Stephen Doughty – 2020 Comments on Situation in Mali

Comments made by Stephen Doughty, the Shadow Minister for Africa, on 19 August 2020.

Recent events in Mali are deeply concerning and it is vital that we see an immediate return to the rule of law and democratic and constitutional processes. Detained political figures, including President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta, should be released and a peaceful dialogue established to avoid further instability. Free and fair elections must then be held to ensure the right of the people of Mali to determine their country’s future direction.

The UK government is right to join international partners in condemning the coup, but must now commit to continuing to support humanitarian efforts in the region to help bring about much-needed peace and stability.

Our country’s strategic interests are best served when the UK collaborates with democratic allies to support democratic order in Mali, particularly in light of growing jihadist terrorism in Mali and the pressing need for a coordinated international effort to combat the threat it poses to wider regional stability.