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PRESS RELEASE : Andriy Yermak met with the parliamentary delegation of the Republic of Korea

The press release issued by the President of Ukraine on 7 June 2022.

Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak met with the parliamentary delegation of the Republic of Korea headed by Leader of the ruling People Power Party Lee Jun-seok.

At the beginning of the event, Andriy Yermak stressed the importance of the Korean delegation’s visit to Ukraine at this crucial time for our country, and thanked for Korea’s consistent support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty.

The Head of the President’s Office noted that today our country’s main task is to win this unprovoked war started by Russia.

According to Andriy Yermak, Ukraine’s goal is to achieve peace as soon as possible, because the longer the war lasts, the greater the risks for the whole world. At the same time, he stressed that our country especially needs military assistance to win.

“We are confident that this will be our victory and the victory of our friends and partners,” said the Head of the President’s Office.

During the meeting, the parties noted the importance of the fact that the high-level Korean delegation saw the situation in Ukraine personally, as well as visited Bucha and Irpin, where it had an opportunity to see the consequences of horrific war crimes committed by Russian invaders.

This visit and its results will also help identify key areas for further deepening cooperation between the two countries, in particular during the reconstruction of Ukraine’s regions, which have suffered enormous damage as a result of the war.

In this context, Andriy Yermak announced the initiative of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to invite democracies to take patronage over a region or a city in Ukraine that needs to be restored, and invited the Korean side to join this ambitious project.

The Head of the Office of the President and the delegation of the Republic of Korea also discussed some promising areas of post-war cooperation, in particular in the field of innovative automotive industry. Andriy Yermak suggested discussing these and other potentially interesting joint projects during a video conference with members of the government and business representatives of the two countries.

Separately, Andriy Yermak touched upon the issue of work carried out by the Ukrainian side together with partners in the development of a multilateral agreement on security guarantees for Ukraine.