Alan Whitehead – 2020 Comments on Wylfa Project Cancellation

The comments made by Alan Whitehead, the Shadow Minister for Energy, on 16 September 2020.

The cancellation of what would have been the largest energy project in Wales, if it cannot be reversed, could have huge consequences including the loss of between £15bn and £20bn in investment. It will also prevent the creation of thousands of jobs in the energy sector and wider UK supply chain.

We are already in the middle of an economic and unemployment crisis, yet the government has been completely silent on the potential loss of this power station and the economic impact for Anglesey and the region.

Ministers must urgently outline whether they plan to seek new developers to take on the Wylfa project, what conversations they have had with Hitachi about the site, and how they will ensure the people of Wales do not pay the price for Hitachi’s withdrawal.