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PRESS RELEASE : UN Human Rights Council 54- UK Statement on Haiti [October 2023]

The press release issued by the Foreign Office on 10 October 2023.

Statement for Interactive Dialogue with the High Commissioner on the interim report on Haiti. Delivered by the UK at the 54th Human Rights Council in Geneva.

Thank you, Mr. Vice-President.

Deputy High Commissioner,

We thank you for your report and appreciate the continued cooperation of the Haitian authorities. We strongly support the Haitian people’s demands for security, stability and justice. Accordingly, we welcome the recent resolution of the United Nations Security Council authorising the deployment of a multinational security support mission led by Kenya.

The widespread human rights violations such as abductions, sexual violence and murder by armed gangs outlined in this interim report are alarming. The increasing number of internally displaced persons as a result of gang violence, the vast majority of which are women and children, is a further pressing concern.

The UK stands in strong support of the vital work on human rights being carried out by the international community in Haiti.

The Haitian government must fulfil its obligation to protect its citizens: gang violence against innocent civilians must end, and those responsible for these human rights violations must be held accountable.

Deputy High Commissioner,

We would like to ask whether you see opportunities for greater collaboration between the Haitian government, national and international entities in the response to the growing internal displacement crisis.

Thank you.