George Freeman – 2022 Statement on the Norwich Western Link

The statement made by George Freeman, the Conservative MP for Mid Norfolk, on 4 December 2020.

For too long we have seen development in Norfolk without the necessary infrastructure.

Long term infrastructure needs to be got right – planned and developed in a way that minimises damage to our Norfolk landscape & supports the 21st century priorities, patterns of work, healthy living and a more sustainable local economy. This is key to our vibrant future economy.

Covid is an opportunity to Build Back Better. We need to seize it. That means ensuring we reduce traffic and congestion, invest in good cycle, rail, digital & road infrastructure, and make sure big infrastructure like the A47, NDR and Wensum Link are planned and designed sensitive to the needs of local villages and the local landscape.

These aren’t easy pay-offs. But with good community consultation, transparency and leadership from elected local MPs and Cllrs we should be able to get it right and leave our beloved county better than we found it.