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HISTORIC PRESS RELEASE : Government closely monitoring weather situation says Prime Minister [January 2010]

The press release issued by 10 Downing Street on 7 January 2010.

The Prime Minister has thanked the voluntary and emergency services helping to ease problems caused by the heavy snow and widespread ice that continued across parts of the UK on Thursday.

Appearing on the BBC’s Radio Solent, the Prime Minister said central government was doing everything it could to help, adding: “If there are things that are outstanding, we should be told so we can take the action that is necessary.”

Gordon Brown said he had spoken to some of the UK’s largest salt manufacturers on Thursday, who had assured him they were working to ensure there was enough salt for gritting during the extended cold spell.

“What we’re trying to do first of all on gritting and on salt, is to make sure there is sufficient salt available in every part of the country. Some local authorities will have more salt than others.”

The PM said he had also spoken to the chief executive of the National Health Service and was satisfied that it was in the “right position” to deal with problems arising from emergencies.

Mr Brown said the government would continue to monitor the situation carefully around the country. He added that local people “doing extraordinary things” was making it possible for communities to come together in difficult times.

On Wednesday the Prime Minister joined Lord Adonis on a visit to the London Local Authority Coordination Centre headquarters in south west London to see the work of the emergency services during the cold snap.