Nick Thomas-Symonds – 2021 Comments on Thailand and Vietnam Covid-19 Risk

The comments made by Nick Thomas-Symonds, the Shadow Home Secretary, on 4 June 2021.

There is a terrible sense of déjà vu witnessing yet more variants reach the U.K. Outbreaks of the variant first discovered in Thailand is in addition to those of Brazil, South Africa and India.

It beggars belief that Conservative Ministers opened up an ambiguous ‘Amber List’, causing mass confusion and allowing thousands of people to travel to the UK from countries, including Thailand and Vietnam, with rising Covid numbers. They have recklessly opened the door to new variants and learned nothing from the crisis, putting at risk the 21 June reopening.

The U.K. Government must add all countries on the Amber List to the Red List. Failing that, they should at the very least add Thailand and Vietnam to the Red List immediately.