100 Years Ago

NEWS FROM 100 YEARS AGO : 19 February 1923

19 FEBRUARY 1923

The Free State of Ireland’s amnesty for the Irregulars to surrender passed, with reports that many had taken the opportunity to hand themselves in.

A clash took place between the Irregulars and the troops of the Irish Government at the base of the Galtee Mountains, with fourteen members of the Irregulars captured and one killed. One member of the national troops was killed along with a boy from a local farm who was caught in the crossfire.

The Dublin home of Alexander McCabe, an Irish politician, was blown up. There was also an arson attack entirely destroying the home and property of Senator Thomas Linehan.

The mail train from Dublin to Galway was wrecked by the Irregulars with a bridge also destroyed.

The Killaloe railway station near Limerick in Ireland was destroyed by the Irregulars who poured petrol within the building and set it alight.