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PRESS RELEASE : Continuing the Security Council’s commitment to peace in Colombia [October 2022]

The press release issued by the Foreign Office on 27 October 2022.

Explanation of Vote by Ambassador James Kariuki on the renewal of the UN Verification Mission in Colombia’s mandate.

Thank you, Mr President.

Let me just echo Juan-Ramon’s thanks to Council members for their cooperation and the flexibility shown during negotiations.

In particular I would like to thank our co-penholder Mexico, including the experts on both sides, for our close partnership working together on this resolution as well as on the Council’s press statement earlier this month.

[Speaking in Spanish. Translation:]

I’d also like to thank the delegation of Colombia for their positive engagement on this draft resolution.

[Speaking in Spanish ends]

The UK welcomes the renewed momentum for peace in Colombia and, in this vein, we welcome the Foreign Minister’s request for the UN Verification Mission to monitor progress on rural reform and the Ethnic Chapter of the Peace Agreement.

We look forward to considering the Secretary-General’s recommendations on these new tasks and will be ready to respond accordingly.

The unanimous adoption of this resolution today demonstrates the continued commitment of the Security Council to peace in Colombia and to the comprehensive implementation of the Peace Agreement.