Sajid Javid – 2022 Comments on Men’s Mental Health Problems

The comments made by Sajid Javid, the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, on 24 June 2022.

We must treat suicides with the same urgency that we treat any other major killer.

I’m determined to make a difference on this issue and one of the ways we’ll do this is by publishing a new 10-year suicide prevention plan.

This is something that is deeply personal to me – there are too many families that are left incomplete, and too much potential has gone unfulfilled.

The Online Safety Bill gives us a once in a generation opportunity to tackle this issue. I will also work jointly across government to look at both upcoming and current legislation to make sure it meets the rapidly evolving challenges that we face.

Because when it comes to the encouragement of suicide we are currently relying on legislation that was primarily created long before the digital age.

I want to hear views from far and wide about how to shape this work and the roundtable that I chaired here earlier this morning was so illuminating.

I heard heart-breaking tales of love and loss but also inspirational stories of the work being done to divert people from this painful path, including of course here at Papyrus.

I am determined to make a difference on this issue.