Provide assistance to vulnerable self-employed taxpayers during the pandemic
Provide at least £3,000 instead of £300 for granted refugees.
Provide baby boxes for all newborn children in England
Provide baby changing facilities in all male public toilets
Provide better financial support for early years settings during this crisis
Provide bonuses to NHS staff for their hard work during the Covid pandemic.
Provide bridging pension and compensation for WASPI women
Provide BSL interpretation for coronavirus briefings from the PM (in England)
Provide clarification on the new Graduate Route Visa
Provide compensation for all railcard holders
Provide compensation for flooding caused by former mines
Provide compensation for people who lost money on Portuguese holidays in June
Provide Concessions to Visa Rules for Myanmar Nationals due to current unrest
Provide coronavirus vaccination passports for UK citizens
Provide COVID support package for visual artists.
Provide Covid testing kits for private nurseries and early years settings
Provide COVID19 financial assistance only to companies paying UK corporation tax
Provide COVID19 income support for the newly self-employed, without HMRC records
Provide dairy-free alternatives as part of the national milk scheme for under 5s
Provide dedicated funding for Mental Health day centres
Provide disadvantaged children with a connected laptop to access home learning
Provide disadvantaged children with a connected laptop to access home learning.
Provide DNA sequencing of urine cultures on the NHS
Provide emergency food and medical aid to protestors in Myanmar
Provide emergency funding to local authorities to improve social care
Provide emergency funding to safeguard anti-locust operations in East Africa
Provide emergency funding to The Arts Council so that they can extend support
Provide emergency medical equipment and medicines to Sri Lanka
Provide Emergency Support to Treat COVID Patients in Nepal
Provide energy grants for the hospitality sector
Provide extra grants for Taxi & Private Hire Drivers in England
Provide eye tests and glasses for free on the NHS every 2 years.
Provide face coverings to all pupils over ten in receipt of free school meals.
Provide financial aid to the Philippines to help combat the pandemic
Provide financial compensation to families who lost loved ones due to Covid-19
Provide Financial Help to Veterinary Practices during Covid-19
Provide financial help to zoos, aquariums, & rescue centres during the pandemic.
Provide financial security and compensation to the families of keyworker victims
Provide financial support & fund research into interventions to treat long COVID
Provide financial support for all religious places of worship in UK
Provide financial support for people waiting on PIP appeals
Provide financial support for the Hospitality industry for Winter 2021
Provide financial support to A-level and GCSE examiners.
Provide financial support to all workers who self-isolate due to Covid-19
Provide financial support to caravan owners in the pandemic
Provide financial support to parents homeschooling their children
Provide financial support to performers and creators during the COVID-19 crisis
Provide financial support to the Student letting sector
Provide Food and Clothes Vouchers for low-income families
Provide food bank service as food banks close & hardship increases due to CV-19
Provide foreign aid and de-escalate tensions between Ethiopia and the TPLF.
Provide free ‘flu jabs to workers who are not working from home this winter.
Provide free basic wifi to all homes in England.
Provide free bus passes for all over 60’s
Provide free bus passes in England at age 60 not 67
Provide free childcare to working parents for children over 9 months.
Provide free face masks for certain people whilst it is mandatory to wear them
Provide free face masks for everyone, and free N95 masks for vulnerable people
Provide free PCR tests for international travel and return to the UK
Provide free school meal vouchers to disabled children with authorised absence
Provide free school meals for ALL school children in England by autumn 2022
Provide FREE Social Care to all in the Armed Forces and Emergency Services.
Provide free state-run childcare for all parents with children under 18
Provide free, unconditional, legal aid for victims of domestic abuse.
Provide full NHS cover to visiting British citizens who have paid 32years+ NI
Provide funding and guidance to save apprenticeships during Covid-19
Provide funding and improve procedures for survivors with PTSD/CPTSD
Provide funding for a memorial for the victims of the British Empire
Provide funding for a Plasma and Platelet donation centre in Essex
Provide funding for active travel and road safety improvements near schools
Provide funding for bleed control kits to be made available in public places
Provide funding for BSL classes for all school and college students and staff
Provide funding for English schools to install solar panels
Provide funding for greater holistic dementia care after the covid-19 pandemic.
Provide funding for high street businesses to operate their own food banks
Provide funding for local initiatives to establish COVID-19 memorial arboretums.
Provide funding for nature reserves in towns
Provide funding for NHS occupational therapy in all regions
Provide funding for non council-run leisure centres.
Provide funding for one-to-one PSHE mentorship in secondary schools
Provide funding for research on the safety of adjuvants in vaccines
Provide funding for suitable luggage for children being taken into care
Provide funding for suitcases for children entering Local Authority foster care
Provide funding for surgical correction of Pectus Excavatum
Provide funding for surgical correction of Pectus Excavatum
Provide funding for universal access to Fracture Liaison Services (FLS)
Provide funding so all type 1 diabetics can receive Flash or CGM
Provide funding to colleges & apprenticeships for eco-community house building
Provide funding to councils ringfenced for services for the severely disabled
Provide funding to COVID support groups still running
Provide funding to expand Veterans UK helpline services
Provide funding to fit air conditioning to classrooms
Provide funding to improve diagnosis of dyslexia in schools
Provide funding to improve the quality of teaching in schools of sexual violence
Provide funding to improve youth football facilities
Provide funding to increase school places for students with special needs
Provide funding to increase social distancing on SEN home-to-school transport
Provide funding to ITT providers to give trainee teachers a salary.
Provide funding to keep religious establishments open and functional post-Covid
Provide funding to local authorities to protect health visiting provision
Provide funding to lower the cervical cancer screening age to 18
Provide funding to make all secondary schools in England wheelchair accessible
Provide funding to make ambulances accessible to electric wheelchairs
Provide funding to make bevacizumab and biosimilars available on NHS
Provide funding to make the UK more wheelchair accessible
Provide funding to reduce NHS timescales from cancer diagnosis to treatment
Provide funding to support deaf athletes equally alongside Paralympic athletes
Provide funding/grants/bursaries/student loans for Play Therapy Training
Provide funds and guidance for carers to live in care homes during covid-19
Provide funds for food banks in the UK during the coronavirus pandemic
Provide funds so Marine Conservation Zones in the UK can be properly protected.
Provide Government grants or loans for student airline pilots
Provide Government grants to businesses for COVID-19 prevention measures
Provide Government match funding for all donations to Ukraine
Provide grants for energy costs for people who are shielding
Provide grants for removing asbestos from residential properties
Provide grants to businesses who have had to take a bounce back loan under 30k
Provide grants to pay for the training of more HGV Drivers
Provide guarantees to mortgage lenders for the extension of mortgage periods.
Provide housing allowance for Care leavers aged 16 to 25
Provide humanitarian aid and work with Greece to resettle refugees in Lesbos
Provide immediate aid to Yemen and stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia.
Provide immediate financial support to the Tourism Industry.
Provide increased support to the cinema industry to protect it and employees
Provide individuals with COVID19 Bounce Back Loans guaranteed by the government
Provide interest-free loans for Muslim students progressing into university!
Provide jobseekers support equivalent to furloughed workers during the lockdown
Provide live BSL interpretation for coronavirus briefings from the PM.
Provide Loans to Healthcare students wishing to study abroad due to COVID-19
Provide maternity leave and pay for pregnancies terminated after 20 weeks
Provide more aid to the people suffering in Yemen
Provide more funding for physical rehabilitation services for cancer patients
Provide more funding for stalking advocates for victims of stalking
Provide more funding to schools for mental health programmes
Provide more funds and resources to Mental Health services & charities
Provide more integrated healthcare and education to protect children
Provide more support for military veterans with PTSD
Provide N95/FFP2 or better face masks to the clinically extremely vulnerable
Provide new grants to personal care industry that are suffering loss of business
Provide optional schooling for children with special needs during school breaks
Provide paid miscarriage leave to women who lose a pregnancy before 24 weeks.
Provide parents with babies/young kids with a badge for parent and child bays
Provide pensions to all who lose their husband, wife or partner during Covid-19
Provide Protective Personal Equipment PPE to all Transports Workers.
Provide publicly accessible testing for the covid-19 virus around the UK now.
Provide regular Covid testing for hospice staff
Provide regular, weekly coronavirus testing for Adult Day Support Workers
Provide reusable face masks for everyone
Provide riding schools with meaningful financial support
Provide ring-fenced funding for social housing designed for disabled people
Provide routine Covid tests for Early Years and prioritise staff for vaccination
Provide school uniform grants across England
Provide specific support for the UK Aviation industry
Provide stab vests for all NHS and Private frontline and patient transport crews
Provide supermarket vouchers to the homeless so they can have a nutritious meal.
Provide supplies and medical teams to support Italy.
Provide support for sufferers of long term effects of Covid-19
Provide Tax relief for IVF payments in UK
Provide the £150 council tax rebate to all bands, not just band A to D
Provide the events and nightlife industries with provisional dates for reopening
Provide the free school meal entitlement throughout the year.
Provide the neighbourhood location of each new COVID 19 case on a live feed.
Provide the Weddings & Entertainment sector with a road map to recovery.
Provide urgent funding to hospices during Covid-19
Provide urgent humanitarian aid to Southern Madagascar
Provide urgent support and PPE to carers during coronavirus crisis
Provide weekly Covid 19 tests for NHS staff and care workers
Provide women with devices to alert police/local authorities of harassment/abuse
Provider Relief Scheme to be extended for education providers due to COVID.
Providing Government funding for pilot training.
Public Inquiry into consistent enforcement of lockdown rules
Public inquiry into Covid-19 pandemic immediately with the aim of saving lives
Public inquiry into sentencing for child sexual offences
Public inquiry into sexual harassment
Public inquiry into the deaths of NHS workers during the Covid-19 outbreak
Public inquiry into the drop in prosecutions for rape and other sexual offences
Public Inquiry into the effectiveness of the DWP in relation to disabled people.
Public inquiry into the Government’s response to Storm Arwen
Public inquiry into the use of Debendox for pregnant women
Public inquiry into the use of Debendox for pregnant women
Public inquiry into UK Government spending on Covid-19
Public inquiry into UK residents incorrectly being charged for NHS services
Public Inquiry into Unfair Trading Practices of Holiday Caravan Park Owners
Public inquiry into why international travel was not suspended due to Covid-19
Public inquiry into working conditions at Leicester’s textiles factories
Public inquiry on the use of camera surveillance infrastructure in public places
Public Order Bill: Remove powers to issue SDPOs for unconvicted protestors
Publish a comprehensive report into UFO and UAP events in the UK
Publish a cost benefit analysis of Covid-19 restrictions, including lockdown
Publish a plan for dealing with the driving test backlog
Publish a register of restraining orders so these can be seen by the public
Publish a response to the Regulation of Property Agents working group report
Publish a Statement of Compatibility for the Rwandan Asylum Plan
Publish a strategy setting out when COVID support will be provided to businesses
Publish all SAGE and Government data and models used to develop Covid-19 policy
Publish all scientific evidence and advice that informs policy decisions
Publish an Impact Assessment of the new UK-EU relationship
Publish an impact assessment on the effects of lockdown.
Publish criteria for allocating countries to red, amber and green lists
Publish criteria for when countries on the UK’s Red List may be removed from it
Publish daily figures of all deaths within 28 days of receiving a Covid vaccine
Publish daily updates on the number of Channel crossings
Publish data on asymptomatic covid-19 patients treated for other conditions
Publish data on Covid-19 infections in schools
Publish data on covid-19 vaccination reactions for children
Publish details of arts and heritage package and provide guidance for sectors
Publish details of proposed changes to GCSE, AS and A level exams by Oct 2021
Publish estimated figures alongside confirmed cases of covid-19
Publish Exit Plans for all lockdowns and restrictions relating to Coronavirus.
Publish false positive and negative Covid-19 test data for Pillar 2
Publish Government papers regarding COVID19 after 10 years.
Publish guidance for schools and workplaces on how to deal with ADHD
Publish how many people have died solely from Covid-19
Publish in full online ALL publicly funded contracts with private providers.
Publish legal advice taken relating to the breaking of the Withdrawal Agreement.
Publish monthly data of Aircraft activity by postcode
Publish new carbon budgets linked to the Paris Agreement and Climate Change Act
Publish results of waste water monitoring for Coronavirus.
Publish the number of COVID-19 tests carried out in each region weekly
Publish the number of people who have recovered from COVID-19
Publish the Russia report
Publish the security evaluation outcomes of ALL 5G venders.
Publish vaccination numbers by priority category and UK areas
Publish weekly data on missing children
Publish weekly death statistics in the UK by cause
Purchase more heart-lung machines to fight Covid-19 coronavirus
Put a ban on factory farming
Put a permanent stop to Tier 2 visas for migrant workers
Put a price cap on electric car charging
Put appliance engineers, plumbers and electricians into the key workers category
Put Azores and Madeira Islands on travel Green list
Put economics and local politics aside, and place Manchester in Tier 2
Put in place law restricting domestic cats from free-roaming
Put into law that a party must fulfill manifesto pledges after an election
Put Lancaster into Tier 2 Covid Restrictions
Put London in Tier 1 on 3 December
Put more funding into music, drama, and dance education.
Put Portugal back on the green list
Put Sex Offenders on Register for life and make the register public.
Put Sudan on the amber list.
Put the official recommendations from Phase 1 of the Grenfell Inquiry into law
Put up signs on the motorway to tell drivers to stop hogging the middle lane