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PRESS RELEASE : Government commits more funding to protect UK Muslims [March 2024]

The press release issued by the Home Office on 11 March 2024.

The government has committed to providing UK Muslims with more than £117 million of protective security funding over the next 4 years.

The funding announced today (11 March) will be used to protect mosques, Muslim faith schools and other community centres.

This year the government has made up to £29.4 million available, including an uplift of £4.9 million following the events in Israel on 7 October.

This follows the Prime Minister’s pledge to provide more than £70 million over the next 4 years to the Community Security Trust to protect Jewish community sites, as part of the Jewish Community Protective Security Grant. The funding will increase security at a range of locations across the country, including schools, synagogues and other facilities used by the Jewish community.

Funding was allocated to reflect the number of community sites used by each faith, with British Muslims making up 14 times more of England and Wales’ population than British Jews.

Concerningly, recent events in the Middle East since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas conflict have been used by some as an excuse to stir up indefensible hatred against both faith groups.

Today’s announcement marks a package of longer-term support to provide reassurance that anti-Muslim abuse, threats or harassment or any form of hate crime will not be tolerated.

The funding will provide protective security measures to ensure the UK’s Muslim community can be, and just as importantly, can feel safe. Measures include technology such as CCTV, alarm systems and secure perimeter fencing at mosques, Muslim faith community centres, and Muslim faith schools.

This comes alongside the extension of the deadline for the Protective Security for Mosques Scheme, and the government continues to invite mosques and Muslim faith community centres to register for protective security measures.

The government will continue to work closely with policing and community partners to ensure the safety and security of Muslims.

Home Secretary James Cleverly said:

Anti-Muslim hatred has absolutely no place in our society. We will not let events in the Middle East be used as an excuse to justify abuse against British Muslims.

The Prime Minister has made clear that we stand with Muslims in the UK. That is exactly why we have committed to this funding, giving reassurance and confidence to UK Muslims at a time when it is crucially needed.

Security Minister Tom Tugendhat said:

This funding demonstrates that this government stands firmly against hate crimes, abuse, threats or harassment against British Muslims.

We continue to work closely with policing and community partners to ensure the safety and security of British Muslims.

Some £31 million will also be made available to protect democratic processes and institutions in response to growing extremist threats.

The government condemns the recent rise in reported anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish hatred. Ministers have made it clear they expect the police to fully investigate all hate crimes and work with the CPS to make sure the cowards who commit these appalling offences feel the full force of the law.