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PRESS RELEASE : Supporting action that moves Haiti closer to security and stability [September 2022]

The press release issued by the Foreign Office on 26 September 2022.

Thank you President and to SRSG La Lime and our briefers.

I’d like to add three brief points to the discussion today:

Firstly, like others, the United Kingdom remains deeply concerned by the continued deterioration of the security and human rights situation in Haiti. Violence and insecurity further entrench the multifaceted challenges faced by Haiti and exacerbate the vulnerabilities of the Haitian population.

As we’ve heard today from our briefers, the humanitarian situation within Haiti also continues to deteriorate. Rooted in long standing economic, security and socio-political crises – the current escalation of these challenges has exacerbated the food

insecurity of the Haitian people. The looting of the World Food Programme office and warehouse is deeply concerning, preventing assistance from reaching thousands of Haiti’s most vulnerable.

The United Kingdom encourages all actors to work constructively to find urgent solutions, and to support recovery and progress for the Haitian people.

Secondly, as others have also said, there must be greater efforts by Haitian stakeholders to resolve the political gridlock. This is critical in enabling Haiti to find its own pathway out of the compounded challenges it is facing.

We renew our call for all actors to resume political dialogue and to work together to ensure the necessary security environment within which free and fair elections can be held as soon as possible.

Thirdly, I would like to underscore the United Kingdom’s support for the work of the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti. BINUH is fundamental in supporting Haiti to resolve these multifaceted challenges. By strengthening the Haitian National Police and facilitating dialogue between Haitian political stakeholders, BINUH’s efforts help lay the groundwork for stability in Haiti. We look forward to seeing the outcome of the strategic review of options to support security in Haiti and hope these are part of a renewed holistic and joined-up approach by the UN and other partners.

Finally President, we welcome the intention of the United States and Mexico to propose a draft resolution and look forward todiscussing it with partners. We support action that moves Haiti closer to security and stability with a return to democratic processes as soon as possible.