Seema Malhotra – 2021 Comments on Gigafactories

The comments made by Seema Malhotra, the Shadow Business and Consumers Minister, on 16 July 2021.

To boost our automotive manufacturing industry, Labour would be part-financing the creation of three new battery development plants by 2025.

The UK has a world leading, competitive automotive industry that means we could win the global race in electric vehicle development. But a strong domestic battery supply chain is key to retaining that competitive edge and the SMMT has warned the Government that the UK is falling behind our competitors.

This government has driven manufacturing into decline, and failed to invest in the jobs we need. As we recover from the pandemic, Labour has a plan to get our economy firing on all cylinders again with a plan to buy, make and sell more in Britain, so that we build the industries and skills of the future we need.