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PRESS RELEASE : Foreign Secretary and the foreign ministers of Ukraine and Poland joint statement [September 2022]

The press release issued by the Foreign Office on 22 September 2022.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverly held a trilateral meeting with Polish Foreign Minister, Zbigniew Rau, and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba.

Foreign Ministers of Poland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom met in New York on 21 September 2022 and agreed to:

  • continue the unwavering support of Ukraine by Poland and the UK in the face of Russia’s aggression until Ukraine prevails
  • elaborate further plans for the long-term support of Ukraine to help it deter and defend against future attacks
  • develop their trilateral co-operation including by strengthening the defence capabilities of the 3 countries and the NATO Eastern flank

The Ministers also condemned Russia’s further mobilisation of forces, which can only set back the goal of peace.