Closed Parliamentary Petitions (A-E)

Below is a list of all the closed petitions on the House of Commons petitions page. The full text of the speech can be obtained by typing the petition title into this site’s search function (a future update will automatically link to the relevant petition page on this web-site).

Petition Title:

‘Ralphy’s Law’ – Require hunting dog breeds to be muzzled in public
“Chairman” be replaced by “Chair” in the Companies Act 2006.
#RecogniseBodyImage for the first time in UK law
#Reggieslaw – Regulate online animal sales
#SaveSue, Save Small Home Dog Breeders-Remove the Business Test from AWR 2018
£20pw increase for Disabled and Pensioners, backdated to March 2020
1% deposit on purchasing a property prior to offer acceptance to avoid pull outs
100% furlough for hospitality staff in tier 3
100% Tax relief on pensions for those self-funding their social care
12 month Stamp Duty holiday on all main home UK resident transactions
15 free hours childcare from when a baby is 8 months old for working parents.
15 hour free childcare 1 to 2 year olds.
2 Minute Silence for anti-slavery and our colonial past.
3 Days Off A Year To Let The World Rest
3 penalty points and £100 fine for not using indicators on the road.
3-day quarantine for fully vaccinated, returning to the UK from amber countries
30 Mile Law – Restraining Orders to protect survivors of abuse
50% reduction in all taxes
6 Month Road Tax Exemption Due To UK Lockdown
80% Rental income guarantee for landlords. For income lost due to Coronavirus
8th of March “International Women’s Day” to become a bank holiday
A medal to honour the fortitude of people working in essential occupations
A Campaign Medal should be stuck for all CORONAVIRUS Frontline workers.
A change in the law to stop seagulls being a protected species
A five year period to prevent planning permissions on pubs to change their use.
A government cash bailout for the coach industry before it’s too late.
A law of presumed liability to protect vulnerable road users like cyclists
A law to make spitting at sporting events illegal to stop the spread of diseases
A memorial for NHS, care, allied professionals, who die as a result of COVID:19
A minute of silence for the Black Lives Matter movement
A motion for the introduction of a Digital Data Dividend (The DDD)
A national holiday and day of remembrance for those lost in the COVID pandemic
A petition for everyone to be able to die with dignity and decide themselves
A public enquiry into the RSPCA, and it’s activities.
A referendum on keeping social distancing and face covering rules in place
A referendum on the secession and independence of Greater London.
A referendum to replace the UK voting system with Single Transferable Vote (STV)
A salary review for NHS Biomedical Scientists and Clinical Scientists
A windfall tax on banks and hedge funds to save the economy.
A yearly 2 week period where everything shuts down to let the world heal
A1/A2 motorcycle license to get an automatic upgrade to A license in two years
Abandon new rules for towing a trailer or caravan with a car from autumn 2021
Abandon planned cut of 10,000 Army soldiers
Abolish ‘Double Jeopardy’ in law
Abolish ‘Non-domiciled’ tax status for UK residents
Abolish (or raise threshold on) luxury car tax for Ultra Low Emission Vehicles
Abolish all school exams and replace with teacher assessments
Abolish and replace the current honours system
Abolish antiquated rule to wait for a year to file for divorce
Abolish ASPA Section 24, the secrecy clause for animals used in UK laboratories.
Abolish Cafcass and review how parental alienation is assessed in family courts
Abolish car parking charges for hospital employees and their sub-contractors
Abolish Chancel Repair Liability
Abolish charges for women changing their maiden to married name on passports
Abolish Council tax
Abolish council tax and fund local authorities from general taxation
Abolish detention outside school sessions
Abolish Election Deposits.
Abolish gift tax and inheritance tax
Abolish hereditary British peerages
Abolish homework across all schools
Abolish homework across all secondary schools
Abolish Homework in all schools
Abolish Homework in Every School
Abolish HS2 and fund the social care service instead.
Abolish HS2 to fund a greener future for Britain
Abolish income tax for people earning less than £450 a week.
Abolish income tax for under 25s
Abolish income tax for under-18s
Abolish income tax Not national insurance contributions
Abolish income tax on voluntary tips
Abolish life sentences and cap sentences to a maximum of 21 years in prison
Abolish limit on tax-free spending by employers on parties and social functions
Abolish liquid restrictions for operating aircrew passing security
Abolish Managed Quarantine for all economic migrants
Abolish National Insurance and make income tax 12% for all income over £12,570
Abolish NHS Prescription charges in England as in the rest of the UK.
Abolish no recourse to public funds (NRPF) visa conditions
Abolish of Value Added Tax (VAT) on Audiobooks
Abolish or reduce immigration fees for Commonwealth Service Personnel
Abolish Police and Crime Commissioners
Abolish police use of Tasers
Abolish prescription fees
Abolish private education by nationalising private/independent schools
Abolish quarantine requirements when entering the UK from a non-red list country
Abolish requiring local authorities to consult Parish Councils for planning.
Abolish stamp duty for all first-time buyers, no matter the purchase price
Abolish stamp duty for home buyers now
Abolish Stamp Duty on all transactions during Corona Virus pandemic
Abolish the 25% threshold for changes in income to trigger CMS recalculation
Abolish the 3-month ban on donating blood for men who have had sex with men
Abolish the 5% VAT applied to domestic gas and electric bills.
Abolish the 6-month statutory time limit for prosecuting summary-only offences
Abolish the Bedroom Tax
Abolish the benefit in kind tax for company cars when its essential for the job
Abolish the British Penny and Two Pence Coins.
Abolish the certificate of inspection (COI) for organic imports into the UK
Abolish the Coronavirus Act 2020 with immediate effect.
Abolish the Dangerous Dogs Act
Abolish the extra charges on vehicle tax for paying in instalments.
Abolish the House of Lords
Abolish the House of Lords
Abolish the House of Lords
Abolish the Immigration Health Surcharge
Abolish the legal aid means test for victims of domestic abuse/coercive control
Abolish the legal defence of Reasonable Chastisement in England
Abolish the mandatory 0.7% GDP Foreign Aid target and spend our money at home
Abolish the Mental Health Act and legislate for new forms of support
Abolish the monarchy after the current monarch’s reign ends
Abolish the Open Register
Abolish the Planning Inspectorate and reform local planning decision making
Abolish the Stamp Duty for Homes up to £500,000
Abolish the stamp duty surcharge for second homes for a 12 month period
Abolish the Supreme Court and return power to the Lords of Appeal in Ordinary.
Abolish the TV licence
Abolish the TV Licence fee
Abolish the two-child limit on Universal Credit in light of the Covid19 pandemic
Abolish the Upper Earnings Limit for National Insurance
Abolish the use of personally selected and paid expert witnesses in courts
Abolish the Vagrancy Act 1824
Abolish time limit for requesting sentences for child murder be reviewed
Abolish time limits for legal action for medical negligence related to pregnancy
Abolish time limits for legal cases involving pensions
Abolish time limits on common assaults in cases of domestic violence and abuse
Abolish time limits to bring charges for offences for acts of domestic violence
Abolish tuition fees & replace them with public funding for further education.
Abolish tuition fees for all undergraduate courses
Abolish TV License Fee during the Corona Virus emergency.
Abolish unfair & discriminatory admission policy for faith schools
Abolish University Tuition Fees For All Students
Abolish VAT for the fitness industry
Abolish VAT from Toilet Rolls
Abolish VAT on all Electric Vehicles.
Abolish VAT on Pet Medicines
Abolish VAT on Silver Bullion in the UK
Abolish Visa Fee for Non- EU NHS Workers and their Families
Abolish zero hours contracts
Accept Commonwealth applicants to the Royal Navy after 3 year’s residence
Accept HND or Jury Service as proof of English for British Citizenship.
Accept proof of vaccination against Covid from Mexico for international travel
Accept recommendation 3, PSPRB 2020 Report: Officer pay points increase £2,564.
Accept vaccine certificates from multiple countries as proof of full vaccination
Access Protection Markings to be Enforced by Law
Access to savings for kids with learning difficulties.
Access to specialist mental health support for bereaved parents after baby loss.
Acknowledge systemic racism; implement the Lammy and Angiolini justice reviews
Act to prevent online racial abuse
Action on Non Exhaust Emissions
Adapt and Adopt Italy’s Marcora Law and Mutualistic Fund Scheme
Add Albania and Kosovo to the Green List for international travel
Add ‘American Bully’ dogs to the list of banned dog breeds
Add “rights” classes to the national curriculum
Add a ‘sustainability charge’ on meat products to cover their environmental cost
Add a “None of the above” option for General Elections
Add A Price Cap To Domestic Heatiing Oil, And Reduce/Remove VAT
Add a year to passports due to ban on holidays due to Covid
Add alliums to the list of allergens that must be listed on food labels
Add an additional amount to Universal Credit for energy costs
Add an extra hour to British Summer Time this year.
Add an option to sort and/or search parliamentary petitions by publication date
Add animal welfare to the national curriculum from EYFS
Add British Hong Konger and Hong Konger to Government list of ethnic groups
Add Bulgaria to list of countries you can visit without quarantine upon return.
Add Bulgaria to the green list
Add carbohydrates per item to “Front of pack” nutrition labelling, for diabetics
Add Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to the curriculum & fund staff training.
Add Construction workers to the priority list for the COVID-19 Vaccine
Add CPR, Basic Life Support and Defib Training to National Curriculum for 14+
Add Crohn’s & Colitis to the Medically Exempt Certificate
Add cycling awareness to driving tests and require regular awareness tests
Add defib training to primary curriculum & centralise info on defib locations
Add disability awareness to the national curriculum
Add education on diversity and racism to all school curriculums
Add Emotional Intelligence & Critical Thinking into the National Curriculum
Add Environmental Conservation to the national curriculum for all schools
Add ESA for pregnancy to the qualifying criteria for maternity allowance.
Add ethics to the national curriculum for primary schools
Add fire awareness to the national curriculum
Add First Aid education to the national curriculum for Year 5 to Year 11
Add first aid for anaphylaxis to the secondary school national curriculum
Add fresh fruit and vegetables to the allergen labelling rules
Add fruit allergies to allergen requirements for food businesses
Add funeral mourners to the travel exemption list for testing on days 2 and 8.
Add gender identity to the characteristics protected under the Equality Act 2010
Add Greece and Cyprus to the Government’s “Green List” of travelling!
Add Greece to the UK ‘Green’ Travel List as of 17th May 2021.
Add green infrastructure as a nationally significant project to the Planning Act
Add Height to The Equality Act 2010
Add HGV Drivers to the UK Government Shortage Occupations List
Add hidden disabilities to the national curriculum
Add homophobic abuse to the Football Offences Act 1991
Add Hospitality to the Occupation Shortage List.
Add human trafficking to the secondary school curriculum to spread awareness.
Add India to the list of UK approved vaccination programmes for travel
Add Israel to the ‘Designated countries‘ list dor driving licence exchange
Add Kuwait to the Travel Corridor List
Add Locksmiths to the Key Workers List during COVID-19
Add mental health training to teaching courses
Add mindfulness, meditation, morality and ethics to the national curriculum
Add mobile phone & computer retailers/repairers to list of essential businesses
Add more Bull Terrier type dogs to the Dangerous Dogs Act
Add N2O to the required list of allergens.
Add nursery stores to the list of essential shops
Add on option on Ballot Slips to vote for “none of the above”
Add Overseas Professional Carers to Exemption List for Travel
Add parental alienation to the curriculum with mandatory training for teachers
Add parents’ names into children’s passports
Add PCOS and endometriosis to the national curriculum
Add Poland to the green list for international travel
Add pulses (peas, chickpeas, lentils etc) to food label allergen requirements
Add recovering an out of control vehicle to the driving test
Add Romania to the green travel list
Add Romanian to the Modern Languages GCSE
Add Saudi Arabia to the Travel Corridor List
Add second home ownership to the acceptable reasons to leave the UK
Add Self Defence to the National Curriculum from Year 7 upwards
Add SIA licenced security staff to the Assaults on Emergency Workers’ Act 2018
Add Sickle Cell to the Prescription Charge Exemption List
Add sign language and lip reading to the national curriculum
Add sign language on to the national schools curriculum.
Add Sinopharm Vaccine to the list of approved vaccinations for travel
Add skid control to motorcycle tests
Add social workers to the professions it is an additional offence to assault
Add sociology to the curriculum at KS3 and oblige schools to offer it at KS4
Add sociology to the national curriculum from year 7 to year 9
Add sustainability to the National Curriculum
Add Test matches in England to the ‘Crown Jewels’ that must be free to air
Add the 9/11 attacks to the national curriculum
Add the British National Anthem to the National Curriculum
Add the British National Anthem to the National Curriculum
Add the British National Anthem to the National Curriculum
Add the Canary Islands to the green list for international travel
Add the history of the Balkans to the national curriculum
Add the subject of grief to the national curriculum
Add the UEFA Champions League to the Protected Events List
Add the USA to the Green List
Add the Welsh dragon to the flag of the United Kingdom
Add Tier 4 areas as a priority in the Covid-19 vaccine rollout plan
Add time management to the national curriculum
Add UK Aid workers of Int NGO’s to jobs that qualify for travel exemptions
Add veganism to the national curriculum and require schools offer vegan meals
Add Vehicle Trades (523) occupations to Shortage Occupations List
Add Wales to the Union flag
Add Yoga to the School Curriculum
Add Zambia to the UK list of quarantine-exempt countries.
Adding SIA Licenced Security Workers to Assaults on Emergency Workers’ Act 2018
Additional funding for Covid-19 vaccine trials without animal testing
Additional Funding for Local and Community Theatres during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Additional student loan payment to cover summer 2020 due to pandemic
Address concerns of UCL/UL review into the quality of homes through PDR
Address the dire situation for ARFID and other atypical eating disorders needs.
Address the Energy, Climate and Environment crisis by investing in Renewables
Adopt a law of Presumed Liability to protect vulnerable road users
Adopt a Zero Covid strategy – full lockdown and close borders
Adopt British Double Summer Time, and British Standard Time in winter
Adopt plans for a common charging cable for all new electronic portable devices
Adoption of cryptocurrencies as a reserve currency
Adults with SEND to form support bubbles with parents when in supported living
Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP/ACP) to Sign Sick note/Med3 Certificate
Advise people to avoid shaking hands during COVID-19
AED’s/Defibrillators to be external and accessible 24/7 on ALL public buildings.
After the vaccine roll-out to high risk groups, remove ALL covid-19 restrictions
Age Restrict all blades
Agree to hold a public inquiry to examine the true, full, effects of Lockdowns.
Agree to the publication of the full, unredacted 2020 Russia Report
Alcohol and drugs testing for all Members of Parliament.
Align Coercive Control and Self-Defence to Create a New Defence to Murder
All accused to be made to come to court for sentencing.
All British students should be entitled to home fee status.
All dental nurses in England to receive Covid bonus
All drivers should take driving test every 15 years for validation of licence
All drivers to take a refresher course every 10 years.
ALL GCSEs to be optional not compulsory, allowing equal value to ALL subjects
All halal and kosher certified products are to be prominently labelled as such.
All infrastructure projects be tested against the Net Zero Emissions 2050 Law
All international travellers entering the UK must be vaccinated for coronavirus
All issues get voted by the UK population – MPs will just debate the issues
All key workers to be higher up the list for coronavirus vaccine
All medical and care professionals to be trained in BSL
All Mobility Scooters, Electric Scooters, and Cyclists, to be insured.
All MP’s & staff to have Covid19 Vaccine to attend & work at Parliament by law.
All new drivers must have a black box and be limited to carrying one passenger.
All nurseries and places of education to stay closed after Xmas to 15 January
ALL nursing students to be eligible for the nursing training grant
ALL people importing dogs have to apply upfront for a licence to import a dog
All police fines collected for unnecessary travel should go to the NHS.
All Police Officers to sit Equality and Diversity Exams
All police officers to undergo mandatory de-escalation training every year
All prison sentences for all crimes are to be served in full before parole.
All private healthcare policies to be subject to 50% tax to go directly to NHS.
All products sold in the UK to be clearly labelled with country of origin
All public buildings to fly union flags half-mast
All public transport workers to be trained to tackle sexual assault & harassment
All pupils to repeat this current academic year.
All Rescue Back Up Contact Details On Microchips Must Remain Registered For Life
All schools to be issued a portrait of Her Majesty the Queen this Jubilee Year
All social media should be age restricted to the age of 16, requiring NI number
All Trail Hunt Hounds to be muzzled when released from kennels to public areas
All types of cleaners to be classed as critical workers
All worker’s rights to be enforceable after 6 months, not 2 years.
All workers to be given rights to take paid leave to observe religious holidays
Allocate council/district areas to Covid-19 tiers based on local data
Allocate funds to boxing as part of the Sport Winter Survival Package
Allocate Government time to debate the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill
Allocate Government time to debate the Supported Accommodation Bill
Allocated time for fireworks to be set off on 5th November.
Allow Green Homes Grant to be used with non-TrustMark tradesmen.
Allow ‘Paper Abortions’ so fathers can opt out of parenthood during pregnancy
Allow ‘Personal Electric Vehicles’ to use cycle lanes and walkways.
Allow 11-12 year olds to use the NHS Track and Trace App with parental consent
Allow 16 – 24 Students to be eligible for the Government Kickstart scheme jobs
Allow 16 & 17 year olds to purchase or obtain tobacco products legally
Allow 16 and 17 year olds across the UK the right to vote in general elections.
Allow 16s and over to work 3 hours on a school day, but not during school hours
Allow 250cc on a CBT and extend CBT period.
Allow a limited amount of hemp on allotments without a licence
Allow a referendum on devolving powers to a Yorkshire Regional Parliament
Allow a second referendum on Scottish Independence with specific qualifications
Allow access to Junior ISAs and Child Trust Funds from the age of 17
Allow adult adoption in the UK
Allow adults to continue to participate in team sports during the pandemic
Allow adults who have been driving for 15 years or more to pass learners.
Allow affordable monthly repayments for Help to Buy equity loans
Allow AGCs to reopen alongside the rest of non-essential retail on April 12th
Allow Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to continue as an exception to ‘Rule of Six’
Allow all British Army servicemen to wear a beard
Allow all dance studios to open with covid safety precautions in place
Allow all employees access to references provided by past employers
Allow all employees to have furlough calculated using the new minimum wage.
Allow all foster children over the age of 12 the choice of who to live with
Allow all grandparents and elderly parents of UK nationals to immigrate to UK
Allow all hospitality to open for mobile key workers.
Allow all NHS workers to get ILR after five years regardless of initial visa
Allow all non-UK NHS workers to become UK citizens for free
Allow all our theatres to reopen as soon as possible
Allow all outdoor markets to open during the Covid-19 outbreak
allow all outdoor sports at a grassroots level to continue throughout lockdown
Allow all parents studying at university to receive the Child Care Grant (CCG).
Allow all parents to get Healthy Start vouchers
Allow all people with settled status to vote in UK general elections
Allow all personal care/beauty industry to stay open during Tier 4
Allow all places of business to have adrenaline auto-injectors on site
Allow ALL Police Officers to receive the Queens Platinum Jubilee medal.
Allow all prisoners in the UK the right to vote during elections
Allow all pubs and restaurants to open up in all tiers from December 23 to 27
Allow all registered Operating Department Practitioners to prescribe medicines
Allow all students to return to university at the start of the Summer term
Allow all UK Citizens to pay “Home fee status” university fees after Dec 2020
Allow All University Students To Return At The Start Of February
Allow ALL vaccinated British Expats to visit the UK without quarantining
Allow all veterans to purchase and wear a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee medal
Allow all veterans who served in 1977 to purchase & wear a Silver Jubilee Medal
Allow all youth sport to continue during lockdowns
Allow ambulances to utilise green lights to attend urgent medical problems
Allow annuity holders to flexibly access their funds
Allow any Over 18yr old to have their 2nd Covid vaccine after 4 weeks.
Allow approved training schools to conduct lorry driving tests
Allow asylum seekers to work if their applications remain undecided for 6 months
Allow beauty salons to open
Allow bereaved children to succeed tenancy of council-owned properties
Allow Bioptics while driving in the UK for drivers with visual impairments
Allow birthing partners rights to paid leave
Allow both members of all same-sex female couples to be on the birth certificate
Allow British Citizens and UK residents to quarantine in their own homes.
Allow bus drivers (Cat D) to drive Class 2 vehicles (Cat C)
Allow business entertainment expenses to be offset against corporate tax bills
Allow business to use Apprenticeship Levy pots for cash flow during Coronavirus
Allow businesses to reopen if they purchase and use rapid tests on all customers
Allow businesses to top up Bounce Back Loans (BBLs)
Allow Camping on Farmland for 56 days a year under permitted development
Allow care home residents to leave without self-isolating on return
Allow carers in full-time education during COVID-19 to claim Carer’s Allowance.
Allow carers to access the “Help to Save” Scheme
Allow cars converted to electric propulsion to be reclassified as zero emissions
Allow category D license holders to drive motorhomes over 7,500kg
Allow celiacs to join the armed forces
Allow certain learner drivers to drive unsupervised for a limited period
Allow charities to claim Gift Aid on all income during COVID19 crisis
Allow charity shops to open, under COVID-19 regulations, despite lockdown.
Allow child benefit to be claimed on household income, not individual income.
Allow childcare costs to paid in advance through Universal Credit
Allow childminders to access government funding for care of related children
Allow childminders to claim ‘free hours’ for related children
Allow childminders to continue caring for children during the Coronavirus
Allow children 7 days holiday per year during term time without fines
Allow children in the same “bubble” at school to gather in groups of more than 6
Allow children of dependent parents of an EU citizen sponsor to come to the UK
Allow children to retake the school year to catch-up
Allow children’s parties to continue within a class bubble
Allow children’s extra curricular activities to continue during November
Allow choral singing to resume as soon as indoor gatherings are permitted
Allow Christmas celebrations on either the 24th, 25th or 26th December
Allow Christmas meets for up to 6 households for 5 days 23rd – 27th 2020
Allow Cinemas to open in tier 3
Allow citizens of Colombia to travel to the UK visa free for tourism
Allow citizens of Colombia to travel to the UK visa free for tourism
Allow claimants to change Universal Credit assessment periods to fit their life
Allow Coastguards & RNLI to use green lights to attend incidents.
Allow Coeliacs to serve in the Royal Navy and other British Armed Force Branches
Allow companies to access some of their un-used levy to pay apprentice wages.
Allow companies to continue to conduct “right to work” checks on video calls
Allow companies to furlough their Schedule D workers under the CJRS
Allow competitive Swimming Clubs to use indoor pools in Leicester City
Allow conjugal visits in England and Wales
Allow consumers the right to refuse the £200 energy rebate
Allow consumers to choose between water providers as we do with other services
Allow Cornish wedding vows
Allow coronavirus victims to be buried according to their religious beliefs
Allow corporate worship and congregational singing at places of worship
Allow couples not living together to meet indoors during lockdown
Allow Couples To Get Married During Lockdown (+Tier 3/4) & Allow 8 To Attend
Allow couples to get married in tier 4 with only two witnesses.
Allow couples to give notice and marry/civil partnership over video conference
Allow criminal injuries compensation for victims with unspent convictions
Allow cyclists to access to all public footpaths across the countryside.
Allow cyclists under 16 or without a driving licence to cycle on pavements
Allow dance halls to reopen for dance competitions
Allow dancing at weddings before the 21st June and if lockdown gets extended
Allow dependents of BN(O) VISA holders to work for UK Civil Service
Allow Disabled People to Keep All Their Benefits if They Move in With a Partner
Allow disabled people to recruit live-in carers via Health and Care Worker visas
Allow dog ear cropping to be legal
Allow dog grooming within all tiers and any future lockdown
Allow drivers to change the spacing on their number plates
Allow drivers with valid international licenses to get UK drivers license
Allow driving instructors to continue to use simplified expenses on tax returns.
Allow driving instructors to pass learners unable to book a test
Allow driving tests and lessons for Keyworkers
Allow driving tests and lessons to continue in Tier 4
Allow driving tests to be temporarily replaced by instructor examinations.
Allow driving tests to resume subject to negative lateral flow tests
Allow Driving theory test to expire three years instead of two
Allow DVLA to restart Motorcycle tests
Allow E-scooters and Electric Skateboards in cycle lanes and on roads
Allow e-scooters to be used in the same places as bicycles
Allow each child to have 5 days of permitted school vacation during term time
Allow early access to a reduced state pension from the age of 60
Allow early reduced state pension for 63-66 year olds
Allow electors to vote for a re-vote if they feel no candidate represents them
Allow employees to claim the 80% income support directly from the Government
Allow EU and non-EU HGV drivers to exchange their licenses for UK ones for free
Allow EU citizens with “settled status” to vote in general elections
Allow European school visits to UK with only ID cards and a List of Travellers
Allow European Union citizens to join the UK Army or Army Reserve
Allow everyone access to the Spring COVID booster
Allow exchange of driving licences issued in Russian Federation
Allow existing and planned weddings for all in tier 4 to go ahead.
Allow facial treatments (waxing, eyelash etc) in beauty salons now.
Allow families to have Christmas day together in all tiers
Allow families to prevent press reporting of a loved one’s suicide
Allow families to prevent press reporting of a loved one’s suicide or murder
Allow families to take children out of school for a holiday this year only
Allow families with a disabled child over age 5 to form a support bubble
Allow families with under-5s arriving from red list countries to home quarantine
Allow family courts to attach powers of arrest to non-molestation orders again
Allow family members from red list countries to visit after double vaccinations
Allow first time buyers to use pension funds to purchase a home
Allow fitness classes to resume in areas with tier 3 restrictions
Allow football fans to attend matches at all levels
Allow for a gender neutral option on a passport, such as an “X”
Allow free and accessible appeals of GCSE and A Level calculated grades
Allow free changes to birth certificates up to 7 days after registration
Allow free parking for all NHS employees on NHS property or their place of work.
Allow full time students to claim universal credit during the Covid-19 pandemic
Allow fully vaccinated people coming from red list countries to isolate at home
Allow fully vaccinated people from France to travel to UK without quarantine.
Allow Funfairs to stay open
Allow furloughed charity employees to volunteer for their charity
Allow gender inclusiveness on all official documents
Allow Gift Aid on charity donations made with loyalty points during COVID-19
Allow golf courses to open for golfers playing on their own
Allow golf to be played with appropriate safety measures
Allow grades for students with memory loss to be set by continual assessment
Allow graduate students applying to undergraduate medicine programs tuition loan
Allow Grassroots football to keep going for juniors
Allow Grassroots Rugby League to continue during winter lockdown
Allow grieving parents to form a support bubble after baby loss.
Allow Group 2 drivers (bus and lorry) to monitor blood sugar using live monitors
Allow Group Exercises Classes to start at the same time gyms are opened
Allow gyms and leisure centres to reopen
Allow Haberdasheries to remain open in Tier 4
Allow hemp to be used for more than “industrial use of the seed and fibre”
allow HMO permitted development rights to convert into studios
Allow Home Quarantine for UK Citizens/Residents working abroad in Red Countries
Allow homebuyers who haven’t owned in the last 10 years the stamp duty exemption
Allow honey produced in a certain way to be sold as “raw honey”
Allow horse riding schools to stay open during 2nd lockdown
Allow hospitality businesses to reclaim costs of the Digital Services Tax
Allow hospitality venues to open for parents with babies below a certain age
Allow household mixing in Covid-secure hospitality venues in Tier 2 areas
Allow household mixing on St Patrick’s Day.
Allow ice rinks to remain open under Tier 3 of the regional lockdown system
Allow Indian nationals to exchange their Indian driving licence for a UK licence
Allow individual GP surgeries to procure and provide Covid vaccinations
Allow individual local authorities to choose their own voting system
Allow individuals to apply for clearances from UKSV.
Allow individuals to present public petitions without the support of an MP
Allow indoor play centres and areas to open in all Tiers
Allow indoor theatre and live events in Tier 3 areas if they are covid-secure!
Allow indoor/outdoor tennis courts to operate under strict distancing protocols
Allow interest and charges as a capital expense for sole trader landlords.
Allow interest-only payments on Bounce Back Loans for up to 10 years
Allow international students to apply for graduate visa before final result
Allow international students to be self employed
Allow international students to work more than 20 hours per week
Allow International Students to work on a self-employed basis
Allow International Travel during lockdown.
Allow international travel to visit partners and family
Allow international travel with a lateral flow test result
Allow joint claims for Universal Credit to be paid into multiple accounts
Allow Judges to suspend Passports if guilty of a racist & religious hate crime.
Allow landlords full tax relief on finance costs such as mortgage interest
Allow Landlords to Ask for a Higher Deposit from Tenants With Pets
Allow Landlords to evict tenants where there are 14 days rent arrears
Allow larger supermarkets to remain open without restricted hours on Sundays
Allow learner drivers to go out and drive with people from their household.
Allow lecturers to pass apprentices where end point assessment has been delayed
Allow licensed Security with suitable training to carry a Baton and PAVA spray
Allow lottery funds to go to animal charities
Allow mature students to send their children to school during lockdown
Allow medicinal cannabis to be prescribed by GPs
Allow members of the public to ask questions at PMQ’s in Parliament
Allow midwives travelling to emergencies to use emergency lights
Allow more school pupils to repeat an academic year due to COVID-19 lockdown.
Allow motorbikes, type A, A1, A2 and AM vehicles to have coloured headlights
Allow motorcycle CBT holders to use a 300cc engine.
Allow MPs to participate in parliamentary proceedings and votes remotely
Allow multiple successions of social housing tenancies
Allow museums and galleries to open from 12 April 2021
Allow National Lottery revenue to be used to fund the NHS
Allow non league football teams to open their club houses in tier 2 and 3
Allow non-cohabiting couples in England to stop distancing (as in Scotland)
Allow non-professional singing in groups of more than six indoors
Allow non-resident parents who see their children an extra room
Allow non-UK nationals and residents to travel to the UK from red list countries
Allow non-UK relatives to come to the UK to support families through coronavirus
Allow nonbinary people in England and Wales to order coronavirus tests
Allow Notice Pay to be tax exempt for those receiving zero redundancy pay.
Allow nurses to apply for the Health and Care Worker Visa in-country
Allow Nurses to be able to draw their pension at 60, as the police, fire service
Allow online birth registrations
Allow online voting in statutory union votes, including strike ballots
Allow open book exams for English
Allow open-air swimming pools, lidos & lakes to open in a new Covid-19 lockdown
Allow open-book GCSE’s for English Literature starting from 2023 and onwards
Allow outdoor amateur football to continue during lockdown
Allow outdoor COVID secure running events during lockdown
Allow outdoor grassroot youth sport to continue during national lockdowns
Allow outdoor motor sports to reopen during lockdown
Allow over-11s to change their name by deed poll without parental consent
Allow overnight fishing during lockdown.
Allow overnight stays in second homes where this is a boat/caravan/etc
Allow Paracetamol to be sold in pack sizes of 100-250 again
Allow paramedic prescribers to prescribe controlled drugs
Allow parents of apprentices to continue claiming child benefit and tax credits
Allow parents of EU citizens to live in UK without a visa
Allow parents of NHS workers to come to the UK as their dependents.
Allow parents of vulnerable children to home educate temporarily during outbreak
Allow parents over age of 65 to join British Citizens, as adult dependents.
Allow parents to be exempt from Jury Service
Allow parents to donate their children’s free school meals to those in need.
Allow partners to see each other in national lockdown if living apart
Allow Pension withdrawal to use as a mortgage deposit
Allow pentalty-free withdrawals from Lifetime ISAs during the coronavirus.
Allow people aged up to 21 to be treated as child dependants for family visas
Allow people living with a partner to make single claims for Universal Credit
Allow people on higher rate Attendance Allowance to access the Motability scheme
Allow people over the age Eighteen to be lawfully adopted
Allow people receiving State Pension to receive Carer’s Allowance
Allow people to build low impact and sustainable homes more easily in England
Allow people to complete the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) form online
Allow people to register with more than 1 GP
Allow people to take a virtual driving test due to Covid
Allow people to vote against petitions they disagree with.
Allow people who have qualified for a full state pension to stop paying NI
Allow people who’ve had covid-19 to travel under same restrictions as vaccinated
Allow people with a medical condition to reapply for a driving licence online
Allow people with a Terminal Illness to claim State Pension early
Allow people with medicinal cannabis prescriptions to grow their own cannabis
Allow people with peanut / nut allergies to join the armed forces
Allow permanent residents to vote in future general elections
Allow petitioners to withhold their name from public view when posting petitions
Allow petitions calling for MPs and Ministers to be sacked
Allow pets to travel in the UK including Northern Ireland without restriction
Allow police forces to release body cam footage to Mass Media and Social Media.
Allow political parties to have All Black, Asian and People of Colour shortlists
Allow practical University and College students to continue in person learning.
Allow priority vaccination for those working in close contact services
Allow pubs and bars to reopen for those who have been vaccinated
Allow pubs and restaurants to operate without COVID-19 restrictions
Allow pubs to deliver alcohol
Allow pyrotechnics in football grounds
Allow quarantine free travel from the Canary and Balearic Islands to the UK
Allow re-entry to UK without quarantine for under 50s with no health conditions
Allow red flashing lights to rear of recovery vehicles
Allow Registered Paramedics, Midwives and Nurses to use Green Beacons
Allow registration of births for all babies after a miscarriage.
Allow Registrations of Death to continue remotely rather than in person
Allow residents to come back freely if traffic light was green at departure
Allow Salons and Tattoo parlors to open at same time as hairdressers
Allow schools to decide what meals they provide
Allow schools to open all year round, for fewer days per week
Allow schools to re-open in England!
Allow schools to use absence Code X for families at increased risk from Covid.
Allow schools, universities, restaurants and shops to open in March
Allow second degree veterinary medicine students to claim tuition fee loans
Allow security guards to carry weapons, such as batons, for self-defence
Allow sharing of medical details of 16-17 year olds with parents without consent
Allow shifting of reduced restrictions days for those working over Christmas
Allow shisha bars to operate in Tiers 1 & 2
Allow shisha cafes to serve shisha from April 12th 2021.
Allow shops selling essential baby supplies to open on an appointment basis.
Allow single/widowed parents of British Citizens to live in the UK as dependants
Allow Skilled Worker visa holders to start businesses in the UK
Allow snooker and pool halls to reopen on 12 April.
Allow socially distanced golf for those who have had vaccination
Allow soft play areas and centres to reopen
Allow soft play centres to open under Tier 3 restrictions
Allow SORN vehicles to be parked on the public road.
Allow spectators back into grassroots and non-league football now
Allow spectators back into watch British horse racing at racecourses
Allow sports clubs to reopen with reduced capacities
Allow sports venues to operate without COVID-19 restrictions
Allow stamp duty relief for any property which exchanged by the end of March
Allow stand up receptions at weddings
Allow student loan holders to suspend their payments for up to 12 months.
Allow students and temporary visa holders to bring parents in UK as dependents.
Allow students to be exempted from RSE lessons to study their own religion
Allow students to choose one exam paper per subject to be replaced with TAGs
Allow students working in NHS and healthcare roles to apply for FLR visa
Allow support bubbles between two households of any size
Allow support bubbles to be created for only (single) children households
Allow swimming pools to remain open during Covid-19 in all alert levels
Allow tattoos for people aged 16 with parental consent
Allow tattoos from the age of 16
Allow tax / NIC free notice periods and ex gratia payments to freelance workers
Allow tax free bonuses
Allow teacher predicted grades for BTEC students
Allow teacher predicted grades for NVQ/VRQ qualifications so it is fair.
Allow teachers to give ‘Access’ students predicted grades
Allow temporary homeschooling during the pandemic without losing school place
Allow the armed forces to train in their own gym facilities during Covid-19.
Allow the British public to vote on the legalisation of cannabis
Allow the characters on private registrations to be spaced out to display names
Allow the choice of online/phone Universal Credit appointments
Allow the collection & redemption of store points when buying stage 1 formula
Allow the direct import of horses from South Africa
Allow the display of LGBT+ pride flags without council permission
Allow the earning of loyalty points towards stage one baby formula, pumps etc.
Allow the Events industry to continue using red rebated fuels after 1 April 2022
Allow the flying of Suffrage flag as a symbol of women’s equality
Allow the general public to access the QTS register for teachers in England
Allow the Help to Buy Equity Loan scheme to be used for any property
Allow the Infection Control Fund to be used for carers pay before 13 May
Allow the legal display of the Baner Sen Kernow on vehicle licence plates
Allow the letter X instead of M or F in the sex field on passports
Allow the Local Government Ombudsman to regulate town and parish councils.
Allow the Polygraph Test to be used in the Court of Law
Allow the public to attend inquiry hearings in person while socially distancing
Allow the public to vote on the legalisation of cannabis
Allow the resumption of Indoor Tennis across the UK in Tier 2 and Tier 3.
Allow the return of competitive contact matches within grass roots rugby
Allow the return of spectators to football at all levels below national league
Allow the sale of 10 cigarettes and 12.5g tobacco pouches
Allow the sale of Hemp CBD flowers to those over 18
Allow the sale of nicotine e-liquids in bottles greater than 10 ml.
Allow the same cancellation method for online subscriptions and auto-renewals
Allow the Shetland Islands a referendum on becoming a crown dependency of the UK
Allow the Trustees of the British Museum to accept repatriation requests
Allow the use of electric scooters in public with registration and a fee
Allow those affected by cladding to defer paying surcharge on new homes
Allow those who suffer from Coeliac Disease to join the Armed Forces
Allow those with 5 years ICT visa and 2 years skilled work visa to apply for ILR
Allow those with 5 years ICT visa to apply for ILR
Allow Tier 2 dependent visa Doctors switch to Tier 2 visa in the UK for training
Allow trained Paramedics to prescribe controlled drugs
Allow trans men to be father on their childrens birth certificate
Allow trans people over 16 to self-identify
Allow travel for surfing during Covid lockdowns
Allow travel to sports facilities and gyms in other areas during local lockdowns
Allow TV Licence payers to make voluntary additional payments
Allow two households to still meet up regardless of size.
Allow UK citizens licences to carry firearms & other weapons for self-defence
Allow UK residents & citizens to quarantine at home after arrival from Pakistan
Allow UK residents with Private Life Visas to Sponsor a visa for a non-UK spouse
Allow UK vaccinated residents to transit through France with no quarantine
Allow Ukrainian refugees to obtain a UK visa in Calais
Allow Ukrainians with family in the UK to enter the UK without a visa
Allow Ukrainians, Russians, Belarussians to extend tourist visas beyond 180 days
Allow under 18s returning from red list countries to quarantine at home
Allow under 350 capacity venues to reopen with Covid-secure guidelines
Allow university students graduating in summer to have an in-person graduation
Allow university students to be able to register at 2 GP surgeries
Allow University Students to go home for Lockdown
Allow university students to return home for the Easter Holiday
Allow unrelated children to enter UK with Ukrainian families
Allow up to 30 people to attend a wake.
Allow us to travel to Egypt again, without having to quarantine on return
Allow use of communal toilets and washrooms from 12 April 2021 on campsites
Allow use of Red Diesel for Charity Tractor runs
Allow vaccinated health and social care workers to isolate at home
Allow vehicle owners to re-space their registration plate
Allow vehicles over 40 years of age to display a black and silver number plate.
Allow vehicles to be registered as a ‘camper van’ in VC5 log book
Allow vets to fit and use ‘blue lights’ on their vehicle for emergency calls
Allow victims of domestic abuse to apply for ILR from outside the UK
Allow victims of domestic abuse to claim housing benefit in arrears
Allow visa-free travel for Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi citizens 90 days
Allow wedding ceremonies and receptions to take place with social distancing
Allow wedding ceremonies in England respecting social distancing
Allow wedding guests observing social distancing rules to remove masks in church
Allow wedding receptions in Tier 3 in line with wakes
Allow wedding receptions in Tier 3 locations with Covid testing
Allow wedding venues that can safely operate to open 12/04/21 for 15 guests
Allow weddings for couples who can’t live together for religious reasons
Allow weddings without restrictions if guest are vaccinated or test negative
Allow widowed/single parents of British Citizens to live in the UK as dependants
Allow wild camping in England
Allow youth clubs to remain open during future restrictions
Allow zoos and safari parks to open with social distancing measures in place
Allow Zoos and Wildlife attractions to reopen with social distancing in place
Allowing the driving theory test in languages ​​other than English across the UK
Allows the whole of the U.K. to vote for Mayor of London
Alter the Union Flag to include something that represents Wales
Amend ‘Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984’ to legalise human composting
Amend British Museum Act 1963 allow for return of artefacts on permanent basis
Amend Consumer Protection Law to Clarify Airline Passengers’ Rights
Amend council housing points system so homeless veterans receive higher priority
Amend domestic abuse laws to protect people from being forced into a career
Amend Employment law to protect employees free speech outside of the workplace
Amend GCSE exam content for children that are now in year 9 and year 10
Amend guidance for DWP assessors to truly reflect the impact of migraines
Amend how absences from the UK are calculated for the purpose of settled status
Amend how details, relationships and surnames are listed on Death Certificates.
Amend legislation relating to dogs in the presence of livestock
Amend PCSC Bill to withdraw power to seize vehicles used as mobile homes
Amend Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011
Amend revenge porn law: include distress and embarrassment regardless of intent
Amend road traffic legislation to refer to ‘collisions’ and not ‘accidents’
Amend rules on continuous residence for settled status for absences due to work
Amend rules on indoor sports to allow players who turn 18 to finish the season
Amend rules regarding religiously slaughtered meat
Amend the BBC’s Royal Charter to Cap the Grotesque Salaries Paid at the BBC
Amend the BBC’s royal charter to limit salaries to a maximum of £250,000 a year
Amend the British Museum Act 1963
Amend the Bus Services Act 2017 to allow public ownership of bus companies
Amend the Child Abduction Act to criminalise failure to return a child to UK
Amend the Copyright Design and Patents Act of 1988 to protect fashion designs
Amend the curriculum to require schools to use the Gall-Peters Projection map
Amend the Equality Act 2010 to include protections for Gender Identity!
Amend the Equality Act 2010: National curriculum and protected characteristics
Amend the Equality Act so asexuality is an orientation, intersex as a sex.
Amend the Football Offences Act to include gestures and homophobic behaviour
Amend the Health and Care Bill to protect the NHS.
Amend the Immigration Bill to ensure non-UK care workers can be recruited
Amend the IR35 Reforms to re-instate the 5% allowance for all contractors
Amend the law so that fireworks can not be used after 9pm from October to March
Amend the legal definition of rape so women can be charged with rape
Amend the Mental Health Act to strengthen Nearest Relatives’ rights
Amend the Overseas Operations Bill. Remove triple lock in cases of torture
Amend the Overseas Operations Bill. Remove triple lock in cases of torture.
Amend the Recall of MPs Act 2015 to allow communities sole power to recall MPs
Amend UK Trade Bill to protect the NHS in trade agreements with other countries.
Amnesty for Albanians who moved to the UK following the Kosovo war.
Amnesty for UK undocumented immigrants in this COVID-19 World pandemic
Amnesty for undocumented migrants after 10 years and reduce 20 year ILR rule
Amnesty for undocumented migrants after 5 years and ILR after 14 Years
Amnesty to people in UK over 15 years. Especially with underlining illnesses.
An annual day of remembrance and memorial for the victims of the COVID-19 virus.
An immediate evacuation of British Afghans’ Families in Afghanistan
An MP found guilty of breaking any law is automatically subject to recall.
An public inquiry into the causes surrounding missing Black people
Animal testing should be made illegal in the United Kingdom
Anti-racism lessons should be made compulsory in schools
Any free trade agreement with US must be approved by UK referendum
Any future free trade deals must include freedom of movement of people
Any future free trade deals must include freedom of movement of people
Any hours of free childcare lost during lockdown to be used for rest of 2020
Anyone aged 17 or below can go to a safe place without parental consent
Apologise for the Jallianwala Bagh massacre and provide additional compensation
Apply a carbon tax to all imported food that is proportional to food miles
Apply a more localised lockdown tier structure for Kent
Apply for the UK to join the EFTA
Apply higher rate tax band of 40% if income reaches £100,000 instead of £50,000
Apply regional weighting to Universal Credit payments
Apply the proposed 5% duty reduction on beer to any container over 30 litres
Apply to join the European Free Trade Agreement (EFTA)
Apply to Join the European Union (EU)
Apply to join the European Union Single Market
Apply to rejoin the European Free Trade Association (EFTA)
Apply VAT to all newspaper sales to help fund the NHS
Appoint a government Tsar to champion the reduction of knife crime
Appoint a Hospitality tsar
Appoint a separate Minister for Leasehold.
Appoint an Allergy Tsar as a champion for people living with allergies
Appoint an Independent Ombudsman/Regulator for the Veterinary Profession.
Appoint an independent panel to conduct a Public Inquiry into the DSA / DVSA
Appoint an independent panel to conduct a Public Inquiry into the DVSA
Appoint government advisers and Anti-Hatred Working Groups for all faiths
Approve the return to training plan for contact sports
Approve the Whitehaven Coal Mine in Cumbria
Arrange release of prisoners with IPP sentences that have served their tariff
Arrange release of prisoners with IPP sentences that have served their tariff
As bikes can now be used on lots of paths. The law should make them have a bell.
Ask the FCA to investigate banks for their handling of BBL applications
Ask UK Government to nationalise British Airways
Assess all Spanish Provinces individually for air bridges
Assess dependents’ needs if a parent is diagnosed with long-term health problems
Assess the impact of leaving the EU (Brexit) on the UK
Audit and review All non-tendered Government Contracts
Authorise direct flights from the United Kingdom to North Cyprus (TRNC)
Authorise direct flights to North Cyprus
Authorise the use of water cannon by the police and fund their acquisition
Authorise the use of water cannon by the police and fund their acquisition
Automatic ban for people who use their phone when driving.
Automatic British Citizenship for descendants of British grandparents
Automatic British Citizenship for UK Military Service by non British Nationals
Automatic life ban for drink and drug drivers at first offence
Automatic reporting restrictions for witnesses/victims under the age of 18
Automatic reporting restrictions on defendants under the age of 21
Automatic right to remote working for those with ASD or mental health issues
Automatic upgrade to A2 licence after four years with CBT certificates
Automatic Yearly Pay Rise For NHS Health Care Workers
Automatically alert educational institutions if pupil test positive for Covid-19
Automatically award PIP to those with a lifelong disability that had a DLA award
Automatically expunge false allegations and arrest records of innocent people
Automatically grant emergency visas to those seeking an abortion in the UK
Automatically grant indefinite leave to remain for parents of British citizens
Automatically register fathers on birth certificates
Automatically remove a Peer of title if found guilty of Child abuse.
Automatically remove parental responsibility following child or domestic abuse
Automatically remove parental responsibility for those who abuse their children
Automatically remove passports for people found guilty of child sexual offences
Automatically suspend PR rights of parent guilty of murdering the other parent.
Automatically upgrade A2 licence to full unrestricted A licence after two years
Automatically upgrade A2 motorcycle licence to A licence after 2 years
Automatically upgrade A2 motorcycle licences after a set amount of time
Award 2021 grades based on 50:50 of teacher assessment and exams
Award A Level Private Candidates Denied CAG’s Their UCAS Predicted Grades.
Award all Nursing Staff in the NHS a pay rise of 10% backdated to 1 April 2020
Award Covid-19 medals to all emergency services and involved armed forces
Award immigrant key workers with permanent residency after coronavirus crisis
Award medals to the retired doctors and nurses who returned to NHS for COVID19
Award posthumous medals to NHS and other frontline workers; victims of covid-19.
Back Date Stamp Duty Scheme. £500k SDLT threshold from when Pandemic started.
Back date the Furlough Scheme so that those employed September are included
Backdate pay of disabled elements of Universal Credit to start of claim
Backdate self-employed SEISS support for September and October
Backdate settled status from beginning of application
Backdate stamp duty holiday to the 12th May.
Backpay the £20 covid uplift to people on Legacy Benefits
Ban ‘anti-homeless’ hostile architecture
Ban ‘permitted discharge’ of foul water into rivers
Ban “Game” Bird Shooting now!
Ban “Gain of Function” research on viruses and bacteria in the UK
Ban abortion after 24 weeks on the grounds of severe disability
Ban advertising alcohol on TV
Ban advertising and sale of domestic pets online
Ban advertising for new combustion engine vehicles
Ban advertising of alcohol and require health warnings on all alcohol
Ban adverts for and sale of Asian elephant tours that do not meet set standards
Ban adverts for and sale of trophy hunting safari tours
Ban adverts for charity on TV
Ban alcohol on all public transport including boats, trains and buses.
Ban alcohol in the Houses of Parliament and all government buildings.
Ban alcohol on TV until after the watershed
Ban alcohol sales in the UK during the pandemic.
Ban all advertisement of gambling
Ban all advertising for Gambling on TV and Social Media
Ban all advertising for online gambling sites
Ban all advertising of alcoholic drinks
Ban all advertising of carbon-emitting SUVs in the UK
Ban all animal experiments & redirect Government funding to human-based research
Ban all Anonymous Image-Based Bulletin Boards
Ban all black plastic that cannot be detected by NIR (recycling) technology.
Ban all bonfires in built up areas.
Ban all commercial fishing in Marine Conservation Zones
Ban All Commercial Flights On Sundays
Ban all current MP’s from accepting other paid work
Ban all driving for one day per month.
Ban all export of live animals
Ban all extraction of peat for horticulture by 2022.
Ban all firework sales except the days of November 5th And December 31st
Ban all fishing in UK waters, except rod and line, for 5 years.
Ban all fishing, for sport and food.
Ban all former ministers and MPs from lobbying
Ban all forms of gambling
Ban all forms of smoking in private dwellings. Smoking should only be outdoors.
Ban all gambling premises after Covid-19
Ban all garden waste fires during Coronavirus Pandemic in residential areas.
Ban all imports of Russian oil and gas immediately
Ban all MLM businesses from trading in the UK
Ban all non-biodegradable chewing gum
Ban all non-elite football matches until 2021.
Ban All Pheasant Shooting in England and The Rearing Of Game Birds For Shooting.
Ban all plastic packaging
Ban all protests during the Covid-19 pandemic
Ban all sales of iceberg and glacial water in the UK.
Ban all single use plastic
Ban All Single Use Plastics and Plastic Packaging to Save Our Planet
Ban all single-use plastic
Ban all that engage in tax avoidance and evasion from receiving Corona relief
Ban all travel to and from Spain
Ban all UK trade with Russia and Belarus until Russian troops leave Ukraine
Ban all unpaid work trial periods
Ban all unpaid work trials
Ban and block applications that risk national and data security
Ban Animal Products
Ban Animal Testing – Fund, accept & promote alternatives to animal testing
Ban animal testing for cosmetics companies and hair and body products.
Ban anonymous accounts on messaging apps
Ban anonymous accounts on social media
Ban Anti-Homeless Architecture
Ban Applied Behavioural Analysis for autistic people
Ban artificial nests for wild breeding raptors
Ban balloon releases which are harmful to wildlife
Ban battery chicken farms
Ban battery rabbit farming
Ban Blanket No Pet Clauses in Tenancy Agreements & Leases
Ban Blanket No Pet Clauses in Tenancy Agreements & Leases.
Ban body shaming adverts, and fund a public awareness campaign
Ban body shaming in the media
Ban bonfires between May 1st – October 1st
Ban bonfires during daylight hours
Ban Bottom Trawling in UK waters
Ban Brazilian Butt Augmentations
Ban breeding dogs whose snouts are so short they struggle to breathe
Ban business premises from leaving lights on after 11pm unnecessarily
Ban call spoofing with intent to defraud
Ban car parking charges at motorway services for commercial vehicles
Ban cardboard boxes and other exterior packaging on toothpaste tubes
Ban carrier bags from public display in supermarkets
Ban charges increasing during fixed-term contracts for utilities and media
Ban children from all greyhound tracks
Ban cigarettes – The Largest Ocean Polluter
Ban circumcision at birth
Ban circumcision at birth unless this risks health of the child
Ban clothing from being imported into the UK on plastic hangers
Ban cold calling
Ban commercial breeding for laboratories. Implement reform to approve & use NAMs
Ban commercial donkey rides and donkey hire
Ban communal changing rooms
Ban companies that test ingredients/products on animals from selling in the UK
Ban Consumption Of Dogs & Cats in the UK
Ban Conversion Therapy as it should not be allowed, WE ARE WHO WE ARE
Ban counselling notes of rape survivors from being used in court
Ban cows with calves from being kept in fields with public access
Ban cyclists from using a handheld mobile phone while cycling
Ban demonstrations and protests outside facilities that provide abortions
Ban developers starting new work until their EWS1 failing buildings are fixed
Ban development on agricultural land to increase food self-sufficiency
Ban developments on Green belt and Greenfield sites across the country
Ban discretionary service charges in the hospitality industry
Ban discrimination against potential tenants on Universal Credit
Ban discrimination in private rental sector towards people on benefits.
Ban disposable containers for fast food outlets
Ban dogs from all Biological Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSIs)
Ban dogs from cemeteries (excluding guide dogs)
Ban domestic flights on routes that could be travelled by train in under 3 hours
Ban drilling for fossil fuels and put more money into using renewable energy.
Ban DRM and protect consumer rights to use technology without restriction
Ban ear piercing for under 10s and require presence of a parent for under 16s
Ban electric bicycles from cycling on cycle lanes.
Ban elite sports being played during lockdown 3
Ban employees monitoring applications in the UK
Ban employers asking job applicants for salary history and current earnings
Ban employers dismissing people for non-attendance during COVID-19 outbreak
Ban energy-wasting open fridges and freezers in all retail outlets
Ban event tickets being resold for more than their face value
Ban evictions for the duration of the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Ban ex-ministers from chairing committees related to their ministerial portfolio
Ban excess packaging (eg. plastic wrapped items within more plastic, multipacks)
Ban export of UK-manufactured pesticides which are banned from use in the UK
Ban Facial Recognition Cameras within the UK
Ban fast food companies from using disposable packaging for advertising
Ban fire and rehire employment tactics
Ban fish meals in schools
Ban Fishing and Fish Farming
Ban fishing on a third of UK coastal for fish repopulation
Ban footway car parking during the Covid-19 pandemic
Ban foreign contributions to political parties & sanction countries that attempt
Ban fossil fuel sponsorship of all UK culture, media and sport
Ban full face coverings being worn in public
Ban full face coverings in public places
Ban fur and foie gras imports
Ban fur farming
Ban Fur Imports from China
Ban gambling advertisements on television and radio.
Ban gambling advertising on Television
Ban gambling adverts on TV, Radio and social media before 9pm
Ban gambling businesses from advertising by email or phone notifications
Ban gambling games based on entertainment TV shows
Ban garden and allotment fires.
Ban gas stunning in the UK for livestock
Ban Glass, Aluminium and Steel food and drink containers
Ban Govt Ministers & Advisors from conflicts of interest in the medical industry
Ban greyhound racing and improve protections for current and former racing dogs
Ban greyhound racing to end unnecessary deaths & suffering of racing dogs
Ban hedge cutting and non-essential tree felling between March and August
Ban HGVs from entering the hard shoulder / left lane on Smart Motorways
Ban holidays abroad until all have had/been offered their second COVID vaccine
Ban Horse Racing
Ban Horses From Public Roads
Ban horses from roads
Ban house builders including service management for freeholds in the deeds
Ban house viewings if the tenant does not approve during the pandemic
Ban hunting the brown hare in its breeding season in England & Wales
Ban iguanas from being kept as house pets.
Ban import and sale of diamonds from companies owned by the Russian Federation
Ban import of products from Amazon rainforest if not Deforestation Free
Ban imports of oil from Nigeria pending human rights and sustainability reviews
Ban in-app purchases by under 18s
Ban insurance premium increases after no-fault accidents
Ban isolation as a punishment in schools.
Ban isolation booths in schools.
Ban jet aircraft.
Ban Jetskis from coastal waters and inland waterways
Ban landlords and estate agents discriminating against universal credit tenants
Ban large enterprises engaged in tax avoidance from receiving taxpayer subsidies
Ban large public gatherings in the UK until the coronavirus has been contained
Ban LED car headlights and break lights
Ban LGBT+ Conversion Therapy
Ban liquid plastic in cosmetics.
Ban local authorities from using education settings as polling stations
Ban local councils from charging for rubble and diy waste materials
Ban lollipops
Ban long distance live transportation of animals for slaughter
Ban mandatory face coverings in schools
Ban mandatory school uniforms
Ban mandatory uniforms in state schools
Ban marriages of 1st cousins and give registry offices powers to order DNA tests
Ban MMA liquid use in the beauty industry
Ban motorised scooters for under 16s and mandatory scooter registration/licences
Ban MPs from having paid second jobs
Ban MPs from having second jobs
Ban MPs from having shares or positions in any businesses
Ban MPs from holding second jobs outside of the public sector
Ban MPs from other paid work or holding shares in companies
Ban MPs from paid lobbying
Ban Multi Level Marketing businesses from trading in the UK
Ban negative portrayals of healthy and normal body types in adverts
Ban new housing developments in National Parks
Ban new incinerator and pyrolysis sites and invest in waste reduction
Ban new waste incinerators and phase out current incinerators
Ban noisy fireworks for anything other than public display
Ban non biodegradable chewing/bubble gum from being sold in the UK
Ban non-biodegradable cling film to help the environment
Ban non-compostable multi-layer material food packaging by 2030
Ban non-medical professionals from giving injections for aesthetic procedures
Ban non-recyclable wrapping paper
Ban non-recyclable wrapping paper, decorative bows, tags and ribbon.
Ban non-stun slaughter in the UK
Ban non-stun slaughter in the UK.
Ban non-stun slaughter. Animal welfare must always take priority
Ban non-UK residents from purchasing UK properties
Ban on firearm and shotgun ownership for wildlife and countryside offences
Ban online gambling immediately in the UK
Ban or limit bailouts for big businesses
Ban outdoor fossil fuel heaters of all types.
Ban outdoor heating and cooling units
Ban outdoor kennels in suburban residential properties
Ban overseas funding for religious places of worship in the UK
Ban packaging that is not biodegradable or domestically recyclable
Ban parking charges for trucks on motorway service areas
Ban parking charges in motorway rest areas/service stations
Ban PCCs from party political affiliation and limit to two terms
Ban pelagic trawlers, attach pingers to all boats, stop slaughter of dolphins.
Ban per-minute pricing for e-scooters to avoid encouraging excessive speed
Ban petrol and diesel vehicles to keep our as air clean as it is now
Ban petrol leaf blowers to improve public health and the environment
Ban PFAS in food packaging and seek to remove them from water supplies
Ban phone companies in the UK from charging any roaming charges
Ban pink mouth sponges in England as they are in Wales
Ban plastic bags for online supermarket deliveries
Ban plastic bags illegal and require the use of biodegradable bags instead
Ban plastic bags in supermarkets, and other retail shops.
Ban plastic bags in the UK
Ban plastic cellulose acetate cigarette filters.
Ban plastic charity bags being delivered to every household
Ban plastic cigarette filters
Ban plastic fishing nets in UK waters.
Ban plastic for being used to attach tags/labels to clothes.
Ban plastic label and clothing fasteners and incentivise reuse of plastic items.
Ban plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables
Ban plastic tag fasteners from clothing & gifts.
Ban plastic wrapping of individual items of fruit or vegetables
Ban plastics in schools
Ban plug socket ‘safety’ covers and raise awareness of the risks they can create
Ban police use of choke holds
Ban political advertising on social media during an election period
Ban political parties from receiving donations from fossil fuel interests
Ban political Special Advisers
Ban powered watercraft from coming within 200m of recreational beaches
Ban private pet owners from selling their pet’s offspring
Ban private sale of e-scooters and change the minimum rental age to 21
Ban private schools
Ban production and export of pesticides already banned for use within the UK
Ban production and sale of genetically modified crops and foods
Ban profit making enterprises from delivering NHS services
Ban protests outside and around schools and playgrounds in England
Ban publication of names and photos of convicted criminals
Ban redundancies while staff are on furlough
Ban restrictive covenants and make these unenforceable
Ban retailers (shops/newsagents/etc) from setting a minimum card spend
Ban rollout of vaccines where manufacturer has been indemnified from liability
Ban sale and ownership of all dogs except working dogs
Ban sale and use of animal traps that cause damage or death to the animal.
Ban sale and use of Leaf Blowers
Ban sale of e-scooters to the public until legislation on their use is in place
Ban sale of fireworks to the public and limit sales to licensed displays only
Ban sale of pets online
Ban school exclusions after the Covid-19 pandemic
Ban school uniforms in English schools
Ban school uniforms in sex shops and pornography
Ban schools from posting photos and information of minors on public social media
Ban schools from separating children by sex for PE and sport
Ban schools from serving sweet desserts and processed foods
Ban schools from setting compulsory homework until sixth form
Ban schools from setting mandatory homework over school holidays
Ban schools from setting rules about personal appearance of students
Ban secondary schools from starting teaching before 9am
Ban selling disposable barbecues without a stand, to prevent grass damage
Ban selling drinks bottles that aren’t made out of a sustainable material.
ban shops from setting a minimum card spend
Ban single use non- biodegradable coffee pods
Ban single use plastic sealant/caulk cartridges
Ban single use plastics and the unnecessary use of plastic packaging
Ban Slaughter and Breeding of Innocent Animals for food
Ban Smacking in England
Ban Smart Motorways
Ban smoking and develop a strategy to support people to switch to vaping
Ban smoking cigarettes on apartment balconies.
Ban smoking in all public places
Ban smoking in all public places used by children
Ban smoking in confined spaces with babies and children.
Ban smoking in parks and recreation ground including sports grounds
Ban smoking indoors in flats, terraced, and semi-detached houses
Ban social housing evictions if it’s a result of a low or zero income
Ban spitting in the street especially in light of the covid-19 threat
Ban Supertrawlers from UK waters after leaving the EUs
Common Fisheries Policy
Ban surface dressing to protect riders on two wheels
Ban targeted advertising regarding sensitive topics (such as ill health)
Ban Targeted Political Messaging on Social Media
Ban tear gas and rubber bullets in the UK
Ban tethered housing systems for cattle
Ban the advertisement and sale of weight loss products such as injections
Ban the advertisement of gambling websites and apps
Ban the advertisement of high cost debt – 12 percent plus base rate
Ban the advertisement of plastic and non-recyclable toys to children
Ban the advertising and endorsement of Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles.
Ban the advertising of gambling businesses on social media platforms.
Ban the Advertising of Meat and All Other Animal Products
Ban the Advertising of Meat Products
Ban the advertising of products which are not plant-based and cruelty-free
Ban the advertising of, selling of and buying of canine ‘ear cropping’ kits.
Ban the automatic renewal of contracts
Ban the automatic renewal of contracts for insurance products
Ban the burning of peat for fuel
Ban the burning of peatlands in the fight against climate change.
Ban the burning of woodland/forest derived biomass for electricity generation
Ban the culling of chicks in the poultry industry
Ban the culling of male chicks
Ban the development of Wind Farms within AONBs and National Parks in England
Ban the display of meat products in food stores and butchers
Ban the dissection of animals in schools, colleges and universities
Ban the exploitative import of young puppies for sale in the UK.
Ban the export of shark fins from the UK
Ban the export of unusable textiles and end the clothing dumping catastrophe
Ban the import of farmed octopus into the UK
Ban the import of goods that have not been certified as sustainably sourced
Ban the import of multiple dogs and puppies
Ban the import of non-fair trade chocolate and cocoa
Ban the import of soy and beef products not certified as free from deforestation
Ban the import, export, sale, and use of prong & shock collars for dogs
Ban the importation and sale of foie gras
Ban the importation of dogs with cropped ears.
Ban the keeping of wild and dangerous animals as pets.
Ban the live export of animals
Ban the manufacture and sale of dog waste bags not made of plant-based material
Ban the manufacture and sale of new cars that are solely powered by fossil fuels
Ban the manufacture and sale of plastic bottles
Ban the manufacture of all products containing plastic in the UK
Ban the manufacture, import, sale and use of fireworks in the UK
Ban the marketing of baby food for children under 6 months
Ban the marketing of relaxer and perm products for children
Ban the mining of and trade in “proof of work” cryptocurrencies within the UK
Ban the online sale of blades likely to be used as offensive weapons
Ban the online sale of police uniform and equipment to non-police
Ban the practice of boiling lobsters alive
Ban the production, sale and use of disposal BBQs
Ban the racing of horses that are under 4 years old.
Ban the redevelopment of agricultural land. Protect it for food production.
Ban the release of doves in ceremonies
Ban the release of fireworks after 10pm, including on bonfire night
Ban the religious slaughter of animals without first stunning them
Ban the Sale and Killing, including Live Boiling, of Crustaceans
Ban the sale and possession of all firearms
Ban the sale and possession of shark fin in the UK
Ban the sale and release of sky Lanterns & Balloons
Ban the sale and use of all cigarettes (including e-cigarettes) by 2030.
Ban the sale and use of artificial grass for residential properties
Ban the sale and use of cot bumpers
Ban the sale and use of fake grass
Ban the sale and use of Fipronil and Imidacloprid in flea treatments for pets
Ban the sale and use of prong/pinch and shock collars.
Ban the sale and use of rat poison.
Ban the sale and use of Rodenticides
Ban the sale and use of single use cups
Ban the sale and use of sky lanterns
Ban the sale and use of toxic antifreezes
Ban the sale and use of Wasp trap enclosures used to kill wasps
Ban the sale of 2nd hand catalytic convertors
Ban the sale of all animals from pet shops and third-party sellers
Ban the sale of all glitter products due to environmental impacts
Ban the sale of all medicines to under-18s
Ban the sale of angora clothing in the UK
Ban the sale of animals on social media sites, including “Free to good home”
Ban the sale of artificial grass
Ban the sale of artificial grass
Ban the sale of cats and dogs online and increase penalties
Ban the sale of cheap polystyrene bodyboards
Ban the sale of cot bumpers
Ban the sale of disposable barbecues.
Ban The Sale Of Disposable Barbecues.
Ban the sale of disposable face masks for domestic use
Ban the sale of disposable face masks to the general public
Ban the sale of disposable vapes.
Ban the sale of energy drinks to under 18s
Ban the sale of fireworks to protect animals
Ban the sale of flying plastic rings to help protect marine wildlife
Ban the sale of foxhounds
Ban the sale of gift wrap that is non-recyclable.
Ban the sale of Golliwog Dolls
Ban the sale of goods and services relating to tarot and spiritual readings
Ban the sale of hamster cages below 80x50cms
Ban the sale of hamster cages under the size of 620sq inches.
Ban the sale of inflatable toys from all shops and major retailers
Ban the sale of magnetic balls to children
Ban the sale of manual plastic toothbrushes in the UK by 2025.
Ban the sale of needle and syringe sets to individuals without a prescription.
Ban the sale of non-biodegradable dog poo bags
Ban the sale of non-refundable flight tickets.
Ban the sale of palm oil products in the UK
Ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2024, six years earlier than planned
Ban the sale of petrol powered garden tools to encourage shift to alternatives
Ban the sale of plastic frisbee rings to protect marine life
Ban the sale of plastic lighters in the UK
Ban the sale of plastic manual toothbrushes in the UK by 2025.
Ban the sale of plastic Tampon applicators
Ban the sale of plastic toys with children’s magazines
Ban the sale of plastic wet wipes; affordable alternatives are widely available
Ban the sale of plastic wet wipes; affordable alternatives are widely available
Ban the sale of property to limited companies not registered in the UK
Ban the sale of rabbit cages under 8 square feet
Ban the sale of racist Golliwog or Golly items
Ban the sale of rawhide animals treats
Ban the sale of small fish tanks without filtration being sold as goldfish bowls
Ban the sale of tickets to attractions holding captive dolphins or whales.
Ban the sale of tobacco during the covid-19 outbreak
Ban the sale of wet wipes in the UK unless bio-degradable
Ban the sale of wood burners in the UK
Ban the Sale, Import and Trade of Animal Fur
Ban the Sale, Import and Trade of Animal Fur
Ban the sale, ownership and use of prong & shock collars for dogs
Ban the sale, possession and importation of kangaroo meat, body parts and skins
Ban the sales of electric cars by 2023
Ban the selling and manufacturing of disposable vape pens
Ban the selling of computer games codes in physical boxes
Ban the selling of real mink eyelashes
Ban the Separation of Calves From Their Mothers and the Killing of Male Calves
Ban the serving of red & processed meats in schools and nurseries
Ban the shooting of badgers immediately
Ban the shooting of birds for sport
Ban the Shooting of Critically Endangered Woodcocks.
Ban the shooting of dogs
Ban the Slaughter of Animals for Meat As Soon As Possible
Ban the taking of photographs of children without parental consent
Ban the tethering of horses and ponies on roadside and common land
Ban the use of advertising in virtual and augmented reality
Ban the use of all fireworks in order to reduce air and noise pollution.
Ban the use of animals as prizes at fairs and other events
Ban the use of animals by the police
Ban the use of Ant Gel Farms as part of the Animal Welfare Act 2006.
Ban the use of any sharp edges on top of fences in residential areas
Ban the Use of Artificial Insemination on Animals
Ban the use of audible propane bird scarers.
Ban the use of bait boats
Ban the use of barbed wire adjacent to all public areas including footpaths
Ban the use of barbed wire adjacent to all public areas including footpaths
Ban the use of blanket ‘no children’ clauses in rental contracts
Ban the use of blanket ‘no pet’ clauses in rental contracts
Ban the use of BMI in NHS health checks & public service/military recruitment.
Ban the use of both glass bottles and glasses in night clubs and bars
Ban the use of bots for all online purchase
Ban the use of choke and pronged collars on dogs
Ban the use of disposable BBQs and campfires on moorland
Ban the use of disposable face masks and plastic gloves in public places.
Ban the use of face masks in schools
Ban the use of fireworks during the Covid-19 lockdown period.
Ban the use of fireworks in residential areas
Ban the use of horses for crowd control
Ban the use of horses in the police force
Ban the use of Larsen traps in the UK
Ban the use of lead weights in fresh water fishing
Ban the use of mobile phones in the house of commons.
Ban the use of muzzles on dogs
Ban the use of netting as a deterrent for birds
Ban the use of non recyclable plastics in food/drink packaging
Ban the use of PAVA Spray in UK prisons following its proven misuse in pilots
Ban the use of peat in gardening and horticulture
Ban the use of peat in horticulture and all growing media by 2023.
Ban the use of Piercing Guns in the UK
Ban the use of piercing guns.
Ban the use of plastic 6 pack rings in the UK
Ban the use of plastic fishing nets for commercial fishing
Ban the use of plastic food packaging
Ban the use of plastic packaging for all non-food items
Ban the use of prepayment meters for energy provision.
Ban the use of private jets to help climate change
Ban the use of rawhide in dog treats in the UK
Ban the use of RFID chips in humans.
Ban the use of rock salt to grit pavements for the welfare of animals
Ban the use of Shark Squalene in the UK
Ban the Use of Shock Collars and Choke Chains on Dogs
Ban the use of smartphones in the House of Commons chamber
Ban the use of stickers on fruit and vegetables sold in shops and supermarkets.
Ban the use of stiles & gates that are not accessible for wheelchairs and prams.
Ban the use of stiles on public and permissive footways to enable access for all
Ban the use of strip search in schools
Ban the use of super trawlers in UK waters
Ban the use of umbrella companies in the construction industry
Ban the use of umbrella companies in the rail industry
Ban the use of unpaid internships
Ban the use of unpaid trial shifts
Ban the use of virgin plastics in all packaging sold in the UK before 2023
Ban the use of whips in horse racing
Ban the weedkillers aminopyralid and clopyralid due to risk of contamination.
Ban third party sales of rabbits in England.
Ban tourists from entering the UK during the pandemic
Ban trade deals with countries that deny climate change or not meeting targets.
Ban trading on Sundays
Ban Trail Hunting
Ban trail hunting on Ministry of Defence property
Ban trail hunts from using more than two hounds
Ban transport of puppies for sale & limit the size of breeding establishments
Ban trophy hunting imports into the UK
Ban UK imports of soy not certified as being grown sustainably
Ban UK Property Funds
Ban umbrella companies charging employees Employers NI
Ban unaccompanied adults from all childrens’ play areas.
Ban under-16s from creating social media accounts
Ban Unpaid Internships lasting longer than 4 weeks
Ban unpaid overtime!
Ban unpaid work trials
Ban unsolicited mail where a “no junk mail” sign is displayed
Ban unsolicited mail, unwanted marketing material, leaflets and flyers
Ban urban and garden pesticides to protect bees, other wildlife and human health
Ban use and sale of non-silent fireworks
Ban use of isolation booths in schools
Ban use of recoverable/reversible stun methods for livestock
Ban use of voting machines in UK and limit postal votes to physically housebound
Ban using fish as prizes at carnivals or other similar events.
Ban vaccines being administered in a manner not fully tested in clinical trials
Ban vote counting machines in elections
Ban Water Companies discharging raw sewage into water courses.
Ban wearing face coverings in public places.
Ban wearing full-face coverings in public places.
Ban whips being used on racehorses
Ban wing clipping in hens and birds
Ban wood burning stoves and all solid fuel burning in homes that are on the grid
Ban yearly increases while in a committed contract.
Ban zoos and only permit wildlife sanctuaries that protect animal species
Bank Holiday Monday if England get to the finals of the Euro’s 2020
Bank Holiday to recognise unity during Covid Pandemic
Bank holiday to thank those who helped during the COVID-19 crisis
Banning of Fipronil and Imidacloprid in flea treatments for dogs
Bans the distribution and use of combustable tobacco products in the UK by 2030
Bar entry to the UK to anyone convicted of public disorder offences/incitement
Bar non-domiciled UK residents from standing for election as MPs
Base 2021 GCSE and A-Level Grades on Teacher Considerations and Mock Grades
Base Child Benefit High Income Charge on household income and local wages
Base fines for Covid restriction violations on individuals’ incomes
Base self employed income support grant on 2019-20 tax returns
Base the vehicle excise duty for motorcycles on CO2 emissions
Begin distributing 50% of UK vaccine supplies to poorer countries immediately.
Benefit calculations should not include the partner if applicant is unmarried.
Bicycle use – Hold cross-party and stakeholder review of road sharing
Big Ben should chime in 2021 and sound out the end of the EU transition period.
Blanket payment for the self-employed similar to the AU and US stimulus payment
Block legislation to privatise the BBC and Channel 4
Block porn sites that can’t prove everyone on their site is a consenting adult
Bonus for emergency services personnel working due to COVID-19
Bonuses should be tax-free.
Boost Immunity by cutting vitamin D deficiency
Breaking Manifesto Pledges Should Immediately Trigger a General Election.
Bring a motion for a Select Committee for Safeguarding Adults.
Bring about a ban on smoking outside our nation’s schools
Bring back death penalty for child killers and mass murderers
Bring Back National Military Service.
Bring back National Service mandatory one year
Bring back national service.
Bring back our manufacturing, and put Britain first
Bring back single award GCSE Science.
Bring back Sundays being a day of rest.
Bring back the £1 note
Bring back the death penalty
Bring back the death penalty for certain offences including murder
Bring back the death penalty for convicted murderers
Bring back the death penalty for sexual abuse against children
Bring back the Education Maintenance Allowance for eligible students in England
Bring back the train line between Hatfield and St Albans
Bring down the spouse Visa fee of a British citizen
Bring forward British Summer Time by two weeks in 2021
Bring forward COVID-19 Self-employment grants to April 2020
Bring forward legislation to end ‘no-fault’ section 21 evictions now
Bring forward provisions for Business Licences for Security Providers
Bring forward the April 2023 State Pension increase
Bring forward the date for study abroad students to get the first COVID vaccine
bring forward the deadline set by the 2008 Climate change act from 2050 to 2030
Bring forward the May 17th ease of restrictions
Bring forward the Net Zero emissions target to 2030
Bring forward the plans to abolish VAT on e-books and other online publications.
Bring high percentage ethanol fuel to the UK
Bring in an Act similar to the USA’s ‘Jones Act’ to better regulate UK seafaring
Bring in automatic voter registration with an ‘opt-out’ system
Bring in mandatory licences for ferret breeding
Bring in mandatory life sentences for online grooming of a child
Bring in promised legislation to regulate heat networks to give users parity
Bring in the £72,000 cap on care costs
Bring into effect a ban on research & testing on dogs and cats in the UK
Bring into effect a ban on research & testing on dogs in the UK
Bring out ration books for food, everyday items and baby items
Bring Partner and Spouse Visa Requirements in Line with BNO Visas
Bring Public Sector Jobs To Bradford
Bring Public Services salaries in line with National Living wage.
Bring Rail franchises to an end and bring back a publicly owned railway
Bring the draft Bereavement Benefits Remedial Order into law.
Bring the fourth SEISS grant payment forward to March
Bring the Green Homes Grant Voucher Scheme back!
Bring the metaldehyde slug pellet ban forward to March 2021
Bring the pay scales of Crime Scene Investigators in line with police officers.
British citizenship for EU citizens living in the UK for over 6 years
British Citizenship for UK-born children of European nationals living in the UK
British passport holders dedicated line at border control
Broadband speeds of at least 1Gbps to all UK businesses & households by 2025.
Broaden the GCSE & A-Level English curriculum to include more BAME authors
Broker a ceasefire for all sides in Yemen to carry out humanitarian aid
Bubbles of six in schools
Build a new Royal Yacht
Build a new UK Parliament building and move Parliament to that building
Build English Channel Defence System (floating barrier) to stop beach landings
Business Rate Relief to be extended to all small businesses in healthcare.
Businesses to repay furlough if subsequently making redundancies
Businesses to work from home for an appropriate amount of time amidst COVID19
Calculate child maintenance based on actual child expenses
Calculate child maintenance on net not gross income.
Calculate high income child benefit tax charge based on entire household income
Calculate Vehicle Excise Duty (road tax) based on mileage, not a flat rate
Calculate vehicle tax on a daily basis
Call a Covid-19 General Election
Call a General Election whenever there is a change of Prime Minister
Call a Referendum on Irish Unity
Call an immediate general election due to authoritarian Coronavirus measures
Call for a Public Inquiry into the number of deaths in Care Homes
Call for action at COP26 to ensure carbon emissions never exceed 2019 levels
Call for an early General Election for 2022
Call for an immediate end to the Israeli blockade on the people of Gaza
Call for an international economic conference on climate and covid crisis
Call for an international investigation into the Beirut Port blast
Call for global crisis talks for a solution to end the destruction of the Amazon
Call for Overhaul & Reform of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency & its Role
Call for Right to Appeal/Reverse DVSA Examiner’s Decisions on ALL Driving Tests
Call for the UK government to formally recognise the State of Palestine
Call on all remaining countries to ban whaling completely.
Call on the Cuban Government to respect the civil right to peacefully protest
Call on the UK Government to provide Afghan Judges and Lawyers at risk sanctuary
Call the government to reduce UK University tuition fees from £9250 to £3000
Camper Vans and Caravans to overnight only at approved Camping Sites.
Cancel ‘Festival Of Britain’ and give the money to our NHS
Cancel A-level and GCSE exams 2022
Cancel all exams and coursework tasks this academic year
Cancel all GCSE, AS and A level exams until 2024.
Cancel all student debt for all students
Cancel BTEC summer exams
Cancel Easter school holidays to allow kids to stay in school
Cancel Festival UK* 2022
Cancel GCSE and A-Level Exams for Summer 2022 due to lack of proper education
Cancel GCSE and A-levels in 2021 replace with Course Work and Teacher Assessment
Cancel GCSEs and A Levels in 2021
Cancel HS2 and use the £100bn to provide superfast fibre broadband to EVERY home
Cancel HS2 and use the money for the NHS and local economies, post Covid-19.
Cancel HS2 and use the money to cover the health costs of Covid 19
Cancel NEA A-Level Coursework
Cancel Ofsted inspections of schools until Autumn term 2021
Cancel plans by the Ministry of Justice to open 4 new prisons
Cancel plans to ban conversion therapy
Cancel plans to commission a new Royal Yacht
Cancel the ‘Project Vigilant’ pilots
Cancel the £224 per year increase to the NHS Surcharge
Cancel the 2022 GCSE exams
Cancel the Afghan citizens’ resettlement scheme
Cancel the energy bill rebate for second homes
Cancel the school 20/21 year for primary pupils. Repeat the years in 21/22.
Cancel the VED rate increase (road tax) that is come into effect from April 2022
Cancel Tier-2 skilled workers to leave the UK if laid-off due to COVID outbreak.
Cancel transport investment and invest in comms etc to encourage home working.
Cancel Vocational Exams NOW
CANZUK: Enter talks with Australia to join the Trans-Tasman Travel Agreement
CANZUK: Seek free movement and free trade with Canada, Australia & New Zealand
Cap and regulate service charge fees billed by managing companies to home owners
Cap local authority parking fines during the pandemic
Cap monthly Council Tax payments to no more than 8% of net income
Cap number of pharmacy students due to oversupply of registered UK pharmacists
Cap profit fuel forecourt operators can make on petrol and diesel to 10p/litre
Cap the cost of car insurance for young drivers.
Car registration number plates on all drive thru packaging
Carry out a full review of the failures of case management of Veterans UK.
Cease all foreign aid to the countries who abstained from condemning Russia.
Cease foreign aid during covid-19 and use the funds to support UK economy
Cease sale and export of all UK-made arms to other countries
Censure the Chinese Government for ignoring the Sino-British Joint declaration.
Change A-level grades awarded from CAGs to UCAS predicted grades where higher
Change approach to COV-19 – if schools have “confirmed” cases they should close.
Change Cannabis, Cannabinol & Cannabinol derivatives to Class C
Change COVID-19 critical workers list to include all veterinary staff
Change current road tax to one, three, six or twelve months
Change DfE school guidance to allow overnight educational visits.
Change DLA to PIP age from 16 years old to 18 years old
Change eligibility to Self-Employment Income Support Scheme to a gradated scale
Change Environment Agency rules for part year registration
Change Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in law to Female Genital Cutting (FGC)
Change framework for clean air zones so Euro 5 Diesel do not have to be charged
Change Government guidance on listing ethnic groups to be more inclusive
Change Gross Vehicle Weight Restrictions for Vehicles drivable on a Car Licence
Change in Tier 2 visa for family to receive ILR if NHS worker dies of COVID 19.
Change IR35 rules to require client to pay employer NI
Change law so that any and all poison or means to kill wild rodents is humane
Change law to mean that if an adult discovers a dead body it must be reported
Change legal age for buying alcohol to 21 and require alcohol to be covered up
Change legal definition of stillborn to include all delivered babies
Change maternity leave rules for baby losses before 24 weeks
Change method to work out child maintenance to be based on net not gross income
Change our electoral system to Proportional Representation for true democracy
Change our time zone to Single/Double British Summertime (SDST)
Change outdated laws to prevent forest felling when baby animals are in
Change petition rules to allow petitions of no confidence in the UK Government
Change planning guidance to increase parking space sizes
Change planning laws so all new flats must include a terrace or balcony
Change reported COVID deaths to those where COVID was the primary cause of death
Change requirements for managed quarantine for international students
Change restrictions on furloughed workers so they can still work and contribute
Change rules on Support Bubbles to allow switching after 14 days of no contact
Change sentencing for causing death or serious injury by dangerous driving
Change speed limit on all unclassified rural roads from national limit to 40mph
Change Statutory Paternity Pay to 90% of average weekly earnings.
Change succession rights to allow tenancies to be passed down more than once
Change the £200 loan for electric/gas bills to a grant
Change the age of consent to 18
Change the bicycle graphic on roadsigns etc. to a step-through bike.
Change the Blue Badge parking scheme so people who are 100 automatically qualify
Change the criteria for SEISS grants for 2019-2020 tax year traders
Change the current outdated law on Bereavement Damages
Change the date that the clocks go forward to Saturday 13th February 2021
Change the day of General Elections from Thursday to Saturday
Change the description of “Alcohol-Free” in the Food Labelling Regulations 1996
Change the early May bank holiday to coincide with and celebrate VE Day
Change the Early Years funding to start the month after a child turns 2 or 3
Change the Equality Act 2010 to make regional accent discrimination unlawful
Change the Equality Act 2010 to make regional accent discrimination unlawful
Change the Furlough Support Scheme to include new hires after 28th February.
Change the high income child benefit tax charge to total household income
Change the Highway Code to recommend cyclists keep left in most circumstances
Change the hold music for HMRC.
Change the hold music on the DWP phone line
Change the Income Threshold for (MTD) ITSA to the VAT Threshold i.e. £85k p.a.
Change the law around lone working at night In the hotel industry.
Change the law covering sale of services to preclude “automatic renewal clause”
Change the law on airport slots to favour ecological practices
Change the law so anyone over the age of 18 can be adopted.
Change the law so both parents must consent to a child as a motor bike passenger
Change the law so charities can exist for the political purpose of changing law
Change the law so employers can’t enforce dress codes surrounding dyed hair
Change the law so legal rights of Special Guardians are extended to funeral date
Change the law so no Police Officer is single crewed
Change the law so people with learning disabilities or autism can’t be detained
Change the law so that all copyright only lasts for two years
Change the law so that Independent Trusts are regulated
Change the law so that possession of a catapult in public becomes an offence
Change the law so that UK citizens can call a General election
Change the law so unmarried, deceased father’s name can go on birth certificate
Change the law surrounding the display of private number plates on vehicles
Change the law to allow an individual to have a pets ashes buried with them
Change The Law To Allow Genetic DNA Research To Progress Unsolved Murders
Change the law to allow legal supervised injection facilities to reduce deaths.
Change the law to allow reward points/coupons for infant milk
Change the law to enable sectioning for alcoholism
Change the law to include laboratory animals in the Animal Welfare Act.
Change the law to increase sentencing for Hare coursing and poaching.
Change the law to make it illegal to be naked in a public place.
Change the law to prevent the DVLA from selling our personal information
Change the law to prevent the sales of live animals in pet stores.
Change the law to protect Zander fish
Change the law to stop public nuisance charges for suicide attempts
Change the law to treat child porn as child sexual abuse
Change the law, so that UK citizens can force an immediate General Election
Change the legal age for buying alcohol from 18 to 16
Change the legal age for smoking / use of e-cigarettes from 18 to 16
Change the legal age of being able to drive to 16
Change the legal drink drive alcohol limit to ZERO.
Change the marriage law in England/Wales from registered buildings to celebrants
Change the motorbike cc restriction for 16 year olds from 50cc to 125cc
Change the name of the BBC to Britain Today
Change the name of the NHS to the Royal National Health Service
Change the NHS Bursary so all current students receive specialist subject grants
Change the NHS Learning Support Fund to include Nursing Associate Students.
Change the number of jobs employers must create to apply for kickstart scheme.
Change the official units of measurement from Metric back to Imperial
Change the pension auto enrolment criteria for under-22s and low paid workers
Change the policy for people with dual citizenship changing their passport name
Change the policy on discharging covid 19 hospital patients into care homes.
Change the Prison Staff Uniform
Change the process that when a Prime Minister resigns,a general election is held
Change the qualifying time period for unfair dismissal from 2 years to 1 year
Change the Road Traffic Act so that the life of an unborn child is acknowledged
Change the school exam grading system to year round progressive assessment
Change the school year to start from 1st January
Change the Sexual Offences Act so women can be charged with rape
Change the Sexual Offences Act so women can be charged with rape against males
Change the Sexual Offences Act so women can be charged with rape against men
Change the speed limit on motorways and dual carriageways
Change the speed limit on motorways to 100 mph between 10pm and 4am
Change the spouse visa eligibility requirements and application process
Change the Standard Method for calculating local housing need
Change the Student Finance criteria to better help independent people.
Change the title of Special Schools to Support Schools.
Change the two year NQT induction period back to one year.
Change the UK’s Airport slots regulations
Change the units used in road transport from imperial to metric
Change the VAT rate on children’s bike seats and trailers to 0% or 5%
Change the voting system at General Elections from FPTP to a supplementary vote.
Change the voting system from First Past The Post to Instant Runoff Voting
Change the voting system from First Past the Post to Proportional Representation
Change the way child maintenance is worked out – base on income after deductions
Change the way child maintenance is worked out – base on income after deductions
Change the way The Self employed income support grants are calculated
Change the way Universal Credit is worked out regarding Student Finance
Change the way universal credit works for 4 weekly paid employees.
Change the zero carbon emission goals to 2025 instead of 2050
Change this service so that we can sign either FOR or AGAINST a petition
Change Tier 3 rules to allow pubs and restaurants to stay open
Change TV licence fee law to only cover BBC channels.
Change Universal Credit to payments every 4 weeks
Change Universal Credits and How Student Loans Decrease Payments To Hardship
Change VAT status of social care provision from exempt to zero-rated
Changes to both Houses of Parliament.
Charge anyone needing emergency care due to excessive alcohol £100 for treatment
Charge companies for improper disposal of products and fly-tipping
Child Maintenance to be paid onto cards that can only be spent on the children.
Children to attend school during lockdown while parents are in education
Children under 11 should not count towards the total of 15 people for weddings
Children under school age not to be included in restrictions on gatherings
Christmas in July – 2 extra days off on Friday 23rd and Monday 26th July 2021
Citizenship for all immigrant NHS and social care workers – Covid19
Citizenship to all immigrant key workers
Clarify the new Government RSE & Health Education guidance
Clarify the rules regarding permitted travel for exercise e.g. 20 miles drive
Clarity on government scrapping immigration health surcharge for NHS workers.
Class bamboo as an invasive species and ban it from sale
Class Feminine Hygiene Products as Medical Devices.
Classify Broadband as an essential utility with greater protections for access
Classify Covid-19 as an Occupational Disease
Clear any NHS student debt accrued during the covid 19 pandemic
Clear labeling on containing animal products and carbon footprint
Clear student debts for all newly qualified & final year medical students.
Climate awareness labels on all goods sold: CO2; habit destruction; recycled %
Climate Change. Promote 50mph speed limit on all but electric vehicles/ coaches.
Close all businesses on boxing day to allow people to enjoy family time in 2020
Close all Click and Collect non-essential retail stores in Tier 4 areas
Close all construction sites
Close all drinking only pubs & bars until a Coronavirus vaccine is available.
Close all food stores on a Sunday during this lockdown
Close all non essential online stores/warehouses
Close all non essential shops during the Covid-19 crisis
Close all non-essential businesses
Close all parliamentary hospitality venues at 10pm
Close all pubs at 9pm
Close all pubs during Covid19 pandemic
Close all Schools and colleges and Universities during second lockdown
Close all schools until after February half-term to stop the spread of Covid-19
Close all schools until COVID-19 is 100% gone
Close all secondary schools due the risk of catching COVID-19
Close all shops including supermarkets during covid 19
Close all Takeaways during National Lockdown
Close all the courts down to stop the spread of COVID-19.
Close all UK border to prevent COVID-19 spread
Close all universities down for an appropriate amount of time amidst COVID-19
Close all unnecessary businesses including takeaways to safeguard health
Close borders to all travellers from countries where India variant present
Close construction sites because of Covid19.
Close down all UK airports & seaports to prevent further spreading of Covid-19.
Close down Hardware, DIY Stores and Garden centres in Tier 4 areas
Close footpaths, bridleways & right of ways through farmers land during Covid-19
Close Garden Centres and Nurseries during the Lockdown
Close garden centres during second national lockdown
Close gyms to reduce Covid transmission
Close high street banks and building societies due to Coronavirus
Close loophole allowing licensed dog breeders to broker pregnant bitches
Close our beaches to the public or restrict their use to the local population
Close public transport down for an appropriate amount of time amidst COVID19
Close pubs, restaurants and non-essential shops to reduce spread of covid19
Close schools and bring back online learning until the end of Jan 2022
Close schools and colleges and replace exams with teacher assessed grades
Close Schools and Colleges during a second nationwide lockdown
Close schools and colleges in areas under tier 4
Close schools except for Year 11s
Close schools in areas of tier 3
Close schools in Tier 4 areas
Close schools with confirmed COVID cases
Close schools, Colleges and Universities starting 12 December for 6 weeks
Close Schools/Colleges down for an appropriate amount of time amidst COVID19.
Close the border for horse travel to stop EHV
Close the Borders of the United Kingdom to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus.
Close the borders until coronavirus is defeated
Close the Royal Parks to vehicle traffic
Close the United Kingdom/Republic of Ireland border immediately.
Close UK Airports for Commercial Travel
Close UK airports for two months every year
Codify the UK Constitution into a single document following public consultation
Collect and publish data on how many children lose a parent to suicide
Commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day in 2021
Commission & fund a National Pandemic Memorial, Institute & annual commemoration
Commission a comprehensive cost benefit analysis of the response to COVID
Commission a Memorial Plaque to honour and remember UK victims of the Covid-19
Commission a memorial to the victims of the slave trade
Commission a review into NHS salaries
Commission a review into police handling of allegations of spiking
Commission a review into racial inequalities in the criminal justice system
Commission a review into the diagnosis and treatment of SIBO
Commission a review into the safety of contraceptive pills
Commission a review of fertility treatment for same-sex/LGBTQ+ couples
Commission a review of racism in cricket
Commission an inclusive disability symbol & require use in all public facilities
Commission an independent review into GP access
Commission an independent review of childcare funding and affordability
Commission an inquiry into the underemployment of disabled people
Commission and fund independent research into the efficacy of the RT-PCR test
Commission and publish a report on illegal economic migration
Commission investigation into Covid-19 cases in Cornwall and the G7 conference
Commission NICE to Review Guidelines on Chronic Pain (Published April 2021)
Commission NICE to Review Guidelines on Chronic Pain (Published April 2021)
Commit funds and time to an urgent review and redesign of the KCMG medal
Commit to a public review of HS2 project and suspend all on-going work now
Commit to building the eastern leg of HS2 to Leeds
Commit to cutting school carbon footprints to zero by 2025
Commit to electrification of the whole East West Rail line & ban diesel on route
Commit to not storing US nuclear weapons in the UK
Commit to providing refuge for at least 100,000 Ukrainian women & children.
Commit to requisitioning private hospital beds amid the COVID-19 pandemic
Commit to UK natural gas and increase investment
Compensate owners of large holiday lets for loss of income due to ‘rule of 6’
Compensate successful benefit appellants for additional costs of benefit loss
Compensation for Covid Deaths in Care Homes
Compensation for the Wedding Sector due to Government intervention/restrictions
Complete the changeover to the metric system
Complete UK lockdown of all business but those essential to our survival
Compulsory home checks and abusers database to protect animals
Compulsory labelling of Halal and kosher certified food in schools and hospitals
Compulsory Penalties for Dangerously out of control dogs attacking other animals
Compulsory psychological exams and racial bias training for the UK Police Force
Compulsory random drug testing to protect children and vulnerable adults
Compulsory to display country of manufacture on all goods at point of sale
Concentrate covid restrictions to help end this pandemic
Condemn Chinese government for removing children from parents due to Covid-19
Condemn Israel for their treatment of Palestine and Palestinians
Condemn mink farming and work internationally to end the practice
Condemn the Belarus Government for harassment and detention of its citizens
Condemn the government of India on Rape and Sexual Violence against women
Condemn the plans to ban hijab in France
Condemn the US for overturning legal rights to abortion
Condemn the US government for the use of force against its citizens
Conduct a Government-led review of cancer care pathways for young women
Conduct a review into the family court service CAFCAS
Conduct an independent public inquiry into the Birmingham ‘Trojan Horse’ affair.
Conduct an urgent review for the long-term care of the elderly
Conduct and publish an independent review into race relations with the Police
Confirm a timeline for rollout of Veterans ID card to all veterans
Confirm a timeline to pass the ban on LGBT+ Conversion Therapy into law
Confirm all subtopics that will be in 2022 GCSE exams
Confirm arrangements for 2022 GCSE, A-level and BTEC exams by summer 2021
Confirm the topics that will be in the Autumn A Level exams 2021
Confirm when restrictions on congregational signing will be lifted
Consider estate agents for the vaccine before being rolled out to all
Consider hair loss clinics to be essential businesses during lockdown situations
Consider how to compensate key workers for their efforts during Covid-19 crisis
Consider making audio-visual next stop announcements on buses mandatory
Consider passing a Good Samaritan Act during CV-19
Consider paying commission and bonus as part or furlough payment
Consider relaxing Covid-19 restrictions for younger people first
Consider setting pension age in line with life expectancy
Consider support for swimming clubs due to Covid-19
Consider the establishment of a UK Biometric ID system
Consider to reintroduce maintenance grants for students going to university
Consider urgent action to grant specialist vape retailers essential status
Construction of Wild Animal bridges
Consult year 13s on arrangements for exams in 2021
Contact Details On Microchips Must Remain Registered For Life #TuksLaw
Continue emergency funding for bus services
Continue free Covid tests for families with extremely vulnerable members
Continue Government funding for national mental health campaigns
Continue providing Free School Meal vouchers during the summer holidays.
Continue providing Lateral Flow / Self Test Kits free by post and at pharmacies
Continue Red diesel exemption for small plant contractors in rural areas
Continue the ban on the use of Neonicotinoids
Continue the Red Diesel Exemption Status for Legitimate UK Industry & Business.
Continue to fund the LGBT anti-bullying scheme in schools.
Continue to fund the ONS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection Survey
Continue to make face masks mandatory in all healthcare settings from 19th July.
Continue to run through trains from Bristol to Waterloo via Trowbridge
Control pollution from agriculture in the Wye and Severn River Catchments
Coordinate rigorous world effort to end live wild animal markets
Coordinate with the EU to distribute Covid vaccines to priority groups in Europe
Coronavirus Support Package for Directors / Shareholders of small Limited Co’s.
Coronavirus: Free Hand sanitisers for everyone.
Coronaviruses-Start Educational Campaign: Catch It,Bin It,Kill It When You Spit
Coroners must be lawfully obligated to statistically record veteran suicides
Corrections and clarifications in UK media to be as prominent as original story
Council tax reduction for freehold properties paying Management Companies
Council Tax reduction for people on private estates paying management fees
Council Tax reduction for people paying Estate Management fees
Councils, refuse collectors must scan & identify any recovered deceased dogs.
Count students as low-income households in Energy Finance Support Package
Count the duration of Tier 5 type visa toward the ILR for health workers
Country Of Origin Labelling should be compulsory on all imported food
Cover 100% of Green Homes Grant improvements for all households
Cover 80% of wages for people who are having to shield for 12 weeks.
Cover calorie information on food and drink products
Covid bail outs for companies in exchange for carbon-reducing commitments.
COVID Guidance for extra curricular activity providers within childcare settings
Covid-19 press briefings to be delivered only by qualified experts
COVID-19 tests for everyone working in Social Care.
COVID-19 Vaccine religious exemption for workplaces and accessing venues
COVID-19: Allowing people to go for drives for mental health
COVID-19: Commandeer production of British-made PPE for frontline staff
Covid-secure certification to allow businesses to open during lockdowns
Create a ‘Day of Rest’ in each calendar week as we come out lockdown.
Create a ‘Homes for Afghanistan’ refugee scheme
Create a ‘National Sleep Strategy’ to end child bed poverty
Create a “PHS (Pet Health Service)” Scheme paid for by pet owners
Create a £3 coin
Create a 250,000 signature benchmark to oblige immediate debate of a petition
Create a Bank Holiday in memory of armed services personnel killed in service
Create a binding contract for MPs
Create a Citizens’ Assembly for the Future
Create a compensation fund for live events in light of Covid-19
Create a compensation scheme for remanded prisoners found not guilty
Create a COVID rating system for leisure facilities & increase financial aid.
Create a Covid Remembrance Public Holiday in 2023
Create a database of all lost and stolen dogs.
Create a digital driving licence
Create a duty of care for licensed premises in respect of intoxicated customers
Create a fairer VAT regime for social care
Create a fast-track visa for British-employed Ukrainians and their families
Create a free Animal Health Service for pets please
Create a fund for e-fuel technology research and deployment
Create a fund for enforcement of road traffic offences by cyclists and scooters
Create a fund to reimburse money lost due to covid-19 travel cancellations
Create a fund to reimburse money lost due to Covid-19 wedding cancellations
Create a fund to reimburse private medical costs paid during the pandemic
Create a fund to retrain workers in high-carbon industries
Create a Gaelic Languages Act
Create a government approved register and Union flag logo/mark for UK made goods
Create a Government compensation scheme for all mesh implant recipients
Create a Government department for the protection of women and girls
Create a Government department to eradicate poverty in the UK
Create a Government fund that accepts public donations to support Ukraine
Create a Government manufacturing leadership forum for small and medium firms
Create a Government register for holding wills
Create a Government-backed car insurance scheme
Create a Government-funded national accommodation booking platform,
Create a homeless employer scheme to help homeless people into work
Create a Key Worker tax allowance bracket to reward key workers
Create a law to regulate the way used catalytic-converters are sold as scrap.
Create a law that requires unnecessary lighting to be turned off
Create a Legacy of Slavery Commission, to review all UK civic memorials
Create a legal right for patients to receive timely face-to-face GP appointments
Create a mandatory Financial Education subject at secondary
Create a mandatory register for all caravans in the UK
Create a medal for cold war veterans
Create a minimum wage for bus and coach drivers of £15 per hour
Create a Minister for Hospitality in the UK Government
Create a Minister For Poverty responsible for tackling poverty and its causes
Create a National Covid-19 Key worker memorial
Commemorate the fallen
Create a national database of people banned from keeping animals
Create a national document checking service, to prevent loss in the post
Create a national domestic abuse offender register
Create a national domestic abuse register and new requirements for offenders
Create a National Health Insurance Tax for the NHS
Create a national holiday for Diwali and Eid (like for Christmas and Easter)
Create a national memorial for Key Workers lost to COVID
Create a National Museum of Black History and Culture
Create a national online school for pupils unable to attend school premises
Create a national pass for people with diagnosed hidden disabilities
Create a national social work record system
Create a national system to provide animal health certificates at a fixed cost
Create a National Taskforce to end Breast Cancer deaths
Create a nationwide network of pollinator passages, to form The Bee Superhighway
Create a nationwide regeneration plan run by an independent “Regeneration Tsar”
Create a new bank holiday in October
Create a new Bank Holiday in recognition of the NHS and all its amazing workers.
Create a new body to review & oversee the Code of Conduct for MPs and sanctions
Create a new independent statutory regulator for all UK News Media
Create a new inheritance tax allowance for gifts towards a child’s first home
Create a new law so bystanders have a duty to assist
Create a new MP to represent all UK expats
Create a new offence of using a vehicle in connection with a crime
Create a new Ombudsman and protections for owners of new build homes
Create a new permanent public holiday on the nearest Monday to Midsummers Day
Create a new register and regulatory body for Advanced Clinical Practitioners
Create a new regulatory body to oversee town and parish councils
Create a new standards body, similar to Ofgem etc, to regulate courier services
Create a new tax for retailers that waste food
Create a new tax on food and toiletry products that contain known carcinogens
Create a new vehicle category for E-bikes with a top speed of 30mph
Create a one off Bank Holiday on Monday June 21st 2021.
Create a path to safety for all LGBTQ+ Afghans for resettlement in the UK
Create a Police Code of Practice: Engaging with people with mental health issues
Create a police enforcement unit to deal with bus, tram and station crime.
Create a programme to plant a tree for every baby born in England
Create a public awareness campaign to support people with eating disorders
Create a public register of domestic violence/abuse offenders
Create a public register of people banned from keeping animals in the UK
Create a publicly owned manufacturer for off-patent, generic drugs in the UK
Create a quarantine exemption to facilitate cross border child contact
Create a Race Equality Action Plan for England
Create a register of people guilty of race-related offences
Create a regulator for licences to play live or recorded music
Create a regulator for the cryptocurrency market in the UK
Create a regulator for the EV charging network
Create a regulatory body and framework for personal trainers
Create a religious exemption to any vaccine passport requirements
Create a rent Cap law for London Similar to the Berlin and Barcelona examples
Create a rent cap of £250 PCM per bedroom.
Create a rent cap of £700 PCM and give extra protections to renters
Create a right for all employees to have essential work travel expenses covered
Create a right to appeal for people convicted under law which is later reformed.
Create a right to paid leave for women and men following all miscarriages
Create a scheme to legally recognise those exempt from wearing face masks
Create a Security Workers Act
Create a separate English Parliament
Create a separate Humanitarian Fund Tax for big businesses and high earners
Create a Sikh regiment in the British army
Create a single database of microchipped cats and dogs & make scanning mandatory
Create a single national Defra microchip database
Create a specific offence of stirring up hatred on grounds of Gender Identity
Create a statutory body for the regulation of political advertising
Create a statutory Mental Health & Wellbeing Policy for all schools & colleges
Create a strategy to end violence against men and boys with a dedicated Minister
Create a symptom reporting site, where people with Covid-19 symptoms self-report
Create a system for members of the public to create Online Polls
Create a system to house Ukrainian families with children in the UK
Create a Task Force to Oversee Drug Procurement for ALL Post Viral Conditions
Create a Task Force to support residents displaced by environmental events
Create a taskforce to establish a fair process for 2021 university candidates
Create a tax break for workers who were not furloughed during the pandemic
Create a UK Black Citizens Council
Create a UK Jobs Guarantee Scheme covering every young person in need of work
Create a UK Wellbeing and Future Generations Act
Create a user-led, independent body to support CQC to monitor secure settings
Create a Veterinary Services Ombudsman
Create a Victims Law to enhance rights for victims of crime
Create a way for the public to donate money to help pay the COVID-19 deficit
Create a wildlife corridor in place of HS2
Create a written constitution to guarantee the rights for citizen
Create a Youth Poet Laureate for the UK
Create a”Pandemic Voluntary Service Medal”to recognise Civilian Volunteers.
Create an ‘opt out’ system for the Bone Marrow Register and Cord Blood Bank
Create an Accessible and Inclusive Parks Fund
Create an addiction and mental health strategy
Create an advisory board to review public statues and decide on their removal
Create an alternative education provision for neuro-diverse children and teens
Create an earned amnesty route for migrants without leave to remain
Create an Emergency Carers Support Fund to increase care worker wages
Create an emergency fund for ASD (autism) & ADHD assessments
Create an emergency fund for victims of failed funeral plan companies.
Create an emergency Vet service to help injured animals.
Create an Events Cancellation Fund for the events sector
Create an executive non-departmental public body for Hospitality
Create an extra bank holiday at Easter 2021 to let people make up for Xmas
Create an independent body to manage the award of all government contracts
Create an independent body to regulate the personal development industry
Create an independent body to review family court cases
Create an independent investigatory commission to help protect ethnic minorities
Create an nationally recognised card for carers
Create an offence of trespass on field of play at a designated sporting event
Create an Official Racial Offenders Register/Scheme
Create an Operation Rescript medal for Armed Forces supporting Covid-19 response
Create an Unborn Victims of Violence Act
Create and implement a strategy for eradicating child poverty
Create benefit for full-time carers of disabled children paying £332.50 a week
Create British passport holders only sections at arrival in the UK airports
Create career development grants for those who lost livelihoods due to COVID19
Create charge for use of non-biodegradable material
Create council tax exemptions and railway discounts for part-time students
Create Environmental Impact ratings for businesses with associated fines/reliefs
Create extra bank holidays to make up for those that took place under COVID.
Create fast-track Asylum process for Afghan refugees
Create financial incentives for employers who retain contractors
Create financial sanctions for companies involved in deforestation of the Amazon
Create fund to support parents who home-school & create national register
Create future tax relief for businesses who don’t receive Covid-19 support
Create laws for what can/cant be classed as sustainable to prevent greenwashing
Create legal age restrictions for music
Create legal protections for people who publicly name their abuser
Create legal requirement for all cyclists to wear a helmet and other safety gear
Create legal requirements for schools to reduce, reuse and recycle
Create legislation requiring employers to have Mental Health First Aiders
Create legislation to prevent COVID-19 & vaccine misinformation on social media
Create more curriculum around diversity and inclusion within secondary schools.
Create national standards for advanced information from exam boards in 2022
Create new body to oversee and sanction MPs for dishonesty
Create new green planning requirements for residential properties
Create new publicly owned solar energy company to address fuel & climate crisis
Create new recycling and reuse requirements for local authorities
Create new requirements for breeding and selling dogs
Create new requirements for public transport for SEN school students
Create new restrictions and offences for financial transparency in Parliament
Create new rights for breastfeeding mothers in the workplace
Create NHS Day National Holiday + Payment of National Gratitude Bonus to staff
Create NHS immunity from prosecution for negligence claims.
Create Nurse Reserve Force to avoid the NHS being overwhelmed & future lockdowns
Create rights for full compensation for sewer flooding from sewerage undertakers
Create rights to withdraw from buying a property ‘off-plan’ due to delays
Create safe routes to the UK for asylum seekers
Create short-term visas for skilled abattoir workers to meet labour shortages
Create statutory procedures for sexual offence complaints at university
Create statutory procedures for sexual offence complaints in all universities
Create targeted support for children of parents with a mental illness
Create the largest open wifi network for communities during Covid 19
Create UK Bank Holidays on 25th and 28th June 2021 in lieu of Christmas 2020
Create visitation rights for siblings full, step or half
Create/use alternative method for verifying identity for UC claims and GOV help
Creating a new Animal Health Service (AHS) for free medical treatment in the UK
Creation of a temporary bank holiday.
Criminal offence to use personal email/messaging apps for Govt/Council business
Criminal records for all those caught breaking tier rules
Criminalise burning or intentional damage of the Union Flag.
Criminalise manufacturing and distributing deep-fake pornography
Criminalise Public Sexual Harassment with Fines
Criminalise the publication of unfounded false statements by the media
Criminalise the spread of medical misinformation for financial gain.
Cut beer duty for at least 12 months, so pubs can survive after the covid virus.
Cut business rates for shopkeepers, to protect jobs and support communities.
Cut MLA’s salaries to basic Universal Credit rate until an executive is formed
Cut student loan interest and link it to CPI inflation as soon as possible
Cut student loan’s interest rate to properly reflect Bank of England’s base rate
Cut the standard VAT rate from 20% to 5%
Cut the VAT charged on energy bills
Cut VAT on domestic electricity to zero
Cut VAT to 5% on alcohol sold in licensed premises
Cyclist must wear a helmet, hi-vis and have lights on their bike.
Dangerous Drivers must be banned for Life automatically. Make roads Safer
DBS to show all cautions and warnings related to Domestic Violence and stalking.
Debate an Online Harms Bill by the end of 2020 and make it law by July 2021
Debate on Covid-19 crisis in low income countries and hostile environments
Debate the Chinese government’s handling of Covid-19
Debate/respond to petitions from other petition sites
Decarbonise UK energy by funding locally-owned renewable micro-grids
Decide now to make the 2021 elections all-postal whilst there is still time
Declare “Tested on Animals” on packaging for any product tested on animals
Decline any requests for bailouts from the airline industry
Decolonise the UK curriculum and make it more diverse
Decrease tax on overtime hours.
Decrease the Foreign Aid budget once we have left the EU.
Decrease the state pension age for both men and women to 62 now.
Decrease the UK’s copyright term length to 50 years after the creator’s death
Decriminalisation of Marijuana and THC products for Medical and Recreational use
Decriminalise BBC tv licence evasion
Decriminalise Psilocybin for Medical Use.
Dedicate funding for research into Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva (FOP)
Defer Christmas & Boxing Day holidays of 2020 to summer of 2021
Defund and abolish CAFCASS
Delay 2021 GCSE and A-level exams to allow students to catch up.
Delay 5G in the UK until there’s been an independent investigation
Delay ban on coal and increase funding for transition for those reliant on coal
Delay implementation of IR35 legislation reform until COVID-19 is resolved
Delay opening of schools until Test Track and Trace for Covid 19 is working
Delay rebated fuel duty changes on Red Diesel until supply and pricing is stable
Delay removal of red diesel entitlement from the construction industry
Delay the A level October exams 2020 to allow students to study longer.
Delay the April NI increase given the impact of the fuel crisis on UK households
Delay the ban on Menthol Cigarettes until after the COVID-19 Pandemic
Delay the Multiplication Tables Check until it has been consulted on.
Delay the Plug-in Car grant cut
Delay the reopening of schools to September
Delay the return of school to the 22nd of march to keep students and staff safe
Delay the TV License fees for the elderly for at least 12 months
Delay VAT reversal scheme for construction industry
Demand the approval of a sovereignty/independence referendum in Hong Kong
Deport all foreign and dual nationals convicted of any crime in the UK
Deport non-UK nationals convicted of violent crime or rioting
Deposit scheme on glass, plastic, steel, aluminium bottles and cans.
Design Technology to be compulsory at KS4 for all students.
Designate a day for the recognition of our NHS and all Emergency Services.
Designate and provide funding for a day to celebrate key workers
Detailers and Car Care Professionals to Be Able to Remain Open During Lockdown
Develop a sustainable plan to manufacture scrubs to meet NHS & healthcare demand
Develop an Education Health Care Plan template for use by all local authorities
Devolve broadcasting and regulation of the media to the Welsh Government
Devolve control of the Crown Estate in and around Wales, to Welsh Government
Devolve employment law
Devolve full justice powers to the Welsh Government
Devolve immigration policy to the Scottish Parliament
Devolve legislative powers over broadcasting to the Scottish Parliament
Devolve powers to the Scottish Government relating to drug consumption rooms.
DfE to report grade 3 as a ‘standard pass’
Direct DVSA to fully reopen all driving test centres and release more test slots
Direct the DVSA to seek help from the MoD to clear the back log of driving tests
Direct the DVSA to seek help from the MoD to clear the backlog of driving tests
Disability awareness at all levels of national curriculum to prevent bullying
Disability changing facilities and decent access in all venues to be law.
Disallow all ‘past paper’ questions from 2021 GCSE/A-Level assessments
Disallow all click and collect for non-essential retail during the lockdown
Disallow Food that is Lower than the Minimum UK Production & Welfare Standards
Disallow Teacher Assessed Grades lower than a 5 for 2021 GCSEs and A-Levels
Disapply 14-day quarantine rules for those testing negative for Coronavirus.
Disbar individuals on the Sex Offenders Register from standing for election
Display environmental impact on all packaging and bags containing plastic
Dispose of the maximum housing benefit paid to under 35s being the shared rate.
Dispose of the UK’s Nuclear Warheads and encourage other nations to do the same
Disqualify those with sexual offence convictions from standing as an MP
Disregard the findings and recommendations of the Sewell report
DITCH THE VAT – Zero VAT on sports, fitness classes and sporting goods, forever
Divide Child Benefit equally between separated parents who share equal care.
Do not allow ESFA to clawback any funding for Adult Education budget
Do not allow ingredients used only in cosmetics to be used on animals
Do not allow the use of agency workers to replace staff on strike
Do not allow under 18 year olds to vote in constitutional referendums
Do not apply changes to terms & conditions to existing student loan agreements
Do not ban gender transition treatments for under 18s
Do not ban people from exercising with one other person from another household
Do not ban the import of cropped dogs to the UK
DO NOT ban the manufacture, import, sale and use of fireworks
Do not bring back Eat Out To Help Out scheme
Do not build an undersea tunnel from Britain to Northern Ireland
Do not build two new prisons at Wethersfield Air Base
Do not change the voting system for Mayoral and PCC elections to FPTP
Do not charge capital gains tax on cryptoassets
Do not close gyms and fitness facilities if there is another lockdown
Do not compromise the lockdown rules for Christmas
Do not count driving under 10mph as HGV drivers’ hours
Do not count time outside of the UK during COVID-19 against ILR applicants
Do not create a National Landscapes Service
Do not create offshore asylum centres
Do not criminalise entering Afghanistan
Do not cut domestic Air Passenger Duty
Do not cut our Armed Forces or UK Defence budget
Do not cut school holidays or extend the school day
Do not cut UK higher education Arts Funding
Do not deduct Carer’s Allowance or pension payment from Universal Credit
Do not deduct carers allowance pound for pound as its not work!
Do not delay A-level Exams
Do not delay the Job Retention Bonus: businesses are relying on this money
Do not enact “secrecy clause” on environmental decisions
Do not end legal obligations to self-isolate if people test positive for covid
Do not enforce a compulsory quarantine on people arriving in the UK
Do not enforce mandatory hotel quarantines for international arrivals.
Do not exempt under 18s (including school children) from self-isolating
Do not extend Sunday Trading Hours for Retail
Do not force University Students to stay at Uni over Christmas.
Do not fully re-open schools until all indoor mixing is safe to be resumed
Do not give consent for another Scottish Independence Referendum
Do not give consent to the Rampion2 windfarm extension off the coast of Sussex
Do not give consent to the Rampion2 windfarm extension off the coast of Sussex
Do not implement a circuit breaker lockdown
Do not implement a second national lockdown or other restrictions this winter
Do not implement a tracking-based road tax system
Do not implement another lockdown this Christmas
Do not implement Covid-19 Freedom Passes
Do not implement EU speed limiter requirements in the UK
Do not implement policies to turn around migrant boats crossing the Channel
Do not implement proposed changes to Human Medicine Regulations
Do not implement proposed changes to student loans
Do not implement proposed new offences for vehicle “tampering”
Do not implement stricter Covid 19 lockdown restrictions.
Do not impose any new requirements on parents who are home educating
Do not impose covid-19 restrictions on higher education students
Do not impose new free speech conditions on higher education
Do not impose new taxes on sugar and salt in food
Do not impose visa penalties on Russian or Belorussian nationals
Do not include language about protests in any DfE strategies
Do not include property in means testing for care homes
Do not increase state pension age above 66
Do not increase tax for over 40s to fix the Social Care Crisis.
Do not increase the 25 Kmh speed limit on electric bicycles.
Do not increase the level of Corporation Tax
Do not increase the minimum age for accessing private pensions from 55 to 57
Do not instate any form of a National Road pricing scheme in the UK
Do not introduce a pay per mile road tax
Do not introduce any tariffs on imported food from the EU
Do not introduce mandatory calorie labelling to all menus.
Do not introduce mandatory photo identity verification in any elections.
Do not legislate for imperial-only measurements on goods
Do not let UK become involved in conflict between Ukraine and Russia
Do not lift Covid-19 restrictions on 19th July
Do not lift lockdown restrictions
Do not list place of birth on UK passports
Do not make COVID vaccination a requirement for health and social care workers
Do not make covid-19 or flu vaccine a condition of deployment for NHS workers
Do not make Covid-19 vaccination a requirement to physically attend university
Do not make flu vaccination a requirement for health and social care workers
Do not make it mandatory to wear a mask in the classroom
Do not make masks mandatory for children in primary or secondary schools in UK.
Do not make residing on land without consent in or with a vehicle an offence
Do not make student loans contingent on past grades
Do not make vaccination against Covid-19 mandatory
Do not make verified ID a requirement for opening a social media account.
Do not mandate a vaccine passport for international travel to or from the UK.
Do not mandate COVID-19 vaccinations for British soldiers under 25.
Do not mothball the tank it is an important part of the defence of the country
Do not order a cull of parakeets
Do not pass legislation to allow the gene editing of animals and crops
Do not pass the Covert Human Intelligence Sources Criminal Conduct Bill
Do not pass the Health and Social Care Bill
Do not pass the Online Safety Bill
Do not pass the Pavement Parking Bill
Do not pass the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill
Do not permanently relax rules for stop and search by police
Do not postpone A level and GCSE exams as a result of COVID-19
Do not protect British soldiers who served in NI from prosecution
Do not put fluoride in all tap water.
Do not raise VED on Motorcycles
Do not reduce earnings threshold for student loan repayments!
Do not reduce environmental protections or protected species legislation
Do not reduce funding for Covid research
Do not reduce funding for higher education courses such as media studies
Do not reduce maintenance loan entitlements based on household income
Do not reduce staff-child ratios in early years childcare
Do not reduce the overseas aid budget (from 0.7% GDP)
Do not reform rules on unauthorised disclosure of material by journalists
Do not reform the Human Rights Act
Do not reform UK data protection laws (GDPR)
Do not relax regulations on using genetic technologies in agriculture
Do not remove anyone’s British citizenship
Do not remove special protection from vulnerable or near-threatened species
Do not require a Covid passport for access to any services, jobs or events
Do not require a Energy Performance rating of “C” for private lets after 2025/28
Do not require a PCR covid test to return upon England from green list countries
Do not require Attorney General consent for international law prosecutions
Do not require Covid vaccination passports for crowded events
Do not require deed polls to be enrolled to serve as a proof of name change
Do not require encryption services to establish backdoors to enable data access
Do not require health and social care workers to take covid-19 vaccination
Do not require ISA speed limiters on new UK cars
Do not require parents to register home educated children with local authorities
Do not require pubs and bars in Tier 2 to only serve alcohol with a meal
Do not require salons to close due to Covid-19
Do not require schools or nurseries to close in England in 2021
Do not restrict our right to freedom of expression online.
Do not restrict our rights to peaceful protest.
Do not restrict the number of visitors care home residents can receive
Do not restrict the right to trial by jury.
Do not rollout Covid-19 vaccine passports
Do not scrap the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011
Do not send a government delegation to the Beijing 2022 Olympics
Do not send any UK military to Ukraine, and send aid only
Do not sign any WHO Pandemic Treaty unless it is approved via public referendum
Do NOT spend £28 million on the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations in 2022
Do not start mass testing in schools or require asymptomatic students to isolate
Do not treat student maintenance loans as an income for Universal Credit
Do not use 27-acre site in Ashford for lorry park or border control post
Do not use military assets to prevent attempts to enter the UK
Do not use phone data to track us without our permission, regardless of use
Do not vaccinate children against COVID-19 until Phase 3 trials are complete
Do not weaken river pollution rules
Dogs that kill or maim any another animal should have to wear a muzzle in public
Don’t ban menthol cigarettes
Don’t ban students from taking mobile phones into school
Don’t change the definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ to include boosters
Don’t close zoos, wildlife parks & rehabilitation centres.
Don’t criminalise paying for sex.
Don’t ease the lockdown until at least 60-70% of the population is vaccinated.
Don’t include benefit entitlement for people with pre-settled and settled status
Don’t introduce sanctions against Israel
Don’t make the wearing of face masks compulsory in public places in England
Don’t offer covid-19 vaccine to 5-11 year olds until phase 3 trials complete
Don’t raise national average target grades in GCSE English Language & Maths.
Don’t recognise ‘Somaliland’ as an independent state
Don’t require or advise asymptomatic people to take covid-19 tests
Don’t restrict admission to nightclubs to only vaccinated customers
Don’t scrap funding for BTEC Performing Arts
Don’t shut pubs again due to Covid-19
Don’t allow the use of externally-set exams for 2021 grades
Don’t cancel GCSES and A-Levels in 2021
Don’t criminalise trespass
Don’t increase student loan interest rate to 12%, and tie to base rate instead
Don’t increase the cap on the UK’s stockpile of Nuclear Weapons
Don’t re-open schools until all staff have been vaccinated
Don’t re-open schools until September
Don’t require restaurants and cafes to display calorie counts on menus
Don’t send students back until mid April, to ensure a definite decrease in cases
Donate all surplus Covid-19 vaccines to poorer countries
Donate any surplus or unsuitable NHS masks to the public
Donate excess equipment to tackle COVID19 to 3rd world after addressing UK cases
Donate oxygen and intensive care medicines to countries in need
Donate surplus Covid-19 vaccine doses to poorer countries
Double Carers Allowance and pay in addition to other benefits
Double Child Benefit Payments and increase annually in line with Inflation Rise.
Double pay for healthcare professionals dealing with Covid patients
Dramatically increase funding for children’s social services
Drastically ease lockdown once the most vulnerable have been vaccinated
Draw up and implement a specific Ukrainian refugee strategy for the UK
Drivers who drop litter should be made to clear litter from the roadsides.
Driving licence holders aged 60 and over should resit test every 5 years
Driving test fee should be reduced if a learner fails
Drop the “urban bus” exemption from laws requiring seatbelts on buses
Drop the 5 year service criteria to 3 years for the Platinum Jubilee Medal
Drop the DCPC 35 hrs training for experienced HGV/LGV (C+E) Class 1 Drivers.
Drop unnecessary plans for a deeply damaging switch
from the CE to UK CA mark
Dual the A47 Acle Straight between Acle and Great Yarmouth
Due to the Corona pandemic, postpone the EU Brexit fee status for one year
During Covid-19 pandemic, make PPE on prescription for those most at risk.
During lock-down the Government should pay for all NHS staff’s travel expenses.
During the Covid-19 pandemic require dog walkers to keep their dog(s) on a lead
Duty on alcohol sold in pubs should be temporarily suspended after the pandemic
DVLA driving theory test should be available in other languages.
DVLA must refund partial road tax in full
DVLA: Medical licence renewals: Allow all applicants to be made online
DVSA to provide training Info of examiners conducting driving tests for disabled
Dwayne’s Law – Teach the meanings of safety and hazard signs in schools
Early release for all prisoners who have been locked up through covid
Early years – support the sector, fund Covid costs and provide regular testing
Early Years Practitioners to be included in exemption list for self-isolation
Ease entry restrictions for companion animals of Ukrainian refugees
Ease gathering restrictions on religious festivals and holy days
Ease household mixing rules for young people during lockdowns/Tier restrictions
Ease immigration rules for construction workers to mitigate impact of Brexit
Ease local restrictions to allow snooker/pool for persons from two households
Ease or remove current sanctions on Syria
Ease restrictions on production, processing and sale of hemp
Ease restrictions on Sunday opening with safeguards for workers
Ease social distancing requirements to allow parents to attend school sports day
Ease vehicle and speed restrictions for 16-year old CBT holders
Economic assistance for the hospitality industry during the COVID-19 pandemic
Education system reform for children with high functioning autism
Election process for most senior police officers.
Electrify the Chiltern Mainline from Birmingham to London
Emergency fund for estranged & care-experienced students affected by lockdown
Emergency funding increase for mental health services due to Covid -19 pandemic
Emergency National Unity Government
Employers to pay for employee’s break times.
Enable all students to end university tenancy agreements early due to Covid-19.
Enable and fund pay for special constables doing police duties during pandemic
Enable care homes to use medication prescribed to people who have died
Enable Dental Care Professionals to claim an NHS pension
Enable early release of prisoners who have been in lockdown due to Covid-19
Enable enforcement of electric vehicle charging point infrastructure
Enable furloughed engineers to carry out R&D to create world class IP for the UK
Enable legal recognition of people helping someone with financial transactions
Enable Ofgem to set a Variable Price cap based on Usage and Council Tax Band
Enable one parent to change their child’s name if the other parent is absent
Enable online learning for children who live with those who are vulnerable
Enable private tenants early release from tenancy agreements due to Covid-19
Enable regular testing of every person in Britain for coronavirus to contain it
Enable schools to pay overtime for lost holidays during Covid-19 quarantine
Enable the Government to access Bank of England GRANTS to fund Public Services!
Enable the Government to access Bank of England GRANTS to fund Public Services!
Enable the NHS to set its own legally binding budget and priorities
Enable the public to listen to Air Traffic Control radio in the UK
Enable the public to veto honours from being granted
Enable the recall of politicians found guilty of lying during an election
Enable those lacking capacity to stand trial to be registered as sex offenders
Enable UK expats to have votes for life
Enable Ukrainian children without passports to enter UK without attending a VAC
Enable visits by relatives of care home residents using rapid Covid-19 tests
Enact ‘Plan B’ to help keep people and our NHS well this winter.
Enact a Criminal Code statute for England and Wales
Enact a full lockdown for during January to stop the new variant of Covid-19
Enact a national internet access act in to UK law.
Enact a requirement for heirs to the Succession to adhere to a statutory Code.
Enact Law for a canine DNA database to be set up.
Enact law for visiting rights for designated relatives of care home residents
Enact legislation to ban the use of electric shock collars in England
Enact online pornography safeguards
Enact right to repair as consumer law.
Enact the Grenfell Inquiry recommendation on Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans
Enact the socio-economic duty in the Equality Act and make EIAs mandatory
Encourage all secondary schools to adopt timetabled, live-streamed lessons.
Encourage and support the removal of memorials that glorify the slave trade
Encourage banks to delay 40% bank overdraft charges during the corona pandemic
Encourage credit agencies to show consideration to negative transactions
Encourage global ban on Russian oil and gas, and full ban from SWIFT
Encourage increased disabled parking provision by local councils
Encourage lenders to suspend interest, fees and repayments during COVID-19
Encourage lenders, landlords and utilities to freeze payments during lockdown
Encourage local authorities and private car parks to suspend parking fines
Encourage retailers to prioritise those over 70 shopping online for essentials
Encourage train companies to refund unused pre-booked train tickets
End ‘other children a paying parent supports’ deductions to Child Maintenance.
End ‘ghost’ flights: reform historic rights to landing slots.
End age-based wage discrimination – Equalise minimum wages for all ages
End all Coronavirus restrictions on 5 July
End all Covid-19 restrictions once all adults have been offered a vaccination
End all forms of financial support for fossil fuels
End all military support and arm sales to Saudi Arabia
End all national tests in schools until GCSEs and A-Levels
End all requirements to wear face coverings immediately
End breed specific legislation
End child food poverty – no child should be going hungry
End CMS loop-holes for parents who hide their income through Limited Companies.
End COVID-19 social distancing
End Daylight Savings Time
End EU Trade Talks if negotiations fail to progress by June and plan exit on WTO
End Forced Adoption
End forced adoption
End funding for Action Fraud and create a new fraud and cybercrime centre
End Homelessness in Britain by adopting and funding the “Housing First” project.
End Hotel Quarantine for NHS Healthcare workers
End immunity & let alleged war crime victims sue states like Russia in UK courts
End income tax on minimum wage earners during Covid-19 crisis.
End isolated lockdown of Leicester
End Isolation for people returning from Spain
End lockdown to prevent further economic damage to the UK’s economy.
End mandatory coalition in the Northern Ireland Executive
End military aid to Ukraine to avoid the risk of nuclear war with Russia
End pilot scheme of electronically tagging asylum-seeking people
End provision of agricultural subsidies for managed grouse moorland in England
End requirement on producers to financially incentivize export of plastic waste
End requirements for face coverings at wedding ceremonies from 21 June
End restrictions on 16 and 17 year olds working overnight shifts
End reviews of PIP and ESA awards for people with lifelong illnesses
End social distancing for under 5s
End surveillance of welfare claimants
End suspended/ non-custodial sentences for men who are violent to girls & womxn
End the 10pm curfew for Tier 1 immediately
End the academic year at Easter for this year’s Upper Sixth and Year 11
End the ban on fracking
End the Cage Age for all farmed animals
End the daylight saving system, keeping the time on British Summer Time
End the Digital Divide for children in the UK
End the freeze on fuel duty and raise it to match or exceed inflation
End the heckling, jeering, and braying during Prime Minister’s Questions.
End the practice of ‘forced adoption’ via the family court system
End the practice of Payments on Account for self-employed
End the transition period NOW in bid to save UK from EU economy fall out.
End the TV licence and sell the BBC
End the UK’s membership of the Council of Europe
End the UK’s membership of the World Health Organisation
End the use of Prayer Cards to reserve seats in the House of Commons.
End UK subsidies to the fishing industry
End unnecessary requirement to post your driving license after paying an FPN
End visa requirements for Angolans who want to visit England.
End visa requirements for Thai nationals who want to visit England.
End weight checks for primary school aged children
Endorse and implement the Plant Based Treaty
Enforce a 14 day quarantine on all new arrivals to the UK
Enforce a Racist Offenders Register similar to the Sex Offenders Register
Enforce an extreme two-week lockdown
Enforce Moderate Social Distancing to Contain & Delay Sars-Cov-2/Coronavirus
Enforce more regulation and transparency for MLM companies in the U.K.
Enforce the “50+1” Rule for professional football club ownership in the UK
Enforce the bottle deposit (Pfand) recycling scheme in the UK
Engage internationally to end bear bile farming
Enhance maternity leave to be at full pay for 6 months
Enhance protections for marine mammals
Enhance rights to jointly-owned property for victims of domestic violence
Enhance support for the hospitality, events, leisure and entertainment sectors
Enshrine freedom of speech, including ‘hate’ but must not incite physical harm.
Enshrine the Military Covenant in UK Law
Enshrine the Ministerial Code in Law ensuring updates are agreed in Parliament.
Enshrine tree planting target in law
Ensure ‘Indecent exposure’ does not include women going topless in public
Ensure a Sign Language Interpreter is present at televised Government briefings
Ensure A-level and GCSE results are released in the same week
Ensure A-level grades are not lower than previously awarded AS-level grades
Ensure access to free chickenpox vaccines for adults not previously infected
Ensure access to school for children with ASDs/mental health issues during Covid
Ensure access to treatment and screening for all cancer patients during Covid-19
Ensure access to treatment and screening for all cancer patients during COVID-19
Ensure advance information fair grading for A Level exam students in 2023
Ensure Afghans with Chevening scholarships can start their courses this year
Ensure all 2021 examinations are based on teacher assessment only.
Ensure all bicycles and cyclists are registered, traceable and insured
Ensure all Buildings in the UK are Fire-Protected Following the Grenfell Tragedy
Ensure all Health Care Students are paid during placements during Covid-19
Ensure all ingredients and derivatives are listed on infant & maternity products
Ensure all male public toilets have baby changing facilities
Ensure ALL national team football matches are shown on free-to-air channels
Ensure all payments for the Fix your Bike Voucher Scheme are made within 17 days
Ensure all prison workers are issued protective gear during this pandemic
Ensure all royal visits around the UK are fully funded by the Royal Household.
Ensure all UK’s plastic waste is processed and recycled in the UK
Ensure all Universities requiring bailouts receive Govt loans without condition.
Ensure ALL vulnerable children and children with EHCPs are schooled as promised.
Ensure any Assisted Dying Bill includes people suffering with dementia
Ensure any inquiry into Covid-19 outbreak is independent and published in full
Ensure balance and fairness in political reporting
Ensure bowel cancer screening is offered to all adults
Ensure care workers get full pay from day one of Coronavirus-related absence.
Ensure commonwealth veterans are given free NHS treatment
Ensure continued Universal health cover by legally committing to a minimum spend
Ensure counsellors and psychotherapists are added to the list of critical worker
Ensure domestic abuse survivors are better protected by CMS post-review
Ensure DWP letters are sent in Manilla (brown) rather than white envelopes.
Ensure emergency access to residential properties of single, disabled people
Ensure employees are paid their full wage if they can’t work due to coronavirus
Ensure everyone receives their second Covid-19 vaccine within 6 to 8 weeks
Ensure GCSE and A level exams take place in 2022
Ensure global and equitable access to vaccines, tests, treatments, and PPE.
Ensure golf courses and other sports grounds are protected from development
Ensure high quality university lecturing by making pedagogy training mandatory
Ensure home buyers have better consumer protection instead of buyer beware rule
Ensure households housing refugees do not lose the 25% single person discount
Ensure latex free PCR COVID test kits are available.
Ensure medical and dental students are paid whilst on placement
Ensure mental health assessments for children are within 4 weeks of GP referral
Ensure mental health care is available for all children having cancer treatment.
Ensure military personnel conducting Covid-19 testing have adequate PPE
Ensure nobody on furlough receives less than Minimum wage
Ensure pregnant women are offered their second vaccination after 3 weeks
Ensure private candidates are able to take exams in 2021
Ensure registered electricians can pull DNO fuses for work
Ensure remaining UK Citizens and ARAP approved are evacuated from Afghanistan
Ensure safe accommodation and care for homeless people with symptoms of COVID19
Ensure safeguarding measures are in place for all UK escort review websites
Ensure schools get additional staff and facilities for in school covid testing
Ensure Scots living in the UK have a vote in any future independence referendum
Ensure speedy access to diagnostics and treatment for non-covid patients
Ensure student nurses and midwives are paid for working during Covid-19
Ensure student nurses are paid for placement hours
Ensure Student Nurses are paid whilst on placement
Ensure student paramedics are paid for placement hours
Ensure supermarkets and restaurants can give left over food to those in need
Ensure that ALL Covid restrictions are lifted on June 21st 2021
Ensure that all legislation complies with international law
Ensure that damage liability exists with the manufacturer of a vaccine
Ensure that EHIC will remain available to UK citizens after The UK leaves the EU
Ensure that everyone can get an appointment with their GP within five days
Ensure that home educated children can receive exam grades
Ensure that mock exams are not used for GCSE and A-Level results
Ensure that the national minimum wage is a living wage.
Ensure that there is suitable affordable housing available for all young people
Ensure the NHSX Covid-19 Contact Tracing App Protects User Privacy
Ensure the police offer victim support within 24 hours
Ensure the public inquiry into Covid-19 reports before the next General Election
Ensure Trans people are fully protected under any conversion therapy ban
Ensure unmarried cohabiting couples can inherit after five years.
Ensure vaccination for Covid 19 is available free of charge to all who want it
Ensure violence against women cannot be authorised under the CHIS Act
Ensure when police officers are off duty that hand in warrant cards, handcuffs
Ensure women topless in public do not face indecency charges
Ensure work completed since Christmas is not used for exam results
Ensure, where possible government contracts are awarded to UK companies.
Ensure, where possible, government contracts are awarded to UK companies
Epileptic seizure first aid for all staff in childcare and education settings
Equal (50/50) rights for both parents in the event of a separation.
Equal Hereditary Peerage Succession – akin to Succession to the Crown Act 2013
Equal minimum wage for all ages
Equal rights for Islamic marriage ceremonies in the Marriage Act 1949
Equalise employment law and minimum wage for 16-17 year olds with 18 year olds
Equalise Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax
Equalise paternity leave and pay entitlements with maternity leave and pay
Equalise pay for prison officers across England and Wales
Equalise pension tax relief for all
Equalise support for hosts and refugees through Ukraine visa schemes
Equality – Review all law, policy and strategy to meet the needs of men and boys
Eradicate the use of all coins in the UK
ESA claimants to receive same increase as Universal Credit
Establish a cross-party commission to agree set UK climate goals and actions
Establish a cross-party, cross-discipline panel to scrutinise Covid-19 policies
Establish a Government scheme to recognise people with hidden disabilities
Establish a guarantor scheme for people seeking private tenancies
Establish a Healthcare Workers Employment Ombudsman
Establish a mandatory licensing system for animal rescue homes
Establish a more inclusive Honours system: “The Order of British Excellence”
Establish a National Development Bank for the United Kingdom
Establish a National Museum of Slavery & British Imperialism in London
Establish a National Tree Planting Scheme
Establish a national tree-planting scheme for graduating students
Establish a national waste plastic collection/recycling programme for England
Establish a new body to represent NHS workers and develop Covid recovery plan
Establish a new tribunal to consider all complaints about all public services
Establish a not-for-profit state owned energy provider
Establish a parliamentary committee to develop steps to combat tool theft
Establish a peoples scientific and medical panel
Establish a permanent UK climate citizens assembly
Establish a phone alert system for national emergencies/announcements.
Establish a presumption against felling of mature trees in England
Establish a Public Inquiry into the Chaotic Return to University in 2020
Establish a regulatory and licensing framework for developers of new build homes
Establish a regulatory and licensing framework for developers of new build homes
Establish a residential programme of social & practical skills for young people
Establish a Royal Commission on Tidal Energy and Coastal Defence
Establish a Select Committee to scrutinise enforcement of the Ministerial Code
Establish a specialist police force to protect the NHS
Establish a statutory public inquiry into British police culture.
Establish an electoral process and MP to represent UK Overseas Citizens
Establish an independent body to protect consumers and regulate car rentals
Establish Care Charter to guarantee acceptable standards for Health & Homecare.
Establish community rehabilitation for all ICU patients across the country.
Establish free movement & trade agreements with Canada, Australia & New Zealand
Establish new Hallowe’en public holiday in England and Wales
Evenly spread the environmental charges applied to domestic gas and electricity.
Every child arrangement order to automatically include enforcement powers.
Every Key Worker given official recognition for their work throughout covid-19
Exchange of driving licences issued in Republic of Moldova.
Exchange of driving licences issued in Republic of Moldova
Exchange of driving licences issued in Taiwan, UAE, Ukraine and North Macedonia.
Exchange of LGV driving license issued in Ukraine
Exclude all motorcycle training and examinations from any Covid-19 restrictions
Exclude assessments taken during lockdown from teacher assessed grades
Exclude children under 12 months from the social distancing rules in England
Exclude family members from any Covid-19 restrictions on social gatherings.
Exclude individual motorcyclists from Coronavirus travel restrictions
Exclude Key workers from the National Insurance rise
Exclude Lifetime ISA (LISA) savings from the Universal Credit savings limit.
Exclude overtime and bonuses from income to calculate child maintenance payment
Exclude plant-based materials from the plastic tax
Exclude small private pensions when calculating Pension Credit entitlement
Exclude under 12s from the ‘rule of 6’ for a ‘Christmas period’
Excuse survivors of domestic and sexual violence from jury service for life
Exempt Afghans who worked with UK forces from citizenship fees
Exempt all ‘critical workers’ from the immigration health surcharge
Exempt all Emergency Service workers from parking restrictions when on call
Exempt amateur boxing from Covid-19 restrictions
Exempt business travellers from requirement to self-isolate
Exempt businesses whose offices have closed due to Covid-19 from business rates
Exempt carers from managed quarantine unless they test positive for Covid-19
Exempt charities using IPAFFS from ban on importing animals from Eastern Europe
Exempt childcare workers from self-isolation if contacted by NHS Test and Trace
Exempt children under 10 from the Rule of Six
Exempt children under 11 from counting towards the ‘Rule of Six’ in England
Exempt CO2 neutral Efuel & other cleaner fuel cars from 2030 petrol & diesel ban
Exempt Commonwealth Service Personnel having to pay fees to remain in the UK
Exempt contacts vaccinated abroad from self-isolation requirements
Exempt contacts with an EU Digital COVID Certificate from self-isolation
Exempt couples from the bans on households mixing in local lockdown areas
Exempt Covid-secure political campaigning from Covid-19 restrictions
Exempt daycare services for people with learning disabilities from VAT
Exempt dependents of NHS workers (ILR) from the Immigration Health Surcharge
Exempt disabled people from hotel quarantine once they return from holiday.
Exempt dogs assessed by experts as safe from breed specific legislation
Exempt driving tests and lessons from COVID-19 restrictions
Exempt empty commercial properties from business rates due to Covid-19
Exempt essential workers from any income tax increase
Exempt essential workers from income tax in perpetuity for maintaining services
Exempt EU Citizens from UK Electronic Travel Authorisation
Exempt family and partners from Covid-19 restrictions on household mixing
Exempt family of new parents from household mixing and social distancing rules
Exempt first and second generation migrants from inheritance tax.
Exempt first time buyers from Stamp Duty for properties under £500,000
Exempt foreign students from quarantine upon their arrival in September
Exempt fully vaccinated transiting through UK from managed quarantine
Exempt golf courses from the list of venues required to close due to Covid-19
Exempt Government Ministers from the £400 energy bill discount
Exempt income from the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme from taxes
Exempt individual private sellers from plant passporting for online sales
Exempt individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder from the Rule of 6
Exempt international travellers going to Jersey from UK travel restrictions
Exempt Looked After children from citizenship fees
Exempt Looked After children from citizenship fees
Exempt new UK immigrants from rules on import of invasive species
Exempt newly self-employed earning under £35k from tax for 2020-21
Exempt NHS and emergency workers from standard rate income tax
Exempt NHS staff from Lifetime Allowance and Annual Allowance pension rules
Exempt NHS staff from paying income tax
Exempt NHS workers from being taxed for accommodation as a Benefit in Kind
Exempt nhs workers from income tax
Exempt NHS workers who have recovered from COVID from vaccination requirements
Exempt non-Furloughed employees from any tax rises to pay for Furlough scheme
Exempt non-UK NHS staff and their family from ILR and citizenship fees
Exempt outdoor tennis from closure due to COVID-19
Exempt outdoor worship from any pandemic restrictions
Exempt overseas nurses from paying the Immigration Health Surcharge
Exempt overtime pay and bonuses from income tax
Exempt payments in lieu of notices from income tax and national insurance
Exempt peaceful, socially-distanced vigils from gathering limits during Covid-19
Exempt people on the autistic spectrum or with ADHD from NHS prescription charge
Exempt people travelling from Albania from the 14-day quarantine rule
Exempt people who recover from COVID19 (with antibodies) from the vaccine
Exempt people with a Citizenship GCSE from the Life in the UK test
Exempt people with phobias of needles from any Covid-19 vaccination requirements
Exempt people with relatives living abroad from travel restrictions
Exempt persons ineligible for coronavirus support from future tax/NI increases
Exempt private Pilates classes from Covid-19 lockdown restrictions
Exempt pumping products from VAT and customs charges
Exempt registered care workers from council tax, while employed as a carer
Exempt returning ex-HGV drivers from CPC requirement and provide grants
Exempt shooting ranges from the list of venues required to close due to COVID-19
Exempt small pubs from table service regulations
Exempt Sperm Donors from paying child maintenance
Exempt takeaways that operate on or in motorway services from Covid-19 curfews
Exempt taxi and private hire drivers from Income Tax and National Insurance
Exempt the Coronavirus Life Assurance Scheme from capital limits rules
Exempt the terminally ill from Covid restrictions on household mixing.
Exempt tips for staff in the hospitality industry from tax
Exempt UK military personnel from paying Income Tax while abroad.
Exempt UK military personnel travelling to fight for Ukraine from prosecution
Exempt Uni students affected by Covid from being charged interest on loans.
Exempt urban businesses from dog day care space requirements
Exempt vaccinated people from PCR test requirement when travelling to England
Exempt vegans from requirements for care workers to be vaccinated for Covid-19
Exempt vehicles 25 years and over from vehicle road tax
Exempt vehicles that use sustainable fuels from 2030 ban
Exempt workers on minimum wage from Income Tax and National Insurance
Exempt workers paying tax/NI for 12 months from the immigration health surcharge
Exempt Zimbabweans from English Language test visa requirements.
Exemption for customs documents for all vehicles carrying aid for the Ukraine
Exemption for ex-military and 4×4 HGVs from requiring new tyres
Exemption from hotel quarantine for NHS staff travelling from home Countries
Exemption from quarantine for unmarried couples based in different countries
Expand and publicise the list of Covid 19 symptoms for free PCR tests
Expand Bounce Back Loan eligibility to businesses established since March 2020
Expand Highway Code relating to the running of engines of parked vehicles
Expand the free laptop scheme for children to one per family so all benefit
Expand the Free Menstrual Products Scheme to Universities
Expand the Membership of the Place of Worship Taskforce
Expand the symptoms list for Covid-19 to more than the three currently stated
Expedite the Covid-19 vaccination of terminally ill patients
Explore options for making NurOwn available to treat Motor Neurone Disease (MND)
Export unused vaccines to Uganda before they expire and go to waste.
Expunge minor criminal records of all BAME individuals
Extend ‘Harper’s Law’ to include social workers
Extend ‘Homes for Ukraine’ scheme to ALL refugees and asylum seekers
Extend “rule of six” to ensure that hunting and shooting are banned
Extend £10,000 small business grant to SMEs that do not have a property
Extend £25,000 cash grants to nurseries during Covid-19 crisis.
Extend £5000 grant to medical and dental students
Extend 15 hours free childcare to all 2-year old children
Extend 15 hours free childcare to all 2-year old children
Extend 30 hours free childcare to people with no access to public funds
Extend 30 hours free childcare to student midwives/nurses/paramedics
Extend 30 hrs free childcare for 3 & 4 year olds to those earning over £100,000
Extend access to an NHS funded pension to Retail Community Pharmacists
Extend ACM fund to include ALL types of flammable cladding in apartment blocks
Extend all consumer rights law to private sellers purporting to be businesses
Extend all tier 2 visas (skilled workers) by 18 months
Extend annual £5,000 bursaries to medical students
Extend any easing of Covid-19 restrictions for Christmas to all religious events
Extend any Universal Credit uplifts to legacy benefits
Extend areas reserved for domestic fishing from 6 to 12 miles by end of 2021
Extend ATOL protection to all flights booked within the UK.
Extend backdating for Employment and Support Allowance to cover whole illness
Extend ban on smoking in indoor public places to e-cigarettes and fund research
Extend Bereavement Support Payments to unmarried couples who cohabit
Extend business rates holiday for retail & hospitality businesses
Extend business rates relief to include every English language teaching school
Extend CBT validity and maximum engine size to 250cc
Extend Child Tax Credit eligibility to third or later children
Extend CJRS cut-off so employers can claim furlough payments for new employees
Extend concessionary bus passes for the elderly and disabled to all hours
Extend Contribution-based and New Style Jobseekers Allowance during Covid-19
Extend Coronavirus Life Assurance Scheme to private sector healthcare workers
Extend Coronavirus support for the vulnerable to those not currently supported
Extend Council Tax exemptions on properties of the deceased that are for sale
Extend coverage of the UK’s Hong Kong Visa Scheme, devise BNO citizenship plan
Extend Covid-19 benefit increases to legacy benefit claimants
Extend Covid-19 grants to businesses registered after 11 March
Extend Covid-19 grants to rural businesses exempt from business rates
Extend Covid-19 support for self-employed workers in high-risk occupations
Extend criteria for fast-track passports to British children born overseas
Extend deadline for applying for £10k Covid Grants from 31.03.21 till 30.04.21
Extend deadline for filing 19/20 tax forms to qualify for 4th SEISS grant
Extend death by dangerous/careless driving offences to apply on private land
Extend death in service benefits for COVID19 to NHS or care worker’s household
Extend definition of attempted murder offence to include stabbing
Extend DfE and Ofsted oversight to private schools
Extend Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953 protections
to all Wildlife
Extend driving theory certificates by six months from when test centres re-open
Extend driving theory test certificates expiring in 2020/21 by 12 months
Extend Driving/Motorcycle theory certificates
Extend Early Years funding to 39 weeks to allow for staff training
Extend Electric Vehicle (EV) charging grants to those without off-street parking
Extend eligibility for all student finance to people over the age of 60
Extend eligibility for childcare grant to part-time student nurses
Extend eligibility for first time buyer schemes to previous owners
Extend eligibility for free prescriptions to all students in full time education
Extend eligibility for free prescriptions to sufferers of Parkinson’s disease
Extend eligibility for MedEx certificates to people with hyperthyroidism
Extend eligibility for MedEx certificates to people with POI who need HRT
Extend eligibility for student loan refunds to teachers who qualified from 2007
Extend eligibility of auto-Bereavement Scheme to all families to acquire ILR.
Extend eligibility of UK Ancestry Visa to any generation of South African
Extend Embryo Destruction statutory cooling-off period by 1-year due to COVID
Extend Employment Tribinal limitation period for disability dscrimination.
Extend entitlements to breaks to nursing mothers working under 6 hour shifts
Extend entitlements to free childcare for 2-year-olds to all working families
Extend Equality Act 2010 protections to all job applicants for seafarer roles
Extend equality and hate crime legislation to cover child in care/care leavers
Extend EU Citizens’ Deadline to Apply for UK (Pre-) Settled Status till 2023
Extend EU Settlement Scheme for those affected by Covid-19
Extend family visas for non-UK parents when health and social care paid by child
Extend family visitor visa for immediate elderly and vulnerable family members.
Extend financial support for workers made redundant due to Covid
Extend free childcare to Tier 2 visa holders
Extend free school meals for all current Year 2 pupils for another year
Extend free school meals over the Christmas period
Extend free school transport policy to 17 and 18 year olds
Extend Freedom of Information to private firms carrying out public services
Extend full moped entitlement to car licences issued Feb 2001 to Jan 2013
Extend furlough beyond October for the travel industry.
Extend furlough for aviation sector
Extend furlough for those businesses required to stay shut
Extend furlough scheme for the Cinema industry
Extend furlough scheme for the UK Aviation sector to help stop redundancies
Extend furlough scheme for theatre and live music industry.
Extend furlough scheme for travel and tourism industries
Extend Government funding to Transport for London (TfL) beyond 4 February
Extend grants and rates relief to Showmen
Extend grants immediately to small businesses outside of SBRR
Extend grants to businesses eligible for SBRR during 2019/2020 tax year
Extend H2B and reintroduce the H2B Mortgage Guarantee Scheme
Extend hate crime offences to include targeting people based on their sex
Extend Healthy Start Vouchers To All Pupils In Primary School
Extend Help to buy Equity Loan Scheme 2013-2021 deadline due to Covid-19
Extend Help to Buy scheme to people who have previously owned a home abroad
Extend Home Office ‘Good Character’ guidance for nationality applications
Extend income replacement schemes to those who don’t currently qualify
Extend Kickstart Scheme past March 2022 for those with most employment barriers
Extend legal rights and obligations of married people to cohabiting partners
Extend local authorities’ duty to support young people with EHCPs to age 27
Extend local authorities’ power to hold virtual meetings beyond 7 May
Extend Maternity / Shared Parental Leave from 12 months to 15 months
Extend maternity exemption certificate expiration date for births during covid.
Extend Maternity Exemption Certificates
Extend maternity leave by 3 months with pay in light of COVID-19
Extend maternity pay to 12 months
Extend new Graduate Route to 2020 and pre-July 2021 graduates
Extend NHS coronavirus compensation scheme to all public transport workers
Extend NHS Free prescription to those who have a mental health condition.
Extend NHS Learning Support Fund to cover cost of ‘fitness to practise’ checks
Extend Ofsted powers to inspect accommodation for care leavers
Extend Ofsted regulation to all after-school clubs, with annual inspections
Extend paid maternity leave by at least four months
Extend passports due to Covid
Extend Paternity Leave by 3 months with pay in light of Covid-19
Extend paternity leave for new fathers/partners during Covid-19 lockdown.
Extend pay gap reporting to smaller organisations and other characteristics
Extend period International Drivers can drive with their home license
Extend present day laws on sexual offences to apply to historic cases
Extend proposed Graduate visa route to 2019-20 batch of students due to COVID19
Extend protections from unfair dismissal to employees when they pass probation
Extend Pupil Premium Plus to support further and higher education students
Extend regulation of the security sector and increase protections for workers
Extend requirement to close on Christmas Day to all shops for 2020
Extend requirements for annual MOT tests to trailers including trailer caravans
Extend requirements for self-isolation to people with symptoms of any virus
Extend resident labour market test and increase salary thresholds for work visas
Extend right of appeal for major planning developments to objectors
Extend rights for family of British citizens in line with those for EU residents
Extend rights to access children’s school records to all schools and academies
Extend rights to access public funds and apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain
Extend rights to Indefinite Leave to Remain for non-UK NHS workers
Extend rights to Paid Statutory Bereavement Leave
Extend rights to publicly funded care during coronavirus outbreak
Extend road traffic offences to cover incidents on private land
Extend RTI CJRS deadline for Ltd Company Directors on Annual Payroll Scheme
Extend rules for UK travel for vaccinated travellers to unvaccinated travellers
Extend school period product scheme to help young people being home schooled.
Extend Security Industry Authority licences by 12 months due to Covid-19
Extend Self-Employment income support in alignment with the Job Retention scheme
Extend sexual offences relating to under 13s to apply to all children under 16
Extend shielding to June 21st or until all CEV have both vaccinations
Extend shielding until further notice
Extend sick pay and employment protection to those living with over 70s
Extend Skilled Worker visas to non-managerial hospitality workers
Extend SMP to 12 Months for Babies Born in 2020 due to COVID-19
Extend Stamp Duty Holiday for people that have had an offer accepted
Extend Stamp Duty holidays for Flat owners
Extend statutory bereavement awards to stillborn babies
Extend statutory bereavement leave to pregnancy loss before 24 weeks
Extend statutory paternity pay to the self-employed
Extend Statutory Sick Pay to workers with multiple jobs earning over £120/week
Extend statutory two weeks’ paid bereavement leave to all employees
Extend student maintenance loans to full-time Distance Learning students
Extend Student Maintenance Loans to those studying Distance Learning degrees
Extend Sunday trading laws to also apply on Bank Holidays
Extend support bubbles to include those living on their own with dependents.
Extend Tax-Free Childcare to people on Skilled Work/Tier 2 visas
Extend the “Eat out to help out scheme” at least until Christmas
Extend the 12-month period drivers can use non-GB driving licences
Extend the 12month ‘giving notice’ period for weddings postponed due to COVID-19
Extend the 12month ‘giving notice’ period for weddings postponed due to COVID-19
Extend the 2 years post-study work visas to 2020 Graduates
Extend the 2026 deadline for the recording of historic footpaths & bridleways.
Extend the 5% reduced VAT rate to seasonal seaside amusement arcades.
Extend the A1/A2 transitional period from 2 years to 5 years
Extend the Animal Welfare Act to protect all animals including invertebrates
Extend the ban on microplastics to cover products such as sunscreen & cosmetics
Extend the ban on plastic microbeads and other microplastics
Extend the Building Safety Fund to include non-ACM buildings under 18m
Extend the Carer’s Allowance Supplement to England and Wales
Extend the contributions based employment allowance
Extend the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme to cover all pregnant women
Extend the council tax exemption to graduation date for final year students.
Extend the Covid 19 trading curfew to 12am
Extend the Covid-19 business rates relief to cover human and animal healthcare
Extend the COVID-19 temporary visa concessions for international students
Extend the deadline for applying to the EU Settlement Scheme to 30 Sept 2021
Extend the deadline for Electrical Installation Condition Reports
Extend the deadline for filing 2019/20 self-assessment tax returns
Extend the definition of ‘looked after’ children
Extend the DVSA Theory Test expiration by 3 months
Extend the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme to September
Extend the energy price cap to communal heat networks
Extend the energy price cap to small businesses
Extend the expiry date of CBT certificate as lockdown means they cant be renewed
Extend the expiry date on UK passports due to Coronavirus lockdown
Extend the Football (Offences) Act to cover all women’s football games
Extend the forced Embryo Destruction time limit during the COVID-19 pandemic
Extend the franchise (voting age) to include those who are 16-17 years old.
Extend the franchise for London mayoral elections to all UK residents
Extend the Freedom of Information Act to cover Members of Parliament
Extend the furlough scheme at 80% until at least December 2020
Extend the furlough scheme beyond October 2020 till end of March 2021.
Extend the furlough scheme for high-risk people who can’t safely return to work.
Extend the Furlough scheme to hospitality employees effected by local lockdowns
Extend the Furlough Support Scheme to include new hires after 30th October.
Extend the Gambling Act to cover Loot Boxes
Extend the Gambling Act to cover Loot Boxes
Extend the Gambling Act to cover Loot Boxes
Extend the General Election voting from a day to a week.
Extend the government furlough scheme to those working in the events sector.
Extend the grants for small business who receive SBRR by a further £5000
Extend the Green Homes Grant Scheme for Heating and Insulation
Extend the Help to Buy Equity Loan to people who have already owned property
Extend the help to buy scheme beyond March 2023
Extend the Help to Buy. Protect deposits for those over the new house cap.
Extend the Job Retention Scheme to UK citizens employed by overseas companies
Extend the law on coercive control to cover post-separation abuse
Extend the Leasehold Reform Act to ground rent on existing residential leases
Extend the legal definition of rape
Extend the limit for weddings to 30 with COVID 19 restrictions
Extend the limitation period by 18 months for all personal injury matters.
Extend the Maintenance loan to cover part time distance learning students
Extend the Mayor of London electoral vote to the workforce of Greater London .
Extend the mortgage guarantee scheme to cover 100% mortgages
Extend the national minimum wage to self-employed workers
Extend the new dog abduction theft offence to cover cats and all kept animals
Extend the new Graduate Route Visa to all students on a Tier 4 visa.
Extend the NHS £5000 grant to medicine and dentistry students
Extend the Online Safety Bill’s protections against online scams
Extend the right to aquire to rural housing association tenants
Extend the RTI deadline of 19 March for contractors and employees for the CJRS
Extend the rules of conduct for MPs to cover exchanges on social media
Extend the school year into the summer holidays by at least two weeks
Extend the Self-Employment Income Support Scheme for the travel industry
Extend the Service Pupil Premium (SPP) to Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)
Extend the South Downs National Park Boundary .
Extend the stamp duty holiday and phase out gradually
Extend the Stamp Duty Holiday for an additional 6 months after 31st March 2021
Extend the Stamp Duty holiday for properties when sale is delayed due to probate
Extend the Stamp Duty holiday until June 21st, 2022
Extend the Stamp Duty Land Tax holiday in light of the spike in CV19 cases
Extend the stamp duty relief period for cladding scandal victims
Extend the Statutory Paternity Leave to minimum 4 weeks.
Extend the stay for 2019/2020 International students
Extend the suspension of the Universal Credit Minimum Income Floor
Extend the time limit for making a claim under the Equality Act 2010
Extend the time people with implants can claim against manufacturers
Extend the time period to report sexual harassment at work to a Tribunal
Extend the transition; delay negotiations until after the coronavirus outbreak
Extend the transitional phase of Brexit by one year, to 31.12.21
Extend the Ukraine Family Scheme to non-Ukrainian nationals fleeing Ukraine
Extend the Unduly Lenient Sentence Scheme to cover death by careless driving
Extend the VAT at 12.5% permanently with the creation of a new 12.5% Tourism Tax
Extend the VAT at 5% for hospitality until at least March 2022
Extend the VAT exemption on PPE during COVID-19
Extend the VAT reduction announced to include sports and the Arts.
Extend the Victim code 2006 to include Victims of Anti-Social Behaviour
Extend the Warm Home Discount to everyone with a disability
Extend theory expiry dates due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
Extend theory test certificates or offer free retake
Extend Tier 4 Visas for International Students expiring in January 2021.
Extend Tier-4 visas and waive third-term tuition fee for international students
Extend travel exemptions for fully vaccinated to those receiving mixed vaccines
Extend travel exemptions to EU residents who’ve had Covid and one vaccine dose
Extend UK Passport expiry date by 2 years
Extend UK statutory paternity leave to six weeks
Extend Ukraine Family Scheme to all Ukrainians on UK work and student visas
Extend validity of the driving theory certificate from 2 to 4 years
Extend validity of UK residents driving with international license by 11 months
Extend Visa extensions for health workers during coronavirus (COVID-19)
Extend visas for 3 more years for business applications under the Turkish ECAA.
Extend Visas for All NHS Staff So They Can Focus on Fighting Covid-19
Extend visas for, and offer free vaccination to, touring international artists
Extend work visas and offer settled status to all key workers and their families
Extend yearly State Pension increases to UK pensioners living in Canada
Extend Youth Mobility Scheme visas to cover for time lost during COVID pandemic
Extend/refund driving instructor badges to allow for lost time due to Covid-19
Extend/refund driving instructor badges to allow for lost time due to Covid-19
Extended Theory Test expiry dates by 6 months
Extended Visas indefinitely for International Students.
Extending Stamp Duty Holiday until December 31 2021
Extension for Commonwealth Citizens on Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visas
Extension to the £20 weekly Universal Credit uplift for a minimum of 5 years.
External candidates should be given predicted grades as their final grades.
Extra bank holiday next Christmas to make up for this Christmas (Covid 19)
Extra Bank Holiday when Covid restrictions are finally lifted
Extra Financial Support For Closed Soft Play Centres
Extra Financial support for indoor soft play having to close for the second time