This site was first established in 1996 to provide information and resources about British politics. For over a decade it was linked from the Downing Street web-site before a revamp of Government web-sites in 2010, and today it receives over 15 million page impressions each year.

As of March 2023, we have over 27,500 documents (along with other 65,000 other pages of data, councillor information and election results). The site is not for profit and we hope to keep developing the site to be a useful resource to anyone interested in finding our more about politics. In addition to this we are also building a database of all councillors in the UK, as well as developing a more substantial collection of election results.

We try and offer a selection of speeches from across the political spectrum, but some parties and individuals are better at providing these than others. It’s disappointing when we can’t access resources, but we do our best to provide speeches, interviews and statements where we can. We always welcome speeches from the past, with some on our site not accessible anywhere else, with any suggestions welcome. The copyright of speeches remains with the speaker, we can’t offer any guidance on these. We believe we have permission to use all the resources on our website, but will remove promptly anything that we’re contacted about.

We receive frequent correspondence from students asking for assistance with projects and although we’ll do our best to help with basic queries we can’t assist with complex research requests.

Please do contact us with any questions or queries. Our privacy page is here.