Jonathan Bartley – 2021 Comments on Green Party Local Election Results

The comments made by Jonathan Bartley, the co-leader of the Green Party, on 9 May 2021.

Once again, we are seeing record results for the Green Party. A Green wave is sweeping across the country with Greens winning seats in places dominated by both Labour and Conservatives. These are votes for our strong vision and practical policies for a green future.

Whether it’s in Burnley or Bristol, people are turning to the Greens because they know that the way we won their vote is the way we will use the power they have given us – with hard work and humility. We will not take their support for granted.

In a time of multiple crises there is a recognition that the Greens are ready. The changes that are happening in the world are ones we have anticipated and we have the policies and the vision not only to prevent the worst but to use the changes that are on the way to build a better society for us all.

People know a better, Greener future is possible. A future where we tackle the climate and ecological emergencies but also enable communities in every corner of England and Wales to thrive.