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PRESS RELEASE : Lord Ahmad to set out support for Counter-Daesh efforts at global meeting in Riyadh [June 2023]

The press release issued by the Foreign Office on 8 June 2023.

Minister of State for the Middle East Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon will set out the UK’s work to eradicate Daesh and support those affected by its terrorism.

  • Minister will address the Global Coalition against Daesh ministerial-level meeting in Riyadh today
  • he will outline the UK’s work to tackle the continued threat posed by Daesh and support people in north-east Syria and Iraq
  • Lord Ahmad will then travel onto Istanbul, the first visit to Turkey by a UK government Minister since President Erdogan’s re-election

The Minister of State for the Middle East will attend the annual Global Coalition against Daesh ministerial-level meeting in Riyadh today and reaffirm the UK’s commitment to tackling the continuing threat posed by Daesh and helping people rebuild their lives.

Lord Ahmad will outline the UK’s support to counter the threat posed by Daesh, including approximately £88 million towards ongoing efforts for counterterrorism, stabilisation and socio-economic development in Northeast Syria and Iraq over the next 5 years.

Examples of what this funding will provide include working with the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to address the barriers to return, reintegration and reconciliation of Iraqis displaced by Daesh’s violence, including the 30,000 Iraqis in Al-Hol camp in Syria. The funding will also provide targeted job training for hundreds of young people in Iraq, as part of efforts to prevent violent extremism and counter Daesh’s influence.

This will come alongside a further £16 million over the next 2 years to specifically address acute humanitarian needs in north-east Syria. This package will provide 76,735 people with humanitarian assistance, including psychosocial support targeting children traumatised by conflict and programmes to empower women through education and access to the labour market.

The global meeting in Riyadh will see ministers and representatives from the 86 partners of the Global Coalition gather to discuss the continuing threat from Daesh and to coordinate efforts to counter Daesh and stabilise liberated areas.

Minister of State for the Middle East Lord Ahmad said:

Though territorially defeated, Daesh is a threat that continues to destroy lives – not only in liberated areas of Iraq and Syria, but also in Afghanistan and parts of Africa where its affiliates are active.

I am proud of the UK’s continuing role in eradicating Daesh, including rebuilding communities affected by its terrorism, and leading global efforts against its poisonous propaganda.

I look forward to visiting Istanbul to strengthen the UK’s important partnership with Turkey and to discuss a broad range of foreign policy issues, including Syria, Sudan and Ukraine.

Following his attendance at the Global Coalition against Daesh ministerial-level meeting, Lord Ahmad will travel to Istanbul to strengthen UK-Turkey ties and to participate in an international diplomacy conference. This will be the first visit to Turkey by a UK government minister since President Erdogan’s re-election, following the second round of presidential elections on 28 May.