Rosena Allin-Khan – 2020 Comments on NHS Staff Mental Health

The comments made by Rosena Allin-Khan, the Shadow Minister for Mental Health, on 24 September 2020. Allin-Khan was commenting on statistics published by the NHS showing over 500,000 sick days had been taken in May 2020 alone.

These statistics must serve as a wakeup call for the Government. At a time when COVID-19 related sickness absences were going down, mental ill health absences were soaring.

Our health and care staff have sacrificed so much during this pandemic – it demonstrates why Labour’s ‘Care for Carers’ package is so vital. Dedicated mental health support should be available for all health and care staff.

Since launching the package in June, I have requested meetings with the Government – it is a disgrace that this offer has not been taken up. I urge the Government to reconsider our offer.

Ahead of winter and a second spike, the Government must learn the lessons of this spring. We must fight for the mental health of those who have supported us so courageously during this crisis.