Stephen Gethins – 2015 Parliamentary Question to the Department for International Development

The below Parliamentary question was asked by Stephen Gethins on 2015-10-26.

To ask the Secretary of State for International Development, how much funding her Department has contributed to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria (a) since the creation of that fund and (b) in each of the last five years.

Grant Shapps

The UK remains a strong and active supporter of the Global Fund and has pledged a contribution of up to £1 billion between 2014 and 2016 for the Global Fund’s 4th replenishment, subject to a 10% donor share cap. As part of this, in 2015-16 the UK has contributed £100m.

The 5th replenishment, for 2017-2019, has not been launched yet, so the UK contribution has not yet been determined.

The UK has contributed £2.05bn to the Global Fund since its inception. From a standing start in 2002, the UK’s unwavering support has enabled the Global Fund to keep 8.1 million people alive with HIV therapy, distribute 548 million mosquito nets, detect and treat 13.2 million cases on TB, and has contributed to a decline of one third in the number of people dying from the three diseases since 2002 in Global Fund countries.

The UK has contributed: £128m in 2011/12; £128m in 2012/13; £543m in 2013/14; £285m in 2014/15, and; £100m 2015/16. This totals £1.184bn over the 5-year period.