Keir Starmer – 2024 Statement Following Announcement of General Election

The statement made by Sir Keir Starmer, the Leader of the Opposition, on 22 May 2024.

Tonight the Prime Minister has finally announced the next General Election.

A moment the country needs – and has been waiting for. And where, by the force of our democracy power returns to you.

A chance to change for the better. Your future. Your community. Your country.

It will feel like a long campaign – I’m sure of that. But no matter what else is said and done. That opportunity for change is what this election is about.

Over the course of the last four years – we have changed the Labour Party. Returned it once more to the service of working people.

All we ask now – humbly – is to do exactly the same for our country. And return Britain to the service of working people. To that purpose.

We offer three reasons why you should change Britain with Labour.

One – because we will stop the chaos.

Look around our country. The sewage in our rivers. People waiting on trolleys in A&E. Crime virtually unpunished. Mortgages and food prices – through the roof.

It’s all – every bit of it – a direct result of the Tory chaos in Westminster.

Time and again, they pursue their own interests. Rather than tackling the issues that affect your family.

And if they get another five years, they will feel entitled to carry on exactly as they are. Nothing will change.

A vote for Labour is a vote for stability – economic and political. A politics that treads more lightly on all our lives. A vote to stop the chaos.

Two – because it’s time for change.

Our offer is to reset both our economy and our politics.

So that they once again serve the interests of working people.

We totally reject the Tory view that economic strength is somehow gifted from those at the top.

Over the past fourteen years – through all the crises we have had to face – sticking with this idea has left our country exposed, insecure and unable to unlock the potential of every community.

But a vote for Labour is a vote to turn the page on all that. A vote for change.

And finally, three – because we have a long-term plan to rebuild Britain. A plan that is ready to go. Fully-costed and fully funded.

We can deliver economic stability. Cut the NHS waiting times. Secure our borders with a New Border Security Command.

Harness Great British Energy to cut your bills for good. Tackle anti-social behaviour.

And get the teachers we need in your children’s classroom.

But most of importantly of all, we do all this with a new spirit of service.

Country first, party second.

A rejection of the gesture politics you will see in this campaign, I have no doubt from the Tories and from the SNP.

I am well aware of the cynicism people hold towards politicians at the moment.

But I came into politics late, having served our country as leader of the Crown Prosecution Service.

And I helped the Police Service in Northern Ireland to gain the consent of all communities.

Service of our country is the reason – and the only reason – why I am standing here now – asking for your vote.

And I believe with patience, determination and that commitment to service there is so much pride and potential we can unlock across our country.

So – here it is – the future of the country – in your hands.

On 4th July you have the choice. And together, we can stop the chaos.

We can turn the page. We can start to rebuild Britain. And change our country.

Thank you.