2023 – Issue of the Week

In 2023, we are starting our “issue of the week”, which are political issues that we want to investigate by interviewing those involved and providing background documents for further research. Some will be local campaigns which have national impact, whilst others will be looking at Government policy and how effectively it is being implemented. We will cover all sides of the debate, presenting information to let individuals decide which side of the argument they find the most compelling. Other subjects will be relating to historical issues, looking at older documents and how historians have interpreted the impact of decisions.

Week 1 – Norwich Western Link. This is a planned new road which has proved controversial locally, with the council stating that there’s a necessary economic benefit, whilst environmental campaigners say the damage is too deep and the road isn’t necessary. This is a question of whether the council has planned enough public transport coverage for the area over recent years and whether progress can be made which limits the damage to the environment.

Week 2 – UK Trade Deals with Australia and New Zealand. These have been controversial with George Eustice questioning just how beneficial the deals are to the UK, but the Government has said that they are essential to ensuring economic growth for UK businesses and encouraging global trade.

Week 3 – Barbara Castle and the Rail Network. Was Barbara Castle a hero, villain or something in between in terms of how she dealt with the British rail network during her time as Minister of Transport between 1965 and 1968?

Week 4 – 1847 General Election. An interview with Richard Dorset about his 1847 General Election results book.

Week 5 – Should Belarus be allowed to play in the 2024 Euros? Despite political pressure on UEFA, the national football team of Belarus kicks off this week with its Euro 2024 qualifying matches playing against Switzerland behind closed doors.