Ed Davey – 2021 Comments about Chinese New Year

The comments made by Ed Davey, the Leader of the Liberal Democrats, on 12 February 2021.

This year we welcome The Year of the Ox – an animal known for its strength, diligence and hardworking nature. These are positive values to which we should all aspire to live our lives by.

The New Year is usually a time of large family get-togethers. This year however, intimate, virtual celebrations will be the norm. I know the adjustment won’t be easy but let us keep doing our part to suppress this virus.

As we welcome the New Year, we must also honour the immeasurable contributions of British Chinese communities to our country. Thank you to the generations who have helped build our country and made it the success it is today.

Let us also recognise the hard work and sacrifice of those working on the frontline, the dedication of those looking after their families and the commitment of those supporting their local communities.

Celebrations like this remind us of what makes Britain unique; the diversity of our nation, the rich mosaic of people, cultures and backgrounds who all come together to carry forward the work of making this a country we can be proud of.

So, to everyone celebrating, I wish you happiness and good health in 2021. Xin Nian Kuai Le!