Press Releases

PRESS RELEASE : A Conservative budget to meet the challenges of our time [November 2022]

The press release issued by the Welsh Conservatives on 17 November 2022.

Commenting on today’s budget, Welsh Conservative Shadow Minister for Finance, Peter Fox MS said:

“The measures announced today will instil stability in the UK economy in the face of rising global pressures as verified by the OBR. As a result of Putin’s deplorable war in Ukraine, rising inflation is sadly taking its toll on our public services.

“I am proud of the support that this compassionate UK Conservative Government is guaranteeing support to the most vulnerable in society across Wales and the rest of the United Kingdom – ensuring that benefits and pensions rise in line with inflation as called for by the Welsh Conservatives. This, along with the historic support for energy costs, will continue to ensure people in Wales are protected from the worst of the global economic climate.

“The Chancellor has been honest with the British people, laying out his plans for a path to growth, increasing the NHS budget and supporting schools in England. As a result of this decisive action, the Labour Government in Wales will benefit from an additional £1.2 billion.

“While the NHS budget and other public services in England are being protected, Labour in Wales remain the only government in Great Britain to have ever cut an NHS budget by an astonishing £800 million.

“It is clear that Labour must use this additional funding to support our NHS and boost our education system rather than continue to run our services into the ground.”