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PRESS RELEASE : We must remain focused on delivering real change in people’s lives [February 2023]

The press release issued by the Foreign Office on 13 February 2023.

Statement by Ambassador Richard Croker at the UN General Assembly thematic debate on Our Common Agenda.

Thank you, Mr President, and also to the Secretary-General for his update on Our Common Agenda. Secretary General, this time last week, in this Hall, you described humanity as facing a ticking clock.

It is clear that we need to take urgent action to address today’s more complex global challenges and prepare for those ahead with a revitalised, fit for purpose, multilateral system.

As you said, this means reaffirming and adhering to the UN Charter and other foundational documents like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It also means delivering on the more recent commitments we’ve already made, such as on climate change and the Sustainable Development Goals, and addressing many of the issues in your ‘Our Common Agenda Report’ as the future challenges we will face.

We need to deliver real-word impacts, showing people around the world that the UN can make a real difference in their lives.

To achieve this, we need to make sure that the negotiations here on the follow up to your report are inclusive of the full membership, but also engage those who will be critical to success – including in the implementation of outcomes. Be that the private sector, civil society, or other parts of the multilateral system.

We also need to make sure that the UN has the tools it needs, for example, to resolve conflicts. Which is why we look forward to continuing to engage in your proposals for a New Agenda For Peace.

And we need a UN that’s fit for purpose. That’s why we strongly support your efforts to deliver a UN2.0, develop the UN’s capacity on data and strategic foresight.

Finally, we look forward to the release of your policy briefs over the coming months. These will be an opportunity for us to dive into the detail of your proposals and, in some cases, putting the meat on the OCA bones ahead of our discussions.

Thank you.