Queen Victoria – 1886 Queen’s Speech

Below is the text of the Queen’s Speech given in the House of Lords on 19 August 1886. It was spoken by the Lord Chancellor on behalf of HM Queen Victoria.

My Lords, and Gentlemen,

I HAVE summoned you to meet at this unusual season of the year for the transaction of indispensable business.

The Session of the last Parliament was interrupted before the ordinary work of the year had been completed, in order that the sense of my people might be taken on certain important proposals with regard to the government of Ireland. The result of that appeal has been to confirm the conclusion to which the late Parliament had come.

​The provisional nature of the arrangement which was made by the last Parliament for the public charge of the year renders it inexpedient to postpone any further the consideration of the necessary financial legislation.

Gentlemen of the House of Commons,

The Estimates which were submitted to the last Parliament, and were only partially voted, will be laid before you.

My Lords, and Gentlemen,

At a period of the year usually assigned for the recess, and after the prolonged and exceptional labours to which many of you have been subjected, I abstain from recommending now, for your consideration, any measures except those which are essential to the conduct of the public service during the remaining portion of the financial year. I am confident that they will receive your prompt and careful attention.

Then the Commons withdrew.

House adjourned during pleasure.

House resumed.