Sam Tarry – 2021 Comments on Transport for London Funding Deal

The comments made by Sam Tarry, the Shadow Transport Minister, on 1 June 2021.

Sadiq Khan has done well to kill off the very worst of the punitive conditions the Government wanted to impose on Transport for London, but this funding package still falls well-short of what Londoners and our economy needs.

It is adding insult on top of injury to expect TfL to stump up an extra £500m every year without unfairly punishing Londoners for doing the right thing by not using public transport during lockdown.

The Government needs to set out substantial, long-term funding for TfL that will enable it to plan for the future, secure thousands of jobs across the capital and continue to build a transport network that’s the envy of the world.

Once again, this government has opted to play politics with TfL rather than giving it the backing it needs.