Closed Parliamentary Petitions (R-Z)

Below is a list of all the closed petitions on the House of Commons petitions page. The full text of the petition can be obtained by typing the petition title into this site’s search function (a future update will automatically link to the relevant petition page on this web-site).

Petition Title:

RAF Red Arrows to fly over London with NHS blue & white smoke
Raise 18 to 20’s minimum wage to £8.20 an hour to match 21 to 24 year olds
Raise all GCSE, AS and A-Level Grades (where below predicted grades) by a grade
Raise awareness of the risk of Placenta Accreta after a caesarean section
Raise awareness on Selective Mutism & support adjustments in education settings
Raise child benefit by £10 a week to help families during the pandemic
Raise concerns about the treatment of British Kurds with the Turkish Government
Raise driving licence expiry from 70 to 75
Raise Funeral Payments and give Bereavement Payments to children of the deceased
Raise Help to Buy ISA qualifying limit (outside of London) to £300k.
Raise higher rate income tax (40%) threshold to £80,000
Raise international purchases to £35 without paying VAT
Raise minimum wage to £10.50 for 25+, To comply with inflation and living costs
Raise National Living Wage to at least £10
Raise national speed limit to 100mph on UK motorways
Raise national speed limit to 80 mph on motorways and dual carriageways
Raise NHS Staff pay by a minimum 5% for £18-25k, 4% for 25k-35k
Raise stamp duty land tax (SDLT) thresholds for first-time buyers
Raise Stamp Duty threshold to £500k for residential purchases long term
Raise stamp duty threshold to families with children in paid-for childcare
Raise tax free Personal Allowance to £18,570 to help low income people to get by
Raise tax threshold for the over 65s
Raise the (SBBR) small business COVID-19 grant to £25,000 help small businesses
Raise the age of consent in the UK to 18 years old.
Raise the Drug Driving limit for Cannabis now it can be prescribed.
Raise the Help To Buy ISA house price limit to £300,000 outside of London
Raise the income tax personal allowance to £15000 immediately
Raise the Income Tax Personal Allowance to £40,000 and reduce Higher Rate to 25%
Raise the level of the Feed In Tariff (FIT) for those with home Solar Panels.
Raise the maximum turnover percentage offered under Bounce Back Loan top ups
Raise the minimum wage for Domiciliary Care Workers to £12 per hour immediately
Raise the minimum wage for HGV Drivers to £15 as we are poorly paid
Raise the minimum wage for supermarket workers to the real living wage
Raise the national minimum wage for 18-20 year olds
Raise the national minimum wage to £10.50 by 2024 as promised
Raise the Pension Credit income threshold to equivalent of National Living Wage
Raise the rate of income tax and corporation tax to fund the NHS.
Raise the SEIS Limit to support our startups
Raise the smoking age to 21 and increase funding to help smokers quit
Raise the speed limit on UK motorways to 90 miles per hour
Raise the standard Personal TAX Allowance from £12,570 to £20,000
Raise the UK state pension to match the UK minimum wage, £16325 per annum
Raise the Universal Credit allowance for over 18s to match people aged 25 & over
Raise the weight limit on Category B driving licences to 4,000kg.
Rapid testing for prison visits.
Ratify and implement the Istanbul Convention
Ratify the Istanbul Convention
Ration gluten-free food to protect those with particular dietary requirements
Re-classify sunscreen products as an essential healthcare item exempt from VAT
Re-direct £2.5bn prison fund into youth services
Re-establish the cross-party committee examining Britain’s relations with the EU
Re-instate Priority & Super Priority services for all visas and ILR applications
Re-introduce shielding for the clinically extremely vulnerable
Re-introduce the 2017 Tax relief rules on BTL for landlords with only 1 property
Re-nationalise the railways and provide better services to passengers
Re-open and extend the Food Charities Grant Fund to fight hunger in London
Re-open local & small businesses BEFORE larger corporations after lockdown
Re-open the East Lincolnshire Railway
Re-open the railway line to Louth Lincolnshire
Reallocate funds for Roads & HS2 to shared pedestrian & cycle paths
Reallocate the £350 million from the NTP to schools to support pupils directly
Rebuild the economy out of lockdown with a Green New Deal
Recall Parliament due to the ongoing Covid-19 Crisis and Brexit Trade Deal Talks
Recall Parliament immediately to debate Covid-19 test availability
Recall Parliament now to scrutinise new Christmas coronavirus restrictions
Recall Parliament to debate proposals for Domestic Vaccine Passports
Recall Parliament to debate vaccination of children before this is rolled out
Reciprocal agreement with the EU on the transfer of UK CAA Flight Crew Licences.
Reclassify photography studios under leisure for the Restart Grant
Reclose schools and colleges due to increase in COVID-19 cases
Reclose schools for students aged 13 and above
Recognise all members of NHS nursing profession by giving them a 12.5% pay rise
Recognise all vaccinations using WHO approved vaccines for international travel
Recognise and convert the Albanian driving license to a UK license
Recognise and fully fund the RNLI as a National Emergency Service
Recognise Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) as an independent state
Recognise emotional support dogs as assistance dogs
Recognise fertility treatment at a European Clinic as ‘essential travel’
Recognise Hong Kong vaccination programme using Phizer BioNtech for travel
Recognise immune response to Covid-19 in the Covid pass
Recognise LGBTQ+ parents equally on UK birth certificates
Recognise Military Sexual Trauma (MST) and fund support for survivors
Recognise Northern Cyprus as an independent state and enable free trade
Recognise Pagan handfasting as a legal form of marriage in England and Wales
Recognise people who recently recovered from COVID in the domestic COVID Pass
Recognise period pants as a menstrual product so that they can be taxed fairly
Recognise pets as dependents in rights to time off work for dependents
Recognise Police and Community Support Officers with a Long Service Medal
Recognise Somaliland as an independent state
Recognise Taiwan as an independent country
Recognise the Myanmar National Unity Government
Recognise the Myanmar National Unity Government
Recognise the Nikah as a legal form of marriage
Recognise trained footwear fitters as providers of healthcare support services
Recognise Unpaid Carers.A Fair amount reflecting the commitment & care provided
Recognise vaccine doses administered in foreign countries for Covid Pass
Recognise wrongs against Kashmiri Hindus and support return to Kashmir
Recognize and exchange the Moroccan driving license in UK
Recommend carbohydrates be included on any front of pack nutrition labels
Recommend primary schools encourage unvaccinated students to wear face masks
Reconsider the decision to divide Cumbria into two Unitary Authorities
Reconsider the points-based immigration system
Reconsider the quarantine for the Greek islands
Record and publish numbers of people with long Covid
Record PTSD and suicide for serving and retired police officers
Record Race and Ethnicity on Death Certificates
Redeploy UK Forces to Afghanistan to protect the citizens against the Taliban
Redirect all foreign aid to Ukraine
Redistribute unrequired medical supplies to prevent waste and offer aid
Reduce 5 week wait for first Universal Credit payment to 2 weeks.
Reduce all immigration fees for Non-EEA Immigrants in UK during Covid-19
Reduce and freeze student loan interest rates at 1.5% per annum
Reduce ATAS processing time
Reduce citizenship fees for children
Reduce content for 2022 A-level and GCSE exams
Reduce Corporation Tax to 15% to encourage FDI and to support British jobs.
Reduce curriculum content for year 10 & 12 students who will sit exams in 2021.
Reduce dividend tax to help directors of small businesses survive
Reduce driving suspensions for HGV drivers who suffer from a provoked seizure
Reduce examination content for all GCSEs and A Levels in 2022.
Reduce extortionate and unnecessary UK Visa and Health Surcharge fees.
Reduce fees for Indefinite Leave to Remain & make the health surcharge a one-off
Reduce fees for spouses of UK citizens applying for ILR or citizenship
Reduce fuel duty and VAT by 40% for a period of 2 years
Reduce fuel duty on E5 petrol when E10 becomes standard at fuel pumps.
Reduce higher rate income tax from 40% to 30% for income under £100k
Reduce import VAT on Second Hand Goods to 5% the same as Art and Collectables
Reduce income tax by 8% for 6 months to help all those affected by Covid
Reduce income tax rates for NHS staff
Reduce Indefinite leave to remain fees from £2389 to £243 for Health workers
Reduce interest on ALL extant student loans to zero
Reduce interest rate for Help to Buy scheme.
Reduce land ownership and transactions registration transition period to 28 days
Reduce Liverpool’s Tier 3 Rating
Reduce maximum tuition fees by half for any closures due to COVID
Reduce maximum tuition fees to £7,500 as recommended by the Augar Review 2019
Reduce maximum weekly working hours to 30, increase minimum wage to £15 per hour
Reduce ministerial salaries by 20% in solidarity with furloughed workers
Reduce Ministerial salaries during Covid-19
Reduce or remove VAT on low emission vehicles in order to speed up adoption
Reduce or remove VAT on the supply, rental & repair of bicycles, inc. e-bikes
Reduce or scrap the immigration health surcharge for overseas NHS Staff.
Reduce period for children (under 18) to settle in the UK to 5 years’ residence
Reduce police funding by £1 billion per year and fund crime prevention instead
Reduce pressure on foodbanks by allowing Universal Credit emergency applications
Reduce quarantine period from 14 to 7 days for overseas arrivals
Reduce restrictions on access to private pensions during coronavirus
Reduce state pension age for key workers by 6 months
Reduce student debt for student nurses and midwives
Reduce student loan debt and interest to mitigate the impact of Covid-19
Reduce student loan debts by the cost of all tuition fees paid during Covid-19
Reduce tax for single parent with no financial support
Reduce tax on alcohol in pubs, clubs and restaurants
Reduce tax on fuel for domiciliary and community care nurses
Reduce tax on petrol cars to reflect lower CO2 emissions from using E10 petrol
Reduce the 20% VAT rate on Public Electric Vehicle charging to 5%.
Reduce the age you can get a full motorcycle licence to 18
Reduce the checking period for petitions on UK Government & Parliament website
Reduce the cost of motor bike road tax
Reduce the Easter school holiday to one week
Reduce the electricity Green Levy for home Heat Pump owners to the same as gas
Reduce the fees for longer term Standard Visitor visas
Reduce the Indefinite Leave to Remain fees
Reduce the legal driving age to 16
Reduce the legal driving age to 16
Reduce the legal driving age to 16
Reduce the LISA withdrawal penalty.
Reduce the maximum fine for non-payment of TV Licence
Reduce the maximum legal noise limit for motorbikes.
Reduce the maximum working hours so people can do a four day week
Reduce the maximum working hours to 30 hours per week after Covid-19 lockdown
Reduce the minimum time required for ILR to 3 years for non-UK NHS workers
Reduce the national speed limit to 60 MPH on motorways and dual carriageways
Reduce the number of Members of Parliament by 50%
Reduce the percentage taken from income when paying off student debt to 5%
Reduce the period of quarantine from 14 to 10 days on all arrivals to England
Reduce the price cap of gas and electricity during the UK Lockdown
Reduce the residential speed limit to 20mph in England
Reduce the school leaving age to 13
Reduce the speed limit of the A1 from 70mph to 60mph.
Reduce the standard rate of VAT to help with increased cost of living
Reduce the state pension age to 60 to better support the elderly
Reduce the state pension age to 63 for all
Reduce the Tax exemption age for classic cars to 30 years.
Reduce the VAT on reusable menstrual products “Period Pants” from 20% to 0%
Reduce the VAT on UK-made items by 1-5% to encourage people to Buy British
Reduce training/testing requirements and introduce grants for HGV C1E licences
Reduce UK citizenship fees to £372
Reduce university fees for degrees that do not offer full in-person teaching.
Reduce University student tuition fees from £9250 to £3000
Reduce university tuition fees to £3500 for health care courses during COVID-19
Reduce university tuition fees to a more affordable £3,000 per year
Reduce VAT charged by the entire hospitality sector to 5%
Reduce VAT For Hair And Beauty Salons to 5%
Reduce VAT for small businesses in the hospitality sector to 5%
Reduce VAT on cafe and restaurant food and increase VAT on alcohol sold in shops
Reduce VAT on Reduced Rate Electricity, gas, heating oil & solid fuel to 0%
Reduce VAT on veterinary services from 20% to 5%
Reduce VAT to 5% for the Fitness industry to survive
Reduce VAT to 5% for the Fitness industry to survive.
Reduce VAT to 5% for the Hair & Beauty Industry inline with Hospitality.
Reduce VAT to 5% for the retail sector ” to help save our high street”.
Reduce VAT to 5% on Fitness services to help the Fitness industry survive
Reduce working time required for rest breaks
Reduced Council Tax for private estate properties
Reduced VAT on plastic-free products
Referendum and parliamentary vote on ending UK-EU negotiations with no deal
Referendum in the United Kingdom to abolish the Coronavirus Act.
Referendum on any treaties that cede UK sovereignty
Referendum on current restrictions and any further lockdowns
Referendum on re-joining the EU
Referendum on reducing net migration and refugee numbers
Referendum on whether the UK should be neutral in the Ukraine/Russia conflict
Reforest England – Use unproductive rural areas and expand existing woodland.
Reform A levels to increase contribution of coursework to A level grades
Reform arrangements for benefits for people with lifelong disabilities
Reform arrangements for practical driving tests to tackle backlog
Reform arrangements for restraining orders against convicted domestic abusers
Reform assessment of English GCSEs
Reform Calculations for Child Maintenance where the child stays with the NRP
Reform child maintenance – flat rates per child per night
Reform child maintenance and benefit calculations to be fair and prevent poverty
Reform child maintenance rules for parents who receive and pay maintenance
Reform child maintenance support from self-employed non-resident parents
Reform council tax discount rules for over 65s with dementia
Reform council tax to a 0.48% charge of the current property value
Reform Covid19 income support schemes to pay 75% of wages and give 5% to the NHS
Reform Criminal Injuries Compensation for survivors of historical child abuse
Reform England’s education system based on the Finnish education system.
Reform Family Separation System
Reform food, energy, environmental and fishing policy to save the planet
Reform GCSE Mathematics to have ‘core’ and ‘advanced’ options
Reform highways maintenance funding to reflect traffic volume
Reform home schooling policy and increase support for home schooled children
Reform honours forfeiture and mandate automatic forfeiture for racist recipients
Reform House of Lords so 50% of members are key workers selected by ballot
Reform housing and immigration system to address racial inequalities
Reform how pension income is deducted from Universal Credit
Reform IPSA – cap MP payrises in line with other Public sector pay
Reform laws and practices regarding the removal of judges from office
Reform laws on listing of ingredients and allergens for alcoholic drinks
Reform legislation on evidence admissible in sexual assault and rape cases
Reform legislation on sex work to improve safety
Reform legislation that allows plastics to go undeclared on textile labels
Reform marital law so what you bring into a marriage remains yours by default
Reform military joining standards in relation to historic medical conditions
Reform of bail and release under investigation to protect victims
Reform PIP assessments
Reform PIP rules and create a dedicated fund to support cancer patients
Reform policy on Channel Crossings and create safe routes for refugees
Reform political finance – ban private donations and replace with public funding
Reform Postal Vote Legislation!
Reform prison system: more open prisons, allow jobs for prisoners, levy earnings
Reform proposed changes to planning system and remove top-down housing targets
Reform rules for mutual exchange of social housing
Reform rules for slaughter and compensation for cows with Bovine TB
Reform rules on Ministerial office, the House of Lords and political donations
Reform school behaviour policies to prioritise wellbeing and inclusion
Reform surrogacy laws and support LGBT+ parents
Reform the Childcare System
Reform the current firearms licensing and renewal system
Reform the DWP’s Third Party Deductions Policy for low income claimants.
Reform the education system to end standardised testing for 16-year-olds
Reform the Gender Recognition Act.
Reform the House of Lords because its membership is chosen undemocratically.
Reform the House of Lords so that only the life peers remain as members.
Reform the House of Lords. Use the Canadian Senate Model
Reform the law so that drug addicts are not criminalised
Reform the national curriculum for drama to include LGBTQ+ and POC stories
Reform the National Curriculum on the basis of equality and BAME representation
Reform the party wall act and instate a party wall regulator for households
Reform the system for seeking compensation from the NHS
Reform the UK honours system to remove references to Empire
Reform the UK Justice System, review sentencing for violent crimes
Reform the VDPA 1979 to improve support for those harmed by covid-19 vaccines
Reform UK Parliament behaviour – Make “Shouting / Jeering etc” unacceptable.
Reform UK passport application tracking and options to fast-track applications
Reform unjust Inheritance Tax law which can penalise the less well-off
Refund all or part of citizenship fees when an application is rejected
Refund ALL University student tuition fees due to lack of quality in education
Refund anyone who was fined last year for having a gathering during Covid
Refund driving theory tests that expire during COVID-19 pandemic
Refund Immigration Health Surcharge for NHS and Social Care Workers in the UK
Refund PAYE tax for year 2020/21 to Keyworker and Essential Worker Roles
Refund taxes used to pay slavery abolition debt to British descendants of slaves
Refund third term rent for students in private accommodation
Refund UK citizens and residents required to hotel quarantine from November 2021
Refund university rent and tuition fees due to coronavirus
Refund university students for 3rd Semester Tuition 2020
Refund University tuition fees for 20/21 due to Covid-19
Refuse any request to suspend requirements for airlines to compensate customers
Refuse Dairy Industry Bailouts: Transition to a Plant-Based Food System
Refuse UK entry to non-UK residents who do not have a COVID-19 vaccine passport.
Region-specific arts councils to support artists
Register sex offenders for life
Regulate & require approval of non-standard modifications to road-going vehicles
Regulate and licence all retired greyhound kennel premises
Regulate dog trainers and dog behaviourists
Regulate dog walking, dog trainers & dog behaviourists
Regulate international educational partnerships to prevent foreign influence
Regulate locksmiths and issue guidance around gaining entry to property
Regulate mini-bonds and immediately compensate and protect investors.
Regulate online marketplaces, preventing third-parties selling unsafe products.
Regulate parent and child parking spaces
Regulate the barber industry.
Regulate the beauty industry
Regulate the bike market and require frame number checks at repair.
Regulate the courier service industry with penalties for undelivered parcels
Regulate the hair, beauty, holistic and aesthetic industries
Regulate the naming of cosmetic and beauty products based on their ingredients
Regulate the purchase, resale and exchange of bikes to prevent theft
Regulate the role of Funeral Directors
Regulate the sale and advertising of diet products
Regulate third-party food delivery providers
Regulate wildlife food so it’s safer for hedgehogs, and all mammals & birds
Regulate wildlife food so it’s safer for our UK hedgehogs, mammals & birds
Regulation of Property Agents – implement working party recommendations in full
Reimburse all losses from missed travel due to Passport Service delays
Reimburse all NHS nurses for their annual registration fees
Reimburse all students of this year’s fees due to strikes and COVID-19
Reimburse any resident of England that has been fined for breaking the lock down
Reimburse contract termination fees
Reimburse cost of VAT on materials and expenses to all PPE supplied free to NHS
Reimburse creative art students who can’t access to equipment during lockdown
Reimburse excess VED paid for campervan/motor homes from Sept 19 to Mar 20
Reimburse health care professionals for professional registration fees
Reimburse international NHS workers the cost of the NHS surcharge this year.
Reimburse international students this year’s fees due to strikes and COVID-19
Reimburse losses to pension funds resulting from Covid-19
Reimburse nursery fees when child must self-isolate due to peer/staff Covid case
Reimburse nurses for student loans and fund all fees for future student nurses
Reimburse Nursing students who are prematurely called out into the workforce
Reimburse parents for school uniform purchased should schools close again.
Reimburse student rents for all accommodation not used during this academic year
Reimburse students on their year abroad who are affected by Coronavirus
Reimburse tax payers for monies used to compensate slave owners
Reinstate 5% rate of VAT for the hospitality sector
Reinstate contact tracing requirement for schools
Reinstate English student teacher bursaries and reimburse expenses
Reinstate Furlough and Self-Employment Support due to Fresh COVID-19 Disruption
Reinstate IT GCSEs
Reinstate ITT bursaries for all subjects
Reinstate martial arts onto the activity lists for GCSE and A level
Reinstate national service (military or medical) for all aged 18-40
Reinstate Passport renewals adding time left to new passport, as per prior 2018
Reinstate Percentage Threshold Scheme (PTS) for Statutory Sick Pay payments
Reinstate Priority and Superpriority track for Family and Student Visas.
Reinstate street lamps on M66 Bury Lancashire
Reinstate the 14 years rule for entitlement to indefinite leave to remain
Reinstate the 5-day relaxation of COVID restrictions over Christmas
Reinstate the Better Broadband Scheme which ceased in England in December 2019
Reinstate the Green Homes Grant with free certification training
Reinstate the IPC grant Funding which paid social care staff who need to isolate
Reinstate the ITT bursaries for arts and humanities PGCE
Reinstate the Low Value Consignment Relief for imports valued under £15
Reinstate the pensioners triple lock.
They cannot cope with the price rises.
Reinstate the pre-2012 Overseas Domestic Worker visa with a route to settlement
Reinstate the right to appeal rejected visit visas
Reinstate the union learning fund
Reinstate the Widowed Parent’s Allowance for parents whose partner dies
Reinstate War Widows’ Pensions
Reintroduce a National ID Card.
Reintroduce Capital Punishment for Crimes Against Humanity
Reintroduce Capital Punishment for Crimes Against Humanity
Reintroduce Feed-in Tariffs for domestic solar panels
Reintroduce quarantine exemption for returning or travelling healthcare workers
Reintroduce shielding with financial support
Reintroduce the Best Use of Stop and Search Scheme (BUSSS) for all Police Forces
Reintroduce the Death Penalty for certain offences
Reintroduce The Eat Out To Help Out Scheme To Save The Hospitality Industry.
Reintroduce the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA)
Reintroduce the Milk Marketing Board
Reintroduce waiting time targets for seeing a GP
Reinvest lockdown fines directly back into the NHS
Reject any future applications to increase passenger numbers at Luton Airport
Reject any proposals to abolish District Councils in Lancashire
Reject North Yorkshire County Council’s proposal for a ‘mega council’
Reject the proposals for Junction 10 of the A3/M25
Reject Tier 3 restrictions in North East and impose Tier 2 restrictions
Rejoin the EU under Article 49 TEU
Relax Government guidance on care home visits during Covid-19
Relax household mixing rules for adults with mental health issues
Relax hunting regulations during Covid-19 outbreak
Relax immigration rules to enable the UK hospitality industry to recover
Relax rules on gaps in continuous residence during Covid-19
Relax rules on non-EU adult family members joining permanent UK residents
Relax visa rules for foreign workers for the hospitality sector.
Relax visit-visa time restriction for foreign family members of UK residents.
Release a plan of how tiers will lift based on rollout of COVID vaccine
Release all details of all offences for DBS checks of care/education workers
Release ALL Enhanced prisoners temporarily because of Covid-19
Release certain IPP prisoners
Release HMP Prisoners due to COVID-19 – temporary release, licence, tag, curfew
Release the findings of Exercise Cygnus from 2016 regarding a pandemic in the UK
Release the Home Office’s Grooming Gang Review in full
Release the models underlying the government’s response to COVID-19
Release the provisional grades for GCSEs and A-Levels in England in June
Release unredacted minutes of SAGE group meetings
Removal of parental responsibility if convicted of murdering their spouse.
Remove 24 week gestation requirement for a baby loss to be registered
Remove 5% VAT rate on gas and electric bills
Remove Abu Dhabi from the UAE red list status
Remove Afghanistan From Red List
Remove Algarve from the quarantine on return list
Remove all African countries from the red list immediately
Remove all COVID requirements for international travel to the UK
Remove all covid-19 restrictions on July 19th 2021
Remove all international travel restrictions for double vaccinated UK residents
Remove all restrictions on amateur musicians
Remove all surcharges for paying for VED (Road Tax)
Remove all titles on UK driving licences
Remove all voting rights of UK citizens living permanently outside the UK
Remove Angola from the red list
Remove anti-protest measures from the Public Order Bill
Remove Argentina from the red list
Remove ban on 10-packs of cigarettes, 20-packs could cause more smoking
Remove Bangladesh and Pakistan from the Government red list
Remove Bangladesh from red list
Remove barriers to UK residents adopting rescue dogs from Ukraine
Remove biodiversity net gain mandate from the Environment Bill
Remove Brazil from the Red to the Amber list
Remove capacity restrictions for outdoor motorsport events
Remove children under 12 from the 1 to 1 exercise rule in England
Remove citizenship fees for people born in the UK and from long term residents.
Remove Clause 11 from the Nationality and Borders Bill
Remove Clause 9 from the Nationality and Borders Bill
Remove Colombia from the red travel list immediately
Remove conditions to increase fares and congestion charge for any TFL bailout
Remove country of birth from driving licence photo cards
Remove Covid restrictions for the Christmas period
Remove Covid-19 restrictions on support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous
Remove Dominican Republic from Red List countries
Remove drug-related convictions committed by under 21s from criminal records
Remove dry cleaners from the list of essential businesses during the pandemic
Remove duty on motor fuel completely
Remove Ecuador from the red list
Remove Egypt from travel red list immediately
Remove emergency powers that enable the Government to implement lockdowns
Remove English literature from the national curriculum for Key Stage 4
Remove environmental and social obligation charges for electricity
Remove environmental taxes from electricity to encourage heat pump installations
Remove exemptions allowing funeral attendance by people who are self-isolating
Remove exemptions for places of worship during lockdown and future restrictions
Remove face-to-face assessments for PIP renewals
Remove firms discretion and obligate firms to furlough employees where eligible.
Remove Gender Markers from Birth Certificates and Passports
Remove guidance and funding for temporary traffic measures that cause congestion
Remove household mixing restrictions and 10pm curfew for hospitality sector
Remove images of children/babies from those used on tobacco products
Remove income tax from savings, annuities and pensions for those over state pens
Remove Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) from insurances that are a legal requirement.
Remove Italy from amber list
Remove Leptospirosis Vaccine as a requirement for dog day care and boarding
Remove mandatory financial advice clause for Defined Benefit Pension transfers.
Remove Maths & English GCSE requirement for Teacher Training Courses
Remove MPs ‘special’ income tax exemption for accommodation expenses
Remove national insurance and means test for ESA for disabled people
Remove need to register for EU Settlement Scheme for those in UK for 5+ years
Remove Nepal from the Red List Countries.
Remove new protest provisions from Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill
Remove non-working royals from the line of succession to the Throne
Remove offences preventing the humane capture and release of rats
Remove Ofqual’s moderation of 2020 results based on schools previous performance
Remove Ofsted’s involvement in counselling services for adopted adults.
Remove Oman from red list
Remove opening hour restrictions on licenced venues but impose three drink limit
Remove Pakistan from red list for travel
Remove Paraguay from Red list
Remove parental responsibility for domestic abusers who refuse rehabilitation
Remove parental responsibility of convicted child sex offenders
Remove Peru from the Red list and mandatory hotel quarantine
Remove police powers on removing encampments from the Police and Crime Bill
Remove powers for local councils to fine when children are absent from school.
Remove private companies from the Covid-19 NHS Test and Trace system
Remove prostitution from the list of priority offences in the Online Safety Bill
Remove Qatar from the travel Red List.
Remove quarantine cost for vaccinated key workers returning from visiting family
Remove quarantine exemptions for diplomats and international organisations
Remove quarantine requirements for passengers entering England from Canada
Remove quarantine rule for Madeira.
Remove recommendation that face coverings be used in classrooms
Remove regulations on self-driving cars – UN/ECE R79 regulation
Remove requirement for gender dysphoria diagnosis to obtain a GRC
Remove requirement for online learning for students
Remove requirement to make joint claims for Universal Credit during Covid-19
Remove requirements for collective worship in state schools
Remove requirements for couples to make joint claims for unemployment benefits
Remove requirements for UK arrivals to enter quarantine in a managed hotel
Remove requirements to apply for licences to play music/radio in workplaces
Remove requirements to display calories on menus
Remove requirements to list nutritional information on food packaging
Remove requirements to undertake new training when renewing an SIA licence
Remove restaurant & pub closures & relax rules on the hospitality industry.
Remove restriction on ESA claimants living with a working partner
Remove restrictions on motorcycle training (CBT Course) for critical workers.
Remove right of teachers to confiscate phones and view their content
Remove savings cap on Universal Credit for Covid-19 related Self Employed claims
Remove savings limit on Universal Credit for employees ineligible for JSS
Remove scratch cards from the front of counters in shops
Remove Sierra Leone from the UK red list of countries with covid 19 variant
Remove single person protest clauses in Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill
Remove South Africa from the travel ‘Red List’
Remove South Africa from the travel red list by Christmas
Remove South Holland District Council from Tier 3
Remove Sri Lanka from the Travel Red List
Remove statue of Oliver Cromwell in front of Parliament and put it in a museum.
Remove the ‘luxury car tax’ for cars worth over £40,000
Remove the ‘household’ restrictions for indoor Tennis for areas in Tier 2
Remove the “right to roam” status that domesticated cats are entitled to.
Remove the £11.00 charge that family have to pay per death certificate!
Remove the £2,500 cap on salary reimbursed through Covid-19 job retention scheme
Remove the £50,000 cap and extend the tax return deadline for the SEISS
Remove the £50k earnings limit for self-employed to access government funding
Remove the 15 year rule on British expats voting in UK General Elections
Remove the 50% earnings barrier so all self employed workers to receive support.
Remove the 50% Self Employed Rule for those with a P45 dated before UK Lockdown
Remove the ability of convicts with life sentences to apply for release
Remove the ability of Ministers to “call in” planning decisions
Remove the ban on prisoners voting from the Representation of the People Act
Remove the ban on providing smoking equipment such as Shisha pipes on premises
Remove the barriers for Higher Education students to claim Universal Credit
Remove the cap on tax-free childcare so it meets more families’ needs
Remove the charge for children’s death certificates
Remove the criteria for men who have sex with men to wait before donating blood
Remove the Democratic Republic of the Congo from the red list for travel
Remove the East Anglia franchise from the Greater Anglia company
Remove the English test for EU registered nurses to become registered in the UK
Remove the extra £325 road tax on vehicles valued over £40,000 & under 5yrs old
Remove the extra 2% surcharge on Stamp Duty Land Tax for overseas residents.
Remove the form field ‘Title’ from all government forms
Remove the hazard perception from the theory test
Remove the High Income Child Benefit Tax Charge
Remove the Immigration Skill Charge for jobs on the Shortage Occupation list
Remove the legal requirement to display front number plate
Remove the minimum 2 years work criteria to claim Constructive dismissal
Remove the minimum earnings threshold for Statutory Sick Pay
Remove the minimum earnings threshold for Statutory Sick Pay
Remove the option of assaults on NHS staff being dealt with by a Police caution
Remove the otter’s protected species status
Remove the Planning Inspectorate’s power to override elected councils
Remove the protected status of badgers.
Remove the Queens consent requirement for legislative bills
Remove the requirement for a section 30 order to hold an Independence Referendum
Remove the requirement for couples to make joint claims for Universal Credit
Remove the requirement for explicit consent for non-essential cookies
Remove the requirement to sit a trailer towing test b+e
Remove the restriction on family awaiting visas from visiting UK as tourists.
Remove the restrictions on keeping Siberian chipmunks
Remove the restrictions on singing at funerals
Remove the six-month rule for benefit claims made by terminally ill people
Remove the smoking ban in psychiatric wards as it increases amount of incidents
Remove the suspension on EU import checks asap to restore a level playing field.
Remove the Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern fail franchise from GTR
Remove the urgency procedure from the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act1984
Remove the use of the word British from the British Broadcasting Cooperation
Remove the VAT on all laptops for all children home learning
Remove the VAT on Period Pants
Remove those from the line of succession whose permanent residence is not the UK
Remove time limit on appeals when new mental health information is available
Remove travel restrictions during visa processing for UK based applicants.
Remove Trinidad and Tobago from the red list.
Remove Tunisia from the red list
Remove Turkey from the red list
Remove UK quarantine for all fully vaccinated people from Amber list countries
Remove Ultra Small-Volume Vehicle Manufacturers from 2035 decarbonisation target
Remove Universal Credit’s ‘Minimum Income Floor’ for the self-employed.
Remove value of homes from ability to pay for social care means test
Remove vape tank size and refill bottle size limits for eliquid from TRPR
Remove VAT from all clothes, soap, toilet roll and cleaning products
Remove VAT from all domestic fuel, and provide price capping on heating oil.
Remove VAT from energy-saving products
Remove VAT from GARDEN PLANT SALES post COVID19 lockdown.
Remove VAT from therapy and counselling sessions.
Remove VAT from toothpaste and toilet paper
Remove VAT off all food
Remove VAT on AED machines, first aid courses and first aid supplies
Remove VAT on air pilot training
Remove VAT on Armistice Wreaths
Remove VAT on domestic energy bills now.
Remove VAT on Energy Efficiency Measures To Help Meet 2050 Emissions Target
Remove Vehicle Excise Duty and add the cost to Fuel Duty
Remove/reduce VAT for low/mid-range personal mobile phones & mobile contracts
Removing all restrictions on opening and closing times for licenced premises
Rename future Early May Bank Holidays “Key Worker Day”
Rename the British Empire awards like OBE MBE etc
Rename the early May bank holiday ‘Union Day’
Rename the May Day bank holiday to the NHS bank holiday day
Rename the Mental Health Act to the Mind Health Act.
Rename the NHS to “The Royal National Health Service”
Renationalise the NHS, scrap integrated care systems, and end PFI contracts
Reopen all visa services for Ukrainians in Ukraine
Reopen application pathway of BN(O)
Reopen Bathampton and Twerton railway stations
Reopen driving test centres for essential workers during the second lockdown
Reopen salons during lockdown with measures in place to practice safe services.
Reopen schools in August with shorter summer holidays for a transition period
Reopen the competition for selling Reading prison to new bids
Reopen the RoATP for new Employer Provider Applications
Reopen UK Table Dancing Clubs for Autumn 2020
Reopen Weedon Railway Station on the West Coast Main Line
Repatriate all UK residents stranded abroad
Repatriate refugees when their country of origin is safe
Repeal all “Plan B” Covid measures
Repeal Breed Specific Legislation
Repeal Coronavirus Act and end all Covid-19 restrictions
Repeal Covid-19 Restrictions on opening hours
Repeal hate speech laws other than advocating for violence
Repeal provisions for Community Treatment Order
Repeal regulations on Covid-19 jabs for care workers pending impact statement
Repeal second National Lockdown
Repeal section 1(1)(d) of the Abortion Act 1967
Repeal Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003 and expunge all convictions
Repeal Section 21 of the Housing Act 1988
Repeal Section 58 Terrorism Act 2000
Repeal Section 9 of the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation etc) Act 2019.
Repeal the 1824 Vagrancy Act and decriminalise rough sleeping
Repeal the 2013 and 2017 HS2 Hybrid Bills halting all HS2 works immediately.
Repeal the Climate Change Act 2008
Repeal the Consummation Laws in England and Wales
Repeal the Coronavirus Act
Repeal the Coronavirus Act 2020
Repeal the decision to implement compulsory face coverings in English shops.
Repeal the Fixed Term Parliaments Act.
Repeal the Human Rights Act and update treason laws
Repeal the Investigatory Powers Act 2016
Repeal the Trade Union Act 2016
Repeal The Vagrancy Act 1824
Repeal the Vagrancy Act of 1824
Repeat “Eat out to help out” scheme for the health, wellbeing & beauty sector
Repeat the current school year from Sept 2020
Replace “Special Educational Needs” within the Children & Families Act (2014).
Replace 2022 GCSE and A-Level exams with teacher assessed grades
Replace all EU LIFE programme funding
Replace Breed Specific Legislation with a new statutory framework
Replace nuclear power with hybrid-solar-battery power in the energy strategy
Replace Religious Education with a life skills subject
Replace SAT’s with lower stress, effective teacher assessments
Replace self-isolation requirements for school students with daily testing
Replace the current press self regulatory system with a statutory regulator
Replace the e-petitions system with a People’s PMQs
Replace the House of Lords with a wholly elected body.
Replace the Independent Office for Police Conduct with a new independent body
Replace the Landfill Tax with a waste premium
Replace the real bearskins used for the Queen’s Guard’s caps with faux fur
Replace the role of PM with directly elected PM and change how Parliament works.
Replace the supply of children’s food parcels contract with a cash payment.
Replace the TV licence fee with a subscription service.
Replace the undertaking in difficulty requirement in CBILS and Bounce Back loans
Replace UK whistleblowing law, and protect whistleblowers and the public
Replace VAT on fuel and fuel duty with one single ‘per litre’ tax
Replace votes in the House of Commons with public votes using a voting app
Report daily SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern & variants under investigation data.
Request a Monarch’s pardon for Dic Penderyn.
Request a Monarch’s pardon for those who were hanged for Witchcraft in 1612
Request a Royal Pardon for the Pendle Witches hung in August 1612
Request a short term extension to the Brexit transition period
Request RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight to fly over the UK to boost morale
Require 1 week’s notice be given of any use of fireworks in a residential area
Require 1921 Census details be released on 1st July 2021 instead of January 2022
Require 2 metre social distancing at schools
Require 48 hours’ notice before a ‘dangerous dog’ can be destroyed
Require a “none of the above” option for all elections/referendums
Require a by-election when an MP resigns from their party
Require a female police officer to be present when a woman is arrested
Require a licence for the sale of pet animals in any circumstance
Require a licence to buy a weed burner because of the potential fire risk
Require a licence to buy pet rodents to ensure appropriate care
Require a licence to own certain dog breeds
Require a license to order Nitrous Oxide canisters.
Require a mandatory licence to own pets.
Require a minimum size for hutches and cages for animals
Require a negative covid-19 tests before flights into or out of England
Require a negative PCR test before travellers can return to the UK
Require a Prime Minister be removed from office if found to have broken the law
Require a referendum on the sale of any Government-owned company or assets
Require a uniformed police officer be present for arrest or detention
Require a visual representation of sugar content on confectionery labels.
Require A-level qualifications for all new police recruits
Require access for parents paying child maintenance
Require additional safety features on motorway bridges
Require adverts to state when person’s features have been enhanced or distorted
Require adverts, products and online sellers to list primary country of origin
Require advisory age ratings for literature
Require age-verification for hook-up apps and websites
Require agreement with NHS authorities to consent to new developments
Require airlines cancel flights to places the FCO has advised against travel to
Require airlines to provide therapeutic oxygen on flights free of charge
Require airlines to refund the full cost of cancelled flights automatically.
Require airlines to stop school holiday price hikes if they receive bail out
Require all alcohol bottles/cans to include details of a mental health helpline
Require all breakdown vehicles have fitting points for isofix seats
Require all broadband providers to support a common router standard
Require all broadcast television be audio described
Require all businesses providing food to have adrenaline auto-injectors on site
Require all cafes to close during national lockdown, including for takeaway
Require all CCGs in England to offer 3 rounds of IVF
Require all cemeteries to have CCTV
Require all cemeteries to have CCTV
Require all children under the age 16 to wear a helmet while cycling
Require all civil servants to return pre-pandemic working arrangements
Require all community dance groups to be a member of a regulated governing body
Require all companies to remove personal information during application process
Require all cyclists to have third party liability insurance
Require all delivery drivers to use electric vehicles by 2025
Require all e-scooters be parked in designated docking stations
Require all e-scooters to have a registered reference number/licence plate
Require all educational establishments to have CCTV outside toilets
Require all educational settings to have a bereavement policy
Require all electrical installations to be carried out by qualified electricians
Require all employers to provide space for breastfeeding mothers to express milk
Require all essential retailers to sanitise trolleys & baskets between customers
Require all food products to have braille labels
Require all GP practice staff to be paid on the Agenda for Change scale
Require all GPs have a designated Mental Health Nurse
Require all HGVs to stay in the left lane on motorways
Require all Home Office allowed appeals to be implemented within 8 weeks
Require all hospitality venues clearly display current prices of all drinks
Require all hospitality venues to provide large print and Braille menus
Require all hounds involved in ‘trail hunts’ to be muzzled
Require all key and essential workers be paid at least the Real Living Wage
Require all Landlords to allow individuals claiming DSS to rent during Covid-19
Require all large shops to close on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day this year
Require all medication packaging list details of a suicide prevention helpline
Require all merchants to accept cashless payments
Require all military sexual assault claims be handled by civilian police
Require all mobility and cabin scooters to be fitted with seat belts
Require all new automobiles be fitted with padded foot pedal covers
Require all new buildings and homes to include solar panels
Require all new buildings to have rainwater storage for flushing toilets
Require all new builds to have solar panels as condition of planning permission
Require all new motor vehicles be limited to a maximum speed of 80mph
Require all new tall buildings to have pumped storage systems
Require all new vans sold in the UK to be factory fitted with a Cat 1 alarm
Require all new vehicles to have an ultrasonic anti-game whistle
Require all newly built homes to be Carbon Neutral by 2030
Require all newly planted woodland include a corridor of mixed deciduous trees
Require all NHS, Care and Social Care staff be vaccinated against COVID-19
Require all non-essential retail stores to close on Boxing Day
Require all owners/occupiers of premises to keep their premises free of litter
Require all pet businesses to have a trained pet first aider
Require all petrol stations to have a free use bicycle pump.
Require all pharmacies to support online payment and postal delivery
Require all police conduct complaints & appeals to be referred to the IOPC
Require all police forces to conduct Unconscious Bias psychometric testing
Require all police officers to take Anti-Racism education
Require all products clearly labelled with Animal Testing where appropriate
Require all public access toilet doors to be push to open, when exiting.
Require all public rights of way be accessible to pedestrians, horses & bicycles
Require all public services to have a trained domestic abuse lead
Require all publicly accessible businesses to provide space for breastfeeding
Require all pubs and clubs to use hand held metal detectors to search guests
Require All Puppies to Be Sold with a ‘Pup & Mum’ Veterinary Health Check Record
Require all retailers and businesses to accept cash for goods and services
Require all retailers to accept cash for products and services
Require all retailers to close on Boxing Day
Require all road traffic signs prohibiting actions to have a diagonal line
Require all school staff receive training on SEN children
Require all schools give GCSE and A Level students study leave before exams
Require all schools to have at least one trained Mental Health First Aider
Require all schools to offer regular counselling to students
Require all Secondary Schools to have private changing facilities for all pupils
Require all ships in UK ports to be inspected for compliance with MLC 2006
Require all ships operating out of UK ports to apply UK employment law
Require all shops and supermarkets to close from 23rd to 26th December
Require all SIA licence holders to complete any new training standards
Require all social workers to wear body cameras
Require all sports clubs publish plans for tackling racism
Require all staff at soft play centres be DBS checked
Require all staff/resident interactions in care homes to be recorded
Require all teachers and TAs to have basic mental health training
Require all teachers to be trained in supporting children with special needs
Require all teachers to be trained in the use of makaton
Require all toilet doors in public places to be push to exit.
Require all tradesmen and labourers to have DBS checkes
Require all train stations and trains to have Step-Free Access
Require all UK citizens over 14 to carry biometric national identity card
Require all vulnerable and at risk people to stop going to work
Require all workplaces to have at least one Mental Health First Aider
Require all workplaces to have Mental Health First Aiders
Require Allergens be Highlighted on Toiletries and Cosmetics
Require and fund CCTV to be installed at all children’s play areas
Require and fund improved visibility of road markings to make driving safer
Require and fund the local provision of swimming and leisure facilities
Require and fund training on autism for all staff in mainstream schools
Require any MP or Peer convicted of a criminal offence be removed from office
Require audio visual recordings of all meetings involving social services
Require banks to refund past excessive bank charges
Require bars, clubs and music venues to have metal detectors
Require betting shops to create members-only areas for FOBTs (slot machines)
Require bold environment warnings on wasteful food and drink packaging.
Require both parents to be present to register a child’s birth
Require Braille cooking instructions are put on food packaging
Require British Sign Language Interpreters for emergency announcements on TV.
Require broadcasters to have BSL interpretation for all news broadcasts
Require BSL and subtitles for parliamentary, government and political broadcasts
Require bus drivers have a 45 minutes break after 4 hours 30 minutes driving
Require businesses to grant free entry to accompanying carers
Require businesses to turn off lighting in empty offices during Covid-19
Require caffeine content to be declared on nutritional labelling of products
Require calories to be displayed on all alcoholic drinks
Require cancellation of an auto-renewing service to be as accessible as the sale
Require candidates for UK elections to pass an enhanced DBS test
Require car drivers over 70 to be retested or do a refresher test
Require car manufacturers to implement security measures that stop vehicle theft
Require caravans be included in the registration documents of the towing vehicle
Require carbohydrates be listed on menus in cafes, restaurants and takeaways
Require CCTV in all underpasses and train station tunnels
Require CCTV in supported living and care homes
Require child car seat manufacturers to recycle their products.
Require child sexual abuse to be reported with penalties for failure to do so
Require children attending school to isolate whilst waiting for a PCR result
Require clear labelling of foods produced using genetically modified organisms
Require clear labelling on all products linked to deforestation.
Require clear sugar and fat warnings on front and back of food packaging
Require clubs and bars to offer lids with straws for drinks
Require clubs only sell drinks in cups with one-way flow
Require collection of birth registration data on both parents’ previous children
Require commercial and industrial units in urban areas to seagull proof roofs
Require common allergen labelling on cosmetics in line with food labelling
Require communication disorders to be included on any personal records
Require Companies House to verify proof of address before registering a company
Require Companies Publish Diversity Ratios of those Furloughed and those Rehired
Require companies to annually publish plastic usage (product and packaging)
Require companies to display environmental rating of the products on packaging
Require companies to dispose of their own products with an end of life service.
Require companies to issue refunds within 48 hours
Require companies to match employment conditions for reemployed workers.
Require companies to provide free paper copies of accessible bills
Require companies to repay coronavirus financial support if they breach UK laws
Require companies to repay furlough payments if profitable in 2020/21
Require companies to report on Environment, Social and Governance factors
Require companies using animal-tested ingredients to declare this on products
Require coroners to record and publish deaths by suicide at universities
Require Coroners to record when a death resulted from using a prescription drug
Require Cosmetic Surgery and Non Surgical Aesthetic ads to display a risk logo
Require council tax discount for all over-65s with dementia
Require council tax discounts for dementia are backdated to the diagnosis date
Require councils suspend council tax payments for six months
Require councils to add shades to LED street lamps automatically
Require councils to provide Empty Property Premium details in property searches
Require Councils to publish all FOI responses online
Require councils to suspend council tax increases for year 2021/2022
Require councils to suspend council tax payments during the coronavirus outbreak
Require courts to calculate divorce settlements using a formula
Require courts to make an attachment of earnings order where a debt is owed
Require Covid-19 cleaning and hygiene standards continue to be met post-outbreak
Require credit rating agencies to provide a way to wipe bad credit records
Require criminal record checks before the sale/adoption of an animal
Require cyclists have lights, license plate and insurance to use the roads
Require cyclists that use the road have insurance and visible registration
Require defibrillators on all estates or w/0.25 mile radius of residential areas
Require denatonium benzoate be added to products containing ethylene glycol
Require developers felling trees to fund reforestation projects
Require developers relocate not demolish buildings of historical interest
Require developers to compensate buyers for missed completion dates
Require developers to submit access plans at outset of all planning applications
Require disclosure of all memberships to apply for or hold public office
Require dog grooming businesses to close and extend grants to these businesses
Require dog owners to keep their pets on short leads in children’s playgrounds
Require dogs to be kept on a lead at all times when in public
Require domestic cats be kept indoors at all times
Require drivers involved in accidents to contact emergency services immediately
Require drivers of motorcycles for paid work to have full licence for type
Require drivers to report hitting a cat, and scans for cats hit by a car
Require drivers to retake the driving test every 10 years, and 3-5 years from 70
Require driving instructors and students to wear face masks during lessons
Require Drs to give patient information leaflets prior to giving vaccinations.
Require e-scooter sellers/makers to make clear they are illegal for public use
Require EHCPs for all SEN children and those with a diagnosed disability
Require employers pay employees for mandatory work breaks
Require employers to compensate workers if shifts are cancelled at short notice
Require employers to pay workers on a weekly basis.
Require employers to provide breaks for breastfeeding mums to express
Require employers to reimburse staff for any extra costs of working from home
Require employers with more than 250 employees to introduce a Menopause Policy
Require energy suppliers report nation of origin of oil and gas supplies
Require environmental impact information on food packaging
Require equal coverage of women’s achievements in the National Curriculum
Require every garment sold in the UK to include a ‘Carbon Checker’ label
Require evidence before Companies House can publish the departure of a Director
Require exam boards provide advance information about 2023 exam content
Require exam boards to give all students the option to type their exam answers
Require exam bodies and schools to allow calculators during GCSE maths exams
Require exam bodies to return marked papers
Require exams to be conducted digitally from 2025
Require face coverings to be worn at bus stops
Require familiarisation videos for all public spaces and venues
Require family court cases with domestic abuse issues to be heard by a judge
Require farm animals kept outside be given access to shelter
Require Ferry Companies to Comply With the Equality Act 2010
Require festivals to provide drug testing facilities
Require firearms to be stored securely at licensed premises
Require foetal scanning to be offered all women prior to an abortion
Require food & drink to be labelled with suitability for vegans and vegetarians
Require food items to display information relating to their carbon footprint
Require food labels to clearly indicate if food products contain alcohol
Require food labels to list ‘Carbohydrates per unit’ alongside ‘Carbs per 100g’.
Require footwear retailers to set fair prices for disabled people
Require Full Nutritional Data For All Food Products – Packed/Pre-packed & Loose
Require gambling industry to implement a self-exclusion system for FOBTs
Require garages to only open for key workers during Covid19
Require general election candidates to live in the area where they are standing
Require glasses used in licenced establishments to be marked with the crown
Require government ministers who break the law to be removed from post
Require GP surgeries to accept repeat prescription orders by phone
Require GP’s to complete health assessment forms for voluntary roles for free.
Require GPs and the NHS to act on mental health referrals by third parties
Require GPs to sign off on renewal of driving licences for over 70s
Require greenery to be added to highways with unused space to combat pollution
Require halal and kosher certified products be prominently labelled as such
Require health warnings at point of purchase of fossil fuel energy eg. petrol
Require Highways England halt and reverse infilling of historic railway bridges
Require home offers to be a legally binding contract with penalties if broken.
Require home owners who fell conservation area trees to fund urban tree planting
Require homebuilders to have insurance to cover full cost of build over £1k
Require homeowners prevent trees exceeding 2 meters in height
Require hospitality venues to publish accessibility information online
Require hospitality venues to show the content of any sugar added to food items
Require housing element of Universal Credit to be sent directly to the landlord
Require housing for all homeless people after the coronavirus crisis
Require imported goods display the value of embedded GHG emissions
Require increased visibility of police identity numbers on uniforms
Require jurors in Child Abuse/Rape trials be educated on the “Five Fs”
Require labeling for milk to confirm whether the cows had access to pasture
Require labels on all products showing water and carbon usage in manufacture
Require labels saying “may contain” an allergen list the specific allergen
Require landlords to provide all prospective tenants with floorplans
Require large companies to only use responsibly sourced palm oil in products.
Require lenders to publish details of acceptance/rejection criteria
Require letters from local authorities about fines/debts be sent “signed for”
Require licences for cyclists and number plates for all bikes/e-bikes
Require licensed venues to introduce anti-spiking policies, and fund training
Require Licenses to Keep Chameleons
Require life sentences for rape and child sexual offences
Require lifetime Football Banning Orders for racist football offences
Require lilies on sale to be labelled as toxic to cats
Require local authorities in England to permit motorcycles in bus lanes
Require local authorities obtain DBS checks before licensing Tattoo Artists
Require local authorities obtain DBS checks on Tattoo Artists
Require local authorities replace roadside grass with wild flowers
Require local authorities to allow cab drivers to make Covid-19 adaptations
Require local authorities to allow family to attend funerals
Require local authorities to collect all plastic waste that can be recycled
Require local authorities to collect garden waste for free
Require local authorities to compost all food waste
Require local authorities to fund specific domestic abuse services for men
Require local authorities to fund specific domestic abuse services for women
Require local authorities to have free helplines for the homeless and vulnerable
Require local authorities to hold referendums on plans for structural changes
Require local authorities to make deceased animals available for inspection
Require local authorities to obtain DBS checks on Tattoo Artists
Require local authorities to offer EHCPs to all children with a disability
Require local authorities to provide free 24-hour accessible public toilets
Require local authorities to provide free, accessible public toilets
Require local authorities to publish all FOI request replies online
Require local authorities to waive and refund council tax for 2020/21
Require local councils to offer a 50% single person discount for council tax
Require local councils to publish final destinations of household recycling.
Require local exam centres to accept home-educated students for public exams
Require local support services for families affected by substance abuse
Require LPAs hold referendums on support for onshore renewables by April 2024
Require mandatory training on ASD/ADHD and SEND for teachers
Require manufacturers of electrical goods to take and recycle old equipment
Require mask-only carriages on all trains
Require meat sellers to display how all meat was slaughtered and sourced
Require medical professionals to report suspected vaccine side effects/injuries
Require men over the age of 50 to be invited for a PSA test
Require mental health impact assessments for all behavioural insight policies.
Require microchip numbers in all dog sale adverts
Require Ministers found breaching the Ministerial Code be dismissed
Require Ministers found to break the law be removed from office and lose pension
Require mobile phones sold in the UK to be repairable by consumers
Require moped/motorcycle users doing commercial work to have a full licence
Require MOT services to close to reduce spread of Covid-19
Require MPs and civil servants report all contact with corporate entities
Require MPs report weekly how much time they spend on second jobs
Require MPs who break the law be removed from office
Require naturism events to be only open to adults.
Require negative Covid test results for entering workplaces
Require negative covid test to enter the UK
Require new developments to include wheelchair accessible homes
Require new large buildings include renewable energy generation
Require new washing machines to include a microfibre filter from 2025.
Require newspapers to contact every person named in stories they publish
Require NHS use an “opt-in” system to use patient data for planning or research
Require non-resident parents to be informed of issues relating to their children
Require occupational pension funds be held independently of employer
Require Ofsted to inspect and regulate private and independent schools
Require old cautions and convictions be routinely removed from the PNC system.
Require one percent of prize money to be used for the welfare of ex-racehorses
Require online businesses to verify advertisers’ identity to protect consumers
Require online games have child-only servers to help protect children
Require online review sites to prevent fraudulent reviews.
Require orange juice cartons to state if they contain Seville Oranges
Require outdoor venues to rent take-away cups to customers by deposit only.
Require owners register trampolines so they can be traced if it is displaced
Require packaging of animal products to show images of the manufacture process
Require packaging that clearly details the environmental impact of products.
Require paper bags be available at all supermarket and Grocery shop.
Require parental consent for all medical treatment for children aged under 16
Require people exempt from wearing face coverings to wear a face shield
Require people in care to were face coverings when in presence of care staff
Require people offering cosmetic injections have a relevant qualification
Require people to have a criminal record check to open a social media account.
Require people to have Bikeability level 2 to take a driving test
Require Personal Injury Liability Denied Cases to be tried within a year of clai
Require pet owners to have accident and emergency insurance
Require petrol stations list country of origin of fuel at the pump
Require petrol stations to have a pay at pump option
Require pharmaceutical companies to publish full data about clinical trials
Require phones to receive security updates for 5 years
Require PIP assessors to be health professionals with relevant experience
Require Planning Permission for laying of Astroturf Lawns / Artificial Grass
Require planning permission for removing any trees on brownfield
Require plastic food containers to contain a minimum percentage recycled plastic
Require police disclose & allow reported Non-Crime Hate Incidents be challenged
Require police offer victim support to all victims of pet theft
Require police to capture Body Worn Video in all interactions with the public
Require police to tell family and cohabitants of child sex abuse offences
Require post-1960 light aircraft be fitted with silencers or mufflers
Require practical GCSEs to involve practical work that contributes to the grade.
Require pre-inquest investigation into all unexplained NHS mental health deaths
Require preschools and schools to educate under 5s on learning difficulties
Require primary schools to assess all students for learning difficulties
Require primary schools to have separate male and female changing facilities
Require products be labelled as “containing palm oil” or “palm oil free”
Require products containing plastic to be clearly labelled
Require proof of Covid vaccination to access indoor shops and venues
Require proof of vaccination to work in care homes and healthcare
Require public beaches to be wheelchair accessible up to the sea
Require public referendums to approve participation in any armed conflict
Require public sector vehicles be purchased or leased from UK manufacturers
Require public transport to allow Mobility scooters
Require public-facing workers to use clear or windowed face coverings
Require publishers to display trigger warnings on title pages of books
Require pubs and restaurants to close on Christmas Day so staff can celebrate
Require recipients of Covid 19 loans/grants to pay staff and freelancers first.
Require recycling systems in NHS clinical areas for plastic healthcare waste
Require referendums on the removal of historically significant statues
Require refundable deposits on drinks cans and bottles.
Require registration and logbooks for all vehicle trailers
Require Regulation of Dog Groomers
Require regulation of dog swimming pools.
Require restaurants to show total prices, inclusive of service charges, in menus
Require restaurants to supply all nutritional information for dishes.
Require retired racing greyhounds to be muzzled in public
Require riders of bikes/scooters to wear helmet and fluorescent clothing
Require sanitary bins be provided in men and women’s toilets
Require sanitary products are made available in all public and workplace toilets
Require scanning of microchips by vets and to prove ownership when selling pets
Require School SENCOs to be fully qualified for the role.
Require school summer holidays in England to be Mid June to mid July
Require schools across England to start the school day at 10am.
Require schools allow students to wear PE kit for whole day on PE days
Require schools and colleges to have gender neutral toilets
Require schools and colleges to provide gender neutral toilets
Require schools and exam boards to bring forward results day for autumn exams
Require schools and universities to start the academic year in January 2021
Require schools close at 1pm on Friday so Muslims can go to mosque
Require schools have at least three physical education lessons a week
Require schools provide a vegan meal option every day
Require schools ringfence funding for pupils with Education and Healthcare Plans
Require schools teach about contributions of South Asian and Black people in WW1
Require schools teach about special educational needs & mental health disorders
Require schools teach students about gender identity by Year 6
Require schools teach students about knife crime in Year 8 and 9
Require schools to adopt a part-time attendance rota while Covid-19 is a threat
Require schools to adopt activewear for school uniforms
Require schools to allow children the option to retake their year next year
Require schools to allow children to bring a mobile phone into school
Require schools to allow children to wear face masks at school due to Covid-19
Require schools to allow children to wear shorts and skirts in hot weather
Require schools to allow pupils to wear PE kit for the full day on PE day
Require schools to allow staff to wear face coverings whilst at work
Require schools to allow students to wear PE kits on hot days
Require schools to extend the summer holidays by 3 weeks
Require schools to have a gender-neutral uniform policy
Require schools to have active threat lockdown policies
Require schools to have gender-neutral uniform policies
Require schools to have separate toilets for boys and girls
Require schools to increase plant-based lunch options
Require schools to maintain separate toilets for girls and boys
Require schools to make every Friday a half day.
Require schools to make Friday a part of the school weekend
Require schools to make Friday a part of the school weekend
Require schools to make uniform optional
Require schools to offer BTECs at Key Stage 4
Require schools to offer remote learning for children with Tourette’s
Require schools to operate a 4 day week
Require schools to provide online classes as an option to all children
Require schools to provide separate changing facilities for girls and boys
Require schools to send hard copies of teaching material during closures
Require schools to support home learning during Covid-19 outbreak
Require schools to teach about environmental conservation
Require schools to teach about going to prison as part of the curriculum
Require schools to teach feminism as part of the national curriculum
Require schools to teach students about knife crime as part of the curriculum
Require search engines to remove bestiality images and websites from results
Require secondary schools to start teaching at 10am and end it at 2pm
Require sellers of safety equipment to be licenced and registered
Require sentences for child sexual offences be served consecutively
Require sentences for sexual offences to be served consecutively
Require sex of VATP & sexual offenders be recorded throughout justice system.
Require shops to close on Boxing Day to give retail workers a holiday
Require shops to have their lights switched off after closing
Require shops to regularly sanitise till areas and card readers
Require Sikhism to be taught in UK schools from Reception upwards
Require smokers pay for any medical treatment for lung cancer
Require social media accounts to be identifiable, not anonymous
Require social media companies add warning to posts containing offensive content
Require social media companies to remove extremist content within one hour
Require social media companies to retain data to prevent crimes
Require social media companies to verify age of users and label child accounts
Require social media platforms to protect disabled people from online abuse
Require social media platforms to report hate/ racist comments to the police.
Require social media platforms to validate user IDs
Require social media platforms’ terms of use to prohibit racism and hate speech
Require Social media sites review every post/comment before publication
Require social media sites to remove content showing physically harmful activity
Require Social Services to Record All Meetings
Require solar panels on all building by 2030
Require sound emitters on electric cars to be permanently switched on
Require specified levels of hedge planting for all new developments
Require Sports England to recognise multiple governing bodies for sports
Require student nurses/midwives be paid the same as a HCA whilst on placement
Require suitable businesses offer remote & flexible working to employees
Require supermarkets and restaurants to donate or compost food waste
Require supermarkets to donate food past its Sell-by-Date
Require supermarkets to have defibrillators on site
Require Supermarkets, Restaurants and other Retailers to Donate Food Waste
Require temporary workers be offered full employment contracts after two years
Require that 90% of goods sold are essential for businesses to stay open
Require that companies add clear ‘added allergen’ labelling when changing recipe
Require that people apply for planning permission before erecting trampolines
Require the accounts of all companies be audited
Require the BBC Board to be elected by public vote rather than by appointment
Require the DVLA to provide detailed reasons for decisions and accept appeals
Require the DVSA provide waiting areas/toilets for driving instructor/candidates
Require the Environment Agency to suspend the fishing close season
Require the government to accept all requests for broadcast interviews
Require the media give retractions equal prominence to the original article
Require the NHS have separate gynaecology units for women who are not pregnant
Require the NHS to provide single-sex psychiatric wards including intake wards
Require the police to respond fully to all complaints within 28 days
Require the return of all marked exams and recordings to students
Require the Royal Mail to continue to accept non-barcoded postage stamps
Require the Smokefree National Helpline be on cigarette and tobacco packaging
Require the treatment of the Uyghur be taught as part of Key Stage 3 History
Require the Union Flag on all new UK number plates.
Require the Union Flag to be flown on public buildings and schools!
Require those standing in local elections live or work in the area they stand.
Require timed traffic restrictions be painted on the road
Require toys sold in the UK to have an environmental rating
Require tracking devices to be fitted to all motor vehicles to help cut crime
Require train operators to offer journey count based season tickets
Require training and assesment on spiking for all Personal Licence Holders.
Require transformers and overhead cables be insulated & earthed to protect birds
Require travel companies & airlines to pay compensation if no refund in 14 days
Require travellers to take a Covid-19 test when leaving the UK
Require trials and full procurement process for all Covid-19 testing contracts
Require trigger warnings for all broadcasts related to sexual violence
Require two or more police officers to be present to make an arrest
Require UK election results to be counted and reported at polling district level
Require UK-based manufacturers to run on a closed-loop water cycle
Require UKAS traders to provide proof of accreditation and insurance with quote
Require Ukrainian children be offered school places within 14 days of arrival
Require universities to educate staff and students on unconscious bias
Require universities to fully refund tuition fees for the Autumn term
Require Universities to partially refund tuition fees for 19/20 due to Covid-19
Require universities to partially refund tuition fees for 20/21 due to Covid-19
Require universities to publish how tuition fees are spent
Require universities to refund for practical courses year 20/21 due to COVID-19
Require universities to refund students due to COVID disruptions and strikes
Require universities to refund students during any strike action
Require universities to reimburse students 1/3 of their tuition fees
Require universities to reimburse students’ tuition fees during strike action
Require university campuses to close to stop the spread of COVID-19
Require University Libraries to close in lockdown
Require unvaccinated patients pay for any medical treatment for COVID
Require use of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs) and increase taxes on non-SAFs
Require vaccine history be recorded on death certificates
Require vets to scan microchips every time a pet receives medical attention
Require voters to show identification and cast their vote using a pen
Require warning labels on palm oil products that are not produced sustainably
Require warnings for flashing lights on streaming services operating in the UK
Require Water Companies to Refund Customers When They Dump Sewage
Require websites hosting adverts for pets to check their accuracy
Require wildlife crossings to be added to all roads
Require work capability assessments to be done by a claimant’s GP
Require workplaces offer women paid menstrual leave
Require, by law, a basic level of training for all Planning Committee members.
Requirement planning permission to use/let a residential property for holidays
Requisition capacity from the defence sector to produce medical equipment.
Requisition Coronavirus Test Kits from private providers and redirect to the NHS
Reschedule Cannabis as a Class C Drug
Rescind Police CV19 Special Powers by 01/01/2021
Rescue Package for the United Kingdom Oil & Gas Industry
Residential Park Home residents should be eligible for £400 electricity grant
Resolve any trade issues without triggering Article 16
Restart all elections, local elections and any by-elections
Restart driving tests immediately from April 2021
Restart the HMPO Fast Track process or expand the criteria for urgent cases
Restore confidence in the benefit overpayment recovery waiver (write-off) system
Restore Pre-Decimalisation Pounds, Shillings, and Pence Currency (£sd) System
Restore the concept of Free Speech and abolish hate speech laws.
Restrict ability to restrict membership on the basis of a shared characteristic
Restrict Cat 3 fireworks to professionals & require licences for Cat 2 fireworks
Restrict Cat C licensed trucks to the first two available lanes on a motorway
Restrict circumstances when police can conduct strip searches
Restrict Government support for Covid-19 to dividend-paying companies
Restrict people stockpiling and reselling items at inflated prices
Restrict police powers under the Dangerous Dogs Act
Restrict sale of all rodenticide “poison” products to licensed users
Restrict the share size of individuals and companies in the Media industry.
Restrict the use and sale of covert and ‘spy’ recording equipment to the public
Restrict the use and sale of fireworks to November the 5th and New year’s Eve
Restrict the use of .uk websites to companies or individuals domiciled in the UK
Restrict the use of zero hours contracts
Restrictions to change from the 17th of May to the 12th of May due to Eid
Resume daily Covid-19 briefings and issue information leaflets to all households
Resume tractor driving tests
Retain and maintain the RAF’s last 14 C-130 Hercules aircraft
Retain British Summer Time – don’t move the clock back
Retain British Summer Time [BST] for Winter 20/21
Retain current UC standard allowances for under 25s after the pandemic
Retain full benefits for parents facing temporary removal of their children
Retract DfE guidance banning use of anti-capitalist material in schools
Retrospective 12 month Stamp Duty Holiday
Return all Utilities to National UK Government Ownership.
Return Essex from High to Medium Covid alert level
Return of the Parthenon Marbles through the establishment of an independent body
Return privatised gas, electric and water to public ownership
Return responsibility for Government data policy to DCMS
Return the Chagos Islands to Mauritius
Return the Chagos Islands to Mauritius
Return the crown jewel Koh-i-Noor back to India
Return the Parthenon Marbles via the establishment of a new independent body
Return Welsh Health and Social Care to Westminster
Reunite Golcar With Rail by putting in a new train station
Reverse all exam grades back to teacher’s own predictions
Reverse Art Funding Cuts and Don’t Limit Art Student Degree Numbers
Reverse changes to teacher training bursaries to prevent loss of teachers
Reverse cuts to global aid for family planning
Reverse decision giving vaccine manufactures immunity from civil liability
Reverse decision to close legal routes for unaccompanied minors seeking asylum
Reverse fines & de-registrations for pupils not attending school in 2020
Reverse import duties on goods brought from the EU as of January 1 2021
Reverse law to allow drinking alcohol during football matches pitch side.
Reverse measures allowing women to access at home abortion.
Reverse NI increase for key workers who worked throughout the pandemic
Reverse recent changes to the ministerial code
Reverse tax increases on cigarette and rolling tobacco prices
Reverse the 1.25% NIC increase and remove the upper earnings limit
Reverse the ban on honeybee imports. Stop the honeybee decline!
Reverse the benefits freeze in light of the coronavirus crisis
Reverse the change to Small Brewers Relief.
Reverse the decision to merge DFID with the FCO
Reverse the decision to prevent yoga studios opening throughout tier 3.
Reverse the decision to support new onshore wind farms
Reverse the disgraceful decision to yet again freeze public sector pay
Reverse the vaccine program, start vaccinate secondary school children up to OAP
Review provision of care for people with special needs who are over 18
Review ‘Know Your Customer’ guidance and requirements for financial institutions
Review 2022 exam arrangements for GCSEs and A-levels
Review 2022 marking of BTECs to ensure fairness
Review access to healthcare for people with a learning disability
Review access to IVF for people with a high BMI
Review accessibility of driving tests to those with mental health difficulties
Review accessibility to primary care and face to face appointments with GPs
Review all fixed penalty notice fines issued under COVID regulations
Review all local neurological care for children
Review amount of homework schools set and issue guidance limiting this
Review and enhance FCDO foreign travel advice for the United Arab Emirates
Review and fund improved diagnosis and treatment of ADHD
Review and fund improved diagnosis and treatment of ADHD/ASD
Review and fund improved testing and treatment for urinary tract infections
Review and fund improvements in diagnosis and treatment of cholesteatoma
Review and fund newborn screening tests for cytomegalovirus (CMV)
Review and implement reforms to tackle racial disparities in educational outcome
Review and implement Section 14 of the Equality Act
Review and improve support for people with mental health conditions
Review and increase expense rates for employees travelling outside the UK
Review and increase expense rates for travelling outside the UK for work
Review and increase the income thresholds for Free School Meals
Review and reduce restrictions on the operation of drones and model flyers
Review and reduce the decibel limit on fireworks sold to the public
Review and reform Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
Review and reform Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services
Review and reform conduct of mental health assessments of benefit claimants
Review and reform laws on the private keeping of Dangerous Wild Animals (DWA)
Review and reform proposed Government grants for Air Source Heat Pumps
Review and reform Public Space Protection Orders
Review and reform stop and search policy
Review and reform the Display Screen Equipment regulations
Review and reform the family court system to ensure equal treatment
Review and reform the Landscape Recovery scheme
Review and reform the Litter Strategy for England
Review and reform the new Flexible season tickets to save commuters money
Review and reform the rules for the registration of trademarks
Review and reform the school complaints system
Review and reform tuition fees and student loan interest and repayments
Review and reform working restrictions on under 16s
Review arrangements for convicted criminals being incarcerated in open prisons
Review arrangements for off duty police officers to hold warrant cards
Review arrangements for production and delivery of Biometric Residence Permits
Review arrangements for sibling contact where siblings are separated
Review arrangements for the release of offenders with mental health issues.
Review assessment of autistic students to ensure they are not disadvantaged
Review assessment of students to ensure SEND students are not disadvantaged
Review availability of places in secure children’s homes
Review barriers to and support for sufferers of Amblyopia or ‘Lazy Eye’
Review barriers to entry to the police as a result of residing outside the UK
Review Business Mileage and Fuel Rates Allowance
Review child protection legislation and procedures
Review Covid-19 management of prisons to reduce prison violence
Review current rules for zoos and their suitability for the future
Review decision to fund replacement of The Royal Preston Hospital
Review drink spiking and bring in provisions to protect people from spiking
Review dual carriageway speed limits and moped access, especially for the A31
Review education for children with special educational needs and disabilities
Review effectiveness of Equality Act in tackling Islamophobia
Review employment support including ESA available to autistic individuals
Review English GCSEs to make them more accessible
Review exchange of designated country driving licences for 5+ year residents
Review freshwater rod fishing bylaws reduce daily limit of course fish taken.
Review Government use of BMI, and definitions for obesity and overweight
Review guidance and funding for using SSP (phonics) to teach reading
Review guidance on use of masks in residential care homes
Review gun licence/firearm laws for those with convictions/police cautions
Review handling of rape cases & training given to investigating police officers
Review handling of rape cases and seek to increase prosecutions
Review honey authenticity and current regulation of the honey market
Review housing/adaptions policies for disabled military dependents.
Review how babies with Tongue Tie are diagnosed and treated
Review how babies with tongue tie are treated & diagnosed
Review how children under 5 years old are tested for Covid-19
Review how children with dyslexia are assessed by the exam system
Review how current employment and health and safety rules protect cruise workers
Review how domestic abuse cases are investigated and prosecuted.
Review how emergency services handle location data from the public.
Review how joint tenancies can be ended following domestic abuse.
Review how patients are diagnosed and treated under the Mental Health Act
Review how primary schools assess and provide support for children with dyslexia
Review how Social Services operate and bring in procedures to protect parents
Review how the NHS determine whether people are a healthy weight
Review how the PHSO handles complaints of medical negligence that lead to death
Review how the rights of trans and non-binary people are respected in sport
Review how the the Child Maintenance Service investigate and enforce non-payment
Review income replacement schemes for school supply staff
Review interest and penalties imposed by HMRC for underpayment of tax
Review language of legislation and policy on children’s educational needs
Review legislation relating to public indecency and topless women
Review licence fees and financial support for hydro generation
Review management of ADHD assessments and increase funding
Review medical care and treatment for babies with failure to thrive
Review need for social distancing inside theatres before November
Review NHS care for 16 and 17 year olds
Review NHS care for women who lose a pregnancy (miscarriage)
Review NHS data store contracts
Review NHS diagnosis and treatment of cervical instability and increase funding
Review NHS treatment of pregnant women experiencing reduced fetal movements
Review of Postgraduate student finance align it with undergraduate funding
Review Ofqual’s decision to make MFL spoken language assessment an endorsement
Review passenger rights and airline practice following disruption to flights
Review planning law relating to camping sites to better meet local needs
Review planning legislation to include facilities for HGV drivers.
Review plans for a Category C prison at Full Sutton
Review police powers and behaviour during the lockdown
Review policy on allergies and fitness to service in the Armed Forces
Review policy on autoimmune diseases and fitness to serve in the Armed Forces
Review powers for tackling obstructive protesters and their organisers
Review probable case definitions for Monkeypox
Review proposed obesity measures to help those with eating disorders
Review provision and increase funding for children’s mental health services
Review provision and standard of accessible toilets and fund hoists
Review quality of hospital care for disabled people
Review quarantine rules for international arrivals travelling for work
Review risks of Covid-19 transmission from pets and revise guidance if necessary
Review rules for the movement of caged birds and poultry between GB and NI/RoI
Review rules for the movement of poultry between GB and NI/RoI
Review school holidays with a view to reducing the length of the summer holidays
Review school start times in line with the needs of adolescents
Review social security benefits paid to polygamous families
Review Social Services and set up an independent body to review complaints
Review speed limits outside all places of education
Review state pension entitlements for all women who may have been underpaid
Review tax collection on flexible pension withdrawals to reduce overpayments
Review testing and self-isolation requirements for arrivals to England
Review the approval of fish barriers at Hoveton Great Broad
Review the Armed Forces medical policy on later-life conditions
Review the car insurance industry with a view to reducing costs for motorists
Review the Care Leaver Strategy and implement opportunity-based changes.
Review the changes proposed in the Market Review of Initial Teacher Training
Review the cost and speed of the divorce process
Review the criminal justice system for child sexual offence allegations
Review the criminal justice system for sexual abuse allegations
Review the current training and awareness of GORD in infants.
Review the decision to ban sales of Petrol & Diesel cars from 2030
Review the decision to use previous data to calculate exam grades
Review the diagnosis and treatment of myocarditis on the NHS
Review the Equality Act as part of work on the National Disability Strategy.
Review the euthanasia of animals in the UK and impose reporting requirements
Review the EV charging network in England
Review the financial and physical support available to ME sufferers.
Review the fostering system to make it fairer and faster
Review the impact of high intensity headlights on road safety
Review the law, sentencing, and rehabilitation of abusive parents
Review the National Curriculum for history & include the Holocaust as a subject
Review the need for a statutory owners and Directors Test in Football
Review the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) application process.
Review the public services involved when someone dies to quicken the process
Review the quality and cost of Higher Education during the pandemic.
Review the quality and cost of the Hotel Quarantine system
Review the Regulation of Odour Management of Landfill Sites
Review the regulation of social housing sector to ensure it meets tenants’ needs
Review the rise of eating disorders in the LGBT+ community
Review the role and membership of the SAGE group
Review the role and structure of the CAA following the UK’s exit from the EU
Review the role of juries in rape trials.
Review the route and construction plans for HS2 for environmental reasons
Review the safety of mesh rectopexy surgery
Review the safety, environmental and wildlife impact of reservoirs
Review the standardisation of grades so state school pupils aren’t disadvantaged
Review the Teachers Standards and its references to “tolerance”
Review the use of force against BAME people by the police
Review the use of forceps in the delivery of babies
Review the way DVLA is handling licence renewals
Review travel advice and travel corridor list for African countries
Review triage procedures used by NHS maternity wards
Review UK foreign policy in light of reports of Israeli apartheid
Review use of all Government-owned offices
Review use of hazardous substances in the military
Review wedding restrictions monthly
Review Women’s Safety in Vehicle Safety Regulations
Review working conditions for online food delivery workers
Revise guidance on fitting rooms to allow them to open in a Covid-secure way
Revise guidance to allow Civil Weddings with 6 guests during all lockdowns
Revise planning permission requirement for fences over 2m.
Revise the army tattoo policy to allow neck tattoos visible from the front
Revise the law on adultery as a cause for divorce to cover same sex conduct.
Revise the law on adultery as a cause for divorce to cover same-sex conduct
Revise the NPPF to include the protection of all and particularly old hedgerows.
Revise the regulatory framework for PPE so that it is relevant to healthcare
Revise the rules for the Child Benefit High Income Charge’s (CBHIC)
Revise the UK citizenship test to ensure it supports meaningful integration
Revoke 23rd September date so redundancies before can be re-hired & furloughed
Revoke and deny travel visas to people with links to the Russian Government
Revoke compulsory wearing of facemasks on public transport and in shops
Revoke Development Consent for the Riverside Energy Park in SE London
Revoke emergency powers relevant to the coronavirus as soon as the crisis ends.
Revoke Government cuts to global health research
Revoke Government support for large-scale new nuclear projects
Revoke guidance on social distancing and bubbles in schools
Revoke HC1043 changes that try to stop refugees from finding safety in the UK
Revoke immunity from prosecution for sovereigns or other heads of State
Revoke IR35 Legislation
Revoke IR35 Legislation that is causing significant damage to UK businesses
Revoke IR35 regulations for people working in the construction industry
Revoke IR35 regulations until April 2023
Revoke local government powers to charge CAZ, LEZ, and ULEZ.
Revoke local government powers to charge CAZ, LEZ, ZEZ and ULEZ
Revoke planning permission for the planned West Midlands Interchange
Revoke recent changes to the Highway Code
Revoke rules against accusing MPs of deliberate falsehoods in House of Commons
Revoke rules against accusing MPs of deliberate falsehoods in House of Commons
Revoke rules for refusing or cancelling permission to stay for rough sleepers
Revoke support for e-scooter trials
Revoke the 2050 net zero target
Revoke the 29 day notice period for weddings rearranged due to Covid
Revoke the 6 person ban on gatherings
Revoke the bedroom tax
Revoke the decision to give development consent to Hornsea Project Three
Revoke the Health and Social Care Act 2012 and renationalise the NHS
Revoke the Invasive Alien Species Order 2019
Revoke the right of registered sex offenders to change their name by deed poll
Revoke the right of registered sex offenders to change their name by deed poll
Revoke the TV licence at the end of 2027
Revoke the TV licence using legislation
Revoke the UK’s extradition treaty with India with immediate effect
Revoke UK-France agreement to tackle illegal immigration
Reward and fund relocation of Russian soldiers who actively surrender in Ukraine
Reward NHS Workers with a Long Service Medal
Reward our healthcare heroes now for risking their lives to fight Covid-19.
Rewild 1/3 of UK waters and 1/3 of UK land
Rid the roads of pot holes and damage, reducing accidents and damage to cars
Right to paid leave for pregnant women in public-facing jobs for third trimester
Robust legislation for new build apartment renovations to comply with AD E
Roll out the Right to Buy scheme for housing association tenants nationally
Rule out ending the transition period without a deal
Run a nationwide information campaign to reduce roadside litter.
Run a Public Awareness Campaign about the Climate and Ecological Emergency
Run a public awareness campaign on the signs of domestic abuse
Run a public awareness campaign to address driver aggression toward cyclists
Run a public awareness campaign to reduce energy and resource consumption
Run a public awareness campaign to stop violence against women
Run an awareness campaign and provide additional funding for PMDD
Run an awareness campaign on cycle paths and sharing the highway with cyclists
Run the National Lottery solely for the benefit of the NHS
Ryan’s Law: Widen definition of ‘death by dangerous driving’
Sack South Western Railway and hand over running of South Western to TfL
Safeguard evidence-based therapy for children struggling with gender dysphoria
Sale of all skin whitening products to require prescription
Same-sex couples to use adultery as grounds for divorce
Sanction Chinese goods and implement powers to block China acquiring UK firms
Sanction Hong Kong officials responsible for human rights violations
Sanction individuals linked to illegal activities in Sri Lanka.
Sanction Israeli individuals and businesses over treatment of Palestinians
Sanction the Pakistani government for failing to protect LGBT communities
Save Community Sports Clubs and Leisure Facilities with a Sports Recovery Fund
Save lives, protect the vulnerable: work with the EU on a COVID19 vaccine
Save our Green and Pleasant Land and abandon the proposed Planning Reforms
Save our hospitality industry. Allow all pubs to open on Tier one rules.
Save Pigeon Racing – Seek to reinstate racing from Europe
Save the 250 year old Cubbington pear tree from HS2.
Save the bees: cut hazardous pesticides and support nature-friendly farming
Save UK commercial production by allowing industry into UK without quarantine.
Save UK soil: increase soil organic matter to 3% by 2045 in agricultural land.
Schedule General Elections to be every 4 years.
School closures – Review options to monitor and mitigate inequalities of impact
Schools to have the funding for a full time teaching assistant in every class.
Scientific Advisors to hold more power in times of National Health Crisis
Scrap ‘On-Demand’ Postal Voting, & Create Strict Eligibility Criteria
Scrap all election deposits to open up democracy
Scrap all charges for NHS services in England
Scrap Covid-19 testing requirement for UK arrivals
Scrap Day 2 Test for UK arrivals who recently tested positive for Covid-19
Scrap Drivers Certificate Professional Competence (DCPC) to ease driver shortage
Scrap fines for families with vulnerable members that keep children from school
Scrap HGV theory test for PCV driver who already hold a full PCV licence.
Scrap hospitality business VAT payments due for 2020
Scrap HS2 P1 and use the money to pay for fuel bills (and save the country side)
Scrap immigration NHS surcharge for non-EU migrants workers and their dependents
Scrap in-country visa Extension fees
Scrap Information Commissioner’s Office fee.
Scrap national exams for Key Stage 4 permanently
Scrap plans to write off historic child support debts.
Scrap prescription charges during the Covid-19 outbreak.
Scrap Prime Minister’s Questions, since the PM doesn’t take it seriously.
Scrap proposed ban of New Petrol and Diesel vehicles.
Scrap quarantine for vaccinated people arriving in the UK
Scrap removal of free transport for under-18s from TfL bailout
Scrap RIS2 (Road Investment Strategy 2)
Scrap rise in National Insurance and use a Wealth Tax to save NHS & Social Care
Scrap Smart Motorways & reinstate hard shoulders
Scrap smart motorways and invest savings in the NHS instead
Scrap stamp duty on additional properties
Scrap Sunday Trading Laws
Scrap testing requirements for international travel for vaccinated travellers
Scrap the 2021 SATS tests for all pupils in England.
Scrap the 48 hour limit on average weekly working time for mobile workers
Scrap The Bedroom Tax For People on SSP Due to Coronavirus.
Scrap the CITB
Scrap the compulsory £210 home test kit when arriving in U.K.
Scrap the Minimum Income Floor for Self-Employed people on Universal Credit
Scrap the new ‘Stay Alert’ message and reinstate the ‘Stay at Home’ message
Scrap the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts (PCSC) Bill
Scrap the prescription charge for UK health,social and allied health care staff
Scrap the proposed ban on new petrol and diesel cars
Scrap the proposed ban on new petrol and diesel cars
Scrap the proposed ban on new petrol and diesel cars.
Scrap the proposed legislation for speed limiting technology from 2022
Scrap the right to vote in two separate constituencies at local elections
Scrap the sale of new electric vehicles by 2030
Scrap the Sovereign Grant in favour of proper annual budgeting for the monarchy.
Scrap the sugar tax on soft drinks
Scrap the two-child limit for Universal Credit and Child Tax Credits
Scrap the Voter ID requirement introduced in the Election Integrity Bill
Scrap Universal Credit and reinstate all legacy benefits
Scrap University Tuition Fees & Introduce Annual Admin Fee of up to £500
Scrap university tuition fees for Student Nurses and re-introduce full bursary.
Scrap VAT on all self-administered Covid test kits
Scrapping of the excise duty on the EU CDA recipe, when imported into the UK.
Secretary of State for Northern Ireland To Call A Border Poll
Seek binding agreement at COP26 to make it mandatory to teach climate change.
Seek common travel area between GB NI & ROI for Guide dogs & Assistance dogs
Seek continued participation in the European Solidarity Corps
Seek Europe-wide short term work permits for the photographic industry
Seek Europe-wide Visa-free work permit for Touring professionals and Artists
Seek exemption for US-born living in UK from US tax obligations
Seek freedom of movement within EU, for Brits living in an EU state before 2021.
Seek international action to resolve unrest in Colombia
Seek international pact for immediate border closures upon discovery of epidemic
Seek membership of the Customs Union and Single Market (Norway plus)
Seek mutual recognition of professional qualifications between EU & GB
Seek reciprocal agreement with the EU on transfer/recognition of UK CAA Part 66
Seek single work-visa for business people who routinely work across the EU
Seek talks with India to remove travel curbs on both sides
Seek to agree a 2-month global lockdown to reduce Covid transmission
Seek to agree freedom of movement in the UK and EU for British and EU citizens
Seek to agree upon equivalence of NHS Covid pass and European Covid Green Pass
Seek to broker a debt relief deal for developing countries
Seek to conclude UK/France reciprocal agreement on exchange of driving licences
Seek to develop a coordinated approach to combat coronavirus in the UK
Seek to eliminate non-Tariff costs to UK-EU movement of goods
Seek to end taxation on transporting privately owned motorcycles to/from the EU
Seek to end the oppression of the Uyghur people in China
Seek to exempt goods purchased online for personal use from import tariffs/taxes
Seek to extend Brexit transition to ensure effective Covid-19 vaccines movement
Seek to extend Mortgage Payment Holidays up to 9 months due to second lockdown
Seek to extend the transition period until full review of Russian interference
Seek to have United Kingdom join the Schengen area
Seek to implement a common COVID-19 travel and testing policy with EU countries
Seek to impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine
Seek to improve the safety and ecological-soundness of pesticide use globally
Seek to join Comprehensive & Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership
Seek to join EU travel certificate scheme as alternative to quarantine
Seek to join the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)
Seek to join the European Single Market and the European Free Trade Association
Seek To Join The Schengen Area, To allow UK citizens to travel and work freely.
Seek to negotiate a system of free movement between UK and USA
Seek to negotiate a travel corridor between the USA and UK
Seek to negotiate mutual recognition of UK and Spanish driving licences
Seek to negotiate peace in Ukraine without sanctions or military action
Seek to re-instate the Marginal VAT scheme between GB & EU on Second Hand Goods
Seek to rejoin the EU
Seek to rejoin the EU pet passport scheme
Seek to rejoin the EU Single Market and Customs Union
Seek to relocate the UK Parliament to Rwanda
Seek to replace Russia with Ukraine in the Security Council.
Seek to secure international ban on fracking at COP26
Seek to Stop Israel’s Forced Displacement of Palestinians from the West Bank
Seek to suspend India’s membership of the Commonwealth of Nations
Seek to suspend Russia as a permanent member of the UN Security Council
Seek to work with the NZ Government to repopulate British Hedgehog numbers
Seek travel corridor to Australia for vaccinated parents of Australian residents
Seek VAT exemption on BFPO deliveries to the Republic of Cyprus
Seek working holiday visa for young Britons to live and work in EEA countries
Seize assets held by anyone with close ties to the Russian government
Seize frozen Russian assets and give proceeds to Ukraine to help with rebuilding
Self employed people should be entitled to SSP and Paternal Leave
Self isolation rules to be the same for both vaccinated and unvaccinated people
SEN review of curriculum, educational and employment opportunities
SEN review of curriculum, educational and employment opportunities
Send a mail-out to every household, about the option of joining EFTA.
Send aid to Mauritius to help clear the oil spill.
Send everyone with an NI number an annual State Pension forecast
Send excess equipment to countries in humanitarian covid crisis
Send UK aid to the islands of Fiji.
Set a £30 annual vehicle tax for Electric Vehicles
Set a 5-year plan to lead the UK to self-sustainability, less reliance on others
Set a date for when non-practical university students can return to campus
Set a deadline for decisions on mandatory reconsideration of a benefits decision
Set a legal maximum temperature for all indoor workplaces
Set a legal minimum temperature to be maintained in school classrooms
Set a limit on the number of properties a landlord can own and lease.
Set a mandatory custodial sentence for people found guilty of sexual offences
Set a maximum wholesale price for oil and gas extracted from UK waters
Set a minimum mot testing fee after covid-19 to help businesses to recover
Set a minimum per fish fine for offences for killing freshwater fish
Set a minimum requirement for the size of parking spaces to accommodate all cars
Set a target for 100% renewable energy by 2022
Set a target for 70% of UK energy to be renewable by 2030
Set a time limit for decisions on EUSS applications.
Set a timeline for passing the Registration of Overseas Entities Bill
Set future dates for national lockdown circuit breakers.
Set maximum passenger numbers on public transport during Covid-19
Set minimum energy efficiency standards for retail fridges
Set minimum rate for energy companies to pay people who export excess energy
Set minimum working temperature requirements in law for all workplaces
Set out a plan for reviewing and lifting the rule of 6
Set standards for soundproofing for Houses of Multiple Occupation
Set stricter legal targets for air quality and increase funding for research
Set the date of the next General Election for 2 May 2023
Set time limits for funerals in England
Set up a fund to support families who have lost a loved one to Covid-19
Set up a funding scheme for scientists fleeing the war in Ukraine
Set up a national Electric Vehicle (EV) charging network in England
Set up a national enquiry into racial inequality in all areas of UK life
Set up a national harms reporting scheme for non-pharmacological treatments
Set up a National Nature Service to tackle the climate and unemployment crisis
Set up a new, open, way to investigate the conduct of Special Political Advisers
Set up a parliamentary select committee to investigate veterinary costs.
Set up a pilot Drug Consumption Room to establish the benefits of DCR’s.
Set up a rebate scheme for contractors affected by planned IR35 reform
Set up a Royal Commission into Government planning and handling of pandemics
Set up a task force to consider how the UK could thrive in a warmer climate
Set up an independent regulator to monitor and regulate vehicle fuel pricing
Set up an independent review into electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) practice.
Set up an internal complaints process & independent ombudsman for Education
Set up an online system to track the status of ECAA visa extensions
Set up National Helpline for non-medical services during Covid19 outbreak.
Set up national procurement of veterinary medicines to help small vet practices
Set up nationalised manufacturing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Set up public feedback service and league table on Ministers’ performance
Settled Status for EU citizens who contributed as key workers during Covid-19.
Sever diplomatic relations with the Russian Federation
Sex education and consent to be mandatory in primary schools
Shakeel’s Law – Reform laws on hit and run drivers
Sharia Compliant Student Loans for Muslim Students going to further education
Shift to a Wellbeing Economy: put the health of people and planet first
Shorten the delayed local election time to at least August.
Shut all nurseries and early years settings during lockdown
Shut down the BBC
Shut large food stores on Christmas Eve 2020
Shut schools completely to stop putting teachers, TAs and pupils at risk
Shutdown all construction sites with more than 50 workers due to COVID19.
Sign the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary Treaty
Sign the Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary Treaty
Simplify new Customs procedures for EU and Ireland freight import / export
Simplify the language in the driving theory test
Single database for microchipped dogs and cats and make scanning mandatory
Single parents with adult learning disabled children be allowed to form a bubble
Smart motorways to be banned, and for all hard shoulders to be reinstated
Social media companies to be held accountable for racially abusive posts
Sol’s Law – Create a new offence and tougher penalties for attacking animals.
Speaker of the House of Commons to cease to be a constituency MP once appointed
Specialist Cleaners to be added as Critical or Key Workers COVID-19 pandemic
Specific Government Covid-19 secure guidance is required for Tanning Salons
Specific offence of verbally abusing someone for not wearing face mask
Specifically protect people’s political views under discrimination law
Spend the additional £16.5bn in defence spending in public services instead
St. George’s Day to be made a public holiday in England.
Stamp Duty Holiday for New Build buyers who booked a house before end of June
Stamp duty holiday to be triggered upon exchange of contracts
Start a ‘Workout to Help Out’ initiative
Start a full public inquiry into COVID by July 2021, to report within 12 months
Start a national campaign to highlight the suicide rate in men under 50
Start a second lockdown including closing schools to prevent spread of COVID
Start an All-Party Beveridge-Style ‘Futures’ Report
Start British Summer Time a month earlier this year, on 28th February, 2021
Start free childcare from child’s 3rd birthday not the term after
Start school at 10am to help teenagers with tiredness
Start screening every person who enters UK for Coronavirus
Start Social Media verification through a double-blind system
Start the independent inquiry on UK Government decisions during Covid pandemic.
Stolen Valour – Make false claims about military service a criminal offence
Stolen Valour – Make wearing medals you are not entitled a criminal offence
Stop 2 child tax credit limit so we can buy the things they need during Covid-19
Stop adding interest to student loans during maternity/paternity leave
Stop advanced and budgeting repayments on universal credit until Covid-19 goes
Stop aid to Somalia until it eradicates the discriminatory 4.5 political formula
Stop all deportations to Zimbabwe for individuals living in the UK over 10 years
Stop all face to face assessments for PIP claimants
Stop all flight into UK from red zone countries
Stop all flights between 10.30pm and 7am at regional airports
Stop All Petrol Stations from selling Alcohol after 10pm/ 24hours
Stop all post Brexit payments to the EU
Stop all post-Brexit Payments to the EU
Stop All UK Deportation Activity during this Corona Virus Pandemic
Stop ALL vaccinations in schools they should be a place of education only.
Stop allowing prisoners to be released before the end of their sentence
Stop any plans for Covid certification plan B scenario
Stop arms sales to Indonesia until West Papua has a free Self Determination vote
Stop assets being considered in financial assessments for social care
Stop automatic migration of Child Tax Credit claimants to Universal Credit
Stop Basic Rate Tax Payers paying the High Income Benefit Charge
Stop bonuses and overtime being included in child maintenance calculations.
Stop Bullying in Schools by Training All Teachers to spot Bullying & Harassment
Stop business rates, VAT and PAYE whilst government advise isolation for COVID19
Stop changing the clocks – Keep British Summer Time all year
Stop charging income tax on overtime and bonus payments
Stop charging V.A.T on Bee Keeping Equipment
Stop charging VAT on fuel duty
Stop charging VAT on veterinary medications and services
Stop child maintenance payments when the child is being unreasonably withheld.
Stop Chinese State-Owned companies from buying UK companies or assets
Stop Collecting “Tax on Account” in January
Stop courts being able to grant care orders based on risk of future suffering
Stop culling badgers now
Stop culling immediately and start widespread vaccination of badgers now
Stop culling of retired racehorses. Make it illegal to put down a healthy horse.
Stop Day 2 Tests for Green List and Fully Vaccinated Amber Arrivals
Stop deducting Tax and NI from our NHS workers.
Stop disclosing salary breakdown to ex-partners
Stop discriminating against the unvaccinated in Covid 19 policy
Stop discrimination against people renting with Housing Benefit & other benefits
Stop displaying age of vehicles on number plates
Stop double charging Vehicle Road tax.
Stop DVLA selling personal details to private companies
Stop essential retailers selling non-essential goods in stores during lockdown
Stop extradition of UK nationals and replace with provisions for domestic trials
Stop Forestry England granting licenses for Fox & Hare hunts
Stop Forestry England granting licenses for Fox & Hare hunts
Stop giving aid to India
Stop Government’s Highways England from stacking Lorries at Aycliffe Dover
Stop Grooming Gang members accessing public funds to fight their convictions
Stop Increase of NHS surcharge £300 to £470 for all international students
Stop Internal Market Bill, enabling Government to break international law
Stop investing in new nuclear power in the UK
Stop large public events being held until everyone is offered a COVID-19 vaccine
Stop local council parking enforcement teams from working during lockdown
Stop local councils from privatising waste collection
Stop measuring the height and weight of children in primary school
Stop Mil Export Licences to Azerbaijan and Armenia until peace declared.
Stop ministers from using a private jet for Government business
Stop Minting 1p & 2p Coins
Stop MLA’s pay in Northern Ireland until the Executive is formed
Stop mopeds below 125cc and cyclists on A-roads
Stop Multi Million pound companies claiming government funded furlough payments
Stop new exploration and production licenses for UK Off and Onshore oil and gas.
Stop new planning applications for greenfield sites with 5 failed applications
Stop nitrous oxide (N2O / laughing gas) abuse in our communities.
Stop Online Pet Sales
Stop opening nurseries until is safe to do so.
Stop Operation Brock & find alternative solution to traffic build-up in Kent
Stop paying parents being able to close Child Maintenance accounts
Stop people in Tier 3 Covid areas in England from visiting other areas
Stop people with a criminal conviction serving as an MP
Stop pharmaceutical companies exporting UK made vaccines until UK contracts met
Stop plans for NHS Digital to share GP patient data with third parties
Stop plans to freeze Teachers, Teaching Assistants and School Admin Staff wages.
Stop private medical insurance premiums from being a taxable benefit
Stop Proposed A303 Stonehenge Tunnel
Stop proposed cuts to UK funding for clean water and sanitation overseas aid
Stop proven victims of NHS medical negligence being silenced by gagging orders.
Stop public funding for universities
Stop public funds being used to pay for the security of former royals
Stop requiring couples to make joint claims for Universal Credit
Stop Romance Scams
Stop salary and expenses to MLAs of parties who refuse to nominate ministers
Stop schools being closed unnecessarily over fears of coronavirus (Covid-19)
Stop schools from banning clothing associated with particular religions
Stop schools from giving over 30 minute detentions.
Stop schools selling or giving students single-use plastic water bottles
Stop sexism – Require schools to offer all sports to all children
Stop Special Advisers from attending SAGE meetings
Stop student loan being calculated using parental income
Stop the 10pm covid curfew on hospitality BUT apply a 9pm entry deadline.
Stop the 6-month advance payment for TV licences
Stop the age discrimination for wages. Pay all ages the National Living Wage.
Stop the Badger cull immediately
Stop the ban of 4D and 3D registration plates
Stop the barbaric shooting of wild British birds.
Stop the bedroom tax
Stop the Building of the Nuclear Power Plan at Bradwell on Sea
Stop the exploitation of vulnerable factory workers in the fast fashion industry
Stop the funding cut for salaried route into primary teaching
Stop the government’s ‘one way ticket’ plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda
Stop the government’s “look into his/her eyes” coronavirus campaign
Stop the importation of honey bees into GB from the EU via Northern Ireland
Stop the increase in quarantine fees for red list countries
Stop the initiative to give UK citizenship to Chinese Hong Kong citizens.
Stop the intended ban on hybrid cars
Stop the introduction of compulsory ID checks at polling stations.
Stop the introduction of driverless vehicles
Stop the introduction of driverless vehicles
Stop the introduction of driverless vehicles
Stop the migration of people to Universal Credit
Stop the plan to include calorie counts on menus
Stop the plan to spend £100bn of taxpayers’ money on Operation Moonshot
Stop the planned increase to the Immigration Health Surcharge
Stop the privatisation of Channel 4
Stop the privatisation of Channel Four
Stop the proposed ban on tethering birds of prey
Stop the proposed NI increase and use the foreign aid budget to fund social care
Stop the proposed reduction of foreign aid to the Yemen
Stop the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions for longer to prevent a second wave
Stop the release of the HMP prisoners early due to Covid19 virus
Stop the rising number of ear-cropped dogs in the UK
Stop the road tunnel at Stonehenge as recommended by the planning inspector.
Stop the sale of arms to Saudi-led military coalition.
Stop the sale of fireworks to the general public.
Stop the sale of homes to pay for care – Fund free care homes for all
Stop the scrapping of Rail Franchising
Stop the spread of Covid-19. Stop making children sit on the floor at school.
Stop the supermarkets supplying food from outside Europe.
Stop trade with China until wet markets and animal cruelty is outlawed
Stop Universal Credit taking peoples work bonus during the COVID-19 crisis.
Stop Unregistered Pedigree Cat Breeding.
Coco’s Law.
Stop using army barracks/camps to house asylum seekers immediately
Stop using student finance loans as an income when claiming universal credit
Stop using the umbrella term BAME or BME to categorise all ethnic minorities.
Stop VAT On Vet Bills
Stop water company monopoly – Extend competition to the residential water market
Stop weighing children in school and labelling them due to their weight
Stop Whitehaven Coal Mine in Cumbria
Stop work on HS2 immediately and hold a new vote to repeal the legislation
Strengthen CMS requirements on Receiving Parents and enforcement powers
Strengthen law on MOT car exhaust noise level checks
Strengthen laws against online abuse and harassment
Strengthen laws protecting seals
Strengthen requirements for checking vehicle exhaust noise levels for the MOT
Stricter criteria before appointing individual with power of attorney
Stricter laws governing the purchase/acquisition/possession of crossbows
Stricter penalties for running red traffic lights near schools
Stronger Legal Framework to Ensure Carbon Neutrality Targets
Stronger sentences for online abuse, and fund mental health support
Student Finance England loans to be interest free (future and existing)
Student Loan eligibility for those studying health subjects as a second degree.
Student loan interest rates cut to 1% above base & have an interest rate holiday
Study impact of home working on health & the environment and act on the results
Subject all outside providers of educational materials to children to Ofsted.
Subject the Child Maintenance Service to review and ensure it’s fit for purpose
Subsidise a ‘basic’ amount of electricity for households
Subsidise electricity costs for Electric Vehicle owners and EV charging points
Subsidise energy prices to offset any increase in the energy price cap
Subsidise household energy costs, during Stay at Home restrictions
Subsidise manufacture and sale of renewable fuels, eg. E85 (Bio ethanol)
Subsidise the conversion of Euro 5 diesel engines to Euro 6.
Substantially increase defence spending and the size of the Armed Forces.
Substantially raise minimum fostering allowances due to current cost of living
Suitable equipment to protect our front-line police officers from COVID-19
Sully’s Law:Require pet euthanasia, cremation&burial industries to scan all dogs
Sunday trading be removed and licensed premises shut before midnight each day.
Supply adequate PPE to all school staff (including masks and visors).
Supply and mandate the use of face masks and gloves
Supply arms to the Ukrainian resistance in Russian-held territory
Supply body suits to all to combat COVID19 and other air-transmitted viruses
Supply Covid-19 vaccinations for British citizens living overseas
Supply free sanitary items and toiletries for NHS and Keyworkers during COVID-19
Supply IT devices and data support for remote learning for pupils at KS1
Supply NHS key frontline staff working during Covid-19 healthy food hampers
Supply PPE to all Health and Social Care workers including community carers
Supply surgical masks to be used by the general public
Support & Provide materials to DT Departments for PPE production.
Support a ‘Kyiv Conference’ to reform the UN
Support Bangladesh with more emergency relief aid due to flooding
Support Boarding Kennels and Catteries
Support British Food Producers by ensuring that marks of origin remain
Support business by stopping the free provision of PPE to the private sector
Support commercial tenants with a rent fund and levy on landlords
Support Companies and Staff to work from Home with a Work From Home Grant
Support Dance schools and venues that provide dance activities amidst COVID-19
Support democratic transition in Belarus
Support development of a Covid vaccine not using animal products or testing
Support families of Shielders to also Shield to protect their loved ones.
Support family members of non-UK NHS staff to attend university
Support for DJs and the private events industry
Support freelance sports instructors/coaches in England with freelance funding
Support freelancers paid via umbrella companies to be furloughed at 80% av wage.
Support Homes for Ukraine hosts to accommodate Ukraine Family Visa holders
Support Hospices and Wildlife rescue during COVID-19 pandemic
Support hydrogen refuelling pumps to give people a choice of emissions-free cars
Support Limited Company Directors with grants during the second lockdown
Support making ECOCIDE an international crime
Support Manchester Piccadilly 15/16 and associated Castlefield improvement works
Support NHS staff with a pay rise this year of 3% or more
Support our Forces – Establish the Wider Service Medal
Support provision of lipreading and hearing aid friendly face masks
Support relocation of adults and children in Greek refugee camps due to Covid-19
Support retired people that are losing their investment income.
Support small manufacturers through COVID-19 with loans and business rate relief
Support Taiwan’s membership of the WHO to help fight Coronavirus.
Support the beauty industry during the corona virus outbreak
Support the Bill for a June Bank Holiday (United Kingdom Day).
Support the British aviation industry during the COVID-19 outbreak
Support the culture sector by launching a “Visit a Theatre, To Help Out” scheme
Support the four pillar plan for recovery in the performing arts & entertainment
Support the healthcare workers by waiving the university fees they have to pay
Support the pension triple lock
Support the people of Sudan by cancelling their UK debt.
Support the proposal to suspend patents for COVID-19 vaccines
Support the TRIPS waiver at the WTO
Support the Turks and Caicos governments to police their borders
Support the UN-recognised Libyan government to achieve a stable democratic state
Support Ukraine’s strive to gain NATO membership urgently.
Support unaccompanied children to enter UK through the Homes for Ukraine scheme
Suspend 2021 school summer holidays – children to catch up from missed termtime.
Suspend Air Passenger Duty until 2022
Suspend all Ofsted inspections from now until September 2022
Suspend all sport until there is certainty COVID-19 is under control.
Suspend any MPs accused of sexual offences pending investigations
Suspend benefit cap for workers who are self-isolating or on furlough
Suspend corporation tax for small businesses.
Suspend EU-UK TCA until EU member states abandon anti-LGBT laws
Suspend extradition to the United Arab Emirates
Suspend fines for school non-attendance during Covid-19 & allow parental choice
Suspend future sales of tear gas and other crowd control equipment to the USA
Suspend limitations on the number of hours visa holders can work during Covid-19
Suspend major development applications on green belt and protected land
Suspend No Recourse to Public Funds visa conditions
Suspend Ofsted Inspections for Schools and Local Authorities in 2021
Suspend PAYE Tax for all frontline Key workers for 6 months
Suspend Penalties & interest charges on personal tax returns 2019/20 tax year.
Suspend sanctions against Iran for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic
Suspend sanctions on benefit claimants during COVID crisis
Suspend sanctions to Universal Credit to help families and people in hardship
Suspend school performance tables and make SATs tests optional (Coronavirus).
Suspend Section 25 of the Landlord and Tenant Act (Grounds C to G)
Suspend student loan repayments for doctors, nurses and midwives during COVID-19
Suspend the ‘Right to Buy’ scheme for council housing until stock increases.
Suspend the benefit cap for people who have been forced out of work by Covid-19
Suspend the coarse fishing closed season in 2021 following the national lockdown
Suspend the current retirement age for Magistrates
Suspend the foreign aid budget indefinitely
Suspend the green levies on domestic fuel immediately.
Suspend the Pension Triple Lock and spend any savings on children’s education.
Suspend the requirement to attend citizenship ceremonies by Home Office.
Suspend the use of surgical hernia mesh and review impact on patients
Suspend trade agreement with Faroe Islands until all whale & dolphin hunts end
Suspend VAT on road fuels to reduce fuel costs
Suspend VAT/Business Rates/PAYE Payments for three months amid outbreak COVID-19
Tackle the democratic deficit in local councils that leads to one-party states
Take action to address the problem of illegal attempts to reach the UK
Take action to address the rising levels of child poverty
Take action to end factory farming and reduce meat and dairy consumption
Take action to ensure fair distribution of Afghan, Rohingya & Syrian Refugees
Take action to increase driving test availability and enable faster resits
Take action to make entering the UK illegally extremely unattractive for adults
Take action to prevent illegal attempts to enter the UK
Take action to recognise the Panjabi people and wrongs against them
Take action to reduce cormorant numbers
Take action to stop illegal immigration and rapidly remove illegal immigrants
Take action to support South African citizens/British nationals in South Africa
Take action to support the establishment of democratic government in Sudan
Take action to tackle “incel” extremism in the UK
Take action to tackle DVLA medical review backlog
Take action to tackle global deforestation
Take action to tackle illegal crossings over the Channel
Take back responsibility for funding free licences for over 75s from the BBC
Take immediate action to find and isolate COVID-19 cases and recent contacts
Take more action to halt the spice epidemic in prisons.
Take Out to Help Out’ Scheme to Save our Hospitality Industry
Take South Kesteven & South Holland out of Tier 3
Take urgent action to stop Human Trafficking
Take urgent actions to address the extreme cost of living crisis
Take Zimbabwe off the red list
Tax 1p to the NHS (and others) every time you shop
Tax 50% of the Energy Companies profits to help households pay bills.
Tax all people with an income of £3000+ £1 a year toward eradicating UK problems
Tax disposable nappies & use the money to give parents a reusables starter kit.
Tax meat and dairy to help cut emissions .
Tax meat to help tackle the climate crisis
Tax Peat, Don’t Ban It.
Tax reduction/reimbursement for all people working during lockdown
Tax reliefs for SMEs & larger Companies who use Micro-entities & SE as suppliers
Teach about dangers of gang culture in schools
Teach about period stigma, poverty and health problems related to periods
Teach Britain’s colonial past as part of the UK’s compulsory curriculum
Teach Health and Social Care as a compulsory KS3 subject
Teach pupils how to check for lumps in breasts and testicles in KS3 PSHE lessons
Teach the National Anthem starting in Primary Schools.
Teach two languages to every child as part of the National Curriculum
Teachers and school staff to wear masks.
Children have temp checked daily.
Tell students in advance topics on proposed teacher marked tests.
Temporarily add a black section to the blue NHS logo for 2021.
Temporarily allow early retirement to reduce unemployment caused by COVID
Temporarily ban the sale and use of disposable barbecues during lockdown
Temporarily exempt NHS frontline staff from being required to do jury service
Temporarily extend the time for implementing planning permissions
Temporarily limit speed limits to 55mph to help reduce reliance on Russian oil
Temporarily reinstate the pension age to 65 years old.
Temporarily remove landfill tax
Temporarily suspend all taxes on all fuels and energy bills
Temporarily suspend certain aspects of the Package Travel Regulations.
Temporarily suspend the 20 hour term time work rule for international students.
Temporary ban on jogging on pavements
Temporary nationalisation of private hospitals amid coronavirus pandemic – UK
Temporary sweetheart visas for unmarried partners of UK residents from overseas
Test all schoolchildren in England weekly for Covid-19
Test for cervical cell changes, regardless of HPV negative results
That all ice cream van staff are required to have a current DBS check
The [missing] human right to be safe from harm online
The 2030 ban on diesel/petrol cars must apply to all fossil fuel hybrid cars too
The British government should set a net migration cap at 10,000 a year.
The DfE to produce a standardised application form for teaching jobs
The Electoral Commission should be reformed or disbanded.
The Government must contribute NI and Pensions under the new furlough scheme.
The Government needs to give additional support to UK importers & retailers.
The Government needs to urgently provide more funding and resources to HMRC.
The Government should consider implementing a Negative Income Tax system.
The government should create a Sovereign Wealth Fund for the payment of Pensions
The Government should directly fund all Air Ambulances
The Government should ensure the Turing scheme is as effective as Erasmus
The Government should explore options to make NurOwn available for MND
The Government should fund free TV licences for all over-75s.
The Government should recognise the Holodomor as genocide
The Government should significantly increase NHS funding in real terms
The government to allow the opening of nightclubs.
The Government to fund a Sunday rail service for Spalding Lincolnshire
The Government to fund either a new bridge or repairs for Hammersmith bridge
The government to overturn the decision to replace E5 petrol with the E10 type.
the govt must order a full inquiry into the impacts of all school covid measures
The Legalisation of Euthanasia in the UK
The NHS should provide free sanitary products for anyone
The proposed bank holiday in October should be called Trafalgar Day
The scottish gov should spend only taxes raised there before an indy ref allowed
The UK Government must implement a Constitutional Clarity Act
The UK government should apply via Article 49 to rejoin the EU
The UK Government should not fine parents for taking children on holiday.
The UK Government should not join the EU vaccine passport scheme
The UK should ban the importation of Shark Fins for personal consumption
The UK should ban the importation of Shark Fins.
The UK to ban the online sale and importation of handheld laser pens.
The UK to lead the effort to resettle Afghans fleeing the Taliban
The United Kingdom should officially recognise Taiwan as an independent nation.
The Vegan Petition – Ban Animal Agriculture and Animal Products
The virtual parliament must remain in place whilst social distancing exists
Theory test centres should be considered essential and open during restrictions
Those found in breach of MPs Code of Conduct must not be appointed to the Lords
Those having to work during covid-19 should not be subject to tax increases
To allow non-prescribed storage of Salbutamol Inhalers in Commercial Kitchens
To ban the sale, use, ownership and manufacture of glue traps.
To block Huawei equipment to be used in 5G network
To Bring in a UK Equivalent of the USA’s Logan Act
To change the car insurance law so that it covers the car instead of the driver.
To consider a Rail Enthusiasts Railcard to do trainspotting at railway stations.
To create a public inquiry into the media reporting and presenting of the virus
To create a Remembrance Day for healthcare workers who died from COVID-19
To create a tax incentive to favour retrofit instead of demolition and new build
To create an intermediate tier for GCSEs
To ensure every child has access to a qualified counsellor within school.
To establish a National Social Care Service, funded through general taxation.
To exclude non-guaranteed overtime on child maintenance payments.
To extend the 2 year period of the ADI part 1 test for ALL PDIs due to Covid 19
To fund an official helpline which helps people in abusive relationships
To give all parents with children food vouchers regardless of income.
To have all court judges voted for as MPs are voted for
To introduce “Hong Kong Bill 2019-2021” as a government bill
To introduce common disabilities to the curriculum for primary and secondary
To legislate for the abolition of the Honour’s system and the House of Lords.
To legislate so that cycling on a footpath is legal and no longer an offence
To legislate so that Statutory Sick Pay covers the normal wage of the individual
To legislate to enable routine video recording and broadcasting in civil courts
To Make All NHS Hospitals/Sites free for both Staff and Patients
To make discrimination and micro-aggression training mandatory in the workplace
To make it a law that all schools need bollards outside for child safety
To make it a legal requirement to give priority to buses, coaches and trams.
To make it mandatory for bicycles to have bells or alert mechanism.
To pay every NHS and Social Care Worker in England a £500 “Thank You” Bonus
To prevent the spread of avian flu, prohibit the shooting of game birds
To provide a statutory means of removing a peerage from a peer
To Put Morocco on the Green list of countries and territories
To raise the minimum wage for under-18s, to £5.50 or above
To remove the UAE off the ‘Red List’ by the Summer
To remove the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Bahrain & Qatar from the red list
To remove VAT on all COVID tests in the UK
To restart investigations into UFOs and to open a new reporting channel.
To Seek a 1 year Extension to the Brexit Transition Period & a Second Referendum
To set a minimum age limit for ear piercing
To take Portugal off the travel Red List
Tom’s Law – Give police the power to suspend driving licences
Total ban on the use of electric scooters, except on private land
Toughen animal welfare laws & introduce an animal abuser’s database
Toughen penalties for restaurants failing to allow delivery couriers toilet use
Tougher laws against publishing animal cruelty images and/or videos
Tougher Laws/Penalties to tackle theft of Catalytic Converters
Tougher penalties for not following the Covid 19 rules
Tougher penalties for not paying child maintenance
Tougher sentences for animal abusers to include a lifetime ban on owning pets
Tougher sentences for any assault or attack on police
Tougher sentences for hit and run drivers who cause death
Tougher sentences for shaken baby deaths
Tougher sentences for THEFT & BURGLARY In the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak
Tougher sentencing on all motor vehicle related deaths.
Track & trace all sex offenders with electronic tagging
Translate UK Government and NHS Advice on COVID – 19.
Travel permit for emergencies to visa applicants whose visa is under review
Treat Carbon emissions as Hazardous Waste in planning process
Treat electric motorcycles as electric vehicles for BIK (Benefit In Kind)
Treat Maternity Allowance in the same way as SMP when claiming other benefits
Treat people with pre-settled status as habitually resident for Universal Credit
Treat recreation flying as a form of allowable exercise during the lockdown.
Treat research students in receipt of a stipend as in work for UC.
Treat under and over 35s the same for Universal Credit housing allowance
Treat vaccine trial participants as fully vaccinated for self-isolation purpose
Trees planted in the grounds of every new home and to be maintained by law
Trespassing should be criminal offense.
Trial allowing fans back into stadiums once lockdown ends
Trial capping net immigration and then gradually reduce it to tens of thousands
Trigger Article 16
Trigger Article 16. We want unfettered GB-NI Trade.
Triple Lock for 2021 A Levels Exam Results
Tuition Fee Compensation for International Students in UK Universities
Turn disused military establishments into housing for homeless veterans
Turn Marine Conservation Areas into No Take Zones
Turn York’s ring-roads (A1237 & A64) into a motorway
Twice yearly health visits for 0-2year olds and yearly check in for 2-5years
Two penalty points to be issued to drivers of vehicles when littering from it.
Two year minimum custodial sentence for 16 yrs + carrying a knife
Two year minimum sentencing for 1st time offenders caught with a knife 16 yrs +
UK citizenship for commonwealth citizens who came to the uk before the age of 16
UK gov buildings should be mandated to fly the Union Flag all year around.
UK Government should recognise The Bahamas Government Covid vaccination program.
UK Government to build UK Aid/Disaster Relief and Training Ship/s
UK Government to formally recognise the State of Palestine
UK government to impose sanctions on Poland for treatment of LGBTQ+
UK government to recognise the Armenian Genocide
UK Government to recognise the Armenian Genocide of 1915.
UK Government to set up a Covid-19 Select Committee
UK Government: issue care packages to the elderly and vulnerable
UK Government: restrict reduced VAT on domestic energy to renewable sources only
UK Registered and owned yachts and boats in EU should keep their VAT paid status
UK should recognise Somaliland as an independent country
UK to ban the sale and use of all fossil fuels in all settings from 1st Jan 2040
UKRI should extend all PhD students affected by COVID-19
UKVI should refund application fees for a decision take more than 6 months.
Unban illegal breeds and increase dog fighting charges
Under 16 smartphone ban
Under the immigration plan, treat HGV Drivers as skilled workers.
Undertake an equality impact assessment on the use of the label BAME
Universal Social Work bursary
Unleash this nation of entrepreneurs by transforming Start Up funding
Up Universal Credit benefit cap by £1000 so vunerable families get covid payment
Update gender identity guidance for schools to support students
Update guidance requiring schools to take kids’ temperatures at school gates
Update the electoral system to include elections online
Update the Equality Act 2010 to include hair texture as a feature of race
Update the law on murder and incorporate the offence into statutory law
Update the RHLG guidance so that it includes event hire & exhibition companies
Uphold current legal protections for transgender individuals and under 18s
Uphold the will of Parliament & implement the Leveson recommendations and s.40
Urge Azerbaijan and Turkey to end military action in Nagorno-Karabakh
Urge China to allow direct flights between the UK and China to resume
Urge China to allow direct flights between UK and China to resume
Urge China to ban the Yulin dog meat festival
Urge Gambia to meet its international obligations regarding religious freedom
Urge Hong Kong to release all political prisoners and safeguard human rights
Urge India and UN to send UN Peacekeepers to Kashmir and carry out a plebiscite
Urge India/the UN to allow UN Peacekeepers to Kashmir to carry out a plebiscite
Urge Nigerian Government to better protect its Christian population
Urge Ofcom to ban racial slurs such as the N-word in media broadcasting
Urge rail companies to introduce three day season tickets
Urge Sri Lanka to allow the burial of Covid victims to respect religious beliefs
Urge the Chinese government to stop the annual Yulin Dog Eating Festival
Urge the Chinese government to stop the annual Yulin Dog Eating Festival
Urge the Government to Oppose Ghana’s Anti-LGBTQ Draft Legislation
Urge the ICC to investigate crimes against the Tamil population
Urge the Indian Government to ensure safety of protestors & press freedom
Urge the Indian Government to revoke the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)
Urge the Nigerian Government to ensure safety of protestors & press freedom
Urge the Nigerian Government to restore peace
Urge the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe to expel Russia
Urge the Polish government to reconsider its approach to abortion
Urge the South African government to protect Minority Groups in South Africa
Urge the South Korean Government to end the brutal dog meat trade
Urge the UN and India to carry out a plebiscite on the future of Kashmir
Urge the UN and India to carry out a plebiscite on the future of Kashmir
Urge the UN and India to carry out a plebiscite on the future of Kashmir
Urge the UN Security Council to seek a ceasefire and referendums across Ukraine
Urge the UN to intervene in Gaza and send a peace keeping force
Urge the UN to intervene in Myanmar with a peace keeping force
Urge the UN to Send a Human Rights Envoy to Jammu Kashmir
Urge the UN to send a UN Peacekeeping Force to Ukraine immediately.
Urge the US Government to stop January federal executions
Urge the US to suspend sanctions against Cuba
Urge UN to provide safe evacuation routes from war zone in Ukraine
Urgently & Substantially build up the UK Armed Force’s conventional Capabilities
Urgently donate Covid-19 vaccines to Sri Lanka
Urgently extend the statutory age limit for SEN provision given Covid19
Urgently review Advisory Electricity Rate (AER) for fully electric company cars
Urgently review policy on Ukrainian children seeking to enter UK from Ukraine
Urgently set timeline and provide funding for roads to be repaired nationally.
Urgently support Tunisia in the Covid-19 Crisis
Use money from the foreign aid budget to Support UK in the Covid 19 crisis
Use ‘Live’ HMRC Data to work out Child Maintenance payment calculations.
Use all revenue from lockdown fines for NHS PPE.
Use Centre-Assessed-Grades for the 2021 A-Level, AS Level and GCSE grades.
Use compulsory purchase to ensure safe access to a full Coastal Path route
Use indelible ink to help prevent multiple voting in general elections
Use proceeds from Covid-19 fines to fund a bonus for frontline NHS staff
Use proportional representation for all local elections
Use the Corporation Tax System to Reward UK Based Manufacturing
Utility service providers must provide an email address for customer services.
VALERIE’S LAW Compulsory Training for Agencies Supporting Black DV Victims
VAT Complete Removal.
VAT refunds for SMEs
VAT to be removed on Audiobooks, in line with other physical books and e-books
Veterinarians to carry out spays on bracecephalic dogs admitted for c-section
Vets to scan prior to euthanasia for Rescue Back up & to confirm keeper details.
Vets to scan prior to euthanasia for Rescue Back up and confirm keeper details
Visitors to the UK must provide proof of valid/medical insurance
Voluntary early retirement at 60 with reduced state pension
Vote in the House of Commons on the restoration of the 0.7% GNI for Foreign Aid.
VOTES FOR 16 – Lower the voting age to 16
Waive 2019/20 corporation tax & VAT for limited company directors
Waive all customs fees and VAT on rescue dogs coming into the UK from abroad
Waive all student loans and reimburse all clinical training fees for NHS staff
Waive any Income Tax & National Insurance contribution increases for NHS staff.
Waive citizenship application fees for NHS workers and their families
Waive fees and fast track lasting power of attorney during the CV19 crisis.
Waive fees for UK citizenship applications for this year
Waive immigration fees for commonwealth born veterans
Waive stamp duty for second homes where buyers can’t sell due to cladding crisis
Waive taxes on gift vouchers issued by independent businesses
Waive the duty on alcohol spirit to be used as an ingredient in hand sanitisers
Waive the interest on student loans for NHS workers and students
Waive the January 2021 tax bill for those who have been excluded from the SEISS
Waive tuition fee loans for medical students once they serve the NHS for 5 years
Waive visa requirement for Ukrainian refugees.
We ask the Government to have an NHS National Database Centre
We call on DEFRA, to reinstate the ban on the use of metaldehyde slug pellets.
We call upon the government to reinstate the Covid19 Daily Briefings.
We demand that the Gurkhas receive equal pensions
We demand that the UK Government declares a Global Climate Emergency
We need a new act of Parliament – Recall of Local Government Councillors.
We need a right to repair in all electronic devices for a minimum of 10 years.
We should increase the pay of our NHS staff by 25%.
We the British People Request a Public Inquiry into Grooming Gangs
We want the UK Government to appoint a dedicated Minister for Manufacturing.
We would like the government to consider social care as equally important to NHS
Weddings to be allowed from the 17th of May with a maximum of 150
Weekly briefing on the tangible benefits of Brexit
Widen access to Child Sex Offenders Disclosure Scheme to partners
Wind turbine blades – when painted black can reduce harm to birds.
Windfall tax on extra profits due to lockdowns to fund a bonus for NHS staff
Windfall Tax Profits made by Companies during the Covid 19 Pandemic.
Windrush Scandal – Increase levels & speed of compensation
Wipe all student loans for teachers and NHS staff
Wipe Student Debts for Tuition Fees for University Students Affect by Covid
Withdraw from the 1951 Refugee Convention to deter illegal attempts to enter UK
Withdraw from the European Court of Human Rights.
Withdraw from the Paris agreement related to climate change
Withdraw from the UN Global compact for migration
Withdraw from the UN’s Durban IV Conference
Withdraw Government guidance giving police discretion for road traffic offences
Withdraw the UK from the European Convention on Human Rights
Withhold financial support to employers making staff redundant during Covid-19
Work internationally to ban use of tax havens for offshore banking
Work internationally to cancel Ukraine’s foreign debt
Work internationally to create fully digital animal export/import certification
Work internationally to make solar energy the primary energy source
Work internationally to provide army surplus protective clothing to Ukraine
Work internationally to seek to end conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Work to amend the Hague Convention regarding mothers and children fleeing abuse
Work to establish a global Pension Fund Guarantee for clothing supply chains
Work to establish a global Severance Guarantee Fund for clothing supply chains
Work with breweries to provide financial help for Pub landlords during Covid-19
Work with councils to promote wildflower and grassland growth
Work with EEA countries to extend the Youth Mobility Visa
Work with exam boards to design a less stressful exam schedule
Work with international community to end conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia
Work with lenders to extend mortgage holidays for those unable to return to work
Work with Ofgem to increase use of voltage optimisation across UK power networks
Work with other countries to coordinate an international lock down
Work with other Governments on banning trophy hunting
Work with other nations to pressure China over their treatment of Uighur Muslims
Work with regulators and exam providers to clarify exam arrangements for 2021
Work with the Ethiopian and Egyptian governments to resolve the Nile dispute
Work with the Ethiopian and Egyptian governments to resolve the Nile dispute
Work with the EU to improve animal welfare standards across Europe
Work with the French Government, to protect/save international rail travel.
Work with the NHS to fund and provide a unified and improved wheelchair service
Work with the US Government to allow travel between the UK and USA
Write and enshrine in law a Written UK Constitution
Write of student debt for Public Sector Workers
Write off all nurses, doctors and student nurses’ student debts.
Write off all student debt for nurses and midwives
Write off all student loans for all NHS staff fighting COVID19
Write off student loans for NHS staff after 6 years in the NHS
Write-off repayment of Universal Credit advance loans taken out during December
Zero corporation tax on businesses with a turnover of £400,000 due to Covid-19
Zero rate Public Access Defibrillators not donated to an ‘Eligible Body’.
Zero Tolerance on Knife Crime
Zero tolerance to firearm possession for those found in breach of firearm rules
Zero VAT during the Coronavirus Crisis.