Sadiq Khan – 2021 Comments in Response to London Floodings

The comments made by Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, on 27 July 2021.

The serious flash flooding in London over the last two weekends will have caused major concern and anxiety for many Londoners and it shows that the dangers of climate change are now moving closer to home. I’d like to thank partners including the London Fire Brigade, the Met Police and local councils who responded to hundreds of calls throughout Sunday afternoon and evening.

Despite having limited powers in the area, it remains a key priority for myself and London’s council leaders that more is done to urgently tackle flooding and the other impacts of climate change. This is why I have brought together all of the key partners to see what more can be done, including the water companies who have to address the localised issues with infrastructure that may exacerbate the impact of flooding.

I continue to lobby the Government to devolve more funding and powers to local leaders to enable us deal with both flooding and the wider impacts of climate change.

COP26 this year provides an opportunity for the Government to show global leadership and give us the powers and resources we need to take even bolder action on climate change.