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PRESS RELEASE : Negotiations with the Russian Federation are still impossible because it cannot formulate adequate positions – Zelenskyy at YES [September 2022]

The press release issued by the President of Ukraine on 10 September 2022.

Currently, no negotiations with the Russian Federation regarding the end of the war are possible, since the Russian side cannot formulate any adequate positions. This was said by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, when he was taking part in a panel discussion at the 17th meeting of the Yalta European Strategy “Ukraine: Defending All Our Freedom”.

“We want to end the war, but the space and opportunities have changed. Society does not want to talk to terrorists. Although one can communicate even with terrorists, because they know what they want,” the Head of State said.

Zelenskyy emphasized that as for the Russian side, there is no confidence that they will keep their promises.

“I think they won’t. No one believes. You won’t shake their hands,” he said.

As the President of Ukraine said, first of all it is necessary for the Russian Federation to leave Ukrainian territories and stop behaving like a terrorist who started a full-scale war against our country. Then we can talk about diplomacy.

“In order for us to open a diplomatic corridor with them, they must show political will, that they are ready to give back foreign land. Then we can talk at least about some corridors that open certain diplomatic steps,” Zelenskyy explained.