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PRESS RELEASE : UN Human Rights Council 54 – Statement on Central African Republic [October 2023]

The press release issued by the Foreign Office on 10 October 2023.

Statement for the Interactive Dialogue on the Central African Republic. Delivered by the UK at the 54th HRC.

Thank you, Madam Vice-President,

The United Kingdom remains deeply concerned by the increase in the number of human rights violations and abuses in the Central African Republic. Reports have highlighted that Central African Armed Forces and Wagner Group forces are now responsible for the majority of these – and that when operating independently in CAR, Wagner mercenaries have engaged in a disproportionately higher level of violence targeting civilians.

The UK calls for a revitalisation of the peace process in the wake of the increased reports of human rights violations and abuses. The Political Agreement for Peace and Stability remains the only viable option to end conflict and crisis in the Central African Republic, and we call on the Central African authorities, to build on political progress and ensure meaningful engagement with all political actors in country.

We are also deeply concerned that the conflict in Sudan and the global economic crisis has further compounded the situation in CAR, increasing the price of basic commodities and driving levels of food insecurity so that half the country is experiencing severe food insecurity and 56% of the country is in need of humanitarian assistance. A rapid solution to CAR’s crisis is needed to build resilience and coping mechanisms for the population who are suffering from this sustained, long-term damage.

Mr Agbetse

Thank you for your report and presentation. We would welcome your views on what steps CAR and the international community should take to support the people of CAR and those fleeing violence in Sudan.

Thank you.