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PRESS RELEASE : “El Embajador” beer collaboration raises funds for soup kitchens [April 2023]

The press release issued by the Foreign Office on 4 April 2023.

The British Embassy in Asuncion and local craft brewery “The Hop” joined to create the beer “El Embajador” (The Ambassador), to raise funds for soup kitchens.

In an original collaboration, the British Embassy in Asuncion and local craft brewery “The Hop” joined to create the beer “El Embajador” (The Ambassador). The Hop will donate the proceeds from the sales of “El Embajador” throughout the months of September and October to the soup kitchens “Kuña Guapa” in the city of Luque, and “El bosque restaurador” in the city of Limpio.

José Duarte, owner of The Hop, raised the proposal to collaborate with the British Embassy, creating a new variety of craft beer in order to raise funds and support those who have been most impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The launch of the idea took place on 13 August, with the participation of then Ambassador Hedges and the staff of the British Embassy in Asuncion. Through a live broadcast on Instagram on The Hop page, the Ambassador announced that proceeds from the non-profit sales would be given to the two soup kitchens.

Jose Duarte of The Hop said:

This idea represents an act of solidarity in trying times. When there is a willingness from the involved parties to try to help, these things come together.

“El Embajador” will be available for sale at The Hop bar in 500ml bottles and also available for refill of growlers (glass jugs) also for sale at The Hop. The beer will remain on the brewery’s menu after the fundraising campaign is over.

“El Embajador”: a tribute

The idea of the collaborative beer coincided with the announcement of the end of the mission of former Ambassador Matthew Hedges. In response to the news, The Hop proposed that the recipe for the new beer be a tribute to the outgoing diplomat.

Thus “El Embajador”, whose name was the most voted in a Twitter poll, was born. The brand design uses the colours and the dragon of the Welsh flag, as the Ambassador’s home nation. The beer, a session IPA, is a mix of traditional British styles with a modern touch, bitter but low in alcohol content. The use of English and American hops gives it a soft aroma of herbs and fruits.

The then Ambassador Hedges closed the launch with an invitation:

I invite you all to collaborate with this project, and to try this delicious beer. Cheers!