Maryam Eslamdoust – 2022 NEC Candidate Statement

The candidate statement from Maryam Eslamdoust.

Candidate Statement

I’ve been a Labour activist for 15 years and councillor in Camden for 12 years, leading campaigns against betting shops and strip clubs taking over high streets, and currently mounting opposition to increasing numbers of school expulsions affecting our most vulnerable children.
As a BAME woman I’ve suffered racism throughout my life, so I know from direct personal experience that we must eradicate all forms of discrimination in our Party. I’m a lifelong equalities advocate and have used my voice as a councillor to speak up for those experiencing racism, disability discrimination and to fight for women’s safety.

As Secretary to the NEC Equalities Committee, I oversaw set up of the Party’s National Women’s structures and National BAME structures.

I have campaigned for Labour in every election and under every leader since 2008. The Tories are failing Britain, but it’s not good enough for us to think we can just coast into power. We need to offer socialist policies which give hope to voters and inspire Labour members and our affiliated trade unions.

It is time for the Party to end this civil war and start laying into the Tory government, instead of our own members.