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PRESS RELEASE : Greens urge government to act on fuel poverty crisis today [December 2022]

The press release issued by the Green Party on 2 December 2022.

Green Party spokespeople have brought together a cross-government set of demands to ease the growing burden of fuel poverty and tackle the climate crisis.

To mark Fuel Poverty Awareness day today and Fuel Poverty Action day tomorrow, Green Party spokespeople have written to key Ministers to tell them that only joined-up government action can deliver the measures needed.

On housing, spokesperson Ellie Chowns called for a fully-funded, nationwide, long-term retrofit programme to insulate all housing to the maximum possible level, an immediate end to the building of hard-to-heat homes, higher building standards, and a winter ban on no-fault evictions.

For people with disabilities, spokesperson Mags Lewis called for targeted fuel subsidies for those whose home energy use is higher than average as a result of their disability, guaranteed support in the event of blackouts for disabled people reliant on equipment like ventilators, and a priority home insulation programme to bring down bills.

On health, spokesperson and GP Dr Pallavi Devulapalli called for increased subsidies targeted at those made most vulnerable by cold homes with poor ventilation, recognition of the mental and physical toll of poorly insulated, cold  homes, and free hot school dinners for all children to ensure none go hungry this winter.

Green Party co-leader Adrian Ramsay said:

“The work of our spokespeople shows clearly how the impact of fuel poverty is felt across the population and why it requires political leadership and joined-up action to deliver the policies to combat it.

“New figures produced today by the National Energy Action for Fuel Poverty Awareness Day [1] show the growing scale of the problem, which is destined to worsen through the winter without concerted government action.

“We believe that a national home insulation programme will deliver warm, affordable and healthy homes for people while reducing energy use and helping to tackle the climate crisis.”