Nick Griffin – 2013 Speech on Russia

Below is the text of the speech made by Nick Griffin, the Leader of the BNP, in the European Parliament on 23rd October 2013.

All this fuss over the activities of an unelected pressure group, which was warned in advance not to invade the waters of a sovereign nation and break legitimate laws.

No Russian citizen has ever voted for Greenpeace. They have no democratic mandate whatsoever.

But imagine how much bigger the fuss would be if Russia launched a totally illegal assault on a legitimately elected political party.

Imagine if the Russian government were to use the excuse of waves of lies from a controlled mass media to arrest the leaders of the opposition.

Imagine if President Putin were to tear up the constitutional rights of democratically elected parliamentarians and spit in the face of a growing body of opinion of up to 20% of voters.

We’d never hear the end of it – and rightly so. But when these things happen in Greece, you hypocrites either say nothing or actively applaud the repression.

No one ever voted for Greenpeace, but half a million Greek voters have been disenfranchised by the attempted murder of Golden Dawn at the behest of EU bureaucrats, German bankers and Zionist gangsters.

This looters´ coup against the Greek people, by the puppets of the privatisation criminals, is a thousand times more important than this artificial hysteria on behalf of an unrepresentative group of watermelon green cranks.

You really should stop lecturing Russia about a speck of dust in her eye, when you have a large splintered beam in your own.