Liz Kendall – 2021 Comments on Government’s Social Care Plan

The comments made by Liz Kendall, the Shadow Social Care Minister, on 24 July 2021.

Two years since his promise to the nation on the steps of Downing Street, the British people are no closer to seeing Boris Johnson’s plan to ‘fix the crisis in social care’.

After ten years of the Tories in power, Britain deserves better. Either the Prime Minister lied about having a plan to fix social care or he lied about not raising taxes.

Every day the Government delays their plans for fixing the crisis in social care is another day that staff don’t get the pay and training they deserve, another day that thousands of people go without the basic help they need, to do things like get up, washed, dressed and fed, and another day that families are pushed to breaking point.

Ministers must now put in place a ten-year plan for investment and reform that puts social care on a sustainable footing, and provides all older and disabled people with the dignity and security they deserve.