Press Releases

HISTORIC PRESS RELEASE : Government’s Plan of Going for Growth [January 2010]

The press release issued by 10 Downing Street on 7 January 2010.

The Government has published its strategy for how to return the economy to strong, sustainable, long-term growth.

The plan focuses on increasing employment, raising incomes and supporting an improving quality of life, while restoring public finances and preventing cuts to essential public services.

During a speech in London today, the Prime Minister said that ‘going for growth’ is the government’s number one priority.

Gordon Brown said:

“The plan we are launching today – ‘tomorrow’s prosperity’ – shows how we will do everything we can to support and unleash the entrepreneurial, innovative and dynamic talents we know we have in Britain.

Gordon Brown said as part of the strategy, the Government plans to boost support for knowledge-based industries in sectors like life sciences, medical research and pharmaceuticals.

He said the Government will invest £70 million in three state-of-the-art manufacturing research centres to help UK businesses develop products of the future.

The Government will also invest in modern, low-carbon infrastructure and support British businesses by ensuring easier access to credit and creating a new growth fund.