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Jerome Mayhew – 2022 Tribute to HM Queen Elizabeth II

The tribute made by Jerome Mayhew, the Conservative MP for Broadland, in the House of Commons on 9 September 2022.

I add my remarks to the outpouring of love, affection and gratitude for the life of Her late Majesty on behalf of the people of Broadland. It is a sombre day as we grieve, so who would have thought that we would have laughed so much as we remembered her extraordinary life? I have loved listening to colleagues’ speeches as they have recalled their mishaps with Her Majesty.

Through those stories, I have learned much about her deep graciousness. I was never lucky enough to meet her, but I still grew up with her as part of my family, for that was the impact of her life on all of us. Through her service, she reached into our homes and our hearts. Whatever else was going on in our lives or in the country, the Queen was always there—a steadfast anchor of rightness. She did not represent the people; she embodied them through her steady selfless service, year after year, decade after decade. By her life, and how she lived it, she pointed out to all of us the real values by which life should be lived: integrity, devout faithfulness, duty.

We in return have demanded constant attention, constant attendance and constant access, irrespective of any difficulties in the Queen’s own life. We have often demanded the most at the hardest times, yet she never faltered or stepped back. She stayed true to her young oath. What a wonderful woman. What a wonderful monarch. Her heavy burden, which she somehow managed to wear so lightly, has now passed to the King. His wonderful speech to his peoples today shows how he has shouldered it. May the Queen rest in peace. God save the King.