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PRESS RELEASE : The United Kingdom is clear that multilateralism is the best tool to tackle the shared challenges of the 21st century – UK statement at the UN General Assembly [February 2024]

The press release issued by the Foreign Office on 7 February 2024.

Statement by Ambassador James Kariuki at the UN General Assembly 54th plenary meeting 78th session.

Thank you President, and thank you Secretary-General for your report. The United Kingdom is clear that multilateralism is the best tool we have to tackle the shared challenges of the 21st century. Let me highlight three areas.

First, we must strive for peace, upholding the principles and agreements to which we have collectively committed. Two years since its illegal invasion, Russia continues to launch indiscriminate attacks on Ukrainian civilians. In Gaza, we witness the harrowing impacts of the humanitarian crisis on Palestinian civilians.

2024 should be the year that Russia withdraws its troops from Ukraine and ceases its aggression. We must immediately address humanitarian need in Gaza and take action to secure a sustainable, permanent ceasefire and bring peace and security to both Israelis and Palestinians.

Second, the United Kingdom is committed to ending extreme poverty, tackling climate change and biodiversity loss and promoting gender equality. We will champion action to accelerate progress towards the SDGs, including through UN and international financial system reform. UK priorities will be mobilising more and better development and climate financing, and promoting greater access to education, economic opportunities and the protection of sexual and reproductive health rights for all women and girls.

And finally, we look forward to the Summit of the Future as an opportunity to rebuild trust and strengthen the multilateral system. The UK is concerned by the financial challenges facing the organisation and we are committed to stabilising UN finances to ensure that the organisation can serve those in need.

The UK looks forward to working with you and all Member States in the year ahead.

Thank you.