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PRESS RELEASE : Foreign Secretary calls on global community to fight terrorism [October 2022]

The press release issued by the Foreign Office on 29 October 2022.

  • Foreign Secretary James Cleverly will address the UN Security Council Counter Terrorism Committee during a visit to India this week
  • He will use his speech in New Delhi today (Saturday) to call for like-minded partners to come together behind a mission to cut terrorist resources and prevent future attacks like that seen in Mumbai in 2008
  • The Foreign Secretary started his first visit to India in his role in Mumbai yesterday (Friday) before travelling on to New Delhi today

The international community must work together to “starve terrorists of the finance and emerging technologies” that will cause destruction around the world, UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly will set out today (Saturday 29 October).

Speaking at the United Nations Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee in New Delhi, he will call on countries to work together to fight online terrorism – including global terror recruitment campaigns and live streaming of attacks.

It comes after he paid his respects yesterday at the Taj Palace Hotel in Mumbai, to those who lost their lives in the city’s 2008 terror attack, including three British nationals.

The Foreign Secretary is due to say:

Within the space of two decades, terrorists have gone from circulating crackly voice recordings from the depths of Tora Bora, to global online recruitment and incitement campaigns, to live-streaming attacks.

Online incitement has radicalised vulnerable people in far off countries, who have gone on to use rental vans as weapons of terror.

So we must continue to work together to fight terrorist ideologies online.

He will conclude we must “starve terrorists of the finance and emerging technologies that will cause death and destruction around the world”.

The UK’s Counter Daesh Communication Cell, in partnership with the US and UAE Governments, works to challenge Daesh propaganda. The UK is also working to stop terrorists exploiting online platforms and to push tech companies to crack down harder on extremist online content through the G7 and the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism.

Around the world unmanned aerial systems are being used to inflict terror. The UK is funding new technology to tackle these drones and stop terrorists from misusing them.

During the visit, the Foreign Secretary announced further collaboration between the UK and India through British International Investment. This included £11 million of UK funding invested in Kinara Capital, a woman-led fintech company. British International Investment is designed to strengthen trade ties with our partners and generate economic growth, benefitting the UK and creating jobs at home.

He also announced a £22 million investment by the UK-backed Neev II Fund into Hygenco which will help India’s green energy transition by pioneering green hydrogen.

The Foreign Secretary is due to meet India’s Minister of External Affairs Jaishankar today to discuss the latest on the 2030 Roadmap, the landmark commitment to boost cooperation between the UK and India over the next decade.