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PRESS RELEASE : UN HRC53 – Statement on Internally Displaced Persons [July 2023]

The press release issued by the Foreign Office on 4 July 2023.

UK Statement for the Enhanced Interactive Dialogue on Internally Displaced Persons.

Thank you, Mr President.

With over 70 million internally displaced persons around the world, the UK thanks the Special Rapporteur’s work to raise awareness and coordinate action.

The UK recognises internal displacement cannot be seen purely as a humanitarian challenge, and a transition to a development-led solutions approach is crucial. We were glad to see reference in the report on the value of engaging a variety of actors from across different sectors to help effectively deliver this transition.

Within this context, it is also our collective responsibility to make sure that the role of human rights in ensuring the protection of IDPs is not forgotten. Consequently, we highlight the disproportionate impacts of internal displacement on marginalised groups and the most vulnerable, and urge that their needs are considered in the delivery of assistance and development of durable solutions. We encourage particular attention to women and girls, who, due to specific vulnerabilities and discrimination, face additional barriers to the effective realisation of their rights.

Finally, whilst States may hold primary responsibility for the prevention of internal displacement, the UK recognises the role of the international community to assist with the fulfilment of this responsibility, and is pleased to be supporting the work of the UN Special Adviser on Internal Displacement.

Thank you.