Nadhim Zahawi – 2021 Comments on Healthy Food for Children

The comments made by Nadhim Zahawi, the Secretary of State for Education, on 22 December 2021.

Being healthy and active is a vital part of growing up, and if we want to continue to level up opportunities for every child in the country this must go hand-in-hand with an excellent education.

I’m really encouraged to see the huge numbers of children benefitting from our Holiday Activities and Food programme and the National School Breakfast programme. Both provide not just the benefits of a nutritious meal but also the chance to take part in activities they may not otherwise have exposure to, such as music lessons, cookery classes or the arts.

It’s great to see the latest evidence support what we’ve already seen first-hand in children’s lives. I’m grateful to those running holiday clubs this Christmas, and I urge teachers and school staff to sign up to the National School Breakfast Programme.