Rishi Sunak – 2015 Article on Farming

The article written by Rishi Sunak, the then Conservative PPC for Richmond, in February 2015.

Farming is very significant to our rural economy and communities – from the Upper Dales to Great Ayton, from sheep to dairy to arable, through Auction Marts at Hawes, Leyburn and Northallerton, farming touches every part of the constituency.

Through visiting farms and auction marts and speaking with dozens of farmers, I have worked especially hard to understand the issues facing the farming community today.

I will fight to relieve the costly burden of EU regulation. Farmers have to contend with complicated new greening requirements, standstill rules, helpful pesticides being banned, burdensome electronic sheep tags that don’t even work and burial requirements that are outdated. It can’t be fair that our farmers follow the rules and watch European competitors flount them to their advantage.

Food labeling standards should be stricter – when shoppers want to “Buy British” they should “Get British”. I will also support efforts to encourage businesses to source locally – this would be beneficial for local farmers. We must do a better job educating consumers about the long term of impact of discount priced milk on our British dairy industry.

Also, I will do everything I can to help our farmers can capitalise on the great opportunities ahead. As global food consumption rises, efficient and competitive farms can grow and export around the world. Farming is already a great British industry and I will ensure it has every opportunity to flourish in the years ahead.