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PRESS RELEASE : Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs to visit Paraguay [February 2024]

The press release issued by the Foreign Office on 19 February 2024.

Lord David Cameron to make historic visit to Paraguay on the first official visit by a UK Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

The former Prime Minister and current Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, The Lord David Cameron of Chipping Norton, will make history with his first official visit to Paraguay, marking a significant milestone in the bilateral relationship between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Paraguay. This visit represents the deepening friendship and partnership between the two countries.

The Foreign Secretary will arrive in the country on 20 February. During his visit, he will meet with President Santiago Peña and Foreign Minister Rubén Ramírez Lezcano, exploring ways to further cooperation in the areas of trade, environment, education, and human rights.

In recent years, Paraguay and the UK have experienced a significant convergence of interests, which has led to a deepening of their ties. The visit of the Foreign Secretary represents the commitment of both nations to strengthen their partnership, opening new avenues of collaboration that contribute to mutual prosperity and global progress.

The British government has stated its intention to increase its engagement with Latin America, strengthen trade and investment relations and help the region amplify its voice in multilateral for a. This visit solidifies the UK’s continued dedication to fostering close partnerships across Latin America.

As Paraguay increasingly asserts itself on the international stage, this visit is an opportune moment to collaborate on issues of regional and global concern. Paraguay has demonstrated its economic resilience in recent years, in a difficult global economic context, which presents enormous potential for increased collaboration with the UK.

This is a historic occasion as it is the first official visit to Paraguay by a British Foreign Secretary. The Foreign Secretary’s visit aims to strengthen existing ties between the two nations and represents the UK’s commitment to the nations of the region, building bridges and fostering diplomatic relations based on mutual respect and shared values.