Nigel Adams – 2020 Statement on Elections in Myanmar

The statement made by Nigel Adams, the Minister for Asia, on 9 November 2020.

The 2020 elections are a significant milestone on Myanmar’s path from military dictatorship to democracy. We are pleased that many people in Myanmar were able to exercise their hard won right to vote this weekend and remain committed to supporting their aspirations for peace and full democracy. We will work with the new government and civil society to this end.

However, we were disappointed to see the Rohingya and other minorities were once again disenfranchised. Elections were cancelled in areas of conflict without a clear rationale or transparency. It is now vital to amend the citizenship laws to ensure that everyone can participate fully in Myanmar’s political process. We urge the authorities in Myanmar to ensure free and fair elections are held at the earliest opportunity in those areas where they were cancelled. We also condemn the kidnapping of Parliamentary candidates by the Arakan Army and call for their immediate release.