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PRESS RELEASE : £3.5m grant funded installation of 500 electrical vehicle charging points across Barnet [November 2022]

The press release issued by Barnet Council on 2 November 2022.

Barnet Council is pleased to announce that following last year’s award of a further £3.5m in grant funding, work has begun on the next phase of electric vehicle (EV) charge point installations.

The six-month installation, in partnership with Trojan Energy, will see 510 charge points installed to 34 residential streets across the borough.

The new Trojan charge points are sunken into the ground, flat and flush, appearing as a disk in the pavement. The charging points are connected to the power grid and residents will be able to connect to them using a Trojan lance, which will supply power of up to 22kWh. These charge points will be available for residents to use to charge their electric, or plug-in hybrid, vehicles, building a comprehensive and fit for purpose network to support electric vehicles, ensuring that charging demand will continue to be met as it grows.

Cllr Alan Schneiderman, Barnet Environment and Climate Change Committee Chair said:

“The installation of hundreds more EV charging points is part of our wider sustainability programme to transform Barnet into a net zero borough.

“As part of our commitment to care for people, places and planet, we are supporting a sustainable transport infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions and encourage the use of electric vehicles.

“Installing chargers in key locations will help EV owners top up their charge levels on the go and make our air cleaner.”

Although the upfront costs of buying an electric car are generally higher than petrol and diesel alternatives, the gap is gradually narrowing. The day-to-day running costs over the lifetime of the vehicle are substantially better with an electric car, while residents will also benefit from reduced parking permits, and exemption from ULEZ and congestion charges, as well as Vehicle Excise Duty.

Phase one of installation works across the borough of Barnet, will see 15 residential charge points installed at each of the following locations:

  • Gloucester Grove, Burnt Oak
  • Orange Hill Road, Burnt Oak
  • Watling Avenue, Burnt Oak
  • Annesley Avenue West, Colindale
  • Annesley Avenue East, Colindale

The EV charge point installation is one of the sustainability schemes being rolled out by Barnet Council to help reach our target to become a net zero borough by 2042.