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NEWS STORY : Humza Yousaf Announced as SNP Leader


The new leader of the SNP and the Scottish First Minister has been confirmed as Humza Yousaf, who won with 52.1% of the total votes after the votes of third placed candidate Ash Regan were redistributed. The three candidates to replace Nicola Sturgeon who had held the role of party leader since 2014 and had announced her resignation on 15 February 2023 were Humza Yousaf, Ash Regan and Kate Forbes. The result was announced by Lorna Finn, the National Secretary of the SNP, at Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh with a 70% turnout of SNP members.

Previous leaders of the party have been:

Alex Salmond (1990-2000)

John Swinney (2000-2004)

Alex Salmond (2004-2014)

Nicola Sturgeon (2014-2023)