Open Parliamentary Petitions

Below is a list of all the currently active petitions on the House of Commons petitions page. The full text of the speech can be obtained by typing the petition title into this site’s search function (a future update will automatically link to the relevant petition page on this web-site).

Petition Title:

Review traffic signal colours to ensure they meet needs of the colour-blind
Abolish police internal complaints systems. Use independent investigators only.
Amend the British Museum Act to allow the acceptance of repatriation requests
Create pension parity for men and women born before 1951/53
Waive visa requirements for non-UK nationals having a child with a UK national
Require all pregnant women to be offered APS ‘sticky blood’ testing
Include parenting skills in the national curriculum
Add more Bull Terrier type dogs to the Dangerous Dogs Act
Ban all non-UK residents from owning more than two residential properties
Create absolute rights to defence of person and property, and carrying weapons
Publish information in Easy Read at the same time as non Easy Read information.
Ban strike action lasting more than 48 hours
Ban sale of all sharply pointed knives to the general public
Increase penalties for knife crime offences
Legalise all E-Scooter usage where bicycles can be used
Ban all advertising for Gambling on TV and Social Media
Decriminalize the TV Licence fee
Automatically grant equal access rights following separation
Make the DSL role in schools a stand-alone role with no other responsibility
Inquiry into the effectiveness of urgent NHS mental health support
Raise the tax personal allowance reduction threshold from £100,000 to £150,000
Seek working holiday visa for young Britons to live and work in EEA countries
Review compatibility of detention under MHA with freedom of expression
Bring back the Death Penalty for child sexual abuse, rape and murder
Require schools teach about ‘stigmatization’ in primary school
Endorse and implement the Plant Based Treaty
Require all newly planted woodland include a corridor of mixed deciduous trees
Fund increased pay and mental health support for midwives
Negotiate sustainable catch limits for all 5 UK cod stocks with the EU in 2022.
Stop the age discrimination for wages. Pay all ages the National Living Wage.
Make ‘stolen valour’ – false claims about military service – a criminal offence
Fund free access to period products
Review UK foreign policy in light of reports of Israeli apartheid
Make it mandatory for Police & CPS to provide counselling to ALL victims of CSA
Increase Legal Aid funding to help clear the backlog of criminal cases
Require scanning of cat and dog microchips by vets
Allow members of the public to ask questions at PMQ’s in Parliament
Review Business Mileage and Fuel Rates Allowance
Fund councils to provide more accessible and secure cycle lanes
Review how the NHS determine whether people are a healthy weight
Ban anyone born after 2008 from buying any tobacco products in their lifetime
Increase free childcare for working parents with children under school age
Make VAT on Second Hand clothing zero rated
Scrap smart motorways and invest savings in the NHS instead
Tighter restrictions on companies marketing vape kits at children & young people
Save the bees: cut hazardous pesticides and support nature-friendly farming
Do not allow the use of agency workers to replace staff on strike
Extend 15 hours free childcare to all 2-year old children
Fund free NHS parking permits for student nurses and midwives
Publish data on the deaths of health care staff from Covid 19 by ethnicity
Ban schools from setting more than four hours of homework a week
Fund evacuation of Afghans, with UK relocation offers, trapped in Afghanistan
Remove references to ‘gender identity’ from relationships education guidance
Ban petrol leaf blowers which harm human health, animals and the environment
Grant full citizenship to British citizens by descent, and their children
Urge China to allow direct flights between the UK and China to resume
Condemn the US for overturning legal rights to abortion
Require all cyclists and motor cyclists to wear high visibility clothing.
Fund research and awareness campaign on Pelvic Organ Prolapse
Fund pay rises for teachers in line with inflation
Extend the £650 cost of living payments to contributions-based ESA claimants
Raise the Pension Credit income threshold to equivalent of National Living Wage
Set up sufficient abortion services in Northern Ireland
Reduce income tax rates for NHS staff
Recognise and convert the Moldovan driving license to a UK license
Decriminalise abortion
Introduce a ‘Transparency Law’ requiring social workers to wear body cameras
Reduce or remove VAT from sales of Automated External Defibrillators (AED)
Require health professionals notify DVLA of all ‘notifiable’ medical conditions
Exclude US States that restrict abortion rights from any new US-UK trade deal
Increase Defence Spending to at least 3% of the United Kingdom’s GDP
Make self-defence part of the secondary Physical Education curriculum
Remove indemnity from the manufacturers of covid-19 vaccines
To remove or increase the upper earnings limit on Carers Allowance
Increase awareness of the dangers of swimming in lakes and rivers
Create a higher rate of Carer’s Allowance for people providing 70+ hours care
Require fuel outlets to display the cost of fuel per gallon
Increase funding for diagnosis and treatment of speech and language needs
Reduce the content in 2023 GCSE and A Level exams
Public inquiry into treatment of people with mental health issues by the DWP
Fund bowel cancer screening from age 30
Include abortion rights in the Bill of Rights
Ban the sale of Household flea sprays in shops and online.
Require polygraph tests of all new and serving police officers
Allow parents to bring nursing babies into the Commons Chamber
Apply to join the Single Market and Customs Union at the earliest opportunity
Ensure needs of autistic people are met in any future pandemic response
Add a legal requirement for insurance companies to verify a policy holder’s ID.
Increase the threshold at which child benefit is repaid from £50k to £60k
Grant legal protection to ancient trees
Scrap university fees for doctors, nurses, etc providing they finish the course.
Change the law to prevent protestors outside abortion providers
Allow those with 5 years ICT visa to apply for ILR
Extend ‘qualifying school’ criteria for free school bus travel
Find the time to take the Kept Animals Bill through Parliament and make it law
Commission an independent review of social services to protect children
Fund heart screening in the NHS to avoid young people having cardiac arrests
Urge Pakistani Government to ensure free & fair elections & protect human rights
End assessments and consider disability benefit claims on medical advice alone
“Require all public buildings to install gender-neutral bathrooms”
Limit rent charges on new shared ownership properties to ground rent
Require full pay for staff off with long-term sickness including cancer
Allow A1 motorcycle license holders to use motorcycles with up to 250cc engines
Fund all care costs for retired military and service dogs
Increase subsidies and grants for homeowners to improve their energy ratings
Require health warnings on ultra-processed foods
Ban the sale and consumption of alcohol on any government/parliamentary estates
Ban school branding on shirts, polo shirts, trousers and skirts for all schools.
Cap energy price increases for small businesses.
Require all EV chargers accept contactless payments by April 2023
Ensure fair grading for GCSE students in 2023
Require all government agencies and schools to accept cash
Reinstate original plans for Northern Powerhouse Rail line
Include Fairtrade bananas in the free fruit for schools scheme.
Abolish the benefit cap
All children in receipt of Universal Credit to receive free school meals
Grant amnesty and automatic ILR to under-18s after 5 years in the UK
Ban the sale of cosmetic products that have been tested on animals
Make dog attacks on cats a specific criminal offence
Funding for mass scale clinical trials and treatment for post covid neuropathy
Introduce mandatory drug and alcohol testing for MPs.
Regulate and license equestrian livery yards
Minimum wage pay for all healthcare students for placement hours worked!
Limit the shooting season of Woodcock
Joint claimants should receive £1300 cost of living payment instead of £650
Male circumcision should be made illegal to under 18s unless for medical reasons
Hold a referendum on changing the voting system to proportional representation
Introduce a cap on the total tax take applied to fuel
Ministers to take a regular competency self assessment, set up by parliament.
Require iron content be included on mandatory food nutrition labels.
Fund more specialist school places for children with special educational needs
Call an immediate general election to end the chaos of the current government
Revoke policy not to make retrospective award of medals
Make each county’s patron saint day a bank holiday for that individual county
Ban the sale of energy drinks to under 16s
Create a regulator for courier companies and impose stricter penalties
Increase legal protections for people undergoing cosmetic surgery
Treat Maternity Allowance the same as SMP when claiming other benefits
Fund a railway line to Dunstable, Bedfordshire.
Reduce amounts and rights to payments for Ministers leaving office
Suspend leaving payments for Ministers leaving office from July-September 2022
Give employees a right to two days paid leave a year for religious observations
Mandatory SEND training for all local authority education staff
Cancel the 2022 House of Commons summer recess
Public Inquiry into the loss of HMS Glorious, Acasta and Ardent
Require private car parks issue receipts/tickets stating time paid for
If a Prime Minister resigns a general election should be called
Rename Religious studies GCSE to Cultural studies and ethics GCSE
Ban parents and carers physically punishing their children in England
Review handling of rape and sexual offences committed by under 18s
Raise minimum wage to £12
Set a legal maximum temperature where workers can’t be required to work outdoors
Fund more NHS Walk-in-Centres to help take pressure off A&E
Protect SIA-licensed security workers under Assaults on Emergency Workers Act
Create an ‘Adult ADHD strategy’ to improve diagnosis and treatment
Make the NHS Pension scheme tax-unregistered
Revert legislation governing firearms to the Firearms Act 1937
Recognise the Isaaq Genocide
Require schools to allow students to wear PE kit all day when over 24 degrees
Ban gender-based dress codes in schools and workplaces
Fund placenta measurements for all pregnant women on the NHS
Fund improved training on and care provision for ME/CFS as recommended
Reinstate 4 year minimum supervision for those on parole under life licence
Fund improved facilities for ostomates in disabled toilets
Require vets to do a full health check when pets have their jabs
Remove penalty points from minimum penalty for speeding
Long Covid – increase funding for research and treatment
Add option to vote for ” None of the above” in all elections
Fund expedited treatment for babies born with tongue tie
Require schools teach about Islam as part of religious education
Introduce a discounted TV License for students
Recognise Teaching Assistants as an important asset to schools by raising wage.
Increase Universal Credit to match National Living Wage and change savings rules
Reform education to tackle racism
Entertainment for Everyone Charter: Stop Disability Discrimination at Festivals
Require Secretaries of State to have relevant qualifications/experience
Mandatory Mental Health Training for all educational and early years staff
Require binding referendums on petitions that receive over 1 million signatures
Set a legal maximum temperature in HGV trucks
Require schools provide a halal meat option
Ban the production of virgin (new) plastics immediately
Give small businesses a grant to repay any outstanding Bounce Back Loans
Make the penalty for rape a whole life sentence
Make Alternative Dispute Resolution mandatory for the Motor Industry
Extend rules on listing ingredients and recall of food for humans to pet food
Ban public transport workers from going on strike
Launch a full Public Inquiry into child sexual exploitation (CSE) in Oldham
Increase mental health care funding for children under 11s
Increase the maximum power for an e-bike from 250 watts to 750 watts
Provide financial support for schools to install air conditioning in classrooms
Set maximum working temperature of 38C in hospitality kitchens
Provide legal recognition for assistance animals other than dogs
Introduce taxes on aviation kerosene
Allow employees to claim unfair dismissal after probation
Pay student teachers for their placement and provide bursaries for training
Implement recommendations of the Mineworkers’ Pension Scheme report
Fund climate-ready updates to homes, businesses and infrastructure
Allow culling of black-backed gulls using a general licence
Ban commercial donkey rides
Do not fund the BBC through a universal household levy linked to council tax
Work internationally to resettle asylum seekers, not send them to Rwanda
Implement mandatory anti-racism training for all police officers
Require people to work from home if they can
Fund annual heart screenings for under 35s
Make sanitary waste disposal facilities a requirement in CDM Regulations
Introduce mandatory minimum sentences for spiking
Make socio-economic status a protected characteristic in the Equality Act
Introduce new rights to compensation and support if trains cancelled or delayed
Voucher scheme for those with Coeliacs Disease for gluten-free food
Decommission all fossil fuel power stations by 2023
Fund replanting of trees lost to forest fires to help combat climate change
Set a maximum working temperature at the workplace
Require landlords respond to false fire alarms within 15 minutes
Scrap the sugar tax and plans to stop multibuy offers on ‘unhealthy’ foods
Any prospective candidate for MP must have lived in the constituency for 10 year
Ban the sale of over the counter medicines which contain codeine
Place large environmental taxes on the use of private jets
Remove VAT on gym memberships
Amend visa restrictions on under 14s from working as sportspersons
Make student finance available for all second degrees
Make helmets a legal requirement for all self-propelled vehicles
Require under 18s be sentenced as adults for all serious offences
Make legal aid available to all parties in family courts cases about children
Mandatory whole life sentences for child abuse that leads to the child’s death
Add British Sign Language into the national curriculum
Ban the words “plant”, “grass” & “tree” when used to sell plastic substitutes
Increase NHS funding to provide more Plasma Donation Centres across England
Grant automatic UK citizenship to those born to a British mother before 1983
Create separate border control counters for non-UK citizens with residence cards
Allow drinks to contain up to 2mg of THC and CBN
Stop local councils charging both parents to take their children on holiday
Make it a legal requirement that all new homes have solar energy installed.
Abolish the House of Lords.
Ban the use of greenfield land for solar panels and support uptake elsewhere
Grant free prescriptions to people receiving statutory sick pay (SSP)
Require Jobcentre Plus centres have accessible toilets for customers
Set a Minimum Pension Guarantee (MPG) of at least £200 pw for state pensioners
Increase funding for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
Extend 30 hours free childcare to NHS staff on Skilled Worker visas
Increase tax-free overnight subsistence allowance for UK for hauliers
To make it law that dogs must be on leads around livestock
Establish and Maintain an Aerial firefighting capability to combat wildfires
Renationalise water
Introduce a regulator and mandatory licensing for animal groomers
Seek to join Schengen to ease travel
Urge Israel to overturn new entry procedure for foreign visitors to Palestine
Prohibit cyclists using the road where a cycle lane is available
Fund increase number of NHS mental health inpatient beds
Stop Deduction from Earnings Orders (DEO) for child maintenance debts
Allow Parents Legal Access To Medical Records & DNA Of Their Deceased Child
Make child abusers and child murderers ineligible to appeal sentences
Remove parental responsibility for those convicted of child sexual offences
Full review of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) application process
Give businesses the right to opt out of Business Improvements District levies
Make all unwanted online sexual communication a criminal offence
Do not rollout Covid-19 winter restrictions
Make VAT zero for all Battery Systems used with Renewable Energy generation
Fund regular mammograms and MRIs from women from the age of 18
Extend Animal Activities Licensing regulations to cover all animal businesses
Stop courts being able to grant care orders based on risk of future suffering
Invest in new nuclear and renewable generation to replace fossil fuels
Reinstate reproductive rights in statement on religion, belief & gender equality
Ban Recreational Fishing
Make the school national curriculum more culturally diverse
Create a new Marriage Act setting out legal terms of marriage and divorce
Commission a review of divorce cases where one party had no legal representation
Give divorcing parties an absolute right to a ‘clean break’
End need for a TV licence to view online streaming content not funded by licence
Reduce fixed penalty for speeding in a 20mph zone to 1 penalty point
Remove UK signature from amended FCDO policy statement
Create a ten-year interest free loan for domestic green energy transition
Make it compulsory for Restaurants and Cafes to have a Baby Changing Facility
Create a national card for disabled people
Provide safe passage to the UK for unaccompanied child refugees
Take action to make essential energy (oil/gas/petrol/electric) more affordable
Replace ‘Empire’ in OBE/MBE/CBE with a word not linked to oppressive regimes.
Protect plants and animals from 5G Millimeter Wave (‘mmWave’) Radiation
Make statements about raping someone a specific offence, regardless of intent
Bank Holiday for England Women’s Team Winning the Euros
Fund extra provision of 1-to-1 childcare for SEND children under the age of 2
Legalise gender selection in specific circumstances
Reschedule psilocybin for medical research on untreatable conditions
Create a new permanent bank holiday celebrating and encouraging women in sport
Remove need for consent from married spouse to change surname
Introduce 90 mph speed limit on motorways and run public awareness campaign.
Validate Brazilian Drivers Licence and exchange to British equivalent in the UK
Require schools offer all sports the school offers to children of any sex
Fund all costs of individuals who enter the UK illegally from foreign aid budget
Make Plan 2 Student Loans fair by capping the interest rate at 1.5%.
Introduce legal requirement for annual licensing on each domestic cat ownership
Increase minimum sentence for anyone convicted of manslaughter of a child
Make World Mental Health Day a national bank holiday
Only require businesses pay VAT on turnover over £85,000, and use VAT flat rates
Increase Funding for Diagnosis and Care of People with Severe Aortic Stenosis
Amend the Equalities Act 2010 to include menopause as a protected characteristic
Extend sugar tax to high sugar foods and restrict advertising
Require schools to allow all children to play any sport they offer
Only require child maintenance from fathers listed on birth certificate
Ban plastic and foil balloon releases and fund memorial forests instead
Run Eat Responsibly campaign and require labels on meat, egg and dairy products
Ban the production and use of domed lids on takeaway cups to protect wildlife
Introduce a “Triple lock” to restrict energy cap increases
Urge the Vietnamese Government to end dog meat consumption
Allow employers to give staff non-taxable £1000 cost of living payment
Stop shark being sold under misleading names in the UK
Remove Relationships Education from the primary school curriculum
Allow those diagnosed with Crohn’s and Colitis to access Medical Exemption card
Make the teaching of neurodiversity mandatory in schools
Reform energy pricing and taxes to better protect lower income households
Change the Energy Profits Levy (EPL) to help UK households and the climate.
Ban automatic renewal of contracts
Introduce driving tests for full licence holders every 10 years.
End Universal Credit and reinstate previous system of benefits and tax credits
Remove gender and sex markers from government documents (other than healthcare)
Require cyclists to be registered and have third-party insurance
Regulate all ‘recovery’ and ‘rehabilitation’ accommodation under the CQC
Discontinue CPC training for HGV drivers.
Make it compulsory that paddle boards are sold with buoyancy aids
Ban DVLA from sharing data of vehicles’ registered keepers
Additives should have their ingredients shown, not broadly called ‘flavourings.’
Introduce an extra driving test before people can drive on the motorway.
Increase Postgraduate Master’s Loans to a minimum of £18,000
Ensure PIP applications are considered within a maximum of 12 weeks
Cancel HS2
Renationalise all industries that were publicly owned and restrict future sales
Expand the citizenship subject content on Human Rights
Create a regulator for veterinary services
Motorists re-testing at 65 with 5 yearly re-tests including medical examination.
“Pass a law that prevents the use of standing charges by utility companies”
Appoint an Adult Mental Health Ambassador and Adult Mental Health Group
Freeze student loan repayments for 12 months
Allow energy bills to be paid as part of salary sacrifice, saving Tax & NI
End All Government Subsidies for Fossil Fuel Companies
Increase the Category B driving license weight limit to 5000kg
Reform child maintenance to consider income and outgoings of both parents
Inquiry into Ofgem to determine if it is fit for purpose
Ban the sale of R. ponticum, an invasive and ecologically harmful exotic plant
Require dogs be on leads at all times in public places
Increase the 15.5mph speed limit for e-bikes to a minimum of 20mph
Do not pass the Online Safety Bill and seek a different approach
Legislate to ban commercial wooden pallets treated with highly toxic chemicals
Recall Parliament to consider the Energy Price Cap Increase (Cancellation) Bill
Require broadcasters to provide subtitles & audio description of all programmes
Bring forward and strengthen Biodiversity Net Gain requirements on developments
Ban import of all Israeli goods produced in ‘the disputed territories’
Ban automatic disconnection of people on Pay As You Go Energy Meters
Inquiry into sale of all previously publicly-owned British infrastructure
Pay full £650 Cost Of Living Payment and £400 energy rebate to everyone directly
Fund research into Autistic women.
Fund private mental health care for people with mental health issues
Nationalise all essential utilities – water, gas and electricity
Ban the captivation of marine mammals in the UK
Remove legal protections for the Herring Gull
Hold a public inquiry into the private parking industry’s conduct and practices
Introduce a Christmas light ban for households to save electricity in the winter
Nationalise energy companies
Suspend VAT on pet food and pet care for 12 months, and reduce to 5% thereafter
Require rainwater recovery for new builds and offer grants for older properties
Do not include National Parks in Freeport zones
Take action to prevent illegal attempts to enter UK across the Channel
Deliver an emergency budget to deal with the cost of living crisis
Make children under three who are disabled eligible for Blue Badges
Stop vets euthanising healthy dogs when options are available to save them.
Change income tax thresholds to help for cost of living for everyone
Stop energy companies charging more for pre payment meter users.
Require drivers to retake their test at 65
Make urgent change to Adoption Support Fund to include Neurofeedback Therapy.
Fund free prescriptions for alternative milks for people with allergies
Legalise euthanasia
Suspend school uniform for 12 months
Review penalties for water companies that fail to fix leaks
Introduce right to ‘Net Metering’ for generation of renewable energy
Make it law that all Bicycles and scooters have a bell fitted by Law.
Require training on Autism for everyone who is in a childcare profession
Increase funding available to bus companies
Remove the link between electricity prices and the price of gas.
We want Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) to be a protected profession.
Make Video Games a compulsory part of the national school curriculum
Abolish the Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman
Abolish the requirement for BBC non-viewers to have a TV licence.
Hold a General Election within 100 days of the new PM being appointed
Allow EU nationals to come to the UK to work in hospitality for up to 2 Years
Commission an independent audit into spending on NHS Test and Trace
Recognise Irish passport cards & Gibraltar ID cards at UK Border Force’s eGates
Amend the Procurement Bill to enshrine positive environmental obligations.
Require MPs to disclose all shares in energy companies, regardless of size
Make it an offence to relocate a child within UK without other parent’s consent
Fund research on Chronic Lyme and other tick born diseases coexisting with it.
Do not reduce employer NI contributions in Freeports
Ban private jets from UK airspace
Require the use of body cameras and regular assessment for doorstaff/bouncers
Make August 1st a National Bank Holiday in the UK
Reverse implementation of Freeports unless approved by a public vote
Limit the school week to three days
Make adultery and infidelity domestic abuse offences
Do not introduce Death by Dangerous Cycling offence or cyclist number plates
Level Up National Insurance by Scrapping the Upper Earnings Limit
Exempt owners of homes that can’t get EWS1 forms from 2nd home SDLT surcharge
Sanction individuals linked to illegal activities in Pakistan
Remove requirements for certified installation to access Smart Export Guarantee
Remove income tax and National Insurance for those earning under £24k a year
Require period products list all materials/chemical/ingredients on packaging
Remove the 2 child limit for Universal Credit and Child Tax Credit
Introduce statutory regulation of builders
Stop charging double vehicle tax for the month in which a vehicle is sold
Require swimming venues to maintain single-sex or private changing facilities
Ban water companies discharging raw sewage into the sea
Change the law to stop healthy animals being euthanized at the owner’s request
Investigate and tackle shortages and supply issues for prescription medications
Fund direct bus services to school for all school-aged children
Reduce maximum tuition fees from £9,250 to £5,000
Prohibit landlords from declining tenancy to renters because they have children
Require businesses selling e-cigarettes to offer recycling of used products
Undertake a public inquiry into mental health/suicide prevention/treatment
Require local authorities provide interim accommodation to all homeless people
Increase mandatory minimum sentences for carrying a knife, with no parole
Increase required teaching on climate change in the national curriculum
Extend the windfall tax to all utility companies
Require all businesses and public services to accept cash payments
Do not phase out lamb, beef or other meat products
Increase funding for Care Services
Make all sharing of explicit images or video without consent illegal
Make it compulsory for all taxis and PHVs have CCTV and dash cameras
Ban vaping/e-cigs in all indoor settings
Temporary 2% income tax increase to fund energy bill support for less well off
Allow deaths to be registered remotely
Raise prices for House of Commons catering services to enable full cost recovery
Give parents a right to paid leave when a child has a terminal illness
Require motorcycle riders to wear protective clothing and footwear.
Require train operators maintain ticket offices at railway stations
Hold a referendum on introducing an English parliament
Increase the HMRC Mileage Rate from 45p/mile to 60p/mile
Allow lifeboat crew to use blue lights on private vehicles
Immediately lift the sanctions on Russia
Make the resale of event tickets for more than face value illegal.
Increase sentences for gun, knife and sexual offences
Halt overseas aid completely until the poverty in the UK is eradicated.
Stop the sale of live animals in pet stores & require them to link with rescues.
Increase funding for treatment of pulmonary fibrosis & interstitial lung disease
National minimum wage to £15 to help working families as inflation rises
Make it a legal requirement for drivers to stop& report accidents involving cats
Tax rebate for those who worked during the pandemic in their place of work
Subsidise energy and fuel prices to mitigate cost increases
Raise the Inheritance Tax threshold from £325,000 to £1 million
Ban Aminopyralid and Clopyralid herbicides to help protect the environment
Make free sanitary products in public and workplace toilets a legal requirement
Ban the release of any untreated raw sewage and separate rainwater from sewage
Bring back national ID cards
Launch an inquiry to identify the long-term solutions to current energy crisis
Make it a legal requirement for salaries to be included in all job adverts
Provide interest-free Renewable Energy Assistance Loan during energy crisis.
Increase minimum wage for Support Workers
End rental bidding now
Fund free access to baby CPR training during pregnancy
Reverse fracking moratorium and provide support for natural gas extraction
Renationalise the railways
Allow people to vote “for” or “against” parliamentary e-petitions
Create a national correctional scheme for female perpetrators of domestic abuse
Give Animal Rescue Centres a grant to offset this winters increased heating cost
A Bank Holiday to Celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the NHS
Mandatory for all music festivals to offer free anonymous drug testing
Create statutory legal duty of care for students in Higher Education
Ban button batteries from being used in children’s toys.
Make it illegal to sell nitrous oxide to anyone under the age of 21
Invest in hydrogen fuelling stations AND hydrogen fuel cell car manufacturers
Publish DWP reports and research that are currently being withheld
Reduce the decibel limit on fireworks to 85 decibels, to reduce impact
Reverse restrictions and efforts to reduce imports of Russian coal, oil and gas
Provide funding for suitable infrastructure for people living in vehicles
Include a right to claim asylum in the Bill of Rights Bill
Allow international students to work 30 hours a week in term time in Healthcare
Make parking on someone else’s driveway an offence
Create a Water Resource Balancing and Infrastructure Strategy for England
Include Sickle Cell Anemia in the List of Illnesses Eligible for a MedEx Card
Launch an independent Public Inquiry into Government & NHS Covid-19 spending
Restrict betting shop hours to 9am-9pm on weekdays and 9am-8pm on weekends
Reintroduce Feed in Tariff for electrical generation linked to the OFGEM cap
Ban schools from being able to set homework
Allow asylum seekers to work
Require schools to follow a 5 on, 1 off, 5 on, 2 off weekly schedule
Impose a limit on party donations of £1,000 per individual per party per year
Establish a legal minimum size for bedrooms in rental properties
Automatically remove parental responsibility from domestic abusers
Increase UK Govt Aid for Pakistan Flood Relief To £200 Million
Increase paid annual leave from 5.6 weeks to 7 weeks
Extend any caps on social housing rent increases to park homes
Create an anti-bullying law to protect employees in the workplace
Remove the freeze on UK pensioners living overseas.
Ban the Use of Poison, Lethal Traps and Other Lethal Methods of Pest Control
Abolish Foreign Aid and use the savings to reduce energy bills
“Require schools to have cubicles in student changing rooms”
Impose new requirements on replacing the Prime Minister and subsequent election
Fund free public transport for all
Increase the LISA £450,000 first time buyer price cap in line with house prices.
Fund a national screening programme for Prostate Cancer
Update the Equality Act to make clear the characteristic “sex” is biological sex
Fund increased support for people with agoraphobia
Introduce paid miscarriage leave for parents who experience pregnancy loss.
Ban the import and sale of real fur in the UK
Increase the windfall tax on energy companies and apply it retroactively.
Fund a free school uniform for every child
Decommissioning and removal of camera surveillance infrastructure
Introduce mandatory neutering for domestic cats and dogs.
Significantly increase the Minimum Income Guarantee.
Make Covid vaccines available privately to all ages
Rent freeze’ in England for public and private rented properties
Reduce income tax from 20% to 10%
Make recycling information a legal requirement on the front packaging.
Add alternative milks to the school milk subsidy scheme
Make continued education/apprenticeships optional for 16 year olds
Hold referendum on paying for the energy crisis: windfall tax or borrowing
Make suicide prevention a compulsory part of the school curriculum.
Include PCOS & Endometriosis education in the national secondary curriculum
Increase the allowances claimable by jurors
Allow same sex couples to marry in all religious institutions
Rename Green Park to Queen Elizabeth Park in our late Monarch’s honour
Make cervical screening available from age 21
Implement the recommendations of the Fan-Led Review of Football Governance
Increase regulation of horse & pony non-profit/charity/rescue and riding schools
Commission an independent review of IAPT services
Fund universal predictive genetic testing for all at 18 years of age.
Launch a public information campaign on pedestrians’ rights when using roads
Commit to keeping the 48 hour Working Time Directive rules for all UK Workers
Reinstate a dedicated Minister of State for Veterans’ Affairs
Restore guaranteed minimum pension (GMP) indexation of the state pension
Create 988 as a national phone number to for suicide and crisis support
Abolish free school meals for all children
Fully outlaw practice of landlords/agents refusing to let to benefits claimants
Fund the creation of a suitable monument to Elizabeth the Second.
Change the Order of the British Empire to the Order of the British Commonwealth
Allow children under 10 to cycle on pavements, alone or accompanied by an adult
Fund better awareness of and support for people with brain aneurysms
Maintain sanctions and introduce visa ban on people linked to Iranian regime
Fund free rail travel for all military personnel.
Create a new Ancestors Bank Holiday
Lifetime driving ban if you are convicted of causing death by dangerous driving.
Queen Elizabeth II Day: New bank holiday 8th September or the Birthday (21.4)
Increase the annual ISA allowance for investments within the UK market
Introduce free pet health care & medicine for pets
To relieve the prison system of thousands of prisoners in Category D prisons
Stop pensioners paying Income Tax on private pensions
Establish a panel to adjudicate on disputes regarding headstones
Fund increased eyecare services for children with learning disabilities
Government must not move UK embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.
Automatically upgrade A2 motorcycle licence to A license after 2 years.
Scrap the mini-budget and ensure independent review of any replacement package
Allow people with medicinal cannabis prescriptions to grow their own cannabis
Free prescriptions for everyone with long-term or chronic health conditions
Reintroduce inflation indexation on capital gains tax assessment
Apply an ‘excess profits’ tax on oil and gas companies
Cut diplomatic ties with Iran in support of current nationwide uprisings
Remove VAT on loft insulation
Remove 3% stamp duty surcharge for property owners buying a permanent residence
Condemn Iran for human rights violations linked to the regime
Do not scrap the additional rate of income tax (45% for income above £150,000)
Create an obligatory tenancy deposit scheme for commercial premises
Update drunk and disorderly offence to include intoxication by drugs
Make time in the UK on an ICT visa count towards eligibility for ILR
Ban smartphones for under-18s, starting with 11-12 year olds
Fund reinstatement of the railway line to Louth, Lincolnshire
Rollout new ELMS schemes in full by 2024
Reform the VAT on sunscreen products of SPF 30 or above
Introduce proportional representation, votes from 16, and compulsory voting
Prohibit protest outside places of worship
Offer asylum to Russians fleeing the current Russian regime
Keep retained EU environmental laws until equal or stronger UK laws introduced
Cut the standard VAT rate from 20% to 12.5% to encourage economic growth
Make the use of Tasers (conducted energy weapon) & Pava spray legal
Ban food delivery businesses from delivering alcohol to homes
Fund free BSL Courses for parents or guardians of deaf children
Change the Sexual Offences Act so women can be charged with rape against others
Remove the need for planning permission to mount solar panels on flat roofs.
Require a referendum on whether to hold an early general election if PM changes
Reverse the tax cuts announced in the mini budget
Give people the right to opt out of elements of council tax
Raise the 40k ‘luxury’ car tax. Static since 2016 – 40k is not a luxury car now.
Social Media ban for under 18s
Set up a panel to support reviews into attacks on or deaths of social workers
Simplify Skilled Worker and Global Talent visa rules for Russian nationals
Ban wood and garden waste burning.
Legalise use of personal e-scooters with licence, insurance and safety clothing
Consider replacing the tax system with an automated tax on all transactions
Fund improved services for families experiencing baby loss.
Increase annual pension allowance tax allowance
Recall Parliament immediately to address the financial and economic crisis.
Remove the 15-year rule for UK citizens living abroad voting in UK elections
Require businesses respond to all applicants for an advertised job vacancy
Terminate the contract of First Trenitalia Ltd
Require all energy companies to pay interest to customers who are in credit
Prevent the introduction of any “programmable” CBDC in the UK
Include a diversified range of authors for GCSE, A-level and primary curriculums
Allow Russian citizens to apply for UK work visas outside a country of residence
Make an exemption for the domestic growing of food crops during a hosepipe ban.
Publish all OBR forecasts immediately once received by the Government
Allow all British Army soldiers to grow neatly trimmed facial hair
Add content on death, dying and bereavement to the national curriculum
Provide any necessary military hardware needed to defend Ukraine.
Extend Paternity Leave to 4 weeks for first time parents.
Make non-confirming vehicle registration plates an endorsable offence
Amnesty for undocumented migrants after 10 years and ILR after 12 years
Seek to start peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.
Expand the Unduly Lenient Sentence Scheme to cover the crime of Voyeurism
Fund AMH blood tests for women aged 20+ to identify potential fertility issues
Make narcissistic abuse a specific criminal offence in personal relationships
Pay rises and pay parity for firefighters, police and paramedics.
Introduce a mechanism for the public to call a ‘No Confidence Referendum’
Create an online school system for children unable to attend school premises
Add additional content on cancer to the health education curriculum
Hold a referendum on the monarchy
Legalise Human Composting (Natural Organic Reduction)
Require Electricity Suppliers to actively promote Carbon Intensity awareness
Require honey labels to reflect all countries of origin of the honey.
Ban the sale of all non-organic pesticides to the general public
Reverse income tax Personal Allowance freeze
Ban all fossil fuel advertising in public spaces.
Close All Abattoirs & Campaign for People to Go Vegan for World Vegan Day
Give the North of England a referendum on becoming independent
Reduce or remove taxes on overtime pay
Give employees a right to bereavement leave following the death of a pet
Fund 30 hours free childcare from age 1 for families where both parents work
Change the voting system to proportional representation (PR)
Ban the use of blue-rich lights for public lighting at night due to cancer risk
Require a vote of confidence in new Prime Ministers, and an election if lost
Require the requests of petitions with over 500,000 signatures be implemented
Make licenses and third party insurance compulsory for dog owners
Extend Cost of Living Payments to all students in higher education
Increase the number of and pay for the police and ban sending out officers alone
Remove chains from Africa Motif on the Foreign Commonwealth Office building
Make unlawfully killing a pet a specific offence with sentences equal to murder
Create a national register of perpetrators of domestic abuse
Create financial penalties for property buyers who pull out of purchases
Require a ‘trauma informed’ adult in all educational settings for children.
Introduce statutory regulation of physician associates (PAs) by 2023
Fund GCSE exams fees for homeschooled students
Introduce new requirements to ride a moped or motorcycle on the road
Negotiate with the EU for mutual visa-free six month visit rights
Reduce the voting age to 12
Require HMRC to pay Research and Development tax credits within 40 days.
Make it illegal to buy or sell nitrous oxide (laughing gas)
Seek stronger international sanctions against Iran
Make Covid tests free for everyone again
Allow parents to use their children’s tax-free personal allowance
Extend any cap on social housing rent increases to shared ownership properties
Make it illegal for employers to discriminate on the basis of appearance
Make it a specific offence to lie about your age to engage in sexual activities
Introduce an unmetered monthly tariff for energy for the elderly and disabled
Require businesses turn off all non emergency lights during hours of closure
Remove the need for planning permission for energy efficiency improvements
Provide additional energy grants for people using machines for palliative care
Add An Emblem To The Union Jack So It Gets Flown The Right Way Up
Offer assistance, asylum and support to those fleeing Iran.
Raise the property price cap for using a Lifetime ISA to buy a home
Ban all disposable plastic bags.
Repeal the current Dangerous Dogs Act and replace with new framework
Ban transparent plastic windows from food packaging
Require all residential, public and business buildings have address visible
Government must move the UK embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
Introduce legislation to ban the culling of male chicks via maceration and gas
Ensure ALL students with student loans NEVER pay back more than they borrowed
Seek to suspend Russia as a permanent member of the UN Security Council
Require employers to offer paid menstruation leave
Require parliamentary candidates provide a CV
Increase tax-free childcare allowance in line with inflation
Extend student finance to non-UK citizens habitually resident in the UK
Introduce a fourth emergency service ‘mental health rescue’
Ban single-use plastic bottles in the manufacture of soft drinks for UK market
Amend Housing Act 1988 so leaseholders cannot be treated as ASTs
Repeal the Hunting Act 2004
Extend regulation of lenders to cover all lenders to businesses
More funding for CAMHS inpatient facilities
Retain the link between welfare benefits and inflation
Require GPs to sign off on renewal of driving licences for over 70s
Stop proposed investment zones
Ban video games
Add “Black – British” to the DfE school census ethnicity codes
Amend the list of needs in the Animal Welfare Act 2006 Section 9(2)
Require social media platforms to introduce mandatory ID verification
Incorporate menopause into the Quality and Outcomes Framework (QoF) for GPs
Keep the May 1st 2023 Bank Holiday on that date and not move it to May 8th
Ban more than 1 hour of homework every week
Increase penalties for repeat bike thieves
Increase PGCE bursary amounts for the academic year 2022/23
Introduce a written constitution based on the American model
Form an emergency coalition Government
Give employees rights and support to buy employers as co-ops when facing closure
Withdraw the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill
Allow nut allergy sufferers into the UK Armed Forces
Allow people over state pension age to newly qualify for PIP higher mobility
Create a Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Action Plan
Fund neutering of stray and feral animals by animal rescue centres
Hold a referendum on rejoining the EU following the outcome Brexit agreement
Hold a public inquiry into the sale of Royal Mail
Make it a specific offence to cause criminal damage to works of art or artefacts
Reduce the state pension age to 60 for long-term night shift workers.
Bring Royal Mail back into public ownership
Make economics a mandatory subject in the national curriculum
Reduce Vehicle Tax on Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles.
Ban the use of plastic gloves at petrol stations
Launch a compensation scheme for frontline key workers living with Long Covid
Bring back the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme
Make PIP available for people with autoimmune diseases
Change the HMRC mileage rate from 45p per mile to 50p per mile
Update hate crime action plan and increase actions to tackle hate crime
Review and increase foster care allowances and tax exemptions
Increase funding to ensure all adults and children have access to a dentist.
“Reverse IR35 legislation”
Abandon Trident to save billions for public services
Bring back the Civil Service Fast Stream ASAP!
Allow elderly parents of UK residents to live in the UK with private medical
Remove or reduce VAT to 5% on the cost of charging an EV
Cut diplomatic ties with Russia. We can never work with them again.
Introduce new restrictions on the purchase and release of fireworks
Allow adult adoption in the UK
Keep triple lock on pensions
Add accessibility to the national curriculum
Introduce new vehicle registration rules for electrifying classic cars
Restrict Public Duties Cost allowance to Prime Ministers who won an election
Introduce Dementia Information Sessions on the National Curriculum
A UK wide referendum on the forced introduction of the 2025/30/50 and EV rules
Make it a legal requirement for cyclists to use cycle paths where available
Require siblings to be a priority in school admission oversubscription criteria
Allow Jamaican Nationals To Visit, Study & Work In The UK without a Visa.
Reinstate the two year energy price guarantee
Increase ‘thank you’ payments for Homes for Ukraine hosts
Reduce the VAT on Hospitality businesses to 10%
Make bike storage pods a requirement for all new building developments
Reduce the lifetime ISA fee of 25% to 20% when accessing the savings early
Add Economics GCSE to the English Baccalaureate alongside Geography or History
Ban smoking and vaping in all public spaces
Take action to prevent expulsion of residents from Masafer Yatta
Reduce VAT on sales under £500 and increase VAT on sales over £50k
Abolish grants paid to Ministers leaving office
Introduce reporting requirements for euthanasia of healthy/treatable animals
Prevent rapists from having parental responsibility
Introduce mandatory minimum standards for inclusive product packaging
Provide funding to reduce NHS waiting times for cancer reconstruction surgery
Require written parking fee reminder before fine, if no onsite payment available
Abolish the Public Duties Cost Allowance (PDCA) for former Prime Ministers
Give working parents extra annual leave and suppor to cover school holidays
Mandatory general election if 2 changes of Prime Minister during a Parliament
Introduce a three month “qualifying period” for Prime Minister PDCA eligibility
Free flu jabs for nursery practitioners and teachers.
Require Prime Ministers serve for two years to claim Public Duty Costs Allowance
Restrict Public Duties Cost Allowance (PDCA) claimable for service under 5 years
Increase the tax credit cost of living payment to £1000
Only allow former PMs to draw on the PDCA after a minimum 1-year service.
Extend temporary admission for UA refugees to use cars with UA registration
Extend elderly and disabled concessionary bus passes to peak services
Require climate and working standards label on all clothes
Extend paid paternity leave to 2 months
Introduce a requirement for MPs to attend Parliament when the House is sitting
Abolish Inheritance Tax
Suspend personal taxation until after General Election
New offence of stealing from a charity with a minimum 4-month sentence
A minimum of 2 years as PM before the Public Duty Cost Allowance is available.
Legal wellbeing requirements to support carers after a false accusation
Increase student maintenance loans in line with inflation on a yearly basis
Withdraw from the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT)
Fund nit nurses in all schools
Set date to withdraw guidance on wearing of face masks by care workers
Introduce A Scheme Where People Are Paid At Least £5 for Every Tree They Plant
Increase Universal Credit and legacy benefits by £25 a week
Reintroduce the Health and Social Care Levy
Prevent the sale of Fireworks until the week of Bonfire Night and New Years
Ban rawhide treats for pets
Automatically trigger a GE if 2 PMs leave office in 1 parliamentary term
Require a licence to buy or release any fireworks
Create a fund to support people who lose their jobs to automation
Hold a public inquiry into historic Child Sexual Exploitation in Blackpool
Ban use of fireworks by the public after 11pm, and organised displays after 1am
Make swift bricks compulsory in new housing to help red-listed birds
Require employers offer interviews to disabled job applicants
Restrict the sale and use of fireworks by the public to certain celebration days
Reduce VAT for hospitality/Leisure to help with increasing overheads
Make National Highways an option when calling 999
Create a Cost of Living Animal Welfare Crisis Fund to protect dogs & cats
Establish a dedicated MP to represent the expat community living abroad
Make ‘no fault’ evictions illegal now
Make female sterilisation available on demand to all women
Ban all fireworks permanently, including displays.
Take down the Parliament Petitions Website
Increase additional working hours for healthcare visa workers to 37.5hr
Move the Standard Personal Allowance from £12,570, to £25,000 a year.
Make electronic tagging mandatory for all convicted sex offenders
Require public referendums on renaming streets, removing statues, etc
Abolish the TV License for the elderly, students and basic rate tax payers.
Allow Day Nursery settings to register for 0% rate VAT
Abolish daylight saving changes. Keep British Summer Time of GMT +1 year round.
Ban the advertising of animals showing signs of extreme breeding or mutilation
Abolish the bedroom tax
Entitle all members of the Armed Forces to the National Minimum Wage.
Allow higher education fees and student loans to be paid via salary sacrifice
Mandatory warnings for venues and businesses that use strobe/flashing lights
Reform the UK political system to make the PM directly elected by the public
Mandatory three-month prison sentence for damage to war memorials or statues
Make trigger warnings for infant loss and birth trauma mandatory
Make it illegal for anyone aged over 21 to have sexual relations with under 18s
Hold a referendum on whether to end annual clock changes
Ban private firework displays after 8pm and the use of rockets in built up areas
Make mandatory for cats to be neutered and chipped before allowed to roam.
Increase funding for schools to ensure that they do not enter deficit
Make it mandatory for all bars and clubs to search bags and people on entry
Require 20mph speed limits around schools and nurseries for collection/drop off
Make transplant patients eligible for free prescriptions
Ban artificial synthetic fragrances in indoor public places & workplaces
Provide funding for additional policing of road traffic offences.
Stop legal aid for court appeals for people entering the UK illegally
Provide Financial Assistance to Non-Profit Animal Rescue Charities
Introduce mandatory ethnicity pay gap reporting
Prevent all new North Sea oil and gas exploration
Recommend carbohydrates be included on any front of pack nutrition labels
Make GHB and GBL Class ‘A’ drugs
Expel Lords with a criminal record from the House of Lords
Fund regular in-school dental health check-ups for children
Stop the repurposing of allotment sites for the next 3 years during food crisis
Introduce new rules regarding the suicide of higher education students
Fund free public transport for all 16-18 year olds in full-time education
After massive population growth, it’s time to stop all immigration into the UK.
Compulsory safe crossing points to be provided at all schools
Introduce fines for social media sites that host scam adverts
Introduce a policy of housing all asylum seekers in hotels
Make it unlawful to sell live lobsters in supermarkets and to boil them alive.
Increase funding for the Criminal Cases Review Commission
Make new provisions to compensate people who experience injury from healthcare
Increase penalties and fund increased enforcement for river pollution
“Fund kidney disease screening for all over 50’s”
Amnesty for Undocumented Migrants After 5 years With No Criminal Conviction
Withdraw the Transport Strikes (Minimum Service Levels) Bill
Increase minimum and maximum sentences for rape and other sexual offences
Restrict ‘dangerously out of control’ dog offence to cases of serious injury
Decriminalise possession for personal use of all drugs
Reform the Vaccine Damage Payment with payments based on the scale of disability
Make the production, sale and consumption of cannabis legal in the UK
Mandatory carbohydrate information on all menus for those with type 1/2 diabetes
Set up the system for armed forces veterans to apply for a Veteran ID card
Allow independent officiants to conduct legally binding weddings
Ban the importation of wood pellets used for the generation of electricity.
Require platform screen doors (PSDs) in every train station.
Hold Public Inquiry on the Safety of Mental Health Services for the vulnerable
Impose new taxes on private jets to increase investment in renewables
To donate more money and give more support of aid to the Yemenis
Require speed readout on the approach face of fixed speed cameras
Give customers aged over 70 a right to hard copy invoices/bills
Ban unsolicited junk mail
Require all meat products be labelled as ‘Halal’ or ‘Not Halal’
Fund increased policing against homophobic hate crimes
Increase staffing to reduce waiting times for Asylum seeker claims
Reinstate tax relief allowing mortgage interest to be set against rental income
Award staff of the NHS a long service medal
Amend the speed limits for goods vehicles under 3.5t on dual carriageways
Increase the maximum Disabled Facilities Grant (£30k) in line with inflation
Provide accessible information on cost of living support to disabled people
Reverse plans to require Voter ID
Introduce new rights to compensation for changes to flight schedules
Make online pornography illegal and require all pornographic content be removed
Action Against Supermarkets to Donate ‘Waste’ Food To Food Banks and Charities.
Reform customs charges on items sent from outside the UK
Introduce mandatory training for all staff working with children with SEN.
Make sunscreen more affordable by removing the VAT
Introduce an independent body to enforce the Ministerial Code
10 O’clock Start Times For Schools
Require food outlets to accept electronic payments
Create an official federated social networking presence for MPs
Devolve the same powers to Wales as Scotland
Stop Giving Foreign Aid to India
Make congenital heart disease scans available at birth
Fund Orthopaedic Prosthetics For Patients Paying for Surgery
Add content on diversity in politics to the national curriculum
Commit to not amending the Equality Act’s definition of sex
Review recognition, diagnosis and treatment of sepsis by the NHS
Introduce new rules on packaging/labelling and displaying alcohol products
Make vehicle/tool theft specific offences with increased sentences
Introduce automatic comprehensive restraining orders for domestic abuse offences
Fund increased pay for teachers who work with SEND children
Allow vaccination of captive birds against avian influenza
Fund fitness and wellness coaches to support people suffering with depression
Ban the import of dogs with cropped ears and/or docked tails into the UK
Give all children with an EHCP a right to free school transport
Introduce mandatory biometric identity cards
Review the Gender Recognition Act and its interaction with the Equality Act
Ban the Import and Sale of Disposable Vapes
Require indeterminate sentences be set for people convicted of stalking
Referendum on the UK joining Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO)
Create a 33p coin
Launch a Public Inquiry into the approval process for covid-19 vaccines
End presumption of parental involvement in relation to child arrangement orders
Investigate UK excess deaths not related to Covid.
Limit the price of residential electric vehicle chargers to energy price cap
Increase mental health support for those affected by homelessness
Require schools to have half days on Fridays
Provide funding for mental wellbeing staff for children in schools and college
Carer’s Allowance should be deducted as other incomes within Universal Credit
Immediately provide funding and guidance to local councils to improve recycling
Give secondary school students a right to take a day off school a month
We call upon the Government to hold a Public Inquiry into the impact of Brexit
Extend length of occupancy required for business rates exemption to six months
Compulsory voting in UK General Elections
Immediate Energy Support Payments for Northern Ireland like the rest of the UK
Veterans Day Bank Holiday the Monday following Remembrance Sunday
Save HMS Bristol from being scrapped
Make November 11th a national bank holiday and a National Day of Remembrance
Prioritise and expedite Visa applications for doctors offered jobs with the NHS
Remove the statue of Cromwell from outside Parliament and put it in a museum
Abolish the income tax personal allowance taper for people earning over £100k
Require the UK flag and letters on new number plates from March 2023 by law
Stop housing asylum seekers who entered the UK illegally in hotels
Reform the purchase price limits for buying a home using a Help to Buy ISA
Provide funding for nation-wide substance abuse residential rehab centres
Raise the minimum wage for people aged 16-17 to match that for 18-year-olds
Ban formaldehyde in motorhome/caravan toilet fluid products
Provide immediate funding to support food banks
Increase support for energy bills for households with disabled children
Provide funding for installation of solar PV on social housing
Repeal the Gender Recognition Act 2004
Require health warnings on advertisements for fast food
Create a £25 million annual fund to pay for respite breaks for unpaid carers
Immediately increase the VAT Threshold to £100,000
Increase funding for early years settings
An immediate review of Childcare Funding
Extend the Help to Buy equity loan practical completion deadline
Exempt ALL early years settings in England from business rates
Create a National Care Service
Prohibit the sale of over the counter medication to under 16s
Refund tuition fees for 2020-2023 university students
Remove the need for consent to install double glazing in listed building
Ban landlords from refusing tenants because they have a pet
To save energy, require shops to keep their doors closed during opening hours.
Make Animal Rights Required Learning on the School Curriculum
Cut funding for Ukraine in favour of more public spending in the UK
Fully fund all home care for disabled people
Repeal the Triple Lock and reduce the State Pension rate to £125 a week
Parking permits for drivers with a child in the car
Make bullying a specific criminal offence
Increase the curtailment period when Tier 2 Visa holders lose their jobs
Extend period product scheme to staff, apprentices and higher education
Ban single-sex associations and clubs
Seek to rejoin the European Environment Agency
Mandatory carbon emissions traffic light score for all products and services
Make it illegal to publish personal information online without consent
Require a licence to purchase/install bird spikes and netting
Grant a Section 30 Order to enable a Scottish Independence Referendum
Review national guidelines for safety and security of taxi/ph drivers
Ban fireworks after 10.00pm.
Extend the Youth Mobility Scheme to Pakistan on the same terms as for India
Reduce energy use by Government and Parliament by 15%
Continue to recognise the EASA drone classifications
Make it illegal for anyone other than the test sitter to book a driving test
Recognise the Holodomor as an act of genocide against Ukrainians
Ban uniform in schools.
Make the Warm Home Discount Scheme Accessible Again to the Most Vulnerable
Set minimum percentage of EV chargers for disabled spaces to access LEVI funding
To reduce by 50% forthwith all ministerial salaries for a period of 2 years.
Compulsory for an Executor to use a 3rd party bank account for all Estate funds
Make reporting false allegations of sexual offences a specific criminal offence
Make it compulsory that Secondary schools do a minimum of 2 hours PE a week
Revoke the right of registered sex offenders to change their name by deed poll
Provide an update on the release of £50 million for MND research
Revoke the ban on single-use plastic straws
Require Universities to refund students during strike action
Require local authorities provide free recycling services for schools
Fund free bus travel for women and children after sunset
Fund research into ACL injuries in women’s football
Reduce Breast Cancer screening age to 30
Add Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder to the secondary Health Education curriculum
Remove the ‘right to roam’ status currently applicable to domesticated Cats
Make unlawful for any strike to reduce public transport services more than 50%.
Adjust childcare ratios for 3-4 year olds from 1:13 to maximum 1:10
Repeal The 1967 Abortion Act As It Applies In England And Wales
Ban unfair ground rent clauses from leasehold agreements
Extend Bounce Back Loan repayment terms
Review application of the mental health act regarding ASD/Learning disability
Provide funding for HS to be researched and treatments made available.
Remove all Bishops from the House of Lords
Allow disposable e-cigarettes to be over 600puffs and 2ml tanks
I would like the government to ban the sale of peanuts on trains
Implement compulsory neutering and spaying of all pet cats.
Change Parental Leave eligibility to make leave equal for men and women
Include CPR in the national curriculum
Traffic to stop and wait for a stopped school bus loading or unloading children.
Allow managed migration of claims for young adults with additional needs.
Create a new regulator of doctors to replace the General Medical Council (GMC)
Do not count employer funded private health insurance as a taxable benefit.
Make railcards accessible to all to reduce the cost of public transport.
Make finance costs on rental properties an allowed expense
Revoke the unjust Community Protection Notice (CPN) power
Raise the legal age of consent for sex to 18 if the other partner is an adult
Make the practice of cousin marriage or “consanguineous” marriage a crime.
Introduce a ‘Safe Haven’ law for abandoned babies here in the UK
Remove the 20% VAT on private dementia day care centres
Provide free bus passes for all students in full or part-time education
Abolish the Arts Council
Fund and Roll out the Right-To-Buy Extension for Housing Association tenants.
Award former UK Govt Afghan locally employed civilians an operational medal
Hold a referendum on the TV licence fee.
Any sharing of indecent photographs without consent should be a crime.
Hold a referendum before introducing any UK digital currency.
Fund community mental health hubs for children and young people NOW!
Research the ultra rare genetic brain disorder AARS2 Leukodystrophy
Require all drivers over 60 to retake the theory and driving test!
Change ‘right to acquire’ house scheme date from March 31 1997 to March 31 1994
Require a Guard/Train Manager on every train
Legislate to ban discrimination on the grounds of social class
People Who Change Jobs Should Not Be Penalised By Losing Maternity Pay Rights
Do not introduce laws to restrict strike action
Legally recognise non binary gender identity.
Make students eligible for government cold weather payments.
Remove the charitable status from private schools to remove tax cuts.
Allow people to travel outside of UK while a visa application is being processed
Shut nurseries and schools to stop strep A infection spreading
Ban all advertising for vapes and e-cigarettes
Increase funding to fight drug abuse
Ban all E-scooters
Allow all shire counties to draw up franchise agreements with bus companies.
Stop the opening of the new coal mine in Cumbria
Amend the 1917 Titles Deprivation Act to remove honours
Ban retailers from selling non-recyclable wrapping paper and decoratives.
Stop all new gas, oil and coal extraction
Increase pay of nurses and teachers by the inflation rate.
Ensure that adequate shelter is provided for animals kept outside
Keep Maths and English A-Level non-compulsory and let us keep a choice
Fund free car parking at NHS Hospitals for everyone permanently
Fund public information films to warn children of potential dangers
Make Counselling study eligible for the 2nd degree HE tuition fee loan.
Scrap the B1 English Speaking test.
Fund free parking and at-cost meals at work for all NHS staff
Increase funding to support autistic children.
Make it a crime to stop someone from seeing their child, if not for violence.
Require councils to treat all roads and paths during snowfalls
Require Ice Safety Equipment as standard at all bodies of water.
Ease cost restrictions on baby formula in response to the cost of living crisis
Investigate Anti-Hindu propaganda & hatred attacks on Hindu Community
Increase NHS Funding for Research and Treatment of Adult ADHD And Autism
More funded research to be done on Adenomyosis
Bring in legislation to end internal air flights in the UK.
Stop animal testing
Repeal & Replace PIDA1998 with an Office of the Whistleblower (OWB).
Raise income tax by 1 pence, to pay health service workers
Referendum on ending government’s economically costly Ukraine/Russia policies
Re-regulate rural bus services in England
Raise income tax to increase nurse pay in the NHS.
Ban after school detentions and isolation punishments in school
Review safety procedures at hospital A&E departments
Guarantee public sector worker pay rises inline with MPs’, or inflation
Reintroduce masks in public transports and public indoor places
Regulate slimming companies
Require schools to teach child sexual abuse and exploitation prevention
Require all drivers to switch to winter tyres in November as a mandatory measure
Make PIP an eligible benefit for cold weather payment
Give doctors and nurses the 20% pay rise they deserve
Review NHS 111 service to ensure out of hours medical help is available to all
Change the way child benefit high income tax is calculated to total income
Fund free prescriptions for people diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder.
Ban the use and sale of shock collars, prong collars and choke chains in the UK
Ensure All National Health Staff receive a minimum 7.5% pay increase.
Review Management and Delivery of Car Driving Tests in the UK
Increase the fixed cost school funding to a minimum of £500,000 per school
Increase State Pensions to £416.80 per week & lower Retirement Age to 60 for All
For English Literature to be an optional GCSE.
Hold a Public Inquiry into PFI and the NHS financial burden to fund them.
Ban convicted abusers from dating and social media sites and apps
Ban unsustainable palm oil products being sold in the UK.
Introduce at least one bank holiday per month in the United Kingdom.
Require additional safety features on motorway bridges
Allow the sale of regulated cannabis at designated cafes/entertainment venues.
Ban the sale of energy drinks to under 13s.
All Primary school children should receive free school meals
Require Companies House to verify proof of address before registering a company
Require all secondary schools and colleges to have a full-time counsellor
Introduce a threshold of 60% for referendums to be successful
Urgent funding for research into Long Covid and ME/CFS treatments and cures
Ban the sale of small animal enclosures that do not meet specified standards
Only allow fireworks to be used for official displays on Bonfire Night and NYE
Expand legal aid to cover cases of defamation
Provide funding to make venues accessible to visitors and performers
Require labelling of foods that have been transported via air freight